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* * * * * A University student takes another student’s anal virginity. This story does not pretend to have any literary merit whatsoever. * * * * *


He’s twenty years old, but Conner looks a little older than his years, leaning against the wall with a cigarette in his mouth, watching the other students walk past. He’s lean and dark-haired, blue-eyed and tall, with an angular face and long fingers.

He’s a predator, and he’s always been a predator, but his prey are generally willing, and they generally come to him, sniffing at his crotch like dogs, attracted by his hard blue eyes and his dark smile.

It’s mid-morning now, and Connor has his dorm room to himself for at least the next three hours; three hours he doesn’t intend to waste.

And so he stands against the wall, smoking, watching music and architecture students stream up and down the concrete steps, waiting to be seen. Waiting for his prey.

Another kid approaches, and maybe it’s his first year. Conner won’t ask, doesn’t care. What he cares about is that the boy’s smaller than him, his body soft, his brown hair swept long across his forehead, his face round and nondescript. His eyes are wide and nervous as he approaches Connor.

“Hi,” says the boy. He has a backpack slung over his shoulder. “Do you know how to get to the lecture theatre?”

Definitely a first year. Eighteen years old, full of dumb and cum.

“Which one?” asks Connor, his eyes burning into this boy’s, this kid who honestly thinks he’s asking directions.

“Uh… I think it’s…” the kid fumbles in his jacket pocket and pulls out his phone, starts looking for the email.

Conner takes his phone from him. But instead of looking for the directions, he finds the kid’s gallery and starts thumbing through his pictures.

The kid notices right away and reaches for his phone, but Connor turns his back and sucks on his cigarette as he looks for… and there it is. The kid’s selfies. Big eyes looking up into the camera, the kid naked from the waist up… and then naked from the waist down. A nice cock, Conner thinks. Not large, but then the boy’s mouth interests him more than his cock. Still, a nice cock’s a bonus.

He smiles down at the picture, and his eyes are full of mocking as he hands the phone back to the boy. “What’s your name?”

Bright red, the kid takes the phone and shoves it back into his pocket.


“Well, Darren, how about I take you where you need to go?”

Darren nods, his eyes wide, his face still flushed from Connor’s hard examination of the images on his phone.

The kid adjusts his bag better against his shoulder, and follows Connor back down the steps.

Connor doesn’t even pretend they’re going near a lecture theatre, and as he leads Darren up the stairs to his dorm room, Darren doesn’t pretend to think that’s where they’re going.

Not now that Connor’s seen his cock.

They reach Connor’s dorm, and Conner lets them both in. It’s a temporary share turned permanent, since it suits Connor, but his roommate’s gone for at least three hours and the room’s theirs.

He kicks off his shoes, then takes off his coat and hangs it over the back of his computer chair, while Darren stands in the middle of the room, watching him nervously.

“I don’t usually…”

“I don’t care,” says Connor casually. He pulls off his shirt, showing this shy, nervous kid his bare chest. He’s lean, but he’s muscled, and he’s strong, and the kid gets even more nervous.

Connor stands there, shirtless, and after a moment Darren slides his bag off his shoulder and dumps it on the floor.

He’s breathing high in his chest, clearly afraid to be doing this, but oh, so fucking turned on. Connor can see the bulge in the kid’s jeans expanding under his gaze, the kid’s hand resting on his thigh, only a few finger widths away from clamping his hand around his own swelling shaft.

Connor tilts his head. “Are you a virgin?”

Darren frowns. “No.”

Connor’s momentarily disappointed, but decides to probe further. “Have you ever been fucked by a man before?”

Darren’s face colours. “Yes,” he says—but Connor can see it’s a lie. The kid’s out of his depth and flailing.

Connor steps in close and tugs the kid’s t-shirt up and over his head. Darren shivers, and his hands move in close to his body, his wrists pressed against his sides as if he’s fighting the urge to cover his chest. His nipples are small and hard, his chest hairless. His belly’s a soft curve with a down of hair, and Connor runs his hand over that soft belly, knowing it’ll make the kid self-conscious.

It works, and Connor drops his eyes and looks away. Although he doesn’t try to stop Connor touching him.

Connor slaps the kid’s belly, and then reaches up to catch his jaw with his long fingers, forcing Darren to meet his gaze.

“Do you take it in the arse?”

Darren’s eyes widen. “I like to suck cock,” he says bravely, and Connor suspects he hasn’t even done this. He’s dreamt about it… gaziantep escort but he hasn’t done it.

