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I stood in the glass enclosure as streams of hot water caressed my shoulders. I kept thinking about that phone conversation I’d had with my husband. Sometimes when I’m stressed, a bath or hot shower brings clarity to my thoughts. Everything that happened these past few days had brought me to this critical crossroads in my life. I knew whatever I decided from this point on would profoundly determine the future of my marriage, family, and life in general. Undeniably I was attracted to Kurt, but I loved Kevin and wasn’t about to toss away ten years of marriage for a romp in the sack—no matter how tempting. I just couldn’t understand how my husband all but endorsed for me to sleep with his business associate; that made little sense to me.

I’ve always prided myself on demonstrating strong self-control. However, I had never felt weaker in my life than earlier today when I surrendered to my lust and allowed my handsome host to make out with me. I swear it was as if we were a pair of hormonal teenagers!

I was lost in my thoughts when the shower door popped open and Kurt stepped into the steamy mist with me. I wasn’t as startled as I probably should have been because I pretty much expected he’d try something, but this was bold, even for Kurt. Not a word was said as he pressed against my back and cupped my breasts. His touch sent shivers throughout my being. My invader pushed my wet hair to the side and left a trail of kisses up my neck. His formable manhood pushed against my backside as he tenderly sucked on my earlobe.

“Are we good?” he whispered, sending shivers down my spine.

“We’re good,” I replied, though I still felt tense.

Kurt explored my body with his masculine hands and I immediately knew where this was headed. Everything was moving too quickly. He rolled my hyper-sensitive nipples between his fingers as my body tingled with excitement. I was delirious with passion.

“I need you,” he breathed. “Tell me what you want.” He whispered as he squeezed my erected nipples.

My mind was screaming fuck me! But I mustered up what resolve I had left and said, “I know what you want. But what I desire the most right now… is some privacy—and a lock on my bedroom door.” I turned and stared into his eyes.

“You can’t be serious.” He looked surprised. “After what transpired earlier today?”

My expression revealed no hint of amusement.

“I know you want me as much as I want you,” Kurt pleaded.

“As hard as it might be for you to comprehend, I’m married, remember?” I held up my left hand and wiggled my wedding finger; displaying my three carat diamond.

“I thought you and Kevin had come to an understanding.” He caressed me.

“You and my husband maybe came to an understanding. Problem is… you forgot to ask me. I’m not a play-thing to be passed around. My body, my rules!”

He groaned as I pushed away his probing fingers.

“That’s enough, lover boy.” I opened the shower door and stepped out.

His raging erection did not go unnoticed. Kurt was at least as big as Kevin (and Kevin was huge).This was becoming a monumental struggle with my resolve. A multitude of feelings were coursing through me. I felt both used by Kurt and betrayed by Kevin, but strangely I felt empowered at the same time.

“I think you better take a cold shower while I get dressed for dinner,” I said, looking back at Kurt.

He seemed dismayed. Regardless, I ignored his disappointment and wrapped my hair in a towel before slipping on a terry-cloth bath robe. I left him to contemplate what had happened.

I don’t know why, but I suddenly felt an inner strength rise inside of me; I didn’t even know it existed. This had probably been the first time Kurt was ever refused of sex in his life. There seemed to be an unspoken struggle of dominance between us since we’d met in California, and it continued today with our tennis match.

I knew he was all about his carefully crafted persona. When I had thrashed him at his favorite game, his precious image became tarnished. It was obvious he was extremely competitive by nature and wasn’t accustomed to losing. His ego took one hell of a bruising. Prior to that, I knew he desired me, but now he desperately had to have me. Kurt didn’t even attempt to conceal his intentions. However, I wasn’t about to become his conquest or another notch on his belt. If something were to happen between us, it would be solely on my terms, not his.

I was picking through my choices in the wardrobe when Kurt came out of the shower with a towel wrapped around his waist. He sat in a chair sulking and watched me dress. I must admit that he had a swimmer’s build without an ounce of fat on his body. His abs rippled whenever he moved and his self confidence was almost annoying. I knew he was showing off, but what the hell… it’s not every day I got to dress in a five-thousand-dollar gown while being watched by a blond haired, blue eyed German Adonis.

I turned my back to him, dropped my robe, and put on a bra with matching panties. Modesty at this point seemed a bit silly.

“Do you even know how beautiful atakent escort you are?”

