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I’m pretty sure I had lost him, the benefit of being young and fit but as I sailed through the air after tripping on a fallen log I wondered why I was still running so hard, guilt maybe? I landed with a hard thump, took a bash on the head and was awake long enough to look over at the young couple fucking on their blanket, her legs wrapped round his back, both naked and sexy and staring at me with wide eyes but then it went dark.

I woke up on my back, my head resting on a pillow and a cold compress being held on my head by the young woman I’d seen being fucked. She’d since dressed, was wearing shorts and a t-shirt and had her long red hair in a ponytail.

“Easy, you’ll be okay, no sign of concussion but you took quite a thump on the head.” She said, looking closely into my eyes.

“I’m so sorry I crashed your camp, didn’t know anyone was out this far.” I replied, sitting up slowly.

“Keep this on your head, I’ll get you some water.” She replied.

“You were running pretty hard, not from the Police right?” Said the man.

“No, um, turns out when the pastor can’t find his way to the river to do the baptisms he’ll just give up and come back, didn’t take to kindly to finding his naked wife with my cock in her mouth. She managed to stall him so I could get away but he had a tire wrench and pretty sure he wanted to beat me with it so I took off.” I replied. They both smiled.

“Wait, Pastor Collins? His wife Carol is hot, don’t know what she sees in that tub of lard.” Said the woman.

“Well it’s not his prowess in the bedroom, I’ve been seeing her for a few months. Sorry, I’m Marcus, thank you for this and I’m really sorry I interrupted morning fun.” I said.

“I’m Clara and this is my br.. um, boyfriend Alex.” She said.

“Well it’s nice to meet you both. I should find a way to get back to town, I came with the church group, was meant to be here all weekend but don’t think I’ll be welcome in the minivan ride home.” I said and tried to stand up, my legs didn’t like that and I sat back down before I fell over.

“You should rest until you can at least stand, we can give you a ride back later.” Said Alex.

“Well thank you.” I replied.

They both busied themselves round their camp, I wondered why they had 2 tents when they were very positively fucking when I first crashed in on them but I soon found out why.

“Here, let me take a look.” Said Clara.

Clara took my compress off and looked at my head then looked into my eyes again.

“You have a hard head, you’re going to be fine.” She said.

“You seem to know what you’re doing, you work in the medical field?” I asked.

“My sister is the best trainee Nurse in the county, you’re in great hands.” Said Alex, grinning. Clara glared at him and he went back to tending the firewood pile.

Clara’s face went red and I noticed a tears starting to well up in her eyes when I looked at her.

“You probably think we’re disgusting now don’t you.” She said.

“I actually think you’re beautiful. You should both hear this though, want to know why I was sent away on a camping trip with the church?” I replied. They both stood before me.


“My Dad caught me having a threesome with my older sister and her boyfriend. I was inside her, missionary like you guys were and her boyfriend was in me, was pretty intense until Dad started yelling.” I said.

“Was that the first time you’d had sex with her?” Said Clara.

“No, we’ve been having sex since I was 16, I’m 22 now, she’s 2 years older. Her boyfriend had to agree not to get jealous since she doesn’t want to quit me.”

“But what can he do, do you still live at home?” Said Alex.

“For now, my idiot roommate set fire to the kitchen so my apartment is being remodeled so is kinda his house, his rules.” I replied.

“What did your Mom say?” Said Clara.

“Oh, um, she said for getting caught I’ve to eat her at least 3 times a week until I move out. She caught my sister and I a few years ago and joined in.” I replied.

“Wow, we thought we were alone in this.” Said Clara.

“How long have you guys been sleeping together?” I asked.

“Few months, Alex walked in on me masturbating and it just kinda happened. He was my first.” Said Clara.

“So you’re here alone, why the 2 tents?” I asked.

“We facetime with our parents every night, they worry but we show them the campground, we have our shotgun too but we came here because it was so far from the new campgrounds.” Said Alex.

“Right, this used to be camping areas before the highway was built, awesome.” I replied.

“Well, if you want to stay the night we have plenty of food, we can take you home in the morning.” Said Alex.

“I uh, sure, if you really don’t mind that would be great.” I replied.

They set me up in Alex’s tent and had me stay out of sight when they made their nightly call to their parents, later that evening I heard what sounded like an argument, I was having trouble sleeping so I got up and sat by the fire that was still going and drank görükle escort my water. A few minutes later, Clara came out of their tent, she didn’t see me until she got close but she was dressed in a loose tank top and shorts. She jumped when she spotted me.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you.”

