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Ava Addams

My cousin Cindy came to live with us for three weeks when she was eighteen. She was going to go to college in Chicago, about twenty miles from where we lived. Since her parents, my mother’s sister and her husband, lived on a ranch in Montana, they thought she should have some time to get used to the city before the semester started.

The last time I’d seen her was when she was fourteen. I was just beginning to notice girls then, and she was pretty skinny. We got along ok, but she really didn’t make that much of an impression. When she arrived at our house at eighteen the story was completely different. She was a tall girl, just a little above average weight for her size, full lipped, and long haired. She had dark eyebrows and large brown eyes that seemed always ready to smile. Her breasts were a little small for her proportions, but since she was a big girl, they were noticeable enough, and certainly noticed by me.

Of course, she was my cousin, and so not a potential girlfriend. I didn’t ask myself whether I thought she was pretty, but I did look at her with what I considered an objective eye, and asked what my friends might think of her. It didn’t take me long to answer that they would think she was a very pretty girl, and expected that if any of them saw her, I’d be in for some teasing about whether I was managing to keep my hands off her.

Cindy liked music and jokes and wasn’t at all stuck up. We were strangers enough to be polite to each other, and as the days passed, we got to be good friends. Maybe she could tell that I wasn’t coming on to her, and that made her feel relaxed and like it was ok to hang out with me. As I said, I was thinking of her as family, so I wasn’t trying to impress her. In fact, I don’t think I’d have started to think of her in any other way if it hadn’t been for a couple of lucky accidents.

The first was a Saturday morning after she’d been at our house for almost a week. Saturday was laundry day at our house, and since there was no laundry chute, my mother used to pile dirty clothes in the upstairs hallway before taking them to the basement for washing. Cindy had added her laundry to the pile, and I was going to add some of my own, when I noticed a pair of panties with butterflies on them. I’d never seen any like that on the pile before, so it was obvious they were Cindy’s. At the moment when I was in the hallway, I heard Cindy and my mother talking downstairs, and it came to me that I would have plenty of time to take a sniff and return them to the pile just as they were. I picked them up, turned the crotch outward, and held them to my nose. I could not believe it. They smelled delicious. Not at all like urine, not stale, but infused with an earthy, organic odor that immediately started to make me get hard. I thought that Cindy must have just taken them off, that maybe only ten minutes ago this fabric had been nestled up against Cindy’s pussy. It’s not as if I had been thinking about her pussy all along, but of course I knew she had one, and now I knew that it was a very sexy smelling one. I wondered if it was very hairy, and I wondered how her thighs would look near where her pussy was.

A change in the sound of the voices alerted me to the need to put Cindy’s panties back in their place on the laundry pile, and just for good measure, I made sure that my own laundry covered them up. I went back to my room a different boy, because now I could not get the thought of Cindy underneath her clothes out of my mind. I’d seen her calves and her knees and her feet all bare, but now I tried to imagine her thighs and her belly and what her tits would look like if I could seen them when she wasn’t wearing anything on top. I didn’t believe I would ever see these things, and I had no plan to make it happen, but I thought about it a lot, and I realized that whenever I did, I’d start to swell up and feel very horny.

That summer, I was working two part time jobs, one at a lunch place and the other at the dinner rush at a different restaurant. I rode my bike to work and it wasn’t worth coming home between jobs, so usually I just hung out at one place or the other for the hour in between. But one afternoon, a coworker at the second job was going to leave, and I went home in between to get my camera. When I got home, I burst in the door and shouted “Hello”. There was no escort bayan bursa answer, and I thought that no one was home. I raced upstairs, and when I got to my room I saw the door just down the hall – the one to Cindy’s room – just closing, which I thought was strange, especially as she had not answered my “Hello”. I didn’t stop to ask her what she was doing, though; I was in a hurry and just went to my closet to get the camera. I don’t know exactly what made me think of my little stash of porn mags, but I pulled aside my very carefully arranged pile of junk to check on them.

Even before I got to them, I realized that the stuff they were behind was not as I’d left it and, sure enough, the magazine on top was not the one I’d left on top. Then it all fell into place – Cindy must have been in my room just now when I came in. She must have found my stash and been looking at the porn, and beat a hasty retreat when she heard me. She didn’t dare answer my greeting, because she thought I’d realize she was in my room.

I felt invaded and I was angry, but I really had to get back on my bike and show up for my second job. So, I didn’t react then – but I did say “Bye, Cindy” so she’d know I knew she was home. Let her wonder, I thought, whether I’d discovered her little secret or not. She didn’t come out of her room, but she did say “Bye” as I headed down the stairs.

