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Asa Akira

Note: This is part two of the short series that began with Marilyn. Apologies that it’s taken so long to post. This part will make more sense if you’ve read part one first. All characters are over the age of 18. As usual comments, observations and suggestions are welcome either by posting here or email. Many thanks for your previous encouragement.


Astrid drove away from that encounter in Marilyn’s car, tingling all over with pent up lust. She knew she would need relief when she got home and took the first opportunity to steal away from her family to her en-suite bathroom. There she stripped naked and fingered herself to a gut-wrenching orgasm, remembering the taste of Marilyn’s lips, the touch of her ripe breasts and the incredible feel of her dripping snatch. Her totally unexpected interaction with Marilyn had opened up a whole new avenue of possibilities. She trembled with anticipation at the thought of bringing Marilyn completely under her control and the games they might enjoy with Rachel. Astrid was by nature a dominant woman and her sexual enjoyment derived as much from displaying power as it did from dispensing pleasure. Complete control was an aphrodisiac to her.

It was true that she’d wanted to bed Marilyn ever since they’d first met, and now that misdirected text message had delivered the prim and proper housewife into Astrid’s lap – literally. What wasn’t completely true was her description of the incidents at the netball carnival that finally led to her seduction of Rachel. Astrid had been lusting after her young netball protégé for several years and when the sexy 18 year old entered her motel room that night, she was determined to have her. It had been Astrid who suggested the massage and had encouraged Rachel to strip out of her pyjama top. But Marilyn didn’t need to know any of that.

By agreement, in the days following their meeting neither Astrid nor Marilyn had any physical contact with their teenage lover, deliberately keeping her at a distance with non-committal messages. Astrid had a definite plan on how to punish the naughty Rachel – but that would have to wait till she had Marilyn subdued and totally submissive. She’d been pleasantly surprised by how readily Marilyn had followed her orders during their first encounter. It seemed to indicate submissive tendencies in Marilyn that Astrid was keen to exploit. She couldn’t wait to see the lovely housewife again and, if their increasingly sexy text messages were anything to go by, Marilyn felt just the same. During their sexting Astrid had made certain requests of Marilyn that would test her compliance

But they had to wait three whole days before their various commitments allowed them a mid-morning meeting at Astrid’s house, where they could be totally alone for several hours. On the appointed day Astrid prepared herself, showering and shaving carefully to leave her body from the neck down sleek and hairless. She skipped the undergarments and dressed in a white tank top and short flared floral skirt that would show off her tan and give Marilyn easy access to her body. She was tingling with excitement when the doorbell finally announced Marilyn’s arrival.

Astrid opened the door to find Marilyn dressed, as requested, in a short strapless sundress. She marvelled again at the woman’s simple beauty and felt a surge of lust at what she had planned for their morning together.

“Good morning beautiful,” smiled Astrid, taking Marilyn’s hand, guiding her inside and shutting the door behind them.

“Good morning to you t…” Marilyn’s reply was cut short when Astrid took both her hands and pulled her in for a kiss. Their lips met softly and warmly, creating a slight suction that made both women moan. She felt Marilyn trembling in her arms and broke the kiss to step away and inspect her prey from head to toe.

“You look absolutely beautiful my darling. But…” she asked with a suggestive leer. “…did you follow my requests completely?”

Marilyn blushed prettily and, biting her lower lip, nodded meekly. Astrid’s requests had been quite insistent and both women knew they were really commands.

“Mmmm,” breathed Marilyn. “Prove it!”

Marilyn’s blush deepened and she hesitated for a moment before hooking her thumbs into the top of her dress and easing it down to bare her bra-less breasts.

Astrid’s eyes widened at the sight of Marilyn’s generous breasts and their rose-pink nipples. The rigid nubs gave away Marilyn’s excitement.

“Oh, keçiören escort good girl,” encouraged Astrid. “And…?”