“Well then, get the fuck on with it,” he says, and Darren gapes at him.

Connor puts a hand against his own thickening cock, a long swelling trapped in his jeans, and then tugs his fly open.

He rests his hand against his briefs, and then puts a hand on the back of Darren’s head, the kid’s hair soft under his hand.

“You haven’t ever given a blowjob, have you?”

Darren swallows, his cock now a rigid pole trapped sideways in his jeans.


The kid’s so full of shit, but Connor will fuck that right out of him.

“Prove it.”

He puts pressure on Darren’s head, and the kid obediently takes the hint and sinks to his knees.

He takes out Connor’s cock with fumbling hands, and then he’s face to face with it, this large, throbbing member, a man’s cock in his smooth fingers, a man’s cock right in front of his face.

Connor feels a wave of delight move through him, from his shoulders all the way down his spine, to his thick prick, oozing precum as the kid just holds it.

“Put it in your mouth,” says Connor, but Darren just stares at the prick in his hand, frozen and terrified, but clearly hungry to try.

Connor pushes the kid’s head roughly onto him, and the kid parts his lips and lets Connor push into his mouth. His tongue’s wet and slick against Connor’s swollen head, and as Connor pushes in, the kid’s tongue provides a delicious wet massage against his shaft.

Connor pushes the kid’s head down on him as far as he can before the kid pulls back, and Darren’s hands move to Connor’s thighs so he can brace himself and control the depth.

The kid looks up at Connor, those huge eyes in his innocent, round face, Connor’s prick stretching his lips into an ‘o’, and Connor gets shivers of delight.

“Get your hands involved,” says Connor. He takes one of Darren’s hands from his thigh, and has the boy cradle his balls, then takes the kid’s other hand and wraps it around his shaft.

“At least try to do a good job.”

Darren starts to bob his head up and down on Connor’s cock, his hands uncoordinated, the boy’s touch exciting Connor’s cock more because of the kid’s obvious inexperience, than his actual skill.

This kid will have a vice-tight arse, and Connor can’t wait to stuff himself into it and feel Darren quake under him as he sees how much the kid can take.

Finally the bad blowjob is more than Connor can stand. It’s time to wet the kid’s prick.

“Get your pants off and get on the bed.”

Darren takes off his shoes, then slides down his jeans. After a short moment of hesitation, he slides down his briefs, and now he’s naked. As he walks over to Connor’s bed, Connor drinks in the kid’s round arse, the light down of hair that runs up the backs of his legs and into his crack. Darren clearly doesn’t shave. Something Connor will have to fix, if they fuck again.

The kid sits on the side of the bed, unsure what to do next, and Connor just watches him for a moment. Watches the kid’s nipples stay rock-hard, his prick standing up proud, and now, one hand unconsciously closing around the base of his cock.

Connor pulls off his jeans and briefs and sinks to his knees in front of this horny little virgin in one fluid movement, immediately pulling the kid’s cock towards his face, and engulfing it in the heat of his mouth.

The kid cries out, this pleasure almost too much he’s so horny and nervous, and his hands go immediately to Conner’s head, pushing into his hair.

Connor pulls Darren’s hands away from his head and pushes the boy’s hands behind his back, securing them there with one large hand.

He puts a hand back on Darren’s cock, working the kid hard and throbbing, teasing out his precum, massaging the kid’s head with his tongue, showing him all the delights a man’s mouth can offer.

Darren moans and twitches and throbs, his back arching, his hips thrusting upwards, his eyes closed in ecstasy. Connor knows this is all the kid really wants; to suck and be sucked, the thing he dreams of, the thing he wanks to.

But this is Connor’s room, and no boy leaves Connor’s room without Connor’s cum stuffed high up in his arse.

Even Connor’s roommate has learned this. Another hapless eighteen year old who admitted to wanting to be tied up one night, and who since has had Connor’s cock in his mouth or arse every morning, every night.

From never-fucked, to cumslut whore, his roommate climbs on the bed each morning to suck Connor awake, and presents his arse at night for a reaming, moaning and begging for attention on the nights Connor chooses to make him wait.

And now, it’s Darren’s turn.

Connor pulls his mouth off the kid’s cock, leaving Darren breathless and shuddering and desperate to cum.

“Get on all fours on the bed.”

Darren’s eyes go wide, and Connor can see the protests spool up in his brain before they reach his mouth.