Of course, I spent the rest of the day thinking about Cindy. Yes, I was annoyed. She probably figured I looked at those mags while I masturbated, which was true. I thought she must know that everybody did that, but still, it felt embarrassing to imagine her thinking of me in particular as looking at those very pictures and pleasuring myself. On the other hand, it made me horny to think of her looking at them and to wonder whether she had gotten aroused. Maybe she had even put her hand down her pants. And, too, I felt that in some way she owed me something, and I wondered if I could turn that somehow to my advantage.

When I got home from work, everyone was still up, watching TV. I looked at Cindy to see what kind of reaction I’d get, but I couldn’t tell whether she was avoiding my eyes or whether she was just interested in what was on the tube. After a while, though, my parents went to bed and, as usual, Cindy and I sat around watching Jay Leno and talking during the commercials. Now, I got the definite feeling that she was more quiet than usual, and didn’t look at me very directly, as if she were waiting to see whether I’d say something about her little exploration into my room.

I finally got up my nerve and asked her if she’d enjoyed the pictures.

“What pictures?” she said.

“The ones you found while you were snooping in my room.”

“Oh, Jim,” she gushed, “I’m so sorry about that. I know I shouldn’t have gone into your room when you weren’t there.”

“Why did you?”

“Well, your Mom was out, and I was feeling very horny, and I figured what with you being a normal guy, you’d probably have some porn stashed away. I knew it was wrong, but I just kept wondering what you might have and I thought it’d be ok since you’d never know, and the next thing I knew I was in your room. I’d just found what I was looking for, you know, when I heard you burst in the door. I was hoping you hadn’t noticed, since you left so soon.”

“So, did you go back and satisfy yourself?”

“I felt too guilty. I did go back to make sure that everything was put back exactly as I’d found it – I did pay attention, you know, to how things were – but I was too upset to be in the mood to look at your stuff.”

“Well, that’s ok, I guess. I’m still feeling a little violated, though.”

“I know, I know. I really am sorry, Jim. I wish there were something I could do to make it like it never happened.”

“Maybe there is”, I said.

“There is?” Cindy looked at me in surprise. “What do you mean?”

“Well,” I said, “if you had to go looking for porn in my room that means you don’t have any, so I can’t make things even by snooping around in your room. But there’s something better than looking at your porn, even if you’d had any.”

I think she knew right then what I had in mind, but all she said was “What’s that?”

“A real girl, Cindy. I mean you. You could take off your clothes and let me bursa sinirsiz eskort have a really good look at you. Then I’d feel we were even and how could I feel angry at you after that?”

Cindy didn’t say anything for a while, then she sort of croaked out “You mean . . . here? Right now?”

“Yes. In fact, if you undressed – I mean not just a flash, but really taking your clothes off and staying naked for a while and showing me your girl parts – well, then you’d be welcome to go in my room and borrow my mags anytime you liked.”

This time there was a longer pause and I was sure she was really thinking over whether she might do it. Then she said “Jim. You’re not going to try to have sex with me are you? I mean, you said ‘show’ – you didn’t say anything about touching. After all, we are cousins. Will you solemnly promise me that you’ll look but not touch? Do you think you can promise that?”

I looked her straight in the eyes and told her the truth, that wasn’t going to try to make her do something she really didn’t want to do, and that her giving me a good show would make me feel we were even.

Cindy just sat there again, not looking at me, and I thought I’d better just keep quiet and let her decide. I hoped she’d do it, and then I began to believe that she would, and then, just when I started to think she wouldn’t, she reached up and unbuttoned the top button of her shirt. After the third button had come undone, she quickly glanced at me. Of course, I was looking back at her, and as soon as she caught my eye directly, she looked down at the floor. But she kept undoing her buttons, pulling her shirt out from her jeans to finish the job.

She paused, took a deep breath, and then took her shirt off, tossed it aside, and sat back. This time, she looked at me more confidently. I can hardly describe how sexy she looked in her bare shoulders and midriff, with her lacy bra showing the tops of her breasts. I’d been swelling up ever since I began to believe she really would take her clothes off and by this time I was completely hard and even uncomfortable straining against my underwear. I didn’t want to be too obvious about it, so I slowly squirmed around on my end of the couch to relieve the pressure. Every time I moved, it felt good and I swelled up a little more; but finally I got things arranged so I was a little more comfortable.

I told Cindy she looked beautiful, and when she didn’t move, I gently said that I would like to see even more of her. She stood up, kicked off her flip flops, unzipped her jeans and slid them off. She stood facing me in nothing but her bra and panties. Her thighs were long and plump and I could see her pubic hair curling out at the place where her panties disappeared between her legs.

This time, she didn’t wait but continued her undressing in a steady, but slow way. She reached around and unhooked her bra, but held it in place for a moment. She smiled and said “Well, I hope you like these” and then took the fabric away and showed me her lovely, round tits. Now I really began to regret having promised not to touch – they seemed just made for touching and the small nipples stuck right out at me. I could almost see myself taking them inside my mouth and swirling them with my tongue. But I kept cool, and just enjoyed the hardness in my pants.