I couldn’t hide my smile. “Thank you. You’re sweet. But I’m nowhere near Eva’s class, am I?”

“Why would you say that? Eva has a body only money could buy. You’re all natural.”

“Yeah, all natural—including stretch marks from two children.” I laughed. “Now move along while I dress.”

That was the second time he gave me a sad little puppy look. I knew he wasn’t used to being dismissed like a school boy.

“Oh, before I forget…” I said. ” One more thing.”

He turned with a look of hope on his face. “What’s up?”

“Don’t forget about installing that lock on my door.”

Kurt raised his eyebrows and smiled. “We’re having company tonight. The board of directors will be joining us for dinner. By the way, I’m very happy you selected that Augustin gown.”

“Thank you, it’s quite stunning.”

“You make it stunning.”


I felt like a princess as I walked into the dinning room in my form fitting gown made of silk. The plunging neckline enhanced my cleavage, and the slit up the side showed off my leg. One thing I could say about Kurt was that he had impeccable taste in women’s clothing. This was not something I’d ever wear at home, but it made me feel sexy—and by the looks I was getting, that seemed to be a shared opinion.

Kurt was talking to an older balding gentleman with a paunch. He greeted me with a smile as he took my hand.

Always the perfect host, I thought.

“You look exquisite,” he said, cascading my body with his eyes before he said softly, “Good enough to eat.”

I blushed and gave him a look. He was dressed in a dark grey dinner jacket with an open collared dress shirt.

“This is our Human Resources manager, Herr Schmidt,” Kurt introduced the heavyset man.

“Guten Abend, Frau Sheffield! Ich bin froh dich zu sehen,” the man said, shaking my hand.

All I could do was stare at him like a deer in headlights.

“Speak English,” Kurt added. “She doesn’t speak Deutsch, I already told you.”

“My apologies! I said, good evening, Mrs. Sheffield. I am happy to meet you. I will need some additional payroll information from you.”

“Oh, of course! Pleasure meeting you too, heir Schmidt.”

Kurt took my arm and led me aside. “You must be starving after whipping me so badly on the tennis court this morning.”

“You actually play very well.” I smiled. “I just got lucky.”

“Six-one, six-two is not luck, my dear.”

“At home I practice everyday and give lessons to the kids. I could’ve been kinder.”

“I have a feeling that the three games I won was about all the kindness I could expect.” He laughed. “I’m a business man and only deal in reality. Speaking of business… I have a proposal for you.”

“I can only imagine.” I rolled my eyes.

“Strictly a business proposal,” he said with a chuckle.

“Oh? And what is that?”

“I’m going to be moving my USA headquarters to San Diego, along with a portion of my hardware manufacturing. I want you to work for me.”

“Me? What could I possibly offer?”

“I need a liaison that can represent me when I’m not there. I’ve observed you closely. You have serious people skills. You’re poised, gracious but firm, and exhibit self-control like none other I’ve ever seen. You’re exactly what I’m looking for.”

“I don’t know. I’d have to talk to Kevin first and see a list of responsibilities. They better not include what you had planned earlier.”

“I told you, strictly business—and I already talked to Kevin, along with his general partners. So, it’s strictly up to you.”


“I’ll tell you what,” he added. “Let’s eat and talk about it later.”

“Okay, I’ll consider it. I’m hungry.”

Kurt held my chair and seated me. It was a wonderful dinner, but what impressed me the most was how he remembered that I don’t eat meat. I was served a special salad and a German pasta plate. The conversation was cordial and his directors seemed to speak perfect English. I felt embarrassed that I couldn’t speak German.


The evening had progressed nicely. I was able to follow almost everything that was said about starting their US manufacturing division in San Diego, though the logistics seemed a bit overwhelming. The initial construction was set to start immediately. What didn’t seem to jive was that Kurt had told me a short time ago that he was undecided about opening his plant in San Diego. That was a fabrication as these construction permits were dated six months’ past. I felt like I was either being played or he felt I was yet to be trusted.

It was about ten when they all finally left. Once we were alone, I sensed that my super smooth host seemed nervous around me. Probably because I seemed to defy his practiced method of seducing women. After some uncomfortable conversation, I took him by the arm and led him to the grand piano in the concert room.

“I want to hear the results of your mother’s musical investment in you,” I said. “Play ataköy escort something for me.”

“It’s been years. I don’t think I could.”

“Nonsense!” I knew this afforded him another opportunity to impress me.

