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“Kyle? Are you feeling ok? I heard that you had to leave school?”

“Oh… uh yeah, I’ve been feeling a little under the weather lately, so uh my mom scheduled a doctor’s appointment.”

“Aww I’m sorry babe… I’m really missing you at lunch today.”

“Oh uh thanks… yeah me too babe.”

“Well, you better be up and running by Saturday, cause (whisper) I want you so bad baby. Can’t wait for you to fuck my brains out.”

“I- I’m excited too… listen, Susie, I gotta go. My mom’s calling.”

“Ugh, I swear she’s going to smother you to death one of these days. Anyway, get better, ok? I love you!”

“Thanks… me too. I’ll see ya later.”

Snapping the phone shut, Kyle Eldridge sighed away the cocktail of confusing emotions that stirred in his head – guilt for lying to his girlfriend, uncertainty about what he felt, and fear for the coming weekend. Soon, they were washed away by the comforting sound of a female voice softly humming a familiar tune.

Kyle smiled as he walked towards the unlatched door, his joy fueled by potent mix of nostalgia and excitement. He stuck his head inside the bathroom to find a wondrous sight.

Clad in red, lace lingerie, Julie Eldridge was combing her short brown hair in front of the mirror, her full, red lips pursed as she hummed contentedly. The silver cross around her neck gleamed from the bathroom light, slotting into the notch created by the taut muscles of her neck. Below, her large alabaster breasts fought to escape their tight, lace constraints, jutting over her soft, lax belly. Kyle drooled as his eyes traced the massive curve of her buttocks in this side profile.

Unfortunately, his mother grew wise to his voyeuristic escapade.

“Kyle! What are you doing? I told you to wait!” she exclaimed, her slight blush apparent under her ivory skin.

The boy walked up behind her, his head clearly above hers in the mirror. He placed his large hands on her soft shoulders, squeezing them gently. Slowly tracing his fingers down her arms, he wrapped his arms around her tight. Then, he buried his head into the nape of her neck to inhale deeply of a recognizable, cherished aroma.

“I couldn’t wait anymore. When I heard you humming, it brought back a ton of memories and I really wanted to be with you. Sorry.”

Julie smiled lovingly, touched by his tenderness, “Aww… I’m not mad silly… I’m just not ready.”

“You look plenty ready to me… god, you look amazing, mom,” the boy muttered as he nibbled on her ear.

The gentle pressure from his teeth on her ear felt incredible, and, combined with his appreciative words and ravenous look, made Julie wetter than she thought possible. The boy had learned how to push her buttons well. Her eyes rolled back as she reached behind her to stroke his hair.

“Ohhhh… sweetie. Thank you. I… mmmmm… Your first time should be special. Uhh… that feels good. I- I know it’s weird for your first time to be with me, and I… ahhh… I wanted it to be perfect.”

Kyle’s heart melted at her concern for him, “It’s already perfect. I wouldn’t have picked anyone else. I’m already a little nervous, and I feel so comfortable with you. God… I love you mom.”

“Awwww… I love you too honey,” Julie’s eyes welled up at his candor and his reinforced embrace. She tried to change the subject, “By the way… w-what did you mean by ‘memories’?”

“All the times you’d sing to me when I was sad, or hurt, or sick,” the boy chuckled, “Man there were so many times I’d fake being sick just so I could stay home and lay in your lap.”

“You never fooled me… but I could never say no to my baby. Besides, you probably learned more from me at home than any of your teachers.”

“I know… my friends were always jealous that I had a cool mom that’d pull me out of school whenever I wanted,” he said, planting a kiss on her neck.

“You mean like today?” Julie teased, with a smirk.

“Well, this time, it was your idea,” Kyle retorted, nibbling on her other ear.

Julie groaned, “Yessss… well, we couldn’t risk having your father in the house anymore… we were almost busted during the last two. I- I hope that’s ok… I don’t want to ruin your schoolwork.”

“Of course it is,” the boy affirmed while turning his mother around to face him.

“Besides, like you said… I always learned better from you,” he whispered, before pressing his lips to hers.

Just as he had learned from his mother, Kyle maintained a passionate embrace with his partner as they slowly made their way towards the bed. During the short journey, the boy lost his shirt and shorts to Julie’s frantic fingers, and they lay strewn across the motel floor.

Before long, Julie’s panties joined them as her son decided to show her just how much he had learned from their previous lesson.

“Ohhh….” the housewife moaned as a now capable teenage mouth consumed her pussy.

