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Sorry to everyone who was looking forward to the continuation of this story, but I have so many stories I want to write. I plan to write one more chapter, but that doesn’t mean I am finished merely that I don’t know what to do with part 5 yet. I plan to write one or two more stories before working on part 4, but I promise to post that one before December.


Amber stirred not realizing that she had been asleep. She groaned, Jessica hadn’t satisfied her the previous night and now she was feeling desperate for release. She tapped Jessica’s shoulder and whispered into her ear.

“Jessie you fell asleep without pleasuring your mistress, if I didn’t need your tongue so bad I would punish you right now.” Jessica woke and looked up into Amber’s eyes.

“Sorry, mistress I didn’t mean to fall asleep.” Jessica quickly disentangled herself from Amber and moved between her legs. Jessica put her hand to Amber’s pussy and rubbed softly as Amber’s juices flowed. Soon Amber lightly smacked her head.

“Jessie no teasing, you’ve already earned enough of a punishment as it is. Keep this up and I will spank you so hard you won’t be able to sit down for a while.” She only hesitated a moment to let this sink in. “During which time you will bring me to many earth shattering orgasms, but be unable to have any of your own. Understood?” Jessica looked up into Amber’s eyes.

“Sorry mistress I’ll finish now.” There was a faint part of Jessica admonishing her for taking the tone of an apologetic child, but she ignored it. She parted Amber’s lips with her fingers and began licking up and down her lips, tasting Amber’s addictive flavor as she did so. Jessica plunged her tongue between Amber’s lips moving her tongue around inside as much as the tight cunt would allow. Amber gripped hard and Jessica shifted her attention to Amber’s clit, which she latched on to as she moved a finger to the opening. Her finger slowly entered and once she had plunged to the knuckle she began moving her finger at speed. Amber tensed up and Jessica felt an explosion as the orgasm hit and Amber came on her face. Jessica lay waiting patiently as Amber lay basking in the glow of her orgasm. Amber lay thinking about her plan for the day. She knew what she wanted to accomplish, but she wasn’t completely certain how to meet her goals. Eventually Amber sat up looking down at Jessica, who was looking up at her eagerly.

“Well that was good, you are improving. Now I have quite a day planned. First we bathe and ensure that you are perfectly smooth. Then I want you to invite Mary over.” Jessica frowned, but hesitated to speak. “Yes, Jessie is there something you want to say?” Jessica continued to look down as she spoke.

“Why do you want Mary to come here?” Amber patted Jessica on the head.

“I know you’re worried about Mary finding out about us and you losing your job, but I promise not to ruin your career. However you must trust me.” Jessica nodded and the two went to the shower to clean up before Amber ensured that Jessica was without body hair. Amber sat in a robe she had brought with her reclining comfortably as Jessica sat on the floor dialing Mary’s number when Mary picked up Jessica’s confident tone belied the turmoil within.

“Hi, Mary…no nothing’s wrong. I’m not at the office. Could you come over for a little while? There’s something I would rather not discuss on the phone. Okay, ten minutes.” Jessica ended the call and looked up at Amber.

“Very good, now you may dress, but nothing underneath, you should be decent enough that she will be willing to stay, while still leaving you accessible to me.” Jessica nodded and stood to walk to her bedroom to dress as directed.

Mary knocked on the door of Jessica’s apartment, uncertain of what she was doing at her boss’ apartment on her day off. Although if she was being honest with herself she would say she was there in the hopes of satisfying her curiosity about the sudden change in Jessica. If it had been Jessica dating a girl, Mary would just concern herself with the relationship, same as she would with a guy. In fact Mary had messed around with a girl or two in her younger days and now although happily married she couldn’t blame Jessica, Amber was lovely. No, it wasn’t the idea of her boss being gay, it was the near reverence for Amber that she could see in Jessica’s eyes. Hmm, maybe she’s in love. Well that might be true, but there was definitely more to it. However before Mary could consider further the door opened.

“Hi Mary come in.” Mary followed still uncertain of what her boss was up to. Once seated Mary refused to wait any long.