“Or fuck off,” he adds, and Darren’s wide blue eyes are tortured, near tears. Connor can see the kid wants to cum so badly, wants the rush of his first orgasm with a man, and wants it now, but Connor needs the kid’s complete surrender to get off, and that means,

“On your fucking hands and knees now.”

Close to tears, humiliated by his own horniness, Darren reluctantly gets on his hands and knees on the bed.

Connor pulls him back so his arse is at the edge of the bed, then leaves him there while he collects lube and a condom.

He comes back to the bed and squeezes out a few drops of lube onto his fingers.

“Close your eyes,” he tells the kid. “And pay attention to what you feel.”

Darren squeezes his eyes shut, and Connor slides his fingers against the kid’s tight hole and presses one lubed fingertip against the centre, the lightest pressure.

Darren lets out a moan, and his body twists under the sensation, his buttocks and his tight little arsehole clenching and unclenching.

Connor leaves his finger there for a moment, then starts to make lazy circles with his fingertip, tracing a wet path around the outside of that hot place.

“Do you want a finger inside you?” he asks the kid, and Darren lets out a moan that’s all fuckyes.

Connor eases a finger inside, and the kid’s prick drips precum onto the bed, stretchy and clear and sticky. Connor fingers him, a long, slow slide in and out, rewarded with a moan that makes Connor’s cock aching hard.

He squeezes a few more drops of lube against the boy’s hole, and uses that to ease a second finger in.


Darren pushes back against the fingers exploring inside him, lubing him, opening him up, and Connor sees the boy’s past the point of no return. There won’t be any more protests. Well, none he needs to heed. This kid’s crazed with lust. If Connor refused to fuck him now, Darren would push his arse onto Connor’s cock and fuck himself with it. And that’s exactly what Connor wants.

He pulls his fingers out of Darren’s arse, and the kid shivers.

Connor keeps his fingers circling the sensitive outside of the kid’s tight hole.

“You want to be fucked now?”

Darren nods, his hair flopping against his forehead.

Connor pushes the tip of his finger back inside the kid, and Darren pushes back against the welcome intrusion.

“How much do you want to be fucked?” Connor asks, his voice low and dark.

“Please fuck me,” said Darren. It’s almost a whimper of desperation. “I need to fuck now.”

Connor knows the feeling. He needs to fuck now too.

He presses the tip of his cock against the kid’s hot entrance and just leaves that pressure there until Darren’s moaning and oozing and begging for more. Then he eases his head in.

The kid’s head comes up and his shoulders tense as he feels a live cock press inside him for the first time, but Connor knows that the kid must have fucked himself back there before—either with fingers or a dildo—and knows he likes it.

But Connor’s cock is hot and thick and full, and Darren’s not in control of it. And as Connor slides slowly home, Darren’s body takes Connor’s hard heat with a mix of excitement and fear.

As Connor’s thick prick opens the kid up, stretching his entrance wide, he feels the Darren tense around him.

He leans over the nervous boy and strokes his hands down the Darren’s back.

“Push out and let me in. It’ll go in easier.”

Darren lets out a shaky breath, and Connor lets him get a hold of himself before he moves forward again. This time, he feels the kid do as he says, and he slides in another half inch. Then another.

Suddenly it’s too much. The kid’s too tense, and he lets out a moan of pain. “I can’t!” Panting, afraid.

“Breathe,” says Connor, his fingers stroking the kid’s back, and pushes forward another half inch.

Darren sobs, but he takes it, letting out a shaky breath as Connor keeps working his way into him.

Finally, Connor reaches maximum penetration. He’s amazed, given how little preparation he’s given the kid, hadn’t expected to get this far. But he’s glad he has.

He stays there, stroking the kid’s back, his arse, murmuring a low stream of words that make Darren shudder around him, calling him names that make the kid’s body clench with shame, make his cock harden again after the fear and initial pain of penetration.

Then, when the kid’s on the edge of being sure he wants this, Connor slides out, running his cock across the place inside the kid that makes him moan, now with excitement and pleasure.

He pulls all the way out and waits. It takes a few moments for Darren to process the fullness-become-emptiness, and then he glances back over his shoulder at Connor, a question in his eyes.

Connor just gives him that hard-eyed look, and waits for Darren to figure out what he wants.

“That was okay,” the kid says in a voice unsteady.

Connor raises an eyebrow, and squints at the kid. Just okay?

“I can take it,” Darren says encouragingly.

“I know you can,” says Connor. And waits.

“Fuck me,” whispers Darren. “Please fuck me.”

Connor smiles and places his cock back against the kid’s entrance. “No more bitching that it hurts,” he says. “Take it like a fucking man.”