When Cindy had put her bra down, she hooked her thumbs in her waistband and, still moving slowly, pulled off her panties. There she was, a completely naked, luscious woman, so pretty, perfectly well formed, with a large black triangle of curly hair on her pubic mound.

I had a feeling Cindy was really getting into showing off now, because without my asking, she turned from one side to the other, as if posing for pictures. Then she reached up a hand and cupped her breast. She moved her hand around and stroked her nipple a little. Then she turned around and showed me her butt. She even gave it a little wiggle, and then bent over, exposing her pussy from behind. Then she straightened up and faced me again.

“Don’t you like what you see?” she said. I started to speak and found that my mouth had gone dry. I swallowed and told her that she was a total turn on, and how could she think I didn’t like looking at her. She said “Well, when you look at your magazines, escort bayan I’ll bet they make you so hot you take your dick out and stroke it. C’mon, don’t you? Isn’t that what they’re for?”

I didn’t really want to discuss my masturbating with Cindy, but it was obvious she had me dead to rights, so I mumbled “Sometimes”.

Then she put on a kind of pouty look and said “And now, here I am all naked in the flesh, and you just sit there. Am I so unsexy that I don’t turn you on at all?”

“Cindy,” I said, “I’m as hard as I can be.” I spread my legs apart so she could see my harness in my pants. “Do you really expect me to take it out and stroke it when you’re right here looking at me?”

“Wouldn’t you like to take it out?”

“Uh, I guess . . . well . . . of course, I’d like to. But . . .”

“Jim,” she interrupted, “it’s ok. If he’s hard, I think you’d better take him out. Of course, if you think you couldn’t – I mean, if you think he’d just go soft if I looked at him, that’s ok. But if he’d like it, I’d like to see you take care of him.”

I didn’t need any more encouragement than that. I undid my belt, unzipped my pants and very soon was standing just in my briefs. Now I hesitated a moment – but only a moment, as I decided to take the plunge and take them off. My boner stood out, pointing at Cindy and my heart pounded as I thought about whether I could actually take him in hand while she was watching.

Cindy seemed to be riveted on my penis. I wondered whether it looked like she expected, or whether she’d ever had a chance to look at one for so long before. I didn’t really know if she’d been laid or not or whether she’d ever given head. But I didn’t think about this for very long, because I felt very urgently that I wanted to touch my member.

Cindy moved away a little and I feared I’d lose her – but it was only to sit down on the other end of the couch. She looked at me, pointed to the other end and asked me to sit down. As she did so, she lifted one leg up onto the couch and stretched the other one sideways, away from the couch. Her legs were wide open and she was looking at me seductively and cooing that I should sit down and go ahead and do what I did when I looked at those magazines.

Without taking my eyes off the pinkness that was showing between her hairy labia, I sat down and took myself in hand. Once I had actually stroked myself once or twice, I got over the feeling that I might not be able to do it in front of Cindy and I gave myself up to my masturbatory pleasure. Cindy was better than any magazine I could possibly have and I reveled in the look of her soft skin, the way her tits bounced a little whenever she moved, and the lovely legs stretched out before my gaze.

When Cindy reached down between her legs, I thought she was just keeping her bargain about giving me a good look at her girl parts. She pulled her lips apart and exposed to my view her clitoris, the thin folds of her inner lips, and a glistening hole between them. But after she showed herself to me, she didn’t just hold it open. She put a finger inside, and then began to rub it up and down over her clit. It was then that I realized that she wasn’t just putting on a show for me, but was just as aroused as I was. My cock swelled even more at this thought, and I was now stroking hard and fast, feeling almost unable to stand the tension any more, and yearning for my sperm to flow. Cindy was pawing at her cunt now, sticking her left middle finger deep into herself and rubbing her clit with her right hand. Sometimes it was up and down, sometimes she’d cup her hand over the whole area and push it around in a circular motion. Her eyes were closed and she was panting with obvious pleasure.

I couldn’t contain myself any more. In a loud whisper, I said I was coming. Cindy opened her eyes, then, and looked me in the eyes with a warm half-smile. That made me feel totally welcome to come, and as she moved her eyes down to my cock, I erupted in a torrent of spurting fluid. And then, right afterward, Cindy began to moan and jerk up and down on the couch. I worried that she’d wake everybody up, but she kept it low enough, and I watched her as her motions slowed and, finally, as she held her hand no longer moving but pressed up against her pussy.

After a few moments, Cindy whispered that I should stay right where I was. She got up, went to get a wash cloth, and helped me clean up. She gently took the tip of my penis in her fingers and cleaned it; then she wiped off the places where my spunk had landed. When she was done, she said “Are we even?” I just smiled back at her as I nodded a “Yes”.

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