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Author’s notes:

There a really hot scene in A Love Song for Bobby Long where Scarlett Johansson gets fingered. You probably can get in on Youtube. That was the inspiration for a scene in this story where Jen gets fingered.

The story Jen tells Joe about Mr. Hayden is true. Well, sorta. I guess I’ll say, it took place in high school and it involved her favorite teacher. I won’t tell you how old Jen really was (but it was all entirely consensual). It took Jen until after we were married to tell me. It’s haunted me/turned me on ever since then. To my regret/relief I’ve never met Mr. Hayden (that’s not his name of course). Jen’s “thing” with him was the inspiration of my story “My Husband, My Life” but the story didn’t really go the way I wanted. Maybe someday I’ll take another shot at it. Anyway, people ask what Jen’s motivations are/what makes her tick. Well, the real Jen is very sensual. She has a big sex drive, then and now. She was kinda wild before we met, and ashamed about it. All of that’s fueled my fantasies (I was into the hotwife/cuckold fantasy before we met, although it wasn’t until I was with Jen that I was really able to articulate it – instead I’d just get really turned on whenever my girlfriend (whoever it was at the time) got hit on or guys checked her out). But her embarrassment/shame at what she did in high school and college (before we met) keeps her from doing anything for real now, even though she knows my fantasies.


Mike worked around the clock on the Ring. He focused mostly on the core algorithms but also helped Steve manage the data interface team. It was a lot of work, the team was going all out 24/7. Mike was glad for the work, because it helped take his mind off Joe.

Mike was working late one night when his cell phone rang. It was Jim.

Mike hesitated and considered not answering. Part of him wanted to end his relationship with Jim and Stacy. What they’d done – purposefully allowing another man (Darren) get Stacy pregnant was an incredible turn on. But Mike knew it was an unhealthy fantasy. It might work for other people like Jim and Stacy, but it wasn’t right for him and Jen.

In the end, Mike answered the call. He couldn’t resist.

“Darren texted Stacy and said you were here,” Jim explained after Mike picked up.

“You’re letting Stacy talk to Darren?” Mike asked.

“Yeah, I told you remember?” Jim said. “Stacy and I are closer than ever, I told her it’s okay to talk to Darren again.”

“Oh yeah,” Mike said. Now he remembered. Although the last time he’d seen them his attention had mostly been on Stacy’s hookup with Jamal. Speaking of which…

“How’s Jamal?” he asked.

“Brilliant,” Jim said, excitement in his voice. “Let’s get a pint and I’ll tell you all about it.”

“Stacy has a date with Jamal tomorrow,” Jim said later in a smoky pub. “She sees him once or twice a week, sometimes three times.”

“Wow, that’s a lot,” Mike said his cock growing stiff. They paused as the waitress served them two mugs of room temperature ale.

“It’s better when Stacy’s seeing just one boyfriend instead of a lot of guys,” Jim explained. “That works better for us.”

“I get that,” Mike said with a nod. That was how he and Jen preferred it too. “So Jamal’s Stacy’s boyfriend?”

“Not boyfriend like you and Jen do it,” Jim said with a chuckle. He got serious and said “It’s dangerous, what you do. Emotions and all that. That was the problem with Darren. You have to be careful Mike.”

“Yeah,” Mike agreed. “We’ve stopped playing.”

“Seriously? What happened?”

Mike didn’t feel up to telling the whole story. Instead he just said “It’s like what you said. Jen got too close to her last boyfriend.”

“Drums right?” Jim asked.

“Yeah,” Mike said. “It started getting complicated.”

Jim nodded slowly, thinking about how Mike and Jen played their game. “I see how it can be hot,” he said. “Dangerous though.”

Mike laughed good-naturedly. “Like what you do isn’t dangerous,” he said.

“We’re demented,” Jim agreed with a laugh back, and they clinked glasses. “It’s my ultimate fantasy though.” After a moment he added “We’re thinking about doing it again. With Jamal.”

