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NOTE: Just a fantasy. Just for fun. Everyone is of age. Everyone is consenting. Anatomical details may not be exactly correct. Just enjoy it, okay?


You’re on a business trip and after a long day decide to use the hotel exercise room just to wind down. You change into a pair of shorts, a tee, and your gym shoes and take the stairs down to the room just as a warm-up.

On the last flight of stairs your heel slips off the stair tread and although you catch yourself, you feel a funny pulling sensation in the back of your right thigh. You walk on into the room and see a couple of treadmills and elliptical machines and an exercise bike…Typical low-ball hotel stuff but enough for you to break a sweat and work the joints loose.

As you walk into the room, you see an older guy stretching out after his workout. Your eyes meet and you each give a polite nod and go about your business. You choose an elliptical machine, set the tension and start out at a fairly brisk pace.

The older guy continues to stretch, facing away from you in polite gym etiquette. Just as you hit your pace, you feel a sudden tightening in the back of your right thigh and you groan as you quickly slow, the stop the rotation of the machine. He turns and looks in your direction.

“You okay?” he asks.

“I t-think so.” you reply.


“Not sure. I slipped off a stair tread coming down here and felt a pull. It just tightened up when I got on the machine.”

You limp around the room trying to stretch your leg out while he stands by looking on with concern.

“Pulled muscles can be a bitch,” he says.

“Yeah, but I’ll be okay,” you say as you start toward the door.

“You sure?”

“I think so…”

He picks up his towel and follows you out. You both get on the elevator.

“Maybe I can work it out once I get a hot shower.”

“I don’t know…It’s difficult to work the back of your own thigh.”

“Yeah, wish I had a good CMT available.”

“Well, I’m not a CMT but I know a little about how to work a pulled muscle.”


“Yeah, I used to play ball, just stuff I learned back in the day.”

“Oh, okay.”

As the two of you walk down the hall, you realize he is in the room next door to yours. You both pause at your respective doors and you catch him looking you over.

“Well, goodnight. Hope your legs gets okay.”

“Thanks. Maybe it will.”

You both go into your rooms and you strip off your shirt. There’s a knock on your door. You open it to find him standing there. His eyes roam over your chest and down to your shorts.


“I just got to thinking that you’re going to need someone to work on that leg. If you want, I can do it for you. Just take a long, hot shower, put on your shorts, give me a call at extension 2106 and I’ll come over and work on it for you.”

“Well, thanks, but that’s okay. I’ll be fine.”

“Okay, but if you change your mind, just call…2106. Okay?”

“Okay, thanks, but I’ll be fine.”

“Okay,” and he turns away with a shrug.

You go into the bathroom, turn the shower on full hot and strip out of your shorts. Reaching in, you adjust the shower and step in, wincing as the hot spray courses over your chest. You turn under the shower, letting your skin get used to the heat and feel a throb of pleasure as the needles of hot water hit your penis.

You hold in place for a few seconds, the pleasure growing as your cock begins to thicken and harden. Reluctantly, you turn your back to the stream of water and let it work over your hips and thighs. You hold the position to get maximum heat on the cramped muscle and thinking that you have nothing better to do, you soap your hand and begin to stroke your cock.

The shower feels great on your ass, but you can’t really get into position to get much benefit from it. You shift your weight and the hot streams of water cover your ass…Your cock hardens in your hand and your bend forward to expose your asshole to the hot water…You flinch a little at first but then relax your ass and let the needles of water pound your little hole…You begin to stroke faster, just as you are about to cum your thigh muscle spasms and you groan in pain and frustration.

Fumbling around, you shut off the shower, grab a towel and dry off, then limp to the bed and lay down. Your thigh throbs and there’s no way for you to effectively massage the cramp out. You lay still for a few minutes, then reach for the phone and dial 2106.


“Um, hey, it’s the guy from the exercise room…Um, next door.”

“Oh! Hey! How’s the leg?”

“Well, that’s what I’m calling about…”


“Yeah…Turns out you were right. I just got out of the shower and it didn’t help. I, um, need someone to help with this damn cramp. Does your offer still stand?”

“Sure! I’ll be right over…”

“Um, give me a minute, I need to put some clothes on.”

