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Nice, Cote D’Azur, South of France, October 23, 1978

Doug Anderson had moved to Europe in the summer of 1978 for work. His head office was in Geneva, but most of his time was spent in the south of France. He kept an apartment in Nice, 5th largest city in France, gateway to Italy and a hotbed of crime and corruption.

The Cote D’Azur was the playground of the rich and famous. Rock stars, Hollywood legends and faded European royalty all lived there. From Cannes to Monaco, there was always a party going on; and always a seamy undercurrent of criminality persisted. Smugglers, drug dealers, con men and prostitutes were everywhere.

Nice was its capital and for Doug, a transplanted Canadian from Montreal, it was a great place to be.

Doug was 6’3″ tall blue eyed and blonde, with a trim body honed by years of competitive swimming. At the age of 27, he still swam to stay in shape and had a very impressive physique with broad shoulders, slim waist, and very strong legs. He was also the proud owner of a very large, fat 10-inch cock that the super tight jeans of the day did little to hide.

As usual on Mondays, Doug went to visit his Russian ballerina friend Irina Proshkova. The statuesque beauty routinely put Doug through rigorous dance training, followed by an equally rigorous fuck session in her dance studio. She remained a demanding lover. Physically powerful, sex with Irina was a real workout.

Lazing in their sweaty post-coital bliss, Irina asked Doug for a favour.

“I need a date for Friday night.”

“You want to go out on a date? Irina, I’m honored, but what kind of date and where?”

“Friends are hosting a charity gala in support of the arts. It’s for the Ballet de Nice, the Opera de Nice and the Museum de Beaux Arts. It’s an annual event, always held the Friday closest to Halloween.”

“Excuse me Irina but Halloween isn’t exactly a French holiday. It’s not even officially recognized in France.”

“I know, but honestly, it’s an excuse for a party and because it’s Halloween it’s fancy dress, what you would call a costume party.”

“Where the hell am I going to get a costume?”

“At the Opera House.”

“Wait a minute. You work at the ballet, why not get a costume at the ballet?”

“There are not a lot of 6-foot 3-inch ballet dancers in the world, so unless you want to wear a tutu, I suggest you try the Opera House. In any case, they are in the same building. You have an appointment tomorrow at 11:00 with Andre, head of the wardrobe department.”


The following morning, 11:00 sharp Doug presented himself at the stage door of the Opera de Nice. He was met by Andre the wardrobe manager, a man of indeterminate age and sexual origin.

“Ah, there you are, Irina asked me to take care of you, and I must say, the pleasure will be all mine. Judging by your physique, I think a military uniform would be best. Something with authority and presence, something masculine, something very tight.” He was leering at Doug’s crotch while saying this.

“Come with me.”

They worked their way into the basement, to Andre’s little office.

“Sit here young man, I’ll be right back.”

A few minutes later, Andre was back, his arms full of garment bags.

“We have three options. There are not a lot of choice for man of your height so…. Let us begin. You must disrobe, shoes off, only the undergarment remains.”

Doug stripped down to his bikini briefs. Andre unpacked the first garment bag containing some sort of naval uniform. Turning around, Andre stopped, mouth wide opened and stared.

“Oh, young man, you should go just as you are. A young Adonis, wrapped only in a loincloth. Breathtaking!”

“Andre, it’s October. Too cold for loincloths don’t you think?”

“Alas, you may be right. What a shame.”

Taking the naval uniform, Andre held it up to Doug’s frame, checking the size.

“I think the Pirates of Penzance is a bit small. Let’s try the next one.”

Andre produced leather pants and shirt, horned Viking helmet and long fur cape.

“Andre, I am not wearing that ratty old fur or that stupid helmet.”

“You’re right, Wagner was always way over the top, even his costumes. So finally, we have this.”

“Voila, the uniform of a Lieutenant of the 5th Regiment Light Cavalry of the Grand Army of Napoleon Bonaparte. It is from William Tell, by Rossini.”

Andre held up the uniform for Doug’s inspection. It looked like it might fit.

“Let’s try it on Andre.”

Andre handed him the shirt, a simple white cotton tunic with a ruffled collar. Next, he held the breeches so Doug could step into them. The pants were dove grey and very tight. They fit like a second skin.

“The waist is good. Now show me the front.”

Doug turned, presenting his tightly wrapped crotch for Andre’s inspection.

“Do you hang right or left?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, in your natural pose does your penis stay to the right or the left?”

