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This is a continuation of a story started some time ago, and though it is a short chapter, it is the next step in Jennifer’s growing attachment to this family of her cousin’s, and to her own feelings of exhibitionism.

It would be best to read “Cousin’s Visit” first.


The next morning Jennifer slipped quietly out of bed and stole a glance at her sleeping cousin, Amanda’s hair lay gently across her neck, so silky and soft that Jen could hardly resist reaching out to touch it, stroke it, feel it on her fingertips. She felt ever so close, ever so in tune with her lovely cousin. She leaned down to take a better look at Amanda’s earring, a silver and turquoise teardrop shape that wasn’t quite deep blue enough to match Amanda’s eyes, but was lovely, hanging and swaying just a little when Amanda turned her head. It fit her light and sassy personality perfectly, Jen thought as she pulled a lightweight robe over her lacey baby doll sleepwear and padded barefoot out of the room and down to the kitchen.

As she rounded the corner she saw Ellie at the sink, her long legs bare to the hem of a thin white tee shirt that hugged her flanks. Ellie turned and smiled a morning greeting. “Coffee?” she asked, and turned with a cup for Jennifer, revealing a loose V neck and the clear outline of incredible nipples, showing dark brown through the fabric.

“She seems so at ease with herself, with her body,” Jennifer thought to herself as she took a sip and felt the warmth flow to her stomach.

“Sleep well?” Ellie asked, leaning her well-toned bottom against the counter and crossing her feet at the ankles, sipping her own cup of coffee. “The first nights in a new bed can sometimes take some getting used to, unless there’s someone there to help.”

Jennifer wondered at the choice of words, but let it slide as Uncle Todd hurried across the room and grabbed a cup of coffee to go. “I’m a little behind schedule, sweetheart, but I loved the way you woke me up!” He half whispered to Ellie, just loud enough for Jennifer to hear, and Jen wondered if it was on purpose. Uncle Todd stepped closer to Ellie and she stood as they kissed, her hands around his neck and his around her waist, toe to toe and full body close.

“Got to run, you wonderful vixen,” he mumbled, lips barely touching, then lingering again in a deeper kiss. His hands gathered the tee and pulled it upward, revealing the side of Ellie’s bare bottom, then cupping it, massaging it openly in front of Jennifer. She could see their tongues dancing and Ellie’s fingers tugging on his hair as the deep kiss continued, and Ellie’s hips moved back and forth, brushing across Uncle Todd’s groin.

“Laterrrr….Laterrrr,” he chimed with a chuckle, slapping her bare bottom playfully, and turning towards Jennifer, added, “Some days it is so hard to get away from this household!” He hesitated just slightly on the word “hard”, and Jennifer thought she could see the outline of the beginning of an erection in his slacks. The whole scene seemed surreal to her. There she was, a guest in the household, thinking she would ease into her morning, and suddenly she is an observer to an openly intimate moment of sharing by two people who are her relatives, two people she doesn’t really know all that well, two people who seem totally aware of her presence and of what they are doing to each other erotically, but who also treat it all as if it were the most natural and comfortable thing for them to do in front of her. It made Jennifer shudder inside, and the familiar warm excited feeling got a jump start that was better than caffeine could ever be.

As the sound of Uncle Todd’s car subsided, Ellie tugged the tail of her tee back over her exposed butt and turned towards Jennifer. “Oh, Jen, you are blushing! I’m so sorry if that was a görükle escort bayan little much for you, especially on your very first day with us. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable; it’s just that sometimes he gets a little carried away. Men are so like that, aren’t they? I’m sure that as lovely as you are, you must find that your boyfriends have roaming fingers sometimes, don’t you?”

“And it must have looked to you like I’m totally underdressed,” she continued, stepping forward with a cup of coffee for Jennifer, just to the other end of the kitchen table. “But see, I’m wearing undies, so I’m not too much out of line, am I?” Ellie stopped, facing Jennifer, and pulled up her tee to her belly button, displaying the V of a thin pink thong, barely wide enough to capture the full puffy labia that were outlined beneath it. It was sheer, and Jen could see the curly outline of a strip of pubic hair, much like her own, but a little wider at the top, like a miniature V behind the thong that only barely hid it. It had a thin lace border that connected to a similar waistband, which from the side had been hidden to Jennifer’s eyes, and had given the impression of nakedness earlier. Ellie’s feet were close together, but her hips flared sensually, and her shapely legs parted at the top enough for light to show through between them, and the womanly shape of her vulva to be clearly in view. Somehow Jennifer had trouble raising her eyes to meet her Step-aunt’s smiling gaze, and when she did, she again saw the open recognition of Jennifer’s gaze. There was something wantonly erotic about this woman, something that seemed to be seeking an intimate connection.