“That’s okay. Just put a towel around your waist. It’ll be easier that way.”

“Um…Okay, I guess…”

“Really…A towel will be fine.”


“I’ll gaziantep escort be right over.”

You scramble off the bed, limp into the bathroom, grab a dry towel and wrap it around your waist. Then, there’s a knock on the door…

He’s standing there in a jeans, a tee and a pair of scuffed boat shoes.

“Changed your mind, huh?” he says with a grin.

“Yeah, it just won’t quite get loose and every time I bend to try to work it, it cramps up again.”

He’s grinning at you and you realize that you’re standing there holding the door half open with nothing on but a towel.

“Oh, sorry! Come on in…”

He laughs.

“I thought you were going to make me do it out in the hall.”

“N-no…Sorry…I just feel a little, um, exposed here with nothing but a towel on.”

“Just try to relax.”

You catch his glance as it drops from your chest to the towel around your waist.

“Um, w-where do you want me?”

“Well, we don’t have a table, so the bed will have to do, but tell ya’ what…”

He walks over and pulls out the straight backed chair that sits at the little writing desk next to the television.

“Straddle this chair, facing the back and put your arms up on the chair back. That way, I can work your shoulders and neck more effectively than on the bed.”

“Um, okay…Like this?”

You bend at the knees in an attempt to straddle the chair, but the towel pulls tight, much like a woman in a short, tight skirt and you can’t get your knees apart.

“Not working…”

He laughs and says, “Just hike it up like a skirt.”


You lift the lower edge of the towel up as far as you dare. You can feel the cool air from the HVAC unit as it blows across the lower surfaces of your bare asscheeks and balls. Careful not to expose any more than you have to, you spread your knees and straddle the chair. You look down and can see only the top of one thigh and the entire surface of the other where the towel has separated, much like a woman with a high-slit skirt.

“Arms up,” he instructs.

“Oh, s-sorry…”

You place your arms on the back of the chair.

“I’ll be right back,” he says.

You hear him go into the bathroom and run the water. After a minute or so he returns.

“Had to wash my hands to warm them up. Cold hands aren’t good for a rubdown.”

“Ah, okay…”

“I’m going to start with your shoulders and neck and work around to your chest. It won’t be as good as it would if we had a table, but the idea is to get you to relax a little before I work on the leg.”

You nod in understanding and he begins with the tops of your shoulders. His hands are surprisingly strong and you find yourself wincing as he finds the muscles and kneads them firmly. You groan as he works around your shoulder blades and finds overly sensitive muscles.

“You okay?”

“Y-yeah,” you nod, “I’m just tighter than I thought I was.”

“Well, just try to relax and let me do the work.”

You nod again and actually begin to relax as he works up your neck and down your arms.

“Okay, I want you to sit up straight and hold your arms straight out, gripping the top of the chair back. I’m going to do a little on your chest and pecs.”

Wordlessly, you follow his instructions, sitting straight in the chair and gripping the chair back. You feel the towel slip slightly, but are so relaxed that you pay it no mind.

Standing behind you he reaches around and begins to work the upper part of your chest, firmly kneading the musculature over and over. Gradually he works toward your nipples until his hands are brushing across them as he releases after each stroke.

After five or six times, he pauses at the end of the stroke and using his thumb and forefinger lightly grips your nipples. The sensation races straight down between your legs and you feel your cock twitch.


“You okay?”

“Y-yeah…I g-guess…”

“Did I hurt you?”

“N-no…It just s-surprised me a little…”

“Do it again?”

“Um, n-no…Ah, yeah…A-again…P-please.”

This time the pinch is a little stronger and you gasp as your cock jumps under the towel. He goes back to the massage, but with the pinch added every now and then, as if to keep you guessing. Your gasps of pleasure become more pronounced as his pinches become more firm. Your eyes are closed and you are breathing deep breaths with every pinch. Your cock is pressing against the towel in an effort to stand erect.

“Okay, let’s get you over to the bed.”

Having become use to his voice and touch, you mindlessly stand and, too late, feel the towel loosen at your waist and drop to the floor. You’re facing the mirror over the desk and look down to see your penis standing half erect. You raise your eyes to meet his direct stare over your shoulder and through the mirror. His glance repeatedly moves from your eyes to your growing erection.

