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Big Dicks

The late August heat wave had hit the upstate area, and Del was soaked to the skin from sweat. Whoever had said that his lawn mower was self-propelled didn’t really know the meaning of the word. On a scale of 1-10 mowing the lawn didn’t rate any number to him, but he had to keep up appearances.

“Hey neighbor!” Called out a voice, which Del just barely heard above the noise of his lawnmower.

Turning he saw his neighbor Ted approaching so he shut down the engine. Ted was carrying two bottles of beer in his hand. “You look beat Del, what are you doing out in this heat.”

“Well you know I like to mow the lawn once a month, whether it needs it or not.” Replied Del as sweat dripped down his chin.

“This out to cool you off.” Said Ted offering up a beer.

Del not the best of the world’s drinker’s, didn’t refuse this offer and was surprised how easily the twelve ounces of beer went down.

“My, my we are thirsty.”

“Sorry, but that really hit the spot, thanks a bunch.”

“So how is your wife, haven’t seen her around this past week.”

“She is down south visiting family, won’t be back for another 10 days.” Replied Del.

“You going out tomcating around while the better half is away.”

“Nope, going to take a shower and chill out maybe watch a ball game on the new big screen tv I got.”

“Say does that thing have a player attached to it.”

“Yep, all the modern conveniences, next we will have indoor plumbing.”

“Listen Carol and I have some DVD’s, you know homemade stuff, could we maybe come over later on and take a look at them on you big screen.”

“Sure no problem, give me time to get a shower and any time will be fine.”

They parted and Del wondered what that was all about, they had never visited him before. He and his wife had spent a very uncomfortable evening with them when they first moved in. Now Ted was acting like a long lost cousin.

After storing the lawn mower in the garage. Del went upstairs to the living room. Normally this far north central air was unnecessary and with baseboard heat expensive to install. Still he had a 20 ton wall unit in the dinning area which cooled the kitchen, dinning area and living room. With this heat he would probably sleep on the couch tonight. Showering and shaving, he found and old pair of gym shorts and a clean but ragged tee shirt, then padded out to the kitchen to make himself a sandwich. With the sandwich balanced on his stomach he sat down in the middle of the couch and with remote in hand tried to find a ball game. He was really comfortable his legs stretched out in front of him. It was dark by this time.

The door bell startled him, he must have dozed for a moment. “Hey come on in its open.” He hollered, he had left the door open with just the storm door. He heard Ted and Carol climbing up the stairs and the sound of the prime door closing and locking.

“Boy you keep this place cold.” Said Carol by way of greeting.

Carol was dressed in shorts, with a flimsy top, flip flops on her feed, no stockings. Suburban casual. Del thought she was a good looking woman, not babe material, but attractive, feminine, and substantial I all the right areas. Ted tended towards the malnourished look in contrast to his well fed wife.

“Yeah man, you could chill a side of beef in 20 minutes.” As a follow up comment from Ted.

“Just cooling off.” Said Del.

“Well this will warm you up again.” Ted was carrying two bottles and three glasses. Putting the glasses on the table he proceeded to fill each of the glasses with a green liquid. “A friend sent me this, its hard to get here in the states, its 90 proof absinth, the “Green Fairy.”

“Oh Del let me sit down beside you on the couch, do you mind if I throw this little blanked over my legs?” Said Carol as she sat down next to Del.

“No please go right ahead.” Del felt a warm thigh up against his leg and watched as Carol threw the blanket over he shorts and a little bit over him.

“So here is to good times.” Said Ted as he passed out the glasses. “Down the hatch.”

Del felt obliged so he downed the shot. “Yuck, what the hell, it tastes like the “Green Fairy” pissed in it.”

“It gets better with age dear.” Said Carol and her hand gave his izmit otele gelen escort thigh a squeeze under the blanket. “Lets watch the DVD, Ted you know about those things put our special one in.”

When Ted turned to put the tape in, the hand that had squeezed Del’s thigh now snuck up the leg of his shorts and gave his balls a squeeze. “What the fuck is this.” Del thought.
“Listen Del you can’t dance on one leg, have another one, as Carol said it improves with age.”

“Okay.” Del’s reply surprised him, and he was sure the room was spinning a bit, as he downed the second shot. He was having difficulty finding a place to rest his left hand without having it rest on Carol who had moved closer. She shifted a bit, wiggled around then threw the blanket over Del’s arm solving the problem. This brought up another problem, all the shifting had been Carol removing her shorts and he found his hand resting on her naked thigh. She spread he legs a bit and with his hand to her pussy. She grinned at him as he squirmed a little uncomfortable by the location on his hand in private area.

“One more round.” Said Ted as he finished installing the DVD in the player. He poured them another round this one a double.

“Your right Ted, this stuff does king of grow on you, it no longer tastes like fairy piss.”

“We’ll see about fairies later on.” Giggled Carol and his balls got another squeezed and she began to massage his cock..