“Are you serious?” Mike said shocked, his cock so hard it hurt.

Jim nodded. “Stacy’s really gotten into black men. Darren was her first and now she’s hooked. She can’t get enough of Jamal. It really turns me on too. Seeing his black hand on her white skin. When she goes down on his big black cock. It’s so hot!”

“Do people know? How will you do it?”

“We’re still keeping it quiet,” Jim said. “We’ll do it like last time. After Stacy’s pregnant, we’ll disappear for a year, get jobs in Australia or something like that. When we get back we’ll tell everyone we adopted another black baby.”

“Dannika looks mixed,” Mike pointed out.

“And Stacy’s nursing Dannika, it’s hard to keep people from noticing,” Jim said. His face flushed with excitement. “People suspect. I think they know. Honestly Mike that turns me on too. People knowing a black man got Stacy pregnant. That she cuckolded me, really cuckolded me.”

“Yeah…” bursa eskort bayan Mike said, his voice growing dry with excitement.

“We’re going to talk to Jamal tomorrow,” Jim said. “You know, go over the rules. If he’s okay with everything, Stacy will go off the pill.”

“That’s really hot Jim,” Mike gushed. “I envy you.”

Jim grinned excitedly at Mike. He asked “So you’re really not playing anymore?”

“I’d like to keep playing,” Mike said. “Jen wants to stop.”


“It’s too hard on her emotionally,” Mike explained.

“That’s your problem Mike, you and Jen take it too far,” Jim said. “Look how Stacy and I do it. Of course she has an emotional bond with Darren, and she’ll have one with Jamal too. That’s natural and we both get off on it. But Stacy isn’t dating Jamal, she’s hardly ever alone with him.”

“I don’t know,” Mike said with a shrug. “Jen can’t help it, getting attached, to her sex and emotions go together. And that’s a big part of it for me.”

They were silent for a few moments. Then Jim asked, “So, did Jen ever hook up with Scott?”

“Yeah, last weekend, it was kind of our last hurrah,” Mike said. Knowing what Jim wanted to know, he said “She didn’t make him use a condom, but he didn’t cum inside her.” That was true, Scott didn’t cum in her pussy.

“But Jen’s not on birth control right? So since he was inside her without a condom there’s a chance he got her pregnant.”

Mike didn’t feel up to telling Jim the whole story. He said “Maybe, but I doubt it.”

Mike was beside himself with lust when he got back to his hotel. He wanted an orgasm, and he wanted to be talking to Jen when he came. He called her up. Like always, his heart leaped when he heard her sweet voice.

“Hi baby, I’m missing you,” Jen said.

“I miss you too,” Mike said. “How’s Joe?”

“Oh um he’s okay I guess,” Jen sputtered out. She worried Mike would hear her nervousness but he was so horny he didn’t notice.

“Thanks for taking care of him,” Mike said. “It means a lot to me, knowing you’re with him.”

“Of course baby,” Jen said in a small voice, feeling guilty and ashamed.

“I got a beer with Jim tonight,” Mike said.

“Oh so now you’re super horny!” Jen said with a laugh. She was relieved, they could talk about this and not Joe. “You’re playing with yourself aren’t you!”

“What are you wearing?” Mike asked. He WAS playing with him, slowly stroking his cock.

“Oh my god,” Jen said giggling. “You’ve got to stop talking to Jim it gets you too horny.”

“Come on.”

Jen decided to play along. It was better than talking about Joe. And she felt like she owed Mike after what she’d done with his brother.

“I’m still at work you know,” she said. “I’m wearing a blouse and skirt. And high heels, the ones you like, the Christian Louboutin black pumps. You know, the ones with the red soles.”

“Yeah I like those, they show your toes a little. They call that toe cleavage you know.”

“Yeah, you’ve told me that,” Jen said giggling again. “I’m wearing stockings too. No garter belt though, sorry cowboy.”

“Are you wearing a bra and panties?”

