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For the next few days, I barely breathed. I arrived at work early, completing all my assigned duties and then helping others. I was a very good girl. I didn’t think the men were going to report me, but I still worried. I loved my job and would hate to lose it. Plus, I had become accustomed to the the extra money and the use of the gym facilities.

I returned to my original routine, cleaning the dressing rooms and showers first. But then, I did the other workout rooms, avoiding the pool until I knew both of the guys would be finished. Fundamentally, I avoided the ‘near occasion of sin’ as I learned as a child. If I didn’t go where the men were, if I stayed busy and kept my thoughts pure, I could stay out of trouble. Being good was its own reward, and I was being very good.

But I was so enraptured with Speedo, so invested in his every movement, it became increasingly difficult for me to stay away. The chlorine in the air lured me to the pool, the time spent in the dressing rooms and showers just reminded me of the men and the excitement. As punishment for myself, I refused meet my own needs. No matter how much I ached, how badly I wanted to touch, even for a moment, I would not allow myself the pleasure. I had been bad, spying on others, risking my job, I didn’t deserve pleasure.

For the first few days, it was easy to remain firm, to just do my work and then go home. But, by the middle of the week, I kept hearing his voice, seeing his body, envisioning the shower activities that I was missing. By the end of the week, I thought it would be ok to watch them swim. It was a public pool, anyone could observe the morning swims. After cleaning the men’s dressing rooms, I resumed the old routine of cleaning the pool offices. I kept my head down, working diligently, trying to be invisible, as I once was.

It took a few more days, but soon I was back at my post at the pool, taking my break while watching them tandem swim. It was a thing of beauty. Two well-built men, both in the tiniest of suits, sluicing through the water, in perfect harmony. I didn’t think they noticed me. I was very discreet in my observation. I just stood back, enjoying the sheer physicality of the workout. This went pretty well. I was finally able to watch them again, enjoy them again, and I wasn’t doing anything wrong. Being a good girl was not too bad.

Of course, the problem was I kept imagining them in the shower, after their swim. I could see them, rinsing, stripping, touching. They were there and I was not! Then, I thought perhaps I could just slip in and watch until the suits came off, just to see how nicely they rinsed and wrung and hung the suits. Then I would leave. After that, they would have total privacy. This sounded like a perfectly acceptable plan to me, one that would not hurt anyone and give me the Speedo-fix I desperately needed.

I waited until they climbed from the pool, their tiny suits clinging to their hard bodies. I pushed my cart into the closet, and casually wandered into the shower area, returning to my perfect little niche against the wall. Aaaahhhh! It felt like coming home. Speedo and Tattoo were already rinsing chlorine from their bodies, turning under the powerful spray. They were küçükçekmece escort both incredible-looking men, but Speedo had won my heart and I scrutinized him, drinking in all the little details of his form.

They seemed to move in unison now, both reaching for the little string, pulling it, dropping the suits to the floor. Both bent to retrieve the suits and picked them up in perfect time. My eyes darted from one stall to the next, anxious to see everything. The conversation had been muted, but now I was able to pick up sentences, hear words. They were talking about sex. Speedo had finally met his online woman. Initially, she was as wonderful as he had imagined. But as the weekend progressed and they performed one sexual act after another, he realized that this wasn’t what he wanted. As a fantasy, it had been unbelievable, but as a relationship, it had ended. Still, there were many adventures to tell, many fantasies to share. He told Tattoo about the entire holiday, describing all the activities he had enjoyed with her before telling her goodbye. As the men talked, they washed. And they lathered. And they massaged. Each had a massive erection, each was treating it very nicely. They seemed to have choreographed everything. Tattoo leaned on the far wall, facing Speedo, his hands sliding rapidly up and down his impressive cock, listening to the details of the tryst, his eyes bright, his body tense. Speedo stood at the common wall, leaning on his arms, talking, occasionally reaching down to stroke his own bobbing dick. Tattoo had become slower to orgasm, enjoying the buildup more. As Speedo spoke, Tattoo used his hands to caress his cock and balls, even his ass, the soapy bubbles covering his skin seductively. Finally, he couldn’t wait any longer and he exploded, loudly and abruptly. The come shot from his dick, hitting the far wall, with incredible force. Speedo stopped talking, impressed by his friend’s display. As Tattoo slumped against the wall, his eyes closed, his breathing ragged, Speedo waited quietly. His cock was hard and throbbing against his belly, soon he would need to find release too. He moved back in the stall, in preparation. In this little ritual, it was Tattoo’s turn to share exploits. But, instead of talking about the blonde beauty in his life, Tattoo said something totally unexpected. Without turning his head, without looking in my direction, he spoke.

“Davis, you might not have noticed, but we have a Mouse in the room. Indeed, she is back and still very interested in us. Come here, little Mouse. Come into the light.” With that, Tattoo turned to me, holding out his hand. I had no choice but to come forward, to once again admit my presence to both the men.

Stepping up to the common wall, I had a sense of deja vu. I had been here before, been discovered before. At least this time, my fingers weren’t sticky with my excitement! My first instinct was to look down, shy away from both of them. Then, for some reason, I decided I would face them and take my punishment without cowering. First, I looked at Tattoo. Instead of anger, I saw pleasure in his eyes. He was smiling! Sure that this was misunderstanding on my part, küçükyalı escort I turned to Speedo. He stood there, so beautiful in his nakedness, still hard and bobbing hungrily. I looked into his powder blue eyes and saw acceptance there.