“Jessica, what the hell is going on? You go to lunch with that girl and come in aksaray escort the next day looking guilty. You keep staring at her while ignoring the eye candy you hired. Today you invite me over on our day off, and the last time you did that you had just fired your assistant and desperately needed my help to finish an account, not to mention you answer the door dressed in jogging shorts and shirt with nothing under either. Jessica as my boss your personal life is none of my business, but I thought we were friends and as such I’m concerned girl.” Jessica looked down. She inhaled slowly before speaking.

“I don’t know where to start, although you’ve probably guessed that I’m seeing her.” Mary nodded, but said nothing. Jessica inhaled, exhaled and inhaled knowing she was stalling. “However you probably have not guessed what sort of relationship we have. She is…my mistress and I serve her.” Jessica put her head in her hands and seemed to Mary to collapse in on herself. Had she been the type she would probably have started to cry, however as she wasn’t, she groaned softly and shook her head in her hands. Mary sat staring at Jessica uncertain of how to respond as she had never seen Jessica like this. Mary shifted to sit closer to Jessica and hesitantly put a hand on her shoulder. Although she had never seen Jessica as anything but a strong independent woman whom she greatly respected, at that moment however seeing Jessica in this state roused her maternal instincts. When Jessica didn’t even flinch at her touch Mary moved closer to embrace her. Jessica seemed eager to be embraced by Mary, who soon found Jessica’s head at her breast. Mary found herself experiencing some very unmotherly feelings as she held Jessica. Mary scolded herself for having such feelings about her boss, although she wasn’t sure what she was more self-critical about, the fact that it was her boss or because the situation wasn’t really appropriate for such feelings. Mary was considering what she should do in this situation when she heard a sound and looked up.

“Hi Mary, I’m glad you could make it. We have so much to discuss. First Jessie why do you look like you’re about to cry? Are you having second thoughts?” Jessica looked up, eyes still not tearful, but misted and shook her head.

“Oh no, Mistress not for a moment, it’s just overwhelming to tell someone else, especially Mary I’ve known her for so many years.” Amber leaned in and softly kissed Jessica on the forehead smiling reassuringly.

“Jessie, I need you to trust me, undress and kneel on the floor. Wait for me to tell you what to do next.” Jessica stood and began stripping, while Amber sat next to Mary. “She is cute isn’t she Mary?” Mary nodded.

“Yes, Amber she is, now what do you want to discuss?” Amber shook her head.

“While I’m glad you aren’t going to play games, I thought we could talk a bit first. Oh well, first will you have to run off soon?”

“No, my husband has the kids all day. I didn’t feel up to the amusement park today.” Amber nodded smiling and put a hand on Mary’s knee in her dark faded jeans.

“Good. Are you interested in spending the day with us? You could play with Jessica.” Mary stared at Jessica, who was now kneeling naked on the floor.

“She’s wearing a collar. You claim her as property.” Amber responded swiftly.

“I care deeply for her and when I finish school I intend to spend the rest of my life with her. That is one thing I wanted to discuss with you, I intend her to wear that collar at all times, except when bathing. I wanted to make sure you wouldn’t interfere. Although that was only part of it, I truly want you to join us. Not permanently of course, I’m far too in love with Jessica and I don’t intend to interfere with your marriage or the job. This will just be occasional fun between friends. So, are you interested?” Mary continued staring at Jessica almost ignoring Amber, finally she turned to face Amber.

“Yes I would love to spend the day with you. I must confess I have had ‘inappropriate’ thoughts about her. I had girlfriends when I was younger, but I don’t regret choosing my husband. However I do miss it, I just haven’t found anyone in years.” Amber leaned in to kiss Mary, who responded in kind. As her tongue clashed with Mary’s Amber knew that Mary would not be easily dominated. Amber broke the kiss to speak.

“Why don’t you remove those jeans and let Jessie show you what she can do with her tongue? I promise you won’t be disappointed.” Mary wordlessly opened her jeans, kicked off her shoes and raised herself enough to lower her pants, soon followed by her panties. Amber gestured for Jessica to come closer and pointed between Mary’s legs. ataköy escort Jessica did not hesitate to crawl between Mary’s dark legs and kissed around the chocolate colored lips as Amber reached for Mary’s large breasts. Mary only moaned breathily, although Amber could tell Mary wasn’t the type to make much noise during sex. However Amber merely took this as a challenge and tugged on Mary’s blouse, Mary absently raised her arms to allow its removal. Once the blouse was removed Amber tossed it aside and reached behind Mary to unsnap her bra. Amber removed the bra to reveal Mary’s breasts, which Amber suspected were D possibly DD.