Perhaps it was just the desire to be warm and familiar, Jen thought hazily, and replied, “Oh, no, Ellie, I mean, I thought it was wonderful how you two seem so close and so….well… I mean….yes, it wasss….” Jennifer’s voice trailed off at her lack of ability to choose words that seemed appropriate, and Ellie sat down on the chair at the side of the table.

“I usually sleep just in a tee, and sometimes wear panties. Usually not, unless it’s my time of the month. Do you?” Ellie asked and then continued, nodding at the partly open top of Jennifer’s robe, “I see you sleep in a lovely something or other….what is it? Can I see?”

“Uhhh, well, sure, I guess so,” Jen answered, untying the belt of her shorty robe and opening it. She felt unable to control the tightening of her nipples as she realized the lace bodice of her baby doll top wouldn’t cover them completely from view. One thin shoulder strap had slid off, and the top swell of her right breast was exposed. Jennifer quickly slid it back up over her shoulder, at the same time realizing she had to force herself to cover up; that it would have been just so much more delightful to go the other way.

Ellie leaned back as she sat, one foot straight out in front of her and the other with knee folded outward a little, so that again her pink thong was on display, if Jennifer chose to look. Jennifer rose to her feet and slipped the robe off, laying it over the back of her chair. “It’s nothing, really, just a JC Penny outfit that I kind of enjoy,” she murmured.

“The light tan complements your brown eyes, dear,” Ellie countered. “It really is quite lovely on you, and I imagine it makes you feel like a pretty woman to wear it. I always feel my sexuality more keenly when I’m wearing something dainty, and Todd loves knowing that I have something a little foxy on, even underneath formal dresses sometimes, when we go out.”

Jennifer had turned her back, looking over her shoulder at Ellie, then turned back again, feeling something like a model getting ready for a photo shoot, fully aware that the tiny bikini panties of her outfit did little to cover altıparmak eskort her, and that she was standing, displaying herself to her Step-aunt in a pretty openly sensual way as well. Just then footsteps on the stairs broke the moment, and Ellie stood, returning to the sink as Amanda spilled into the kitchen.

“Well, well,” Amanda cooed to Jennifer with a raised eyebrow. “Are we modeling for a new catalog entry this morning?” Walking to the sink she lifted up on tiptoe and chirped “Good morning,” to Ellie with a peck on the cheek, “Is dad on his way to work already?” Jennifer quickly slipped her robe back on, embarrassed that Amanda had seen her in a pose, but aware that she really hadn’t seen or heard much of the edgy talk that had created the flippy sensations in Jenn’s tummy.

Amanda was wearing a pair of short gym shorts and a tee with the words “fUn in the sUn” in a semi-circle across the front, positioned just so the “U” on each side fit the shape of her breasts, and the words “C-side 2012” underneath them. She saw Jennifer looking at her and reading it as she walked to the table, and commented, “Got this on spring break in Florida this year; like it?” Then she cocked her head and added, “I think yours would have said ‘B-side 2012’…. Get it?” She giggled as she lifted her breasts in the palms of her hands, with her back to Ellie. The light clicked on in Jen’s head, and Jen laughed, joining easily in the relaxed and unthreatening references to body parts.

She caught herself cupping her own cone shaped B cup breasts in a signal back to Amanda, not really processing or caring that over Amanda’s shoulder, her movements were open to Ellie’s view as well. “Yup, got it,” she laughed, “Maybe someday I’ll fill a bra like you two, but in the meantime, I’ll just enjoy what I have.” The words were barely out of her mouth when she began to blush, realizing how she had just included her recognition of Ellie’s shape into the conversation. She sat again, looking down to her coffee cup and falling silent.

Ellie stepped forward, “Not to worry about girl talk, Jen. Amanda and I have managed to have a good and growing relationship since I married her father. We’ve been comparing for a few years now, and it seems like this girl has caught up to me.” She stood behind Amanda with her hands on Amanda’s shoulders, massaging lightly in a very tender way that Amanda seemed to enjoy. ” Soon I’ll be saggy and she’ll be the one everybody steals a good look at! Don’t you have someone you’ve compared yourself with as your beautiful shape popped out?”