“What would you like to hear?”

“My favorite movie soundtrack was from The Sting. Can you play… ‘The Entertainer’?”

He smiled and sat at the piano bench. Then, he interlocked his fingers and popped his knuckles. When he started to play, he did so without sheet music; it was all from memory. As his fingers flew over the ivory, the room was filled with music that sounded like a 1920s honky-tonk bar. His performance was polished and exceeded expectations, like everything else Kurt did.

I sat next to him on the stool and bumped hips with him. He stopped playing and looked at me.

“Woman, you confuse me. What is it you want?”

I smiled warmly. “I really don’t know, to be honest. This is all new to me. I’m just a simple housewife whose daily adventures include things like homework with the kids and taking the dog on walks. Now I’m confronted with European trips, job offers, expensive clothing, and a handsome host with a dungeon of horrors. Am I too forthright in saying that I want to get to know you better before anything more happens between us—including a job?”

“I can accept that. Where would you like to start?”

“If you can take the time, I’d like to see more of your town… And possibly the room at the end of the hall.”

“I’d love to show you both.” He smiled charismatically. “And a lot more. Shall we say… tomorrow at 6am?”

“Sounds like a plan,” I replied before I played the only piano piece I knew: “Chopsticks.”

Kurt laughed and played the chords with me. I was having fun and was caught up in his charm.

After we finished, I held up my hand for a high-five, but instead of a hand slap, he interlocked his fingers in mine and stared right through me. His gaze was almost hypnotic and I couldn’t help but shut my eyes.

In a matter of seconds, his lips found mine as I tilted my head and accepted his probing tongue. My brain was numb with passion and my body felt like it had melted into his. I completely lost myself in the moment. Our breathing became fast and erratic as he explored my mouth with his tentative tongue. I felt myself surrendering to him. He squeezed my breasts and then… he pulled away. Kurt looked at me with a sense of satisfaction that I could only describe as cockiness.

He leaned into my ear and whispered, “Sorry. I forgot that you’re married.”.

Cocky bastard.

“We need to rest up,” he said. “Six o’clock comes early.” He stood up and helped me to my feet.

I knew what had just transpired between us: the alpha was reasserting his control. I pulled away and headed up the stairs to my room in a huff. I could almost hear his chuckle as I reached the door. It now had a lock.


The alarm went off at five fifteen and I struggled to turn it off. The damn thing kept harassing me every five minutes, which meant that I must have hit snooze by mistake. Finally, I found some relief when I yanked the plug from the wall.

Stretching slowly, I ran my fingers through my hair and got out of bed. As I stood nude before a tall full length mirror, I evaluated my figure with a critical eye. I pushed up my breasts and let them fall. There was just a minimum of sag for a woman in her early thirties, but I knew I couldn’t beat gravity forever. My midriff was hard and flat but still bore the slightest evidence of having two children. Standing on my toes, I twisted to my side and noted how firm and shapely my butt was. All those agonizing hours on the stair-master, tennis, and jogging had payed off well.

While rummaging the closet, I chose a light blue sun dress and low heel sandals. The elastic under-bodice gave me extra support, so I decided to forgo a bra. After brushing my hair and picking a matching sweater, I headed down to breakfast.

Kurt greeted me at the bottom of the staircase with a hug and lingering kiss on the lips.

“Sleep well?”

“Actually, I did, thank you.” I smiled. “What are the plans for today?”

“I thought we’d take the Porsche into town and eat breakfast at my favorite little restaurant. Then we could tour an authentic castle. After that, you can plan the rest of our day.”

“Sounds quite eventful, but I know you’re a busy man.”

“Jen, it’s Friday and I’ve already told my staff to cancel all appointments until Monday.” He took my hand and led me out to his convertible. “Would you like me to put up the top?”

“No, this looks like fun,” I replied as I pulled my hair back in a ponytail and slipped on the pullover sweater.


Kurt switched gears and sped up as if he was a Grand Prix race car driver. He was heavy on the accelerator and each shift pushed me back into my seat. The crisp morning air stung my cheeks and my hair whipped behind me in the wind. I was giggling on the inside. It was amusing how he always felt the need to show off at every atalar escort opportunity. I was starting to believe he was compensating for hidden self-esteem issues. But why? I wondered. He seemed to have it all.

After winding our way through the countryside at breakneck speeds, I saw a small town up ahead. Kurt downshifted and slowed significantly while we entered a quaint town with cobblestone roads. It reminded me of Solvang in California.