“To the left I guess.”

Andre almanbahis unceremoniously reached into Doug’s pants, took his entire package, balls and all, and shifted it to the left.

“There, that is better.”

“Better, what do you mean better. This is obscene.”

Doug’s sexual organs were rudely displayed by the skin-tight uniform. You could almost see the ridge of his cock head, and his balls were clearly defined.

“You don’t understand, cavalry officers had to keep the family jewels to one side. You could not have things flopping around during battle, they might get crushed in the saddle.”

“Yes, but what about just walking around. This doesn’t leave much to the imagination.”

“Exactly. A soldier in Napoleon’s army wants to show his pride, his manhood. And I must say you should be very proud.”

He slipped the coat onto Doug, spun him around and fastened the double row of buttons. Smoothing down the shoulders, he stepped back.

“The jacket fits well. Here, look.” He walked him over to the full-length mirror.

Doug had to admit, he did look good. The coat was dove grey with wide buff lapels, and lots of gold braids intertwined with the epaulets. Andre handed him the helmet, brass with a woolen crest.

“We’ll skip the sword and pistols; they might scare the ladies. Here, try the boots.”

Doug had trouble with the boots, they were a bit small. Thankfully, they zipped up the back, a nod to modernity and the fact that whoever wore this outfit would be facing the audience most of the time.

“Eh voila, a proud soldier in the service of the emperor Napoleon. The ladies will be very happy.”

Andre floated around him, adjusting, squeezing and tugging the uniform in places to check the fit. Doug was surprised there were no manual adjustments required in the crotch. God knows what would happen if he got an erection.

Doug put the helmet on. There was no way it would fit. It was much too small. At least it would give Doug something to cover his crotch if he ever got an erection. Andre handed him a black velvet mask to complete the outfit.

Looking at himself in the mirror Doug announced “Andre, it’s excellent. I promise to return it in one piece. Thank you very much.”


Friday at 4 Doug emerged from the elevator into the lobby to be greeted by the formidable Madame, the owner of the hotel. She came out from behind her desk.

“Well, well, well. What do we have here. The pride of the French army, a true representation of French manhood, a valiant warrior ready for battle”

She stood and admired Doug in all his martial splendour.

“You look magnificent monsieur Dooglas. It is a wonderful uniform.”

Coming closer, she adjusted the shoulders, tugged on the dovetails of the coat, pulled the boots up and finally grabbed his crotch, squeezed and gave it a strong pull to the left.”

“There, now you will be more comfortable.”

She stood back admiring him, giving him a lustful look, ogling his crotch.

“Yes, magnificent indeed! I take it you’re going to a fancy dress ball.”

Yes, a fundraiser. I am a guest of Irina Proshkova, a ballerina at the Ballet de Nice.”

“My, you do get around Dooglas, Irina Proshkova indeed. A great beauty and a wonderful dancer.”

They were interrupted by a honking horn. Out by the curb Irina stood by her sky-blue Fiat Dino, a Fiat with a six-cylinder Ferrari engine! Doug was jealous and wanted to drive but he doubted he could even sit in the car given the tightness of his pants.

Irina was wearing a pink tutu with sheer pink nylons. Her legs and butt were on display for all to see, her breasts barely constrained by the pink skin-tight silk top. Doug felt a stirring in his loins and knew he would never be able to fold himself into the seat of the sportscar with an erection.

“Ah, my gallant escort for the evening. Dooglas, you look magnificent.”

Doug introduced her to Madame and the two ladies stood there admiring him in his uniform, ogling his left leaning package, the strong legs and calves in the overly tight boots.

She opened the door and Doug shoehorned himself into the seat, having to hold his package aside so as not to crush his testicles.

The ladies laughed at his discomfort.

“I guess being a gallant soldier has its disadvantages. Here Dooglas, your helmet, you may need it.”


Driving west, Irina explained the evenings events.

“We’re headed to St Jean Cap-Ferrat, to the home of Rinauld sisters. They’re from one of the richest families in France. Madeleine and Marie are twins, never married but rumoured to have had numerous lovers through the years. Artists, sportsmen, politician, gangsters and so on. The sisters have a bit of a reputation in that respect.”

“They are also great supporters of the arts. This soiree is a major source of funds for the Opera and Ballet in Nice so we have to be on our best behaviour.”