“Um, yeah!” Jen said with a “hello!” tone of voice. She giggled again. “It’s not like I’m playing, I’m at work!”

“Tomorrow I want you to wear a garter belt, and no bra or panties,” Mike said as he slowly stroked himself.

“You’re crazy,” Jen said giggling again.

“I like thinking about you turning on all the guys,” Mike said.

“You’re so bad,” Jen said a smile in her voice. As girls do, she turned their talk from sexual to romantic, saying “You think about me a lot baby?”

“I think about you all the time, I love you more than anything,” Mike gushed.

Jen smiled. “Well good, keep it that way mister,” she said. “I love you too Mike, I really miss you. When will you be home?”

“It might not be until the final pitch,” Mike said. “I’m sure we can fix the Ring but it’s a lot of work.”

“Okay,” Jen said resignedly. No sex for two more weeks! She wasn’t sure she could make it! She’d fly to London but she needed to take care of Joe. God Joe… Her heart sank thinking about what she’d done with him.

“Tell me something sexy,” Mike said as he continued to slowly stroke his cock. “Have you spoken to Scott?”

“Yeah, I told him it was a one-time thing, it wasn’t happening again,” Jen said.

Mike frowned. That was like a cold shower! “What about Colin? Have you heard from Tony?”

“They text me, there’s another party this weekend at Colin’s,” she said with an incredulous laugh. Turning serious she said “I’m not sure about moving to Penn State honey. Colin and his friends party there all the time.”

“Afraid you’ll be tempted?” Mike joked.

“I’m afraid you’ll be tempted mister,” Jen said with a scowl. Then she admitted “I guess I’d be tempted too. We have to stop playing Mike, it’s not good for us.”

“Okay,” Mike agreed reluctantly.

“You sound so disappointed,” she said with an ironic laugh, hearing his reluctance.

“We both like the game so much,” Mike said.

“We need to grow up Mike,” Jen said. bursa merkez escort “We want to start a family, right?”

“Yeah…,” Mike said. After a moment’s hesitation he said “I think about you and Scott. It would’ve been so hot…”

“Mike we’ve talked about that,” Jen said exasperated.

“I know, it’s just… you know honey, if it turns out I can’t have children -.”

“We don’t know that,” Jen interjected.

“I’m just saying, if it turns out I can’t,” Mike said. “I want you to get pregnant naturally.”

“God Mike you’re crazy,” Jen said.

“Scott’s a bad choice, I get that,” Mike said. “And it can’t be someone complicated, like Drums or Tom.”

“Are we really talking about this?” Jen said with a sigh.

“I’m just saying it could work,” Mike insisted. “Jamie and Alec, they would work.”

“God Mike stop,” Jen said. “I don’t want you talking to Jim anymore. It makes you go crazy.”

“Just think about it okay?” Mike said. They both were silent for a few moments. Then Mike asked “Have you spoken to Drums?”

“Just once, he called me,” Jen said. “He seems okay, he’s doing a record with Artie.”

“Okay,” Mike said hesitantly. “I’m not saying you can’t… I mean, I’d rather you didn’t talk to him.”

“I’m not honey,” Jen assured him. “I didn’t call him, he called me.”

“Okay,” Mike said. “It’s just…”

“I know baby,” Jen said gently. “Don’t worry okay? I’m not going to see him.”

“But do you want to see him?” Mike asked his insecurities flaring up.

“Mike stop,” she said softly. “It’s over with Frankie, okay baby? I’m over him.”

“Okay…” Mike said. But was she really? They’d only recently broken up. He’d pushed them together, but they’d gotten closer than he expected.

Wanting to change the subject, Jen smiled mischievously into the phone and said “So you want to hear something sexy? I teased barista boy today.”


“You know, Joey at the Starbucks across from my office.”

“Oh yeah,” Mike said a smile coming to his face. “The 19 year old.”

“I guess,” Jen said with a laugh. “I don’t know how old he is. He’s definitely eye candy.”