He loves that line. Take it like a man. Like all the women Connor’s fed his cock into, who’ve arched their backs and panted in pleasure, begging for more… Take it like a man.

Darren pushes out, and breathes, and takes it like a man, and soon Connor’s fucking him long and slow. As he slides deep into the kid’s furnace-hot insides and strokes back over his prostate, the kid starts to moan for real now, hungry, lost in the sensation of being full of hard dick, and his excitement over taking a cock for the first time.

As Darren gets used to being fucked, Connor changes it up, slamming into the kid balls-deep, then slowing right down so he can reach under the kid to touch his cock.

The kid’s hot length in his hand, he jacks Darren with a hand covered in lube, running his fingers down to stroke the kid’s balls, then up to massage his leaking head.

Darren moans, and he’s so fucking horny, so overwhelmed with lust at how wicked this all feels, Connor feels the kid’s cock start to throb in his hand and knows he’s close.

He takes his hand off Darren, and starts to fuck him now in earnest, and Darren reaches for his own cock, jacking it hard and fast, no control now.

Connor doesn’t mind, is happy to cum, if Darren’s ready. He slams himself home, his balls swinging against the kid’s as he shoves himself in hard and fast.

And then the kid lets out a moan, and Connor gives a growl of contentment as his cum spurts deep inside Darren’s hot channel.

Feeling Connor’s cock pulsing inside him, Darren moans like a little whore as he strokes himself to completion, jetting his cum all over Connor’s bedspread.

Connor stays inside him until he starts to soften, then slides out, and Darren collapses on the bed. Connor looks down at the kid’s plump, fucked arse, and wishes he could fuck it again. But he wants the kid to come back hungry for more, begging and desperate.

He slaps Darren’s arse. “Get up slut, I have shit to do.”

Darren gets to his feet as Connor cleans himself up, and gives him a hurt look.

“Oh, don’t give me that look. You fucked after ten words, you are a slut.”

He steps in close to Darren, and the kid’s eyes are wide and blue and filled with shame.

Conner puts a hand against the back of Darren’s head, grips his hair tight. “But if you suck me hard again, you can come back another time.”

Darren looks down at Connor’s limp, but large cock, hanging thick against his balls, and wets the inside of his lips.

Without any more encouragement, he drops to his knees and takes Connor’s flaccid member into his mouth. He puts his hands where Connor first told him to, but Connor slaps his hands away.

“This time, just your mouth.”

Darren does as Connor tells him, those wide blue eyes in his round face staring up at Connor, eager to please.

His arms hang down, his fingers curled against the sides of his thighs, his flop of brown hair so goddamn cute, Connor’s gaze goes predator-hard.

His cock swelling in the kid’s mouth, Connor lets out a groan of satisfaction. The kid soon has him hard again, and Connor pushes his hands into the kid’s hair and thrusts his hips against Darren’s face.

Darren lets his face get fucked, keeps those big blue eyes fixed to Connor’s, and soon the kid’s own member’s stiff again. He puts a hand to his erection as Connor’s eyes go to slits, and strokes himself.

Connor smiles a lopside smile, cynical and full of dark enjoyment. He can see that Darren loves his mouth being used, and soon he’ll test just how far the kid’s willing to go.

He quickens his thrusts and the pressure builds inside him, finally surging to a release as he explodes into Darren’s mouth.

“Don’t you spill a fucking drop, you little slut!”

He grips Darren’s hair tightly in his fists and closes his eyes, imagining what’s happening inside the boy’s mouth; his cum splashing against the kid’s tonsils, coating his hot tongue, and pulsing down his throat.

Darren swallows Connor’s cum down desperately, taking it all like the good little cum slut Connor wants him to be. All the while, the kid’s hand’s clamped around his own cock, stroking it hard and harder until it explodes, his cum a white rope slung out and down the back of his hand, down the side of his cock, and what’s left pulses and oozes from his satisfied member.

Connor lets the kid’s hair go, and Darren pulls off his cock. He licks his cum-slicked lips, and smiles up at Connor, his eyes tentatively satisfied. Did I do that right?

Connor pulls him to his feet.

“Don’t let anyone else touch your arse, or I won’t fuck you again,” says Connor. “But feel free to practice sucking cock.”

There’s a shimmer of hurt in Darren’s eyes, and Connor removes it by pressing his lips to the kid’s, pushing his tongue into Darren’s mouth, tasting himself on the kid’s tongue.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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