Marilyn hesitated again before sliding her hands down to grasp the hem of her dress and inch it slowly upwards. Astrid licked her lips as she watched the slow exposure of Marilyn’s smooth thighs and then her naked pussy, hairless but for a small, trimmed landing strip. She sensed Marilyn’s nervous excitement and stepped in to cup her breasts and kiss each nipple, licking and gently biting each one to elicit gasps of pleasure from Marilyn. When she straightened she eased one knee between Marilyn’s legs and lifted it to force them apart and pressed her thigh tightly against Marilyn’s cleft. She stroked her leg back and forth and when she withdrew it both women looked down to see the trail of moisture on the tanned skin.

Suddenly, Astrid pressed Marilyn back harder against the wall. One hand replaced her knee between Marilyn’s legs. Her palm cupped the smooth mound and her fingers pressed inward to cleave open Marilyn’s cunt lips and force Marilyn up onto her toes. Astrid’s voice was a hoarse whisper close to Marilyn’s ear.

“Did you mind following my instructions Marilyn?” Her prey whimpered with barely contained excitement and simply shook her head. “Tell me!”

“No,” whispered Marilyn.

“Mmmmm,” moaned Astrid. “And did you enjoy following my orders?”

Marilyn nodded.

“No you must tell me!” insisted Astrid, and curled one finger inside Marilyn.

Gasping. “Yes.”

“That’s good. Because I have so many more orders I want to give you!” A second finger.

“Ooooh, yes please!”

“And will you obey my orders?” A third finger, probing and stretching, forcing Marilyn even higher on her toes.

“Oh God yes! But…” Marilyn hesitated, holding her breath.

“But???” questioned Astrid.

“You … you won’t hurt me will you?”

Astrid pulled her head back, smiled and then kissed Marilyn softly on the lips. “Only as much as you want me to,” she purred.

“Oh my, yes!” breathed Marilyn. “I’ve been so excited to see you again. They other day in the car…”

“Yes?” prompted Astrid.

“…well, I never expected what happened and having you tell me what to do … it was…”


“Oh fuck yes. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited. Even with Rachel.”

“So are you telling me you are submissive?”

“Well…” Marilyn groaned as Astrid’s fingers curled deeper inside her. “I don’t know… it’s not something I’ve ever thought about … but I think I might be.”

Astrid smiled again and used her other hand to lightly pinch one of Marilyn’s nipples eliciting an excited moan in response.

“I think we should explore that, don’t you?” asked Astrid, pinching the excited nub more firmly and grinding her palm against Marilyn’s clit.

“Aahhh!” gasped Marilyn. “Yes – yes please!”

“And will you be my submissive?”

“Yes!” whispered Marilyn.

“Will you be my submissive cum slut?” Withdrawing her hand and forcing the three sodden fingers into Marilyn’s mouth.

A moan of agreement from deep in Marilyn’s throat.

“My submissive dirty little cunt slut?” Twisting the nipple and forcing Marilyn down to her knees.

“Oh yes – yes!”

“Good then slut! You can start by paying me back the orgasm I gave you in the car the other day!” With that she lifted her skirt, spread her legs and with one hand in Marilyn’s hair, forced her face into her sodden pussy.

Marilyn proved to be a very willing pet and was soon licking and sucking Astrid’s cunt with promising skill. She sucked on her outer labia and inner, using her tongue to spread the nectar that flowed copiously from Astrid’s fragrant flower. She spent long minutes laving the folds of her cleft as Astrid’s body writhed above her. But she seemed to be deliberately avoiding Astrid’s clitoris, a teasing that Astrid would tolerate for only so long.

“That’s enough teasing you little slut! Get that filthy mouth of yours onto my clit. Mmmm yes, that’s it – oh yes lick it hard …mmmmhhh – oh God yes keep doing that! Now finger fuck me too. Aaahhh yes! Fuck yes!” Marilyn’s talented fingers curled inside Astrid, seeking out and finding her G-spot. “Ohhhh yessss,” she squealed. “That’s it … right there! Right there! Oooooohhhh yesssss. Oh fuck I’m going to cum! Yesss – like that … fuck me … fuck meeeeeeee!!”

Using both hands Astrid jammed Marilyn’s keçiören sınırsız escort head tight against her clit and held it there as her body jerked through a huge climax. Her knees barely held her upright as the spasms in her cunt sapped the strength from her body. She vibrated on Marilyn’s face for several long moments and then forced her head away.