Once again Jennifer was struck by Ellie’s complimentary words about her body, and her thoughts jumped to how she and her Aunt Sarah had used similar words all along, and how they had compared when they sunbathed topless together, from the time when Jennifer’s budding puffy adolescent breasts first began to respond to her hormones, blossomed, and took their own individual shape. Jennifer somehow didn’t feel as though her privacy was being invaded, but the warm and gentle attitude that was being created for her in this household fit right into her new sense of her erotic self.

And it felt soooo good.

“Well, sure, I guess,” replied Jennifer, her eyes glued to the way Amanda’s tee pulled up and down ever so slightly over her rigid nipples. “I mean, all the girls at school seemed to blossom before I did, and they all got pubic hair before I did, and all that kind of thing. Even now I’m a little sparse ‘down there’,” she added. Even as the words were out of her mouth, she was quizzing herself silently, wondering what in the world was making her mouth run before her mind turned on. Or was it just the natural thing for her to say, in this open and non-judgemental household of relatives? Or nilüfer escort was it just her new self, her sensual, sexual, more openly erotic side letting itself bubble out whenever she felt she was in a trusting place? Either way, it made her feel the way she sensed that Amanda and Ellie were feeling, and so she determined not to be shy or embarrassed, even when things got a little more personal.

Jennifer looked up to see Amanda giggling and Ellie with a raised eyebrow. “So, you don’t have to trim it for bikini wear?” Ellie queried, “Or do you wear one of those ‘cover up everything’ suits when you are in public? We do have guests over at our pool sometimes, you know.”

Jennifer just let herself keep talking, and the more she did, the easier it was to reach the levels of intimacy that was being shared by the three girls over morning coffee. Amanda shared that she had tried shaving her mound and vulva, but it required constant attention. She talked about how she liked the feel of it smooth, and had thought of waxing. “I was in gymnastics, you know, and during season I just had to keep it smooth. Those uniforms don’t hide much!” Amanda laughed. “But now I just trim enough for swimsuit decency.”

Ellie confided that she also keeps a “little nest”, as she put it, something to be tugged and combed with fingertips, sort of like a decoration. She said that Todd likes it that way, but just that way, above her labia, but that there she kept herself bare and smooth.

Jennifer remembered seeing the hint of curls under Ellie’s tight thong just moments ago, and her head swam with the open intimacy the three of them were establishing. Ellie was thrilled that her plan of being a little brazen in the way she dressed, the way she encouraged Todd to feel her body, and all the leading talk was working, and Jennifer seemed to be buying in.

“This is getting a little crazy,” Amanda thought to herself. Yes, her relationship with Ellie had been very open, especially in the last year, but this kind of leading talk in front of Jennifer was like a new step….a new step in a welcome direction, she realized. Amanda was tempted to say something about Jennifer and her Aunt Sarah, but she caught herself, remembering their pledge to keep it all between them.

Still, the unspoken innuendo hung heavily in the air, until Ellie piped up, “Well, what kind of adventures do you two have in mind for today, or while Jennifer is visiting? Is there some shopping to be done, or do you want to have some of your friends over? Just hang out around the pool? You know that day after tomorrow Robert should be getting back from college, and he’d love to….see you, too… Jennifer.”

Jennifer caught the intentional hesitation in Ellie’s words….”see you”, she had said, slowing down to emphasize the phrase. She thought that after Amanda’s description of him, and of how things were around the house, she might be ready to “see him” as well, and maybe let herself be seen, in every meaning of the words. But that would happen within her own time and control, if it happened at all, she thought to herself.

“There’s a sale at Macy’s,” Ellie suggested. “Amanda, did you see Jennifer’s sleepwear? Of course, you must have, last night? I think I’d enjoy something like that, if you two would help me pick it out. Is there something like it that you’d want, either of you?”

Jennifer and Amanda looked at each other. “Sounds like fun,” Amanda finally broke the silence. “Why not?” we can see what there is to spice up our wardrobe, hmmm?”

Jennifer knew that Amanda had only barely seen her whole outfit; that they had fallen asleep together in Amanda’s double bed after their amazing talk and touching session the evening before, just in tee shirts and panties. What had put the idea into Jenn’s head to slip on her baby doll outfit and robe before coming downstairs, she had no idea, but now she was so glad she had done it.

“Sure, Jennifer answered, “It is always fun to try on things… even things a girl might not have a place to wear. And it’s always great to have someone give an opinion.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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