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As the last guest left my husband turned to my sister. “So, now you know what happens at the parties you’re not invited too.”

She just looked up at him, and smiled, covered in cum, and dumb struck. “Not what I was expecting,” she said. Five different guys had unloaded on her and her dress. They had all fucked me first, and normally they would have covered me in their cum, but they’d emptied their balls over her.

My husband started to undress. Now was when he normally reclaimed my pussy, but I saw the lust in his eyes wasn’t for me.

“You’ve just watched your sister get fucked. Are you ready to be fucked?” It wasn’t really a question. Not that she would have said no. I know watching someone get fucked by five guys for over an hour had to have some effect on her. She just saw their as he peeled his clothes off.

She started to say no. She wanted to. She was a “good” girl, engaged to a “good” guy, but then she saw his cock appear as he lowered his pants. “Yes,” was all she could say. She pulled the bottom of her dress up and off her body. She got on all fours and turned her ass to face him. Like a bitch in heat she pulled her panties to the side exposing her cunt to my husband.

I watched as he sank his cock into her pussy, stretching it wide. I sat on the floor and watched him fuck her while rubbing my own pussy. Five guys should have satisfied me, but watching my husband fuck my escort bursa sister turned me on again. My hands and a mind of their own.

He slapped her ass as he fucked her, pushing her face down to the floor. She was just a vessel for his pleasure and she was enjoying every second of it. I guess it runs in the family since I also enjoy being used by guys as their fuck hole.

She came as he shot his load deep in her womb, crying out his name over and over again.

She collapsed to the ground, panting. Cum leaked from her pussy, while covering her face and tits. The rest of the cum the guys shot was all over her dress left in a pile beside her. She smelled like a cheap whore and smiled like a satisfied slut.

“Did my slut like that?” my husband asked.

I remembered the first time he asked me that. It was after he convinced me to have my first threesome. I was so satisfied, but I wanted more and more. And he had always made sure to give it to me. I fucked anyone and everyone he wanted me to now. He owned my pussy. And I now realized he owned my sister’s pussy as well.

“Oh yes” she said. Her voice husky with desire.

I moaned as I came. Watching it happen before me drove me wilder than I had expected. My husband and I had talked about corrupting some of my friends, trying to guess who would be most likely, but I’d never thought of my own goody-two-shoes sister.

But bursa merkez eskort she was the one who had come by as the guys started to arrive. She was the one who wanted to know why there were guys at the house without my husband as he was getting beers for everyone. She didn’t leave when she saw the first guys starting to get naked, or say anything as she watched them kiss all over me as I became putty in their hands.

The idea of watching my sister getting pounded by a group guys was so deviant, so invigorating.

“You will come to the next party. It’s Saturday. But the guys will fuck you.”

“But my fiancé.”

“Bring him. I’m sure he’d love fucking you like the true slut you are.”

“But he’s not that way.”

“Then don’t bring him. Either way, you’re going to be there aren’t you.” Again, it wasn’t a question. She’d be there, no matter what. She’d do it right now if she could.

“Yes sir.”

She was his now. Just as I was. Watching him take control over her and her desires was too much for me. I had been rubbing my pussy the whole time, and now I came in front of them. The last time it was quite and they didn’t hear. I’d kept it to myself. This time, I couldn’t. It was loud, I moaned as I thought about the next gang bang at our house. I hoped I could watch my sister getting fucked so royally.

The two stopped and bursa sınırsız escort watched me cum. I should have felt bad, but in reality I felt good that I had corrupted my sister but at least now I had someone to talk to this secret about.

My sister asked to borrow some clothes from me. I let her and left to go find them. I looked at my husband’s cock, still covered in their combined cum. He came to me, and force fed me his cock, fucking my mouth like the slut I am.

I tried to push away, but I couldn’t. He fucked my face until he was done with it. He pulled me my knees and fucked me doggy style. My sister walked in and saw us going at it.

My husband waved her over and kissed her good bye while fucking me. I could see them in the mirror. It wasn’t a friendly goodbye peck like he normally gave her. No, he kissed her deeply and passionately as he fucked my pussy. He came, emptying himself while kissing her.

I was hurt, and turned on, and came again for the two of them.

My sister left before she could say anything to me.

My husband moved over, and had me clean his cock. I sucked and swallowed as I knew he liked until you couldn’t see any remnants of our cum.

I just looked up to him in disbelief. I had never expected a day like today. I was angry, jealous, and immensely turned on.

“I think we should seriously consider corrupting some of your friends,” he told me. “Maybe all of them,” he said smiling. “We’ve talked about it enough, and I think you enjoyed today as much or even more than I did.”

I couldn’t believe him. He wasn’t happy with me and my sister, now he wanted my friend too? “We’ll need more guys,” was all I could manage for a reply.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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