“That’s enough! Oh fuck, that’s enough. Too sensitive now!”

Marilyn sat back on her heels and gazed up at Astrid with a beautiful smile radiating from her glistening face. She was covered in Astrid’s juices from the bridge of her nose to the tip of her chin. Astrid breathed deeply for a few moments then extended her hands to raise Marilyn to her feet to kiss and lick her wet mouth.

“Mmmm,” she purred at last. “You are a good little cunt slut. I haven’t come that hard in ages. I think you’ll be able to teach Rachel a few tricks.”

Marilyn smiled as she wiped her own face with her fingers and licked them clean. “I’m glad you approve. I’ve been dying to do that since the other day in my car … and for several years before that to tell you the truth.”

Astrid laughed and kissed her again, briefly sucking on Marilyn’s tongue. “Then we’ve got quite a lot of lost time to make up for.” Her eyes wandered over Marilyn’s shapely body and she felt the embers of her passion begin to flicker once more. “Come with me.” She took Marilyn’s hand and led her up to the stairs and into the master bedroom.

Astrid sat on the bed and ordered Marilyn to stand in front of her. Her eyes lingered on Marilyn’s lovely face and breasts but wanted to see more.

“Now,” she commanded firmly. “Let me see that gorgeous arse of yours.”

Buoyed by Astrid’s obvious approval, Marilyn willingly turned and eased her dress down over her hips, lowering it slowly and teasingly. She bent all the way forward to shuffle the dress from under her feet and deliberately expose herself to Astrid.

“Holy shit!” marvelled Astrid. “How do you keep your butt in such perfect shape!”

Rachel laughed and, without straightening, twisted to look back at her. “With hours of torture in the gym and the yoga classes.”

“Spread your legs for me! Mmmm yes! Now use your hands to spread your butt cheeks. That’s right! Oh you good little slut – even your rosebud is perfect!” Marilyn gave a small sensuous moan – seemingly enjoying this blatant exposure to her new lover. “Come and lie on the bed. Good girl. Now I want you to watch me undress and masturbate as you watch me. That’s right. Spread your legs. Here, slide this pillow under your arse. Mmmm yes, that looks fantastic.”

Astrid licked her lips as Marilyn slid the fingers of one hand into her glistening pussy and let the other hand play across her breasts, rolling and tweaking the nipples. But her eyes never left Astrid as the lithe blonde began to strip. She lifted her tank top over her head, baring her small but exquisitely shaped breasts. She dropped the top then spent several seconds rubbing and squeezing her tits. Her nipples were small and dark sitting prominently within the slightly paler triangles that marked where her bikini top usually kept them hidden. She then slid her palms down her stomach and into the top of her skirt. She turned and mimicked Marilyn’s actions in removing her skirt and exposing her rear end. With her legs spread she slid one hand along the lips of her pussy, wetting her middle finger and using it to tease her folds. She turned slightly to look back at Marilyn and was pleased see her submissive lover watching every move and lifting her hips off the bed to meet the thrusts of her own fingers.

Astrid straightened and moved to the side of the bed, smiling down at Marilyn and continuing to stroke her cunt lips. “Do you like what your see, slut?” Marilyn’s nostrils flared slightly as she looked up at the beautiful willowy blonde.

“Oh God yes!” she purred. “You are so beautiful!”

“Is looking at me exciting you?”

“Oh fuck yes!” exclaimed Marilyn as the thrust of her fingers grew quicker and she pinched an already swollen nipple. “I’m going to come!”

“No!” commanded Astrid loudly, slapping Marilyn’s hands away from her breasts and her pussy. “Stop it. You will come only when I say you can come! Is that clear?”

The anguish on Marilyn’s face was clear but she meekly replied: “Yes Astrid.”

“From now on when we are together you will meet my needs first. Do you understand?”

“Yes keçiören yeni escort Astrid.”

“That will be Miss Astrid to you!”

“Yes Miss Astrid.”