Ted flicked on the remote and they were treated to some static and then a picture came into focus. Del realized it was Carol, naked as a the day she was born. On screen she grinned at the camera and sat down in a chair spread her legs wide and began to masturbate, obviously staring at someone off camera. As about this time Del glance over and realized Ted was undressing, he removed his shorts and tee shirt and was buck naked. He sat down on the right hand side of the couch and put his hand on Del’s thigh high up and very personal.

At about this time on the screen Ted walked into the picture, over to the chair where Carol was frigging herself and put his cock in her mouth.

Carol leaned over and whispered in Del’s ear: “He has a nice cock doesn’t he.”

Del could only nod in agreement, whatever was going on was a little beyond him at this point.

“I love to blow him, would you like to try it.”

“What you’re going to blow me.” Whispered Del.

“No silly, I want to watch you blow Ted, it won’t hurt, now be a good boy and put you head down in his lap and suck his cock, so I can watch.” Gently she pushed Del over, Ted spread his legs and held his cock up. “That’s it Del now take his cock in your mouth and suck him off.” Her hand was now insistently jerking him off, and without thinking he took Ted in his mouth. “Oh Del’s that’s so good suck him for me, suck his big cock.”
Carol moved Del’s head up and down Ted’s cock and kept him hard until Ted unloaded in Del’s mouth. “That’s it Del swallow it, just like I do.”

Carol pulled Del off Ted’s cock and pushed him out flat on the couch. “Time for some more fun, eat me Del.” Carol kneeled on Del’s mouth and moved her pussy back and forth. “That’s it honey lick it, suck it. Make me cum like you did Ted.”

Del was really dizzy, but couldn’t resist eating out his neighbor’s wife. That is until he felt a strange hand on his cock, then the hands spread his legs. “Mmmmm.” Del said through a mouth full of pussy.

“Just be quiet Del, Ted’s going to fuck you while you eat me, that’s only fair, you eat his wife and he gets to fuck you.” Carol got up for a second and reversed herself so she was facing Ted, who was slowly working his cock into Del. “That’s it Ted, fuck him, fuck him hard.” Carol leaned forward and grabbed Ted’s cock forcing it into Del who jumped at the strange intrusion. Then while Ted fucked Del, Carol leaned over and took Del in her mouth and began to suck him.

Carol started cuming in machine gun burst’s, Del thought for sure she was going to suck his balls out through his cock. Ted picked up his pace as he was about to cum, the pressure on Del’s prostate caused him to ejaculate more than he had ever done in his life.
When Carol tasted his cum she sucked him dry, he could feel izmit anal yapan escort her swallowing and licking him. He pulled he ass down to him and stuck his tongue in as far as it would go, as she continued to spasm time after time.

Ted withdrew from Del and flopped back on the couch. Carol finished cleaning his cock and balls and dismounted his face. All three just sat back on the couch. Ted and Carol were grinning at their successful seduction of Del. Del was trying to figure out what the fuck had happened.

Without speaking Ted got up and poured them another round of absinth. Del greatfully drank it down.

“No matter what you think Del, its all normal because there is a woman present.”

“Yes Del. Don’t worry your pretty little head about this, its okay because I’m here.”

Del was trying to think of a response when Carol got down on the floor between his legs and began to suck him again. When he was hard, he grabbed his cock and slipped it into her pussy and began to fuck him. “Time for mama to be fucked too.” She smiled as she rode the cock. Ted got up on the couch straddled Del and shoved his cock into Del’s mouth. “Its okay Del, suck it, you’ve got a woman riding your cock.”

“Yeah Del suck it while you fuck me.” Said Carol as she went off on another wild series of orgasms.

Ted pumped his cock into Del’s mouth, Carol rode Del’s cock and soon they all came.

Del was light headed, but all the exercise had kept him from being totally drunk. The first bottle of absinth was empty by now and Ted opened the second one and poured them all another double.

“Well boys I got to pee, you be good while I’m gone.”

As soon as Carol closed the door, Ted grabbed Del and kissed him. Ted’s hand went to Del’s cock as he invaded his mouth with his tongue. Taking Del’s hand he placed it on his cock and moved them to the couch. They continued to neck sucking each others tongues as their hand busily played with one another. Ted broke the kiss and went to Del’s nipples biting and sucking them. Del was amazed at himself his reaction to necking with a man, and his third hard-on of the night. Ted pushed and prodded and soon the were both laid out on the couch heads to toes sucking each others cocks.

They didn’t hear Carol come back into the room. “Gee you boys started without me, can’t leave you alone for a minute.” She sat on the edge of the couch as the two men sucked each other and rubbed their backs, massaged their balls, and began to finger fuck Del. “Ted I think Del wants to be fucked again, you must have broken him in right.”

Ted untangled himself from Del and the couple pushed Del on to his stomach. Carol offered up her pussy for Del to eat, while Ted mounted him behind, straddling one of Del’s legs he got in more deeply this time and proceed to fuck.

This time there was no rush, Ted slowly moved in and out of Del’s ass, while Carol rubbed his face with her pussy. When Ted finally caught a nut and pounded in and out several time really hard, Carol grabbed Del’s head and pulled it in tight. To his surprise Del came as he felt Ted’s cock expand and ejaculate in him.