“Oh it’s okay, I just needed some air, okay to join you?” She replied.

“I’m your guest, please do.”

She sat staring at the fire for a few minutes in silence then looked at me like she wanted to ask a question, stopped herself then finally did.

“May I ask you something personal?”


“I’m sorry if this is too much but Alex keeps wanting to put it in my butt and he’s too big for me there, do all guys want that? That’s all he wanted tonight and he got upset with me when I said no. He took a sleeping pill and left me frustrated.”

“Not all guys but most, you have to take your time, do you even have lube?”

“Yes, we use it every time, he doesn’t know how to get me excited first.”

“Oh. Does he at least make you orgasm?”

“I… I’ve only had one with my fingers, never with him.”

“Holy shit, you were both virgins when you slept together right?”

“He said he wasn’t but he doesn’t do much to persuade me otherwise. Were you a virgin before your sister?”

“Yes but she wouldn’t let me fuck her until I’d made her cum quite a few times with my tongue and every time I’d have to eat her before I’d even get naked.”

“That, um, that sounds amazing.”

I wondered where the conversation was going to go but Clara soon led by taking off her top, letting her 36D’s spill out.

“Do you think I’m sexy?” She said.

“Uh, very much so.” I said, almost feeling the blood run to my cock.

“I’m not sure Alex does, I have to suck him for ages to get him hard.”

“Well, you just had to take your top off and I’m already half way there.”

“Could you make me cum with your tongue so I can teach him?”

“Sure but, what about Alex.”

“He’s not my boyfriend and we’re just experimenting.”

“Okay, I’d like that.”

Clara stood up and led me by the hand into Alex’s tent and let her shorts fall to the floor. She pulled my clothes off and kissed me then stopped to close the tent up then pounced me again. She took my cock into her mouth and sucked me, I was rock hard in no time. I stopped her though and had her lay on her back, she opened her legs and I climbed on top of her, she went to grab my cock to feed it into herself but I stopped her and instead kissed a trail down her body, taking time with her nipples until they were both like bullets then kept kissing my way down her body until I was at her pussy. She wasn’t fully shaven but I didn’t care, I slid my tongue over her lips then slowly licked my way inside, tasting and exploring her. She was getting pretty wet and her breathing heavier, when I started my attention on her clit she started to moan and when I pushed my finger inside her and rubbed her g-spot she gasped ‘oh fuck yes’ and before long was shuddering to orgasm as I rasped her clit. I stopped and wiped my mouth then climbed up her body, she was gasping for air and was still grinning.

“Th… that was f.. fucking amazing.” She gasped.

“That’s just the beginning.”

I slowly pushed my cock inside her, taking my time to enjoy her. She pulled my face to her to kiss me when I was fully inside and was cumming again after just a few thrusts. I built my pace up gradually and I could swear her eyes were glazed over by the time I got close, she had been cumming every couple of thrusts but I told her I was close which made her cum again then when I pushed in deep and exploded inside her she almost blacked out, gasping that she was seeing stars while my cock pulsed my seed deep into her. When I started to soften I rolled off her and caught my breath.

“Is.. is it meant to be like that every time?” Said Clara, still catching her breath.

“It should be when we have time but most of the time, yes.”

“Can you teach Alex, he needs to know this if he’s going to make love to me again.”

“Sure. Are you ready for more?”

“Oh, I need to rest a little.”

We kissed softly for a while then she sucked me again then got on all fours, I lasted a little longer but brought her to a few more orgasms before I sprayed what seed I had left deep inside her. We fell asleep together, still naked with just the sleeping bag pulled over us. Next morning we woke to the smell of coffee, Clara opened our tent and woke me up, not bothering with clothes.

“Alex, we’re going to shower real quick then I expect you in our tent, naked, when we get back.” Said Clara.

“Uh, okay.” He said.

Clara and I threw on towels then went down to the portable shower they’d set up near their truck, it wasn’t great but cleaned us enough. We dried off and wrapped ourselves in our towels, Clara held me and gave me a soft kiss.

“Thank you for last night, you were amazing.” She said.

“I’m not going to lie, it’s not like eskort bayan that with every guy, I love to please so I make sure I take my time, a lot of guys don’t.”

“Well, it’s their loss right.” She replied with a smile.