They almanbahis giriş pulled up to a massive mansion poised on a hillside overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The view was incredible. Leaving the car with the valet, Doug and Irina joined the reception line at the front door.

Doug couldn’t help but notice how much female flesh was on display. The outfits weren’t skimpy, more designed to be revealing. He found himself becoming aroused just as they reached the head of the reception line.

“Irina, welcome, we are so happy to see you. How is our famous ballerina tonight?”

“I’m well and thank you for having us. I would like to introduce my friend, Monsieur Dooglas Anderson.”

Doug clicked his heels, saluted and kissed the ladies on the hand.

“Ladies, I am very pleased to make your acquaintance. Thank you for having us this evening.”

“Oh, what a gallant young gentleman. The pleasure is ours. We look forward to becoming better acquainted, we’ve heard so much about you.”

Doug wondered what they had heard and from where, but in the meantime, he admired these two beautiful women. They looked to be around sixty with the most amazing pearly skin. Their dresses were vintage Marie Antoinette, huge hoops covered with layers of cloth, dripping with precious gems and showing a prodigious amount of pearly white cleavage.

Doug couldn’t help it. His cock grew, straining against his pants. The sisters noticed and nodded in unison.

“Yes, we do look forward to becoming better acquainted.”

They moved on, mingling with the crowd, heading towards the lawn and marquee tent.

“Dooglas, duty calls, I need to say hello to some of the Opera’s benefactors. Will you be ok on you own?”

“I’ll be fine, you do your thing, I’ll be around here somewhere.”

Doug grabbed a glass of champagne and wandered, admiring the grounds. He was approached by a man dressed as Harlequin from the Commedia Dell’Arte, but he was a very short and fat Harlequin.

“Gustavo, what are you doing here?”

“Ah, Dooglas, Am I that obvious? No worry. But I could ask you the same thing.”

“I am here as a guest of a friend, Irina Proshkova.”

“Irina Proshkova, my you do have interesting friends. And beautiful.”

“And you Gustavo, what brings you here?”

“Ah Dooglas, you have met our gracious hosts? The sisters are very good clients. The best. In fact, your most recent purchases came from them. You see, they like to gamble, and on several occasions have been seen to hand over jewels to the croupier at the roulette wheel at the Casino De Monte Carlo.”

“That’s crazy Gustavo!”

“Indeed, I keep telling them to come to me. They will get a much better deal than those thieves at the casino. I have also suggested they consult you for a second opinion.”

“Gustavo, I don’t want to take business away from you.”

“Not to worry. There is plenty to go around and if you give them a fair evaluation, they will come to realize they are not getting fair value at the casino. We both win. But now I must say hello to some friends. Enjoy the party Dooglas.”

Doug wandered into the house, admiring the artwork and antique furniture. Standing by a window overlooking the gardens he was approached by a person wearing a plague doctor outfit: ankle length overcoat, broad brimmed hat and a mask shaped like a bird’s beak, all in black.

“Good evening doctor, have you come to treat me for bubonic plague?”

The doctor came close to Doug, slipped a hand through a slit in the coat and caressed Doug’s cock through his pants.

“No Monsieur, I have come to admire your uniform. It fits you perfectly. It shows off your physical attributes wonderfully. I wanted to be sure it was really you and not some stuffing intended to deceive.”

The doctor shrugged a shoulder and the overcoat parted revealing one side of her body. Under the overcoat she was wearing a skin-tight leather body suit wrapping sumptuous breasts, wide hips and nice strong legs. She nestled into Doug, rubbing against his crotch lewdly, bringing him to full hardness.

The doctor stepped back to admire her handiwork.

“Beautiful. You have a magnificent cock. Maybe one day you will let me treat your condition.”

With that, the plague doctor walked away laughing. Doug was left standing by the window with a massive hard on snaking down his pants leg. He was stuck. He couldn’t mingle with the partygoers like this, he’d give some old lady a heart attack!

He was saved by Irina. Coming into the room she stopped to look at him.

“Dooglas, what have you been up to? You look like you’re about to rip a hole in those pants. Come with me, the sisters want to talk with you.”

“Irina, I can’t meet them like this. They’ll freak out.”

“Oh no, trust me, they’ll love it!”

Coming into the main salon Irina led Doug over to the sisters who noticed the massive bulge in his pants immediately. They gazed admiringly at Doug as they whispered to each other.