As before, he caressed my cheek, allowing my cap to fall to the floor. He combed my long hair with his fingers and I melted. His fingers were so elegant, so sensual. His palm rested against my cheek and I leaned into it, feeling his warmth spread through me, feeling his hand forever etched against my flesh. I could feel myself growing wet, swelling, preparing for him. My nipples hardened at his touch. My eyes closed, my breathing became short. I truly believe he knew the effect he had on me and enjoyed it. As I struggled for control, Speedo leaned forward and captured my lips. His mouth was sweet, soft, delicious. His tongue traced my lips, painting them, marking them. I felt my mouth open to him, drawing his probing tongue into me, offering myself to him. We played a teasing game for what seemed like forever as I was able to taste him for the first time. I stood on tiptoe, wrapping my arms around his neck, pressing against him, his cock hard against my belly. This was worth all the risks I had taken, this was what I had wanted from the first day.

Tattoo was not to be ignored. He placed his hand on my back, gently rubbing my flesh through the fabric of my work shirt. He cupped my ass, assessing the shape and tone of it with his palm. When Speedo finally ended the kiss, I was weak with desire. He was everything I knew he would be. His hands gripped my upper arms to steady me, his face close, his breath mixed with mine. Tattoo had stepped from his stall, his cock already showing signs of rebirth.

Reaching for my hand, he placed it on his growing erection, throbbing to life at my touch. I looked into Speedo’s eyes, pleading, not wanting to do this, wanting only him. My hand remained lifeless on Tattoo’s burgeoning dick, hoping he would comprehend.

Speedo looked at my little hand, lying on the angry red cock, and shook his head. He pulled me over to him, into his stall, and held me against him. Looking over my head, he spoke quietly. “Sorry, Mark, but she is my Mouse. It feels right to be with her, to hold her. As much as I have enjoyed sharing with you, she is mine!”

I worried about Tattoo’s reaction. But if he was angry, I couldn’t tell. He just sighed and returned to his stall, to rinse off the lather. I stood beside Speedo….Davis, and finally relaxed, seeming to breathe again for the first time in days. He gently pushed me from the stall and finished his shower, never breaking eye contact with me. He washed his body for me, his hands sliding over his flesh, caressing it as I would. Tattoo had already left the shower area when Davis turned off the warm spray and reached for me again. He pulled me close, kissing me, making me lose my senses. As I pressed against his wet body, my nipples hardened again. He slid his hands up and down my sides, creating burning paths wherever he touched.

I would have gladly made love to him there. But he seemed to want more than that. He maltepe escort kissed me sweetly and hungrily, making my pussy molten velvet. He could have had anything. Yet, all he wanted, all he did, was to unbutton my workshirt, slipping those skilled hands inside, touching my flesh, making me quiver with delight. He cupped my breasts and held them carefully, kissing the exposed flesh and softly nibbling on the aching nipples through my black lace bra. Then, he carefully rebuttoned my shirt. Again, deja vu! He kissed my forehead, turned me and sent me away. I wanted to cry! Then I heard his voice, his beautiful voice, calling after me. “Meet me in the lobby in an hour, Mouse.”

I worked diligently, completing all my assigned tasks. My mind continued to rerun this morning; the men, the stories, Davis. Always Davis. His kiss, his hands, his announcement that I belonged to him. I had been ‘in lust’ before, now I was deeply ‘in like’ too. He was as wonderful as I knew he would be, and he was mine! Things couldn’t be better. My life was as perfect as I had any right to expect it to be.

I finished work, put away my cart and changed into decent clothes. As I headed to the lobby and Davis, Sue stepped from her office. “Could I see you for a minute, Alex? I need to talk to you about something,” she said. I expected it to be another offer of a promotion, or to relay some praise for my work ethic. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I walked into her office, my step jaunty and spirited. I was minutes away from my first date with my man, my Davis. Whatever job she wanted to offer me couldn’t possibly be better than that. I sat down, prepared to be polite, but firm, refusing her offer. I just wanted to get out to the lobby before Davis changed his mind.

As I sat there, I noticed a strange look on Sue’s face. I was concerned for her. We had grown close, become friends, over the past few weeks. I really liked her. I knew she had no one in her life right now. I thought again how unfair it was that really wonderful people like Sue couldn’t find the right man. In fact….

Sue interrupted my thoughts by clearing her throat. I looked at her expectantly, trying to appear humble, ready to accept her praise and very anxious to get to the lobby.

“Alex, we have a situation that I need to discuss with you,” she began. She didn’t meet my eyes, but looked instead at a panel on the wall. As she spoke, the panel moved, revealing a bank of small TV screens, each with a different picture. “Fred had these installed, called them security cameras. I think he just liked watching, and used them for his own pleasure.” She stopped, then pointed to one screen in particular. At first, I didn’t understand. Then, I realized what I was looking at. It was the men’s dressing room, actually, the men’s shower!

Finally, she spoke. “I know what you have been doing, Alex. I know about the pool and the showers, especially today. I saw you there with the two men, touching them, exciting them. It was not especially ladylike, was it, Alex?”

I blushed, not sure what to say. I had no defense. I couldn’t rationalize what I had done, what I would do again, given the chance. Finally, I looked at my friend, ready to accept my punishment. I imagined I would be fired, given a horrible reference, maybe even thrown out into the streets. Instead, she looked at me pleadingly. “It is indeed very unladylike not to share, Alex. You have had those two handsome men all to yourself! It seems you are partial to the Red Speedo one. The least you could do is introduce me to Tattoo!”


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