We made our way back to the tent and Alex was waiting naked as ordered. He was sitting with his legs out, covering his cock with his hands.

“So, last night Marcus gave me more orgasms than I’ve had in my life and I want him to teach you how to give me them too. I love you Alex but I need it as good as his. I’m not trying to make you jealous or anything, I want you to learn.” Said Clara, she pulled off my towel then dropped hers too.

“I’m willing to learn.” He said, looking at my cock.

“I’m going to get you both hard first then Marcus is going to show you how to eat my pussy and get me wet so it feels great for both of us.” Said Clara.

Clara had us both stand before her, she sucked Alex first then started sucking me, I got hard pretty quickly then she went back to Alex. He took a little longer but she soon had both of us standing with our cocks hard and sticking out. She got onto her back and opened her legs, I had Alex kneel down with me and gave him a brief intro to eating pussy. I knelt and watched as he started okay but a frustrated Clara stopped him after a few minutes.

“Didn’t you listen to what he said sweetie? Explore, taste, enjoy, take your time and listen to my moans, you’re licking me like you hate it.” Said Clara.

“I’m really not sure I do like it, I’m sorry.” He said.

“Well how are you going to turn me on enough to make love to me?” Said Clara.

“I… Can you show me Marcus?” He said.

I took his place between Clara’s legs and didn’t stop until she’d cum a few times, when I knelt up, Clara breathing heavily as she came down from her pleasure, she got up on her elbows and looked at Alex.

“Were you watching? Do you see how wet I am now, do you want to try again?” She said.

“Can I try something different?” Replied Alex.

“Um, sure.” Said Clara.

Before she could say anything else, Alex leaned over and took my cock into his mouth. Clara stared wide eyed, her mouth open in surprise as he swirled his tongue and sucked me better than she had. I groaned in pleasure, it felt really good but before I could enjoy it Clara stopped him.

“Not what we had in mind when we wanted to teach you how to please me sweetie, as exciting as watching you with a guy is, I thought you wanted me.” She said to him.

“I’m not sure what I want Clara, I love you and have enjoyed having sex but I don’t know if I like women the way I should.” He replied.

“Oh.” Said Clara, we all just kind of froze.

“Well, like you said last night Clara, he’s not your boyfriend. Alex, go shower, I’ll talk to Clara for a few minutes and we’ll have more fun okay.” I said.

Alex got up and grabbed a towel and headed to the shower.

“I had no idea, I just thought he was awkward and nervous!” Said Clara when he was out of earshot.

“Well like you said to me last night, he’s not your boyfriend. I want to let him carry on with me, are you okay with it, I promise I’ll give you the same as last night when we’re done.” I said.

“I really like your tongue, sure.” She replied.

“Go get the lube.”

When Alex came back, Clara hugged him and kissed him on the cheek.

“You know I love you, I am here for you and fully support anything you want to do. I enjoyed our fun but if you prefer men, I’m not going to be selfish and get in the way of that.” She said, he hugged her tight.

“Thank you sis, means a lot to me. You’re okay with this too?” He said to me.

“Sex is sex to me, your sister is sexy as hell, if she doesn’t turn you on then you may be right. I was enjoying your tongue.” I replied.

We got back into the tent, Alex immediately got to his knees and started sucking me, I had softened a little while he showered but he soon had me hard and groaning in pleasure again. He really got into sucking me, stroking my cock with his hand, fondling my balls and swirling his tongue on the tip and before long I felt myself getting close. I warned him but he kept going and I fought to stay standing as my cock exploded in his mouth, spraying my seed down his throat. He didn’t stop until I started getting sensitive. I looked over and Clara was touching herself and biting her lower lip as she watched, Alex was already hard and I had a feeling I knew what he wanted next.

“Would it be okay to fuck you?” He said, I was right.

“Sure.” I said with a smile.

I got on all fours as Alex lubed his cock then put some inside my ass with his fingers.

“Have you done this before Alex?” I said as he fingered me.

“No but I watch a lot of gay porn.” He said.

“It’s been a while so take it slow at first okay.” I said.