As the sweet juices filled his mouth and the sweeter cries filled his ears, Kyle tried to make sure that he wasn’t dreaming. His bursa escort hypnotized mind desperately combed through a slideshow of events in reverse order, as if browsing through a digital camera.

The look in his mother’s eyes when she said, “wait on the bed – I have a surprise for you.”

The knowing smile of the middle-aged woman at the motel counter when she asked for a “do-not-disturb” sign.

“R-right there!” Julie gasped.

The ride to the motel where long, French-tipped nails relentlessly teased his weeping erection through his pants.

The sight of his mother standing next to the minivan at the school drop-off wearing a tight, light-blue sweater.

“Faster s-sweetie… faster…”

The clock ticking away in slow motion before his teacher finally excused him.

The conversation with his father at the breakfast table rendered incomprehensible by the dainty feet rubbing his crotch.

“Almost there! Ahhh!”

The rays of the rising sun illuminating his room as his mother disclosed her plans for the day in between mouthfuls of his cock.

Just as he relived waking up to his mother’s smiling, pretty face, Julie reached her climax in the present. Coincidentally, she said the same thing in both situations.

“I LOVE YOUUUU!!!!!!!!”

The novice’s trip down memory lane reached its stop as his mentor flooded his mouth with her honey, screaming her way through the first of her many orgasms of the day.

Kyle had very little time to ruminate, however. Within minutes, the boy was lost groaning in pleasure, his knees buried in the soft fabric of the undone baby doll strewn on the bed on either side of Julie’s torso, his glans penis buried in the warm folds of Julie’s throat, and his shaft buried in soft crevices of Julie’s breasts . The remnant base was attended to by Julie’s left hand, the ring on its fourth finger producing one of the boy’s favorite sensations.

“G-gah… mom…”

“Mmmhmmm,” the loving mother cooed, stroking her offspring’s musclebound thigh with her right hand as she pampered his phallus with her mouth and breasts.

Julie pressed together her teats together to direct Kyle’s thrusts, her eyes fixed on his mercilessly thick erection. She admired the white background and engorged blue veins of the shaft, the pattern similar to that of her own, pale breasts: truly, they were cut from the same DNA. The dark reminder, mixed with the salty, musky precum flooding her mouth and the demands on her breathing placed by her son’s endowment, made the housewife’s head swim.

When the boy withdrew, leaving her gasping, she planted a tender kiss on the purple head, her love coaxing even more precum, “My *gasp* sweet baby *huff* boy… you’ve grown *huff* sooo much. I’m so proud.”

“Thanks *huff*I’ve always w-wanted to make you *huff* p-proud, mom.”

Julie’s eyes welled up with tears and she embarrassedly covered her face with her hands.

Kyle stopped thrusting, disengaging his pre-ejaculate and saliva-covered penis from her breasts, and brought his face to hers, wiping away her tears and softly kissing her cheek, “Are you ok?”

“Y-you’re just… you’ve always… you’ve always been such a good boy,” the loving mother whispered, stroking his face.

“It’s always been easy. I love you so much and I wanna see you happy,” the teen sheepishly confessed.

Julie couldn’t take it anymore. Without a word, she pushed her son back and rolled on top of him, kissing him deeply. While she consumed the teen’s lips, she blindly reached over to the bedside drawer and fished out a large, square package from a black box. Breathlessly withdrawing from the kiss, she sat back until her new favorite cock pulsed in front of her own throbbing, dripping genitals. She tore the package open with her teeth to reveal a ring of black rubber and expertly administered the contraceptive.

The taut rubber and his mother’s small hands tortured his overstimulated member, “Ahh… it’s tight.”

Mouth watering, Julie released his manhood and reassured him, “It’s the largest size you had left sweetie. Besides, this is good.”

“How? I won’t be able to last!”

She hypnotically traced the linear crevices amongst his washboard abs with her fingers, “Exactly. It’ll be good practice for the real thing. Besides… you’ll feel everything.”

The inexperienced teen shivered at his mother’s recondite expression and her stress on the last word, “Y- yeah?”

“Yeah… like this.”

Julie advanced her hips, pushing Kyle’s cock back onto his stomach, until her warm, dripping honeypot glided over the underside of his phallus.

Both mother and son groaned as both made prohibited contact for the first time. His eyes affixed to the beautiful, swinging udders in front of him, Kyle grasped the sheet, fighting the overpowering urge to ejaculate.

“S-see what I… ohhh… m-mean?” Julie choked out as her labia involuntarily glided back and forth on her boy, seeking relief but only deepening their desire.