“Ah, Monsieur Dooglas, there you are. Gustavo almanbahis yeni giriş has told us of your talents as an appraiser and we would like to discuss a few things. If you don’t mind Irina?”

“Not at all, I will leave him to you.”

She kissed Doug. “I will leave you with the ladies Dooglas, enjoy the rest of the evening.”

The ladies led Doug to a small study off the main salon.

“Please sit, we will have some tea while we chat. Gustavo speaks very highly of you. He says you are to be trusted and that you have a good eye for top quality gems. We think we may benefit from your advice.”

Sipping his tea, Doug realized this was a golden opportunity, a chance to ingratiate himself with two of the richest ladies in France.

“It would be an honour to be of service and I would be happy to assist you in any way I can.”

“Excellent. Are you enjoying the tea? It is our special blend.”

Doug thought it was the worse cup of tea he had ever had. It smelled bad, tasted bad and was making him feel a bit sick. In fact, he was feeling woozy. The ladies nodded at Doug, smiling wickedly.

“Yes, it is our special blend. You should be feeling the effects very soon.”

Doug blinked, trying to clear his vison. The sisters were become blurry. He gradually rolled onto his side and was completely unconscious by the time his head hit the couch.


When he awoke Doug knew he was in trouble. He was tightly strapped to a heavy wooden X frame, legs and arms bound by fur lined leather straps,his feet on small stands supporting his weight. Completely naked, his legs were spread wide, groin and backside fully exposed. For some reason he also had a massive erection, pulsing and throbbing in all its glory.

He heard a door open behind him and the two sisters, Madeleine and Marie Rinauld appeared. They had removed their petticoats, hoops and bodices, leaving them in pantalons, corsets and chemises. The corsets thrust their massive breast out in shelf like projections, huge amounts of pearly white cleavage on display.

“So, our young Lieutenant awakens. Do not be afraid, we mean you no harm. We have need of your services. It is necessary to constrain you this first time, but we hope that after today we will no longer need to drug you.”

“What do you want?”

“Let us start by asking, the first time we you saw us, what is the first thing you noticed about us?”

Doug immediately thought about their huge tits, realizing this was not the answer they were expecting. Next, he thought of their incredible jewellery but thought better.

“Your incredibly perfect skin.”

“Exactly, well done young man. And how do you think we got this skin?”

“By avoiding the sun’s harmful rays?”

“No silly boy. Years ago, we came to realize that the most beneficial ingredient of a moisturizing lotion is a man’s seminal fluid and sperm. Something about the composition of a man’s ejaculate promotes the elasticity of human skin. Our pharmacist agrees and makes our private moisturizer using male ejaculate and other ingredients.”

Doug thought this was complete bullshit. He once had a girl convinced that swallowing his sperm would make her boobs grow bigger, but he didn’t think these two ladies needed any advice in that direction.

“There is no denying you have remarkable skin ladies, but how can I help?”

“It should be obvious; we are going to milk you. You are going to provide us with our necessary monthly allotment. You may even enjoy the process.”

Doug couldn’t really tell the twins apart, but he thought it was Marie who brought over a small table with several odd-looking objects.

“We have taken the liberty of injecting you with a drug that will prolong your erection. We’re sure a physically fit young man such as yourself would be able to perform exceptionally, but we require a more long term, shall we say, permanent solution.”

Saying this, she took a small leather ring, encrusted with diamonds of course, and wrapped it around the base of Doug’s cock.

“Isn’t that a beautiful sight Madeleine?” she asked as she stroked Dog’s furiously hard cock.

“Yes, I’m sure he will produce wonderfully” as she hefted his balls, weighing them in her mind.

“To that end, we have a cream that helps in our procedure.”

Taking a jar of lotion, Madeleine worked a large dollop into his scrotum, being sure to cover each ball.

“This cream has analgesic properties that will greatly increase the flow of blood to your testicles, increasing the production of sperm. At the same time, it contains several herbs that will delay your excitement. A perfect combination, delayed reaction with massive results. Let us begin.”

Marie wrapped one hand around the base of his cock and slowly stroked him. She wrapped her other hand around his cock head and applied a very light twisting motion, stimulating his cock head, tickling at the sensitive head.

Madeleine worked his balls, gently rolling them between her fingers, stopping occasionally to squeeze them hard and pull his entire scrotum down with a hard tug.

Having four hands working on him was driving Doug to levels of excitement he had never felt. He kept looking down at the sisters, imagining their massive boobs covered with his sperm.

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