“Good slut!” Astrid softened, as she climbed onto the bed and straddled Marilyn’s hips. “Now spread your legs as far as you can.” Marilyn complied and Astrid settled herself, moving backward till her cunt kissed against Marilyn’s and she began a slow rocking motion that made the slippery folds of both women cleave together. “Mmmm that’s good! Do you like that my slut? Do you like to feel my wet cunt massaging your wet cunt?”

“Ooooh God yes! Please can I come? Please, I need it so badly!”

“Soon my darling,” replied Astrid as she closed her eyes and revelled in the excitement her filthy language had ignited within her and the blissful sensations of the conjoined vulvas. She could tell from Marilyn’s rapid breathing and her deepening moans that she was nearing completion so slid forward, breaking the contact between their pussies. “Don’t you dare orgasm! Do you hear me?” Marilyn groaned in frustration and slumped back into the mattress. “You wouldn’t want to make me angry would you?” She could see by the spark of lust in Marilyn’s eyes that her new pet might very well want to make her angry. “You will come only when I do.” She leaned forward over Marilyn’s face and using one hand brace herself on the bed lowered her chest to bring her breasts within reach of Marilyn’s mouth. “Now slut – I want you to make love to your mistress’s tits. Mmmm yes – that’s the way, lick them all over, make them wet – suck my nipples! Aaaahhhhggg … mmmm … yes that’s good. Bite them! Harder! Fuck yes! Use your hands too – mmm yes that’s the way. Ooohh fuck you are a good little tit sucker!”

Marilyn’s willingness to please drove Astrid’s own excitement to new levels. After several minutes of breast play she slid further forward, spreading her knees on either side of Marilyn’s shoulders. She looked down at her beautiful pet, gauging the hunger in her eyes.

“Mmmm you are such a good little slut. As a reward I’m going to let you make me cum again. And if you can do it well – I might even let you orgasm too!” With that she lifted her bottom and settled your dripping cunt on Marilyn’s face.

As she undulated her hips to help Marilyn’s questing tongue, she glanced back to see that Marilyn was caressing her own pussy again.

“No!” commanded Marilyn. “No touching yourself slut!” She emphasised the order by reaching behind her with both hands to cruelly twist Marilyn’s nipples. The effect on her submissive pet was electric. She moaned out loud and drove her tongue even deeper into the juicy snatch that was already almost smothering her. Astrid decided to push her further and gave Marilyn’s right breast a sharp slap.

“Ggghhhaa! Yes!” gasped Marilyn coming up briefly for air.

“Ah, you like that slut?”

“Oh god yes!”

Astrid slapped the other breast, revelling in the sound of the smack and the feel of the firm but yielding tit-flesh under her palm. Marilyn moaned again and Astrid set up a deliberate rhythm, rolling her hips and slapping each breast in time with her gyrations, till Marilyn’s excitement became infectious and sent Astrid spiralling towards another orgasm.

Half an hour later the women were lying side-by side drenched with sweat and cum juice. Marilyn had made Astrid cum – several times – and had in turn received her own reward. They had reached a final explosive mutual climax with their legs scissored together, tribbing to a frenzied orgasm that left them both exhausted.

After lying in a silent reverie for several minutes Astrid turned to cup Marilyn’s face in her hands and gently kissed her lips. All signs of her domination had disappeared and the softness in her eyes now spoke of love and affection more than lust.

“Thank you so much for today,” she murmured, smiling. “I hope it wasn’t too much for you?”

Marilyn smiled in reply: “Oh no, no. It was perfect. I never dreamed submitting to someone else could be so…”

“Exciting?” prompted Astrid.

“Yes, exciting – but more than that – so fulfilling, so liberating, I guess. It felt so wonderful just to relinquish control – to give myself up to what most people would call forbidden pleasure.”

“Ah, yes,” cooed Astrid. “That’s it isn’t it: the freedom from responsibility for your actions; total pleasure without constraint.” She kissed Marilyn again and rubbed the palm of one hand gently back and forth across Marilyn’s belly. “And you are such a good submissive.”

“Mmm thankyou,” breathed Marilyn kissing her back. “And speaking of submission you haven’t told me about your plan for Rachel.”

“Ah, yes,” snickered Astrid. “That brazen little slut Rachel. Well, Marilyn, here’s what I have in mind…”

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