You bend to pick up the towel but he beats you to it. He walks over to the bed, strips back the bedspread and sheet, and motions for you to lay down. Head down in confused embarrassment, you walk to the bed, your penis bobbing in a less erect state, but still firm and pudgy.

“Get over toward the middle so I’ll have room to work.”

You say nothing, scramble onto the bed and lay on your stomach. Your half-erection is pointed down between your legs and you shift uncomfortably. He drapes the towel over your hips, covering your ass and upper thighs. You shift again, trying to do something with your cock. You feel his hand slip under your hip bone and lift.

“Here…Raise your hips for a second.”

You shift up onto your knees, raising your ass into the air.

“Let’s move this up here…”

And you gasp as you feel the warmth of his hand encircle your penis and position it pointed up. He hesitates for a second then gives the head a light squeeze.

“Ah, oh god!”


“Y-yeah…J-just another surprise I guess.”

“Well, let’s get to work on the leg.”


You lay your head on your folded arms and wait for his touch…

“Was it a pleasant one?”


“The surprise…Did you like it?”

“Um, y-yeah. I guess.”

“You guess?”


“No you didn’t like it?”

No..I don’t guess…I liked it.”

Wondering what may be coming next, you shift your body and press you erection into the bed. Your heart is racing and your penis is throbbing.

“I’m going to start with your calves and work my way up to the cramp. Okay?”


You feel the bed sag as he sits down. He reaches over and begins to work your left calf. Again you’re surprised at the strength in his hands and you flinch as he seems to find each sinew of muscle.


“Y-yeah…Damn you sure can find those muscles!”

He just laughs and continues. You realize with some relief that your erection has subsided and you become more relaxed as the rubdown continues. Gradually he works up the backs of your thighs, kneading and massaging each muscle.

“Okay. I need for you to spread your legs so I can get the insides of your thighs.”

Without thinking, you spread your legs and then become aware that the towel is being pulled to one side. Part of you wants to reach back and re-position it, but part of you wants him to just remove it. You’re confused and your penis begins to engorge again.

He works up your thighs until he is at the juncture of your legs and buttocks. His long fingers slip between your thighs and grasp the large tendon on the inside of your leg, brushing your testicles as he kneads the tendons.



“Y-yeah. Just another surprise.”

He chuckles and continues to massage the insides of your thighs and his fingers repeatedly brushing your balls. Your penis is erect and throbbing again.

“Here, spread your legs a little more and cock your hips up just a little.”

You do as he says and realize that he can probably see your testicles hanging under your upturned, towel-covered ass.

“Now, I’m going to lift these…”

You feel the warmth of his fingers as they wrap around your testicles and gently pull them away from your body. The tension in your testicles pulls tight the skin on your penis, something you’ve never experienced before.


“Good surprise?” he laughs.

“Ah, god. Yes!!”

“Well, I’m glad your enjoying it because it’s necessary to get to these muscles with you on your stomach.”

His free hand works on either side of the juncture of your thighs and testicles. As he increases the tension on your balls, you shuffle your knees and before you know it, you are fully up on your knees with your ass in the air. He continues and as he works the muscles the back of his hand grazes the stem of your erection. Again you gasp.

“Can we lose the towel? It’s getting in my way.”

Y-yeah,” you stutter as your realize that for the last half-hour you’ve wanted to be naked in front of him, for him to see you. You feel the towel slide away and with it a pause in the massage. He is looking.

You realize that with you up on your knees, he has an unfettered view of your anus between your widespread asscheeks, your testicles held firmly in his hands and stretched back between your legs, and your erection bobbing and jumping with every beat of your racing heart.

“Very nice…”


He has lightly grasped the stem of your erection and scuffed it with his loosely gripping hand. One-two-three slow strokes…The sensation of your testicles being pulled in one direction while the tight skin of your penis is lightly scuffed causes you to rise up on all-fours and buck your hips in pleasure. You groan as he releases your penis and testicles.

“Okay, back down on your stomach.”

Again your erection is trapped between your abdomen and the sheets. It throbs and you feel precum begin to seep from the engorged head.

“Okay, in order to do your glutes, I’m going to have to get on the bed between your legs. That okay?”

“Y-yeah…Whatever you think is best.”