Amber suddenly felt her mouth water at the sight of them. Amber leaned forward and took one in her mouth as she put both hands on the breast as she sucked on the tit. Mary’s moaning only somewhat increased in volume as Amber moved back and forth between Mary’s breasts. Meanwhile Jessica had begun licking Mary’s pussy lips marveling at the taste which was stronger than Amber’s, but no better or worse. Jessica fixed her lips to Mary’s and pushed her tongue inside in a naughty version of a French kiss. Mary grabbed Jessica’s head and the younger women could now hear her moaning as she became increasingly vocal.

Jessica began moving her tongue around inside Mary’s cunt as if she were clashing with a tongue in a more traditional French kiss. Jessica pushed her tongue in further hoping to penetrate as deeply as possible. Mary gripped Jessica’s head and her moaning practically turned in to a growl and Jessica felt as if Mary was almost humping her face. Then Mary tensed up and made a low squeaking sound as Jessica tasted her cum on her tongue. Mary’s orgasm finished and collapsed back into the couch, while Jessica sat back on her heels trying to catch her breath as she had had little air when Mary grabbed her at her peak. As the two were catching their breath they heard someone at the door. Amber was still wearing her robe so she rose to answer it. She smiled when she opened the door to reveal Shura in shorts and a tank top.

“Shura, come in you have perfect timing.” Amber returned to the couch and looked at Shura who had hesitated before sitting in a chair.

“Shura I want you to undress.” Shura nodded and proceeded to remove her tank top and shorts revealing that she was only wearing a blue thong underneath. As Shura undressed Amber turned to Mary.

“Mary, this is Shura my roommate. She has also chosen to play with us. Although there is naturally a strict hierarchy.” Mary turned to Amber, eyebrow raised.

“Are you building a harem, child?” Amber burst out laughing at this suggestion.

“No, as I said I am deeply in love with Jessica, however you are the third woman who has been drawn in by her.” Mary turned to look forward at Jessica’s face covered in her cum and Shura standing naked and waiting.

“Shura, Jessica, Mary and I have some things to discuss and I know Jessica’s pent up, so play with one another, but don’t cum until I say.” Shura made a low noise of disappointment, but did not hesitate to sink to floor where she reached for Jessica’s moist pussy, who in turn reached for hers. The two were soon moaning loudly as their hands moved rapidly over their lips and with the free hands reached for each other’s breasts. Amber continued speaking as she and Mary watched the display in front of them.

“So Mary, would you like to join us? We could meet when your schedule allows and we could spend the day together, shopping, lunch, whatever takes our fancy and then back here for more of this. As I said there will be a strict hierarchy, however it’s clear that you won’t be submitting to Jessica or Shura. So this will work with me at the top, then you, Shura and Jessica at the bottom as that is what she enjoys. So Mary, what do you think?” Before Mary could respond Shura stopped caressing Jessica’s pussy and looked up.

“What, why am I under Mary?” Amber looked sharply at her.

“Jessica, Shura sixty-nine, now and go all the way.” The two watched as Jessica lay down on the floor and Shura climbed on top. Jessica eagerly spread Shura’s wet lips and dove in with her tongue, while Shura reached between Jessica’s legs and with one hand to rub Jessica’s clit as the other penetrated with the index finger. The two women were soon moaning and panting as once again their orgasms approached. Jessica pressed her lips to Shura’s as she was eager to keep tasting Shura. Shura changed to thrusting two finger as she focused on getting Jessica to cum quickly.

Amber watched thinking it was a beautiful sight as the two appeared determined to impress her by getting the other off first. Jessica spread Shura’s ataşehir escort lips further as she attempted to press her tongue deeper into Shura. Shura meanwhile lowered her face to Jessica’s clit and circled it with her lips. Shura sucked hard as Jessica gripped her legs. Jessica moaned loudly into Shura’s pussy as she came. Shura stopped as soon as she felt and tasted Jessica’s cum before moving her arms to the floor to support herself.