“Oh y-yeah… g-god… mooooom, I’m gonna…” bursa escort bayan

Despite Julie’s every carnal instinct begging otherwise, the teacher within her immediately severed their beatific junction, and sternly calmed her student, “No! Baby… breathe. Relax. Remember what I taught you in the shower. And don’t you care close your eyes!”

The authoritarian tone awoke the boy’s discipline, and the kegels he had learned stymied his climax, “Phew… ok I’m good.”

As both she and her student regained their control, Julie realized that they were perfectly aligned for sex. All that stood between them and the ultimate taboo was her inevitably futile fight against gravity. A dollop of clear, thick fluid slowly dripped down from her pussy onto the rubber-coated obelisk – her womb drooled for invasion.

“You ready for your final lesson sweetheart?”

Eyes wide, the boy croaked, “Yes.”

Placing her hands over her son’s glistening, hard pectorals for support, Julie began impaling herself on the cock.

“Oh! Ahhh…” Julie yelped and gasped with surprise as the enormous glans split her quim open and sought its way inside.


To keep from losing her mind, Julie attempted to maintain her position as teacher: “Ughhh… t-this position is… ah! called the c-cowgirl. It l-lets the gi- oof! girl control what s-she neeeeeeds argghh.”

“Augh…” Kyle grunted, trying to focus his breathing instead of the red-faced female atop him gritting her teeth.

Although not even halfway in, Kyle’s penis now touched virgin ground, and combined with the intense pressure inside her, the unprecedented sensation made Julie withdraw. Yet, as her hips reached the crest, the intense tingling in her womb caused her tremulous thighs to gave way, causing the flesh-drill to bore even deeper.

“Sooooo biiiiiggg…” the housewife moaned, her eyes rolling back into her head as the thick shaft stroked every sensitized nerve on its way up.

“Mooomm…” the boy groaned, the pleasure unhinging his conscious control as his penis drove upwards, desperate to reach its sacred destination.

The monstrous pole’s sudden invasion popped open Julie’s eyes and took her breath away, causing her to pull back again.

As the warm, wet flesh stroked the teen’s overstimulated pole, Kyle began orgasming. His wilder nature overtook him completely as he grasped his mother’s hips and pulled her back down to him completely. This time, however, the force was sufficient for the angry, bloated head to finally reach its intended destination – the womb whence it came.

“I’M COMING!” Julie screamed as a firework of pleasure exploded within her.

Kyle could only respond by arching his back, grunting incoherently, and seemingly emptying the entire content of his testes into the condom.


All form and propriety forgotten, mother and child screamed and humped their way through the greatest orgasm of each other’s lives. Their muscles spasmed, their grips hardened, their teeth gritted, and their tongues lolled as they endured the agony of unbearable ecstasy.

After nearly two minutes of body-wracking waves of pleasure, Julie fell forward, disengaging from her lover’s still hard spar. Through half-lidded eyes, she saw his laboring neck muscles, and even as she sought to catch her breath, began raining loving kisses over the sweaty column.

“Mmm… that *kiss* was *huff* amaaaaaazing.”

Snapping out of his catatonia, the youth peered down to find the smiling, flushed face of his favorite parent. He reached down and ran his fingers through her damp hair as she resumed her osculations, moving down with each peck.

“Y-yeah… wowww… phewww.”

Julie giggled at his virgin reaction, “You’re so cute *kiss* I’m glad you liked it *kiss*”

“Yeah… I can’t believe I completely lost control tho,” the boy pouted.

“Aww… it’s ok, baby. It’s natural for your first time. Besides, you still managed to give your momma the best orgasm of her life.”

“Really?!” the boy inquired excitedly.

“Absolutely,” she replied, with no reservations. Unfortunately, she had now officiated the fact that her son’s first had surpassed his father’s lifetime performance, and the requisite guilt broke her post-coital idyll.

“… but that doesn’t mean that we can get carried away! You need to focus on your breathing – I expect better next time,” Julie muttered distractedly, ceasing her butterfly kisses and sitting up.

Although confused and hurt by his mother’s sudden shift in tone, the prospect of reliving his life’s greatest experience protected the boy’s spirits. Besides, her goading challenge awoke the competitive anima within him, and his mood converted to one of grim determination.


Expertly, she quickly removed the used condom and disposed of it in the empty canister; within moments, she had another condom on her son. Yet, despite her matter of fact approach, Julie couldn’t help but marvel with a pleasurable anticipation at her son’s escort bursa unyieldingly firm erection, and a bestial instinct at her son’s astonishingly voluminous baby batter.