You hear his shoes hit the floor as he slips them off, then feel the bed move as he knee-walks over between your legs. With one hand on each of your asscheeks, he begins to knead them firmly. As has been the case for the last half-hour, he finds every muscle and works each thoroughly.

“Spread ’em…”

No longer concerned with decorum, you spread your legs and feel his knees press inside yours as he leans in to work. His thumbs press into the juncture of your thighs and ass, just on each side of the base of your scrotum and you feel his fingers separate your asscheeks.

You groan as he repeats the action, once, twice, three times…Each stroke spreads your ass until you feel the skin on your anus stretch tight as it is finally fully exposed. He presses his knees in closer, causing you to lift up on your knees once again and you feel the cool air in the room caress your fully exposed, widely stretched butthole.

He reaches between your legs…


His finger lightly grasp your throbbing penis and you raise up on all-fours again…You drop your head and look down between you legs…He is gently frigging your cock, only lightly grasping it, his free hand is caressing your asscheeks…


His finger lightly brushes across the winking crinkled star of your anus and you throw your head back, flexing your sphincter, trapping his finger between your asscheeks.

He chuckles lightly and scuffs your penis again…You thrust your hips forward, relax your anus and his finger is once more moving over it, then circling around the sensitive edges…

You drop your head again and watch as his fingers slip to the base of your erection, then grip firmly…You squeal and moan as he milks a dollop of precum out of the erect stem and then scoops it onto his finger before it drips from the purple plum of your erection.


His precum-coated finger dips to the center of your ass, and begins slowly circular motions around the edge of your anus…You buck and tuck you ass but he lightly slaps one cheek…

“Ah-ah-ah!! Relax that ass!”

You do as he says, cocking your hips up in surrender and his slimy finger again resumes its movement around your anus. With each stroke, his finger moves closer and closer to the center of your butthole. With each stroke, he increases the pressure…


He pushes the tip of his middle finger into your anus, stopping at the first knuckle.

“Good surprise or bad surprise?”

You are panting like you’ve just run a 50 yard dash. Your penis is throbbing, precum dripping off the head in a steady drool of slime. You look straight ahead, savoring the itchy, prickly sensation of his thick middle finger barely penetrating your tiny little butthole.

“G-good…Oh, god, it’s good!!” You stutter.

“Ah, y-i-i-i-i-!!” You squeal as he agitates his finger, moving it in and out so that the first knuckle catches and stretches your anal sphincter. Then you groan in disappointment as he slides the invading digit out of your asshole and pats your bucking ass.

“Okay, let’s turn you over and work the tops of your thighs.”

You collapse on the bad and without giving it a thought, roll over onto your back, you pant as your cock stretches up on your stomach, rock hard and jumping with each beat of your heart, precum continuing to seep out of the meatus.

Your butthole stings from it recent stretching but your mind is centered on the sensation of his finger penetrating you. You wait for him to continue…You hope he turns you back onto your stomach…

He begins to massage the fronts of your lower thighs, isolating and working each muscle. Working up each leg, he is soon at the juncture of your thighs and stomach. You are relaxed, your breathing back to normal, but unlike before, your erection has not subsided.

“Spread your legs. I need to get between them.”

You comply, spreading your legs “frog style” and again the bed moves as he climbs between your legs. Again, he works the large tendons at to top inside of your thighs. Again, the backs of his fingers brush your scrotum lightly as he works. Again, you feel the precum leaking out of your cock. It literally pools on your stomach. You flex your sphincter and your cock raises up as if asking for attention. He notices.

Using one finger, he gathers precum and spreads it inside the thumb and forefinger of his other hand. He repeats the process until they are glistening with the slime that came from your balls.


He gently takes your testicles in the dry hand and firmly pulls down…The tension on your balls causes your penis to stand vertical off your stomach, the head glistening like a fresh peeled onion and the veins standing off the stem…

“OH! OH! Oh god! Oh god!”

Forming a tight “O” with his precum-covered fingers, he slides them over your pulsing cockhead, creating the maximum friction as it slides into the “hole” formed by his fingers. He stops just below the corona of the glans…Just at the most sensitive part of the frenulum…And then he begins frigging you…You gasp and buck at the intense pleasure

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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