After untangling and having another absinth, they all were quiet.. Del was in a reflective mood finally broke the silence. “How do I explain this to my wife.”

“Don’t worry about it Del, we’ve got more absinth, some evening we will come over and you can watch while your wife blows Ted and eats me.” Said Carol, “Ted and I will explain it to her, you just leave it to us. Ted dear, Del’s been such a nice boy, why don’t you blow him before we leave.”

Ted got down on his knees and began to suck Del. Carol threw her arm around Del and snuggled up close to him. “He does suck cock well doesn’t he, he really enjoys it.” Then she kissed Del and they continued to kiss until Del shot his load into Ted’s mouth.

The next day stiff, sore, hung over he watched as Ted and Carol drove away to their Sunday dinner with family. “I wonder how they plan to break this to my wife?”

Del spent the next couple of hours drinking coffee and trying to figure out what had happened. His mouth felt like the Green Fairy had wiped her ass in the middle. But slowly he recovered.

One p.m. found Del sansürsüz escort bayan hypnotically channel surfing when there was a quick knock on the front door and in popped Carol and Ted.

“Hi Del, sweetie, we brought you some goodies.” Said Carol as she topped the stairs.
Both she and Ted were well dressed and seemed to have no ill affects from the night before. Carol was dressed in a beige suit, with a neat blouse beneath and Ted had on dress trousers with white shirt and tie. “Here Del, this will fix you up, it’s a 24 oz double mocha java and some sweet rolls. You need some carbohydrates and caffeine to straighten you out.”

Del got up and sort of tentatively greeted them.

“No regrets about last night old man?” Asked Ted.

“Just confusion, and how you could explain this to my wife.”

“Don’t worry lover, we’ll take care of that.” Said Carol and she came over and kissed Del, not a neighborly peck on the cheek but and open mouthed tongue down the throat, lets get it on kiss. Her hand was inside his shorts immediately as she kept her mouth pressed against his. Breeaking the kiss: “Del nothing fixes a man up first thing in the morning like a good blow job.” She pulled his shorts down and kneeled in front of him, licking his cock, kissing his balls. “When you cum don’t pull out of my mouth, I don’t want to get any stains on my suit.” Then she proceeded to swallow his cock. Del could feel the back of her throat working on the head of his cock. Her hands went to his ass cheeks and she pulled him in tightly to her mouth. His cock hardened. Her hands worked on his cheeks spreading them apart as she pulled him deeper into her throat.

Del felt her fingers searching the crack of his ass, then felt a finger go into him and massage his prostate as she blew him, involuntarily he started moving his hips. Carol withdrew her finger, and Del felt something probing his opening and realized Ted was about to enter him, then he felt Ted slide easily up into him and start to pummel his rectum.

“Hmm, hmm, hmmm.” Murmured Carol as Ted fucked Del and moved him deeper into her throat. Ted came quickly and pushed in hard. Del swore he could feel hot cum hitting inside him, and lost his fight to withhold his balls. Slurping and sucking Carol sucked him dry. When she was satisfied he was empty, she pulled back. Leaning forward the licked the head of Del’s cock and stuck her tongue in the opening.

Carol wiped off her chin as she got up “Guess I’ll need fresh make up, most of the old stuff is on your cock.” Ted was behind her zipping up.

Del was sort of shocked at this happening again, and stood in a daze.

“Honey we have to go, there’s a social we have to attend. Maybe we can get together once your wife gets back.” Said Carol as she gave him a parting kiss.

Two weeks went by with nothing happening. Del welcomed his wife back from the south and things were returning to normal. He was still mulling over in his mind what had taken place. He had an excuse for Sat. he was drunk and didn’t know what he was doing, but no excuse for Sunday. Hung over doesn’t count.

“Take a shower and shave dear.” Said Del’s wife, Carol and Ted are coming over for a visit tonight.

“Oh, oh.” Thought Del, what now.

At 8 P.M. in came Carol and Ted, this time with three bottles of the absinth, the Green Fairy.

There was some chatter about the weather, how nice and cool it had gotten. Ted poured them all a drink, then a second and finally a third. Del was buzzing by this time.

“Honey,” said Carol. “did you know your husband likes to suck cocks and be fucked in the ass.”

“No I didn’t.” Replied Del’s wife. “Show me.”

Ted flicked on the tv which contained a new DVD and there in living color was Del sucking and being fucked by Ted. Del hadn’t notice the small camera Ted had installed on his new TV.

“My that is interesting.” Said Del’s wife. She then proceeded to give Carol a big open mouthed kiss. They quickly stripped one another and Del’s wife got on her knees and began to eat Carol’s pussy.

Del stood and watched the whole shebang, after about 20 minutes things had been re-arranged, his wife was being fucked in the ass by Ted, while Carol rode her face. She squirmed and squealed and seemed to be having one orgasm after another.

“I guess the husband really is the last to know.” Said Del to himself. So he stepped forward and placed his cock near Carol’s mouth. Looking up she grinned at him wickedly and began to blow him. “Might as well join you.” Said Del.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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