“Uh… well… let’s go again. This time, we’ll do the missionary position. That’s where the man is on top – it’s the most common position, and uh… it’s probably what Susie will expect.”

Julie rolled over on her back, motioning for him to climb atop her. Silently, the teen crawled in front of her until he was in front of her legs. Perhaps it was the anticipation for his coming test or a response to his mother’s newfound severity, but Kyle now looked like the man Julie had glimpsed before their shower the previous day. Shiny with the sweat of his recent efforts, the boy’s lean muscles were tense, rendering his broad shoulders into steel pauldrons, his sculpted arms into ornamented columns, his rigid torso into a terrifyingly sharp ‘V’, and his flat abdomen into an impenetrable wall. His brow was furrowed, his nostrils were flared, and his mouth was set in a determined line. As she additionally gawked at the malevolently enormous and pulsating shaft, Julie regressed into her teenage years, and felt like a tiny, nervous waif about to be put through the gauntlet by a monstrous, aggressive mustang. Her mind was awash with fear, anticipation, and excitement; her body responded by accelerating her heart, overruling her muscles, and sousing her cunt.

Although her face was still molded in hard lines, Julie’s eyes belied her subtle transformation, and despite his sexual inexperience, Kyle’s strong mammalian instinct alerted him to his mother’s desperate desire for domination. The strong lad lifted his mother’s daintly legs onto his shoulders and pressed forward, as if folding her up.

Julie’s eyebrows raised in bemusement, “Wait what are you doing?”

Wordlessly, the teen aimed the tip of his phallus into his teacher’s drooling quim.

“This isn’t really missi- OH!”

Thanks to the ample lubrication and his resolution, Kyle had stuffed in half of his endowment with a single stroke. They were now face to face, and the teen relished the complex mix of emotions on his mother’s face.

“K-kyle w-wai- Ohhhhhhh…”

Julie’s reproach, as well as her stern façade, melted away as the warm, rigid pole within her slowly and enrapturingly stretched her walls on its way in. Her eyes gazed into her son’s, which clearly demanded her willing submission. Although the teacher and parent within her wanted to fight his entitled behavior, the feral woman deep within her begged her to acquiesce; by the time the boy touched bottom, making her eyes flutter, she was completely his.

“Ughh… oh my godddd that’s amaaazing.”

Energized by an unprecedented feeling of power, the boy confidently withdrew almost completely before plunging in again. He soon accelerated into a steady rhythm, the incredible sensations along his member tempered by his recent orgasm and the depth-varying techniques he had previously learned well. Despite being the more experienced partner, Julie stared into his eyes helplessly, panting and moaning continuously, with the occasional gasp when he rubbed that special, deep spot within her. Within ten minutes, after being fucked harder, deeper, and longer than ever before in her life, the middle-aged housewife endured another record-breaking orgasm.


Kyle kept Julie screaming and grunting through gritted teeth for the next two minutes, his cockhead caressing her womb to enhance her paroxysm.


Although he slowed his pace as his partner came down from his orgasm, the boy kept pumping away. His eyes briefly dropped to her flushed, sweaty chest, and the sight of her pale breasts undulating in motion with his thrusts and the cross on her neck almost drove the boy to the edge. Pausing for a moment, he looked away, kegeled, and then resumed.

Having just caught her breath, Julie lazily inquired, “Are you close?”

“Nope,” the boy lied.

“I think you’re getting a little too big for your britches mister.”

“Oh yeah? Are you sure I’m too big?”

Kyle drove his cock deep inside his mother, rolling his hips so that the head gently kneaded her fornix. Predictably, Julie gasped, her eyes rolling back in her head from the strange, intensely pleasurable sensation.

The boy laughed breathlessly, “Don’t be mad mom. It’s natural for the student to become the master.”

Julie was flabbergasted at her son’s uncharacteristic exuberance. For a very (very) brief moment, she wished he weren’t so well-endowed.

“Don’t be so arrogant. That’s how you become bad at something.” She paused, deliberating on whether to reveal her next thought. Prioritizing her son’s well-being over her husband’s dignity, she mumbled, “Your… father is arrogant. It’s partially why… our love life isn’t… great.”

Kyle was legitimately stunned. Although his father’s inadequacy was common knowledge, he had never imagined that he would hear his mother willingly provide corroboration. He appreciated the sacrifice in her candor, and regretted his haughtiness. More importantly, the idea of losing the beautiful, loving woman before him to arrogance was an anathema.

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