He drove us along the picturesque riverbank and eventually pulled into a parking lot behind an antiquated building. The design resembled an old German motif with exposed beams and a high-pitched, tile covered roof. I could smell an aroma of food in the air and assumed this was our destination.

“We’re here.” Kurt smiled.

“And exactly where is that?”

“At the best restaurant in Bad Kreuznach: restaurant Im Gütchen. You are going to love the food. They don’t open officially yet, but I have an arrangement.”

He escorted me through the rear entrance as we walked into the kitchen, where employees were working ferociously, preparing for the onslaught of customers later on. The chef greeted Kurt as if he were a family member and guided us to a table overlooking the river.

I skimmed through the menu. It was written in German, of course. At home, I’d usually study the menu carefully, however it was pointless here.

“What is your preference?” Kurt asked. “I know you don’t eat meat, but do you eat eggs?”

“Eggs are fine. Do they have omelets? That would be good with some toast.”

“I’ll order for you.” He signaled to the waiter.

When the young man arrived, Kurt said, “Bahn möchte zwei Aufträge von Omeletts und Gebäck mit Kaffee bitte.”

We handed him the menus before he poured us some coffee afterwards. I took a sip and immediately grimaced.

Kurt laughed at my reaction. “German coffee is a little bit stronger. You might want to add some milk and sugar.”

As soon as our waiter left, I decided to speak my mind. “We need to talk.”

His silence seemed to linger for a moment before he said, “Yes, I agree, Jennifer. We most certainly do need to talk.” He abandoned his coffee and met my gaze. “Give it to me.”

I frowned in confusion. “Give what?”

“Your never-ending list of questions.” He smiled in a sly fashion. “What did you think I meant?”

“I don’t know… I wasn’t sure.”

“Such a dirty mind, Jennifer.”

I kicked him under the table as he let out an “Ow!”, followed by a hearty chuckle at my expense.

“Feisty woman!”

“Behave yourself.”

“Always.” Kurt grinned. “What would you like to know?”

“First of all, what is it you want from me? Why me?”

“I’m not hiding what I want. It’s no secret. Is it really necessary for me to disclose the details?”

“It makes no sense to me.” I shook my head. “I’m flattered that you want me, but you’re rich, handsome… charismatic to a fault. You could have any woman on this planet, so again… why me? I’m a married mother of two.”

He seemed to take his time with his response, which only increased my anxiety.

“Can I be honest with you, Jen?”

“Of course, I expect nothing less.”

“My answer is… I don’t know. I guess I was attracted to you from the first time I saw you. I knew you were special.”

“Was that the day we went to the San Diego Zoo and out to dinner?”

“Yes, but… even before that.”

“Before?” I said in confusion. “What do you mean? Where else had we met?”

“We hadn’t actually met in person… I’d seen you on the computer. You made a lasting impression.”

“How? I don’t Skype with anyone. I’d remember that.”

“Your husband and I were on a video conference call a few months ago, and if you recall… you came into the room and attempted to get his attention by seducing him with a strip tease.”

“No way!” I exclaimed in disbelief.

“Kevin said he’d call me back and tried to drop the call, but in his haste he hit the wrong key and switched to full screen view by accident.”

“Oh my God! I’m mortified! How much did you see?” I asked in embarrassment.

“Everything, my dear, every… thing.” Kurt grinned.

“Pervert! And you call yourself a gentleman?”

“Me?” He laughed. “A pervert? You’re the one who gave the sexiest striptease since clothes were invented, and a blow job that could suck the spots off a leopard.”

I felt my cheeks flush from humiliation. His cavalier attitude was infuriating. Immediately, I wondered just how much Kevin knew about this incident. Was he complicit in this whole sham of me being here?

Kurt seemed to know what I was thinking as he said, “No. Your husband knows nothing. He wasn’t aware of what had happened, and I didn’t bother to mention it.”


“Only that I told him that I was interested in using his company, and… hiring you as an employee. I made your stay here contingent on the contract to ensure that you would come here and see what I had to offer. Anything beyond that is between us.”

“Oh my God! Kevin thinks we already slept together that night in San Diego when I passed out in your hotel suite. I’d thought he was complicit in this. Yesterday on the phone I told him the possibility of us becoming intimate was greater the longer I stayed. He didn’t say no. I think I need to talk with him more.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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