Alex did as I asked, he pressed the head of his cock at my asshole then slowly pushed into me. I groaned as he inched into me and soon had all 8 inches of his cock altıparmak escort deep in me, his balls resting against mine. I had Clara lay in front of me and as Alex began to thrust I slid my tongue into her and ate her as best as I could with Alex fucking my ass. With all of our moans of pleasure, none of us heard the people coming through the woods and right as Alex started cumming, groaning ‘oh fuck yes’ as he erupted deep in me, 2 Park Rangers and a dog appeared at the open tent door closely followed by Carol and another member of the church. Alex stopped thrusting but his cock was still spraying into me, the Rangers just grinned then turned away and Carol stood with her mouth wide open, staring at our scene.

“Well, looks like he’s safe Ma’am.” Said the Ranger with the dog.

“We thought you’d been eaten by a bear or something.” Said Carol as Clara and Alex covered up.

“Nope, just me and my brother.” Said Clara quietly, only we heard it and laughed.

“I’m fine Carol, does your husband still want to bash my head in for letting you suck my cock though?” I replied.

“He was angry but I’ve spoken to him, you should come back with us so we can go home.” Replied Carol.

“You know, I think I’m good here Carol, my friends here are going to take me home eventually.” I replied.

“I think we’re good here Ma’am, he’s safe and that’s all we care about. Sorry for the intrusion guys.” Said the second Ranger as they walked off.

Carol stood for a few more seconds then stormed off with the other church member, I finally got to lay down and let the rest of Alex’s cum drain from my ass.

“Well that will learn me to close the tent.” Said Alex.

We spent another couple of hours exploring each other, I had sex with Clara while we let Alex recover and he fucked me again before we showered and dressed. I helped them pack up the tents and the camp then we all drove back in their truck. As we pulled up to my parents house, Clara handed me a piece of paper with her number and kissed me on the cheek.

“I’d love to see you again if you want to, we live not to far from here.” She said.

“I would.” I replied with a smile.

“Just stay away from that slut Carol for me though.”

“Sounds like you’re claiming me or something.”

“I don’t mind sharing with Alex but not her.”

“Thanks for everything Marcus, I really enjoyed it.” Said Alex.

“I did too, see you guys again soon I hope.” I said and left.

I got in the house to my Dad on the phone, he looked pretty mad, Mom was sitting on the couch with my sister, they both look like they were stifling smiles. Dad excused himself to the caller and sternly told me to sit down. I did so and pulled up the messages on my phone, I ignored the ones from Carol and seen one I’d been waiting for, apartment ready. Dad finally got done with the call and stood to talk to me.

“So, not only did you fuck up this family’s chance of ever going back to that church but Pastor Collins is threatening to sue you for having adulterous relationships with his wife. I have to go and smooth things over in the morning but right now he’s really mad. I send you away to see things in a more pure setting, to be among people of the church and maybe learn how to be wholesome again. How long have you been sleeping with Mrs Collins?” Said Dad as he paced in front of the fireplace.

“Well firstly, if you wanted me to have a wholesome experience you sent me to the wrong place. Carol caught darling Pastor Collins fucking one of the new choir boys on video, that pretty boy that works at the supermarket that Mom says is no way 21? Well, she was upset, drunk and wanted me to make her feel wanted again so I did, a lot. I have the video if you want it, will put the lawsuit idea to bed. And 3 months, all those counselling sessions you sent me to after you caught me with Becky would be closely followed by an hour making sure Mrs Collins didn’t turn to vodka again. I’m a big boy Dad, I can take care of my own issues, if that fat prick wants to drag you into it then he’s showing how far away from a godly man he really is. I’ll go talk to him but I won’t be setting foot in that church again.” I replied.

“Are you serious? Mrs Collins is stunning, why would he do that?” Said Mom.

“She’s only stunning if you don’t prefer boys mom.” I replied.

“I… I’m sorry Son, as much as I can’t get past you sleeping with your sister this stuff with Mrs Collins is too much, if what you say is true then you deal with it but I can’t have you living under my roof anymore.” He said.

“Oh fuck off Jack, you’re not throwing him out of OUR house because he fucked a hot married chick. Stuff with Becky might not have happened if you’d let them go to sex ed rather than make them grow up not knowing why he got hard when he’d catch her getting out of the shower or why he’d wake up sticky sometimes. This ‘holier than thou’ bullshit you have going since you started the Shriners is pissing me off and it better quit real fast. Marcus, go talk to that fat prick, tell Carol if she needs a place to stay I’d be happy to let her have your room when your apartment is ready.” Said Mom, Dad just stood there stunned.

“Will do.” I said.

I grabbed my keys and left and drove the short distance to the church, I was met at the door of the house by Carol.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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