“You’re bad” Mike said with a laugh.

“Allie’s worse than me, she practically drools whenever she sees him,” Jen said laughing back.

“I thought Allie’s committed to Darren.”

“She is, but that doesn’t mean she’s dead,” Jen said laughing again.

“So you two are good again?” Mike asked, remembering the tension he saw between Jen and Allie at Colin’s party.

“She has her good days and bad days,” Jen said with a shrug. “We’re going wedding dress shopping tomorrow.”

“Have they set a date?”

“Sort of,” Jen said. “They think they found a church.”

“I never thought of Allie as a getting-married-in-a-church kind of girl,” Mike said smiling.

“She’s more traditional than you think,” Jen said. “You know she really likes you Mike.”

“Yeah right,” Mike said skeptically. He doubted Allie would ever like him. They were too different, she was the wild super popular girl and he was the demented math geek. Also he’d taken her wingman (Jen) away, she’d never forgive him for that. An uneasy truce was probably the best he’d ever get from Allie.

Jen sighed. She knew her husband had major insecurities about the “populars” thing. He didn’t appreciate all his good qualities. Although, that was something else she loved about him, his modesty.

Wanting to change the subject, she giggled and said “So do you want to hear about barista boy or not?”

“Yeah, tell me.”

“Are you still playing with yourself?”

“Yeah,” Mike said, slowly stroking himself. He’d gone half soft talking about Allie, but he’d get hard again fast. “Joey, right?”

“Joey, barista boy, shaggy, whatever,” Jen said giggling again. “He’s hot, that’s all that matters.”

“And young,” Mike pointed out. “You like them young, like Jamie.”

“Um, Jamie had something else I liked,” Jen said with another girlish giggle.

Mike laughed. He asked excitedly “So does barista boy have that too?”

“Well, I don’t have first-hand knowledge,” Jen said with a laugh. “But he fills out his jeans really nice.”

“Yeah?” Mike breathed excitedly.

“Yeah baby, really nice,” Jen purred seductively.

“So what did you do?”

“You know he calls me no-whip Jen?” Jen said with a mischievous tinge in her voice. “He squirted whip cream on my wedding ring again.”

“Yeah? Did you lick it off?” Mike asked excitedly. In his mind’s eye he imagined barista boy cumming all over Jen’s wedding and engagement rings, and her licking it off.

“No, I used a napkin, it was crowded,” Jen said with a laugh. “He kept checking me out, so when Allie and I sat I let my skirt ride up. He couldn’t take his eyes off me!”

“Do you think he saw your stocking tops?”

“Um, I think there’s a good chance of that,” Jen teased. In fact, she knew she’d flashed her stocking tops at him (and barista boy wasn’t the only guy who noticed).

“I love it when you flirt,” Mike said as he stroked himself. He cock was rock hard and bursa sınırsız escort bayan he was close to cumming.

“I know you do,” Jen said giggling.

“It wasn’t too long ago Drums was fucking you all the time,” he pointed out. When Jen didn’t answer he said “Right?”

“I guess,” Jen said guardedly. She knew Mike was sensitive about Frankie, he’d shown that just a moment ago. Where was he going with this?

“I bet you miss it, all that sex,” Mike said. “I bet you’re so horny you’re going crazy.”

“I’m horny because you’re in London and I’m in New York!” Jen said pouting.

“Don’t lie, I can’t give you what you need,” Mike said.

“Don’t start Mike,” Jen said.

“I’m just saying, if it gets too much for you, I’m okay if you want to hook up with barista boy,” Mike said excitedly.

“Oh my god Mike,” Jen said exasperated. “You know, I’m not that much of a slut. I can go 2 weeks without sex.”

“You’re not a slut baby,” Mike quickly assured her. “You’re really sensual and I love that about you. I want you to be happy. You were getting it a lot from Drums, you got used to that. It’s not like your body has an off switch. I know you have needs. I don’t want you to go without. I want you to be satisfied.”