Jessica took a few moments to catch her breath, but soon she returned to pleasuring Shura. Jessica began thrusting her tongue into Shura’s ass as one hand started thrusting two fingers into her pussy and the other hand rubbing her clit. Shura’s arms soon grasped Jessica’s legs and she tensed as she felt her orgasm approach. Shura’s head shot up arching her back as she came. Shura felt the orgasm rolling through her as shudder after shudder went through her. Soon Shura rolled off of Jessica and she lay gasping. Once the show was finished Amber turned once again to Mary. Mary was smiling and Amber noted a slight glint in the older black woman’s eye.

“Yes Amber I have had a bit of an itch that only a woman can scratch.” Shura’s breathing returned to normal and she rose unsteadily to her feet, ignoring Jessica who seemed to be grinning as she glowed in the aftermath of her orgasm.

“Amber, I’m still coming to grips with submitting to you, I have no intention of kneeling to anyone else.” Amber didn’t respond, but nodded to Mary who moved swiftly. Mary made eye contact with Shura and grabbed an arm as she returned to a seated position, pulling Shura as she did so. Shura was so stunned at the sudden change in position that she didn’t react. Shura stared wide-eyed at Amber, who merely nodded, and suddenly Shura yelped. Mary had struck Shura’s bottom with vigor. Mary continued to spank the younger woman with an eager grin obvious on her face. Amber gestured for Jessica to head to the bedroom while she adjusted herself in to a position that was more comfortable to watch Mary discipline Shura. Jessica soon returned carrying Amber’s paddle and handed it to Mary, who enthusiastically took to using it on Shura’s rear. Shura’s ass was turning redder by the moment and her cries of pain had long since turned to moans of pleasure. As Mary continued the spanking and Amber noticed that although still moaning Shura seemed to be trying to say something. Amber leaned in to hear better.

“Please…mistress.” Amber nodded and spoke to Mary.

“Okay see if her tune has changed.” Mary gave one last smack to the split between the two cheeks. Mary released Shura and the younger woman sank to her knees, eyes down, shoulders slumped.

“Very nice Mary, however there is one more step.” Mary looked into Amber’s dark eyes, seeing something unexpected she looked away nodding she sank to her knees between Amber’s legs. Mary probed around the outside of Amber’s pussy with expert accuracy hitting sensitive points in rapid succession. Wow, pleasuring a woman is like riding a bike, she has forgotten nothing and if she has she must have known more than anyone alive, man or woman.

Amber mused as she was now pent up and desperate to cum. Mary surprised Amber by pinching her clit causing Amber to yelp and Mary seized that moment to penetrate between her lips and thrusting almost like she was fucking with a cock. Amber gently put her hands on Mary’s head as she felt the pressure building towards her orgasm. Mary shifted to sucking on Amber’s clit and thrusting two fingers inside. Suddenly Mary hit Amber’s g-spot and Amber felt as if she had touched a live wire as she felt her orgasm hit with great force. When her breathing returned to normal she pulled Mary into a kiss. Their tongues clashed, but Mary soon relented and allowed Amber’s tongue inside her mouth. Mary sat next to Amber as the younger woman basked in her orgasm.

“Wow, Mary that was incredible, it’s a loss to women that you don’t do that regularly.” Mary laughed.

“You’re welcome…mistress. I was wondering if I could play with Shura without you from time to time.” Amber nodded stretching languidly.

“I leave that for the two of you to work out, at least for next time. But for right now I have a call to make, there’s a couple that we met last night and I want to see if we can meet them this evening. Shura?” Shura seemed a bit groggy, but she appeared alert to Amber’s question. “I won’t force you, but if you want to meet up with Mary without me you have my permission.” Shura smiled at this.

“Oh, thank you mistress, I would like the opportunity to serve her further.” So while Mary and Shura worked out the specifics of their next encounter Amber retrieved her cellphone from the bedroom. When Amber returned from the bedroom Mary and Shura were dressed and moving to the door. Amber sat on the couch and saw Jessica curled up on the floor sleeping soundly as she dialed Asha’s number.

“Hello Asha are you two free tonight?”

To Be Continued

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