“Mike…,” Jen whined. “The game’s over, remember?”

“This would just be sex,” Mike pressed. “Like with Alec and Jamie. We can go back to you saying who and when. That worked, right?”

“You’re not going to stop, are you?” Jen said. She added sarcastically “And I guess I’ll stay off the pill, and Alec and Jamie won’t use condoms, right?”

“Don’t get mad baby,” Mike said. “I just want you to be happy. Just think about it okay? I love you honey. I want to give you everything.”

Jen’s heart melted. She knew what he was saying was self-serving because he loved the game, but she also knew he meant it when he said he wanted to give her everything. Because he HAD given her everything.

“Okay, I’ll think about it,” she finally agreed in a soft voice.

“Thanks baby,” Mike said excitedly. She agreed to think about it! Maybe the game wasn’t over!

He was still stroking himself. “Can you tell me something? I’m almost there.”

“What do you want to hear?” Jen said a smile in her voice.

“Something that turns you on,” Mike said breathing hard.

“Besides barista boy?” Jen said with a giggle. Then her mind flashed to Joe. She felt guilty, she knew it was wrong, but…

“I know,” she said. “I’ve actually been thinking about Jamie lately.”

“Oh yeah?” Mike said excitedly.

“Not just Jamie, Larry too,” Jen said excitedly. “God Mike, I had a threesome with 2 brothers!”

“Is that why you did it?” Mike asked stroking himself faster.

“When Jamie told me Larry was his brother, and he was a virgin, I had to have him!” Jen admitted gleefully.

“And Larry made you cum too!” Mike said his heart pounding.

“Of course he made me cum, there was no way he wasn’t going to make me cum! He was a virgin AND Jamie’s brother!”

“Ugh god!” Mike groaned as his orgasm hit.

As Jen listened to Mike’s breathing return to normal, she got worried. It was stupid to bring up Jamie and his brother Larry, Mike was super smart, he’d make the connection to Joe.

“God that was incredible,” he gushed. “What turned you on more baby? That Larry was a virgin, or Jamie’s brother?”

“Um, no comment,” Jen teased, forcing a giggle. She needed to change the subject but her mind was suddenly blank.

Mike saved her from herself when he said “Are you playing with yourself honey? Do you want me to tell you a fantasy?”

“Um, I can’t, I’m at work remember?” she whispered. “I’ll take a cold shower later,” she added with a giggle.

“You don’t have to baby,” Mike said. “I meant it about barista boy.”

“I know you did,” Jen said. “I’ll think about it okay?”

Jen was breathing hard after hanging up. Her nipples were hard and her pussy ached. Mike knew her so well. Her body HAD gotten used to the regular, incredible sex with Frankie. And her body didn’t have an off switch. She craved sex. She needed it!

Flirting earlier that day with barista boy… thinking about Jamie and his brother Larry… the wicked, naughty thing she’d done with Joe.

She felt terrible about what she’d done. Part of the shame was from being so turned on by the situation. But why shouldn’t it turn her on? Guys got turned on by the fantasy of sisters. Why shouldn’t she get turned on by the fantasy of brothers?

The Jamie/Larry brothers fantasy clearly got Mike hot too. But would he think the same about Joe? Thinking about it, Jen was pretty sure he would be okay with it. Maybe not at first, but she could turn him around. Joe only had a little time left, she was taking care of him. Mike WANTED her to take care of him. It was like mercy sex. Mike would understand, she was sure of it. It WOULD turn him on, she was sure of it, he was so kinky.

She felt guilty for not telling Mike. Although she didn’t feel like she was cheating. In her mind, it wasn’t cheating because she INTENDED to tell him. Eventually. She couldn’t tell him now, not over the phone. She needed to tell him when they were sitting next to each other, that way she could hug and console him (and seduce him too) if he got upset. She knew she was manipulative, but what of it? She’d always used her pretty looks and sexy body to get what she wanted. Every girl she knew did the same thing.

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