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Again I would like to thank Parrasia for the awesome help he has provided with spelling, grammar and suggestions.

This turned out to be a bit longer than I had envisioned, but I really wanted our hero to get to a certain stage in this chapter and a few twists developed that took a bit more time.

Thanks for all your comments and feedback, they are greatly appreciated.

Chapter 2 – On the Road Again

We had spent the night laying in bed talking after we had had a shower together to clean all the juices off our bodies. We fell asleep in a spoon position with my cock between my sister’s thighs, like it was born there.

We awoke early, showered and dressed quickly. We ate and were on the road by nine the next morning with Cindy driving. I know I was a little nervous about what had happened last night, but Cindy was acting as normal as ever, except she made a point of letting me see her naked when getting ready to leave.

We drove for a while without too much to say when Cindy turned and asked me “Are you still a virgin?”. I sheepishly said I was but didn’t feel embarrassed about it. She glanced over and said that was great because she was looking forward to helping me lose my cherry.

That quickly broke the ice and we spent the rest of the ride talking about our exposure to sex up to now. I explained to her about most of the girls I dated being pretty straight, including my most recent who had just split up with. It was really just Suzy that I had even come close to fucking. Of course she made me explain it in all its boring detail and laughed when I told her about Suzy’s brothers and her fear.

“She was right, I know those guys,” Cindy said, “The last thing you needed was a sixteen year old pregnant girlfriend with three older brothers. Sounds like you’ve treated your girlfriends with a lot of respect. There are a lot of guys out there that would have just forced themselves on girls like Suzy, especially if she had showed the least bit of interest.

“I had a few guys try that kind of stuff on me too, that’s one of the reasons I slowed down on dating guys. I just wasn’t into a quick fuck in the backseat of some car, and then having it advertised throughout the school the next day. That’s why I didn’t actually fuck a guy until I was eighteen and almost finished high school.”

“Who was it with?” I asked, “Do I know him?”

“You wouldn’t know the guy. It was Lisa’s cousin from Seattle; he had come down here to go to college. We hit it off the moment we met and he didn’t have to force himself on me. We dated a few times and after I got to know him decided he was the guy to lose my virginity to. He was nice and gentle, and we had a great time, but he was almost too much of a gentleman. It was like his religious background was really stopping him from breaking loose.

Although he gladly accepted me sucking his cock, he would never muff dive, “Like there is no way I could have suggested anal sex with him, he probably would have gagged at the thought of it. I’ve never had it up the ass yet, but I’ve played around with some vibrators and stuff and it sure feels great. I would have let you fuck my ass last night, but I decided we needed to pussy fuck first. Plus now that I know you’re a virgin, I wouldn’t want you in my ass the first time out. We’ll save that for later. ” She winked with her last remarked.

I was sitting there getting hard from Cindy’s conversation. Less than twenty-four hours ago my fantasies about my sister consisted of how great her tits were, now she was talking about me fucking her up the ass! Things were moving real fast and I didn’t know if I could keep up. After a few minutes Cindy started telling me more of her story, but in even greater detail then last night.

“I really started masturbating a lot after I saw mom and dad screwing. I’d lie in bed and picture dad’s cock sliding back and forth into mom’s cunt. I’d rub my boobs and nipples and stroke my clitoris until I came- sometimes several times a night. It isn’t surprising I started to imagine it was me he was fucking instead of mom.

“I would get off just thinking about his cock bobbing up and down in front of my face, just out of reach of my tongue. I would put myself into this sexual dreamlike state and stroke myself for hours on end. After a while, mom started noticing how I was looking so run down and asked me what the problem was. I told her I was having trouble sleeping and it was catching up with me.

“She asked me about boys and whether I had had sex yet. You have to remember she had seen me sneaking a peek at her and dad going at it, and we had discussed that incident already. Finally I told her that I couldn’t get the scene of her and dad out of my mind, and I was constantly thinking about it. I didn’t tell her that I had replaced her with me though and had pretty much become addicted to masturbation.

“She just smiled and told me not to be so uptight about it; I was just going through natural reactions. She did suggest that it would probably bursa escort be a good thing to expand my horizons beyond her and dad however. I didn’t get her drift until she went up to her room and returned with several videotapes and porn magazines. She told me I could borrow some of hers, but to make sure dad didn’t find out, as he probably wouldn’t understand.

“I glanced at the pictures in the magazines and immediately knew these weren’t your typical girly mags. The one I had picked up had explicit shots of screwing and oral sex. One was a lesbian mag, with girls masturbating with dildos and other objects. The last one was about bondage and showed men and women tied up and being dominated by their partner.

“Mom was flitting around the kitchen while I paged through these trying real hard to not become uncomfortable. She asked me if I had any questions and I nonchalantly answered that the pictures pretty well showed it all. This statement broke the tension and we laughed.

“She suggested we go and watch one of the tapes together and she could help explain things as they came up. We popped in a movie and sat in silence through the first scene while this couple screwed each other. At the end when the guy shot his load all over the girl’s ass we both giggled.

“The next scene started with a beautiful lady with the largest breasts I’d ever seen dancing at a strip bar. She removed her cloths to the hoots and hollers of the crowd. Mom mentioned that she had dreamed about dancing nude but knew she didn’t have the guts to go through with taking her clothes off in public. She complained that nobody wanted to see an old broad like her naked anyway.

“After the dancer left the stage she went back to her dressing room and sat down on a plush coach and lit a cigarette. While she puffed her other hand began stroking her breasts and twitching her nipples. She then slipped her hand down to her pussy and started stroking her clit. She was obviously getting hot and reached over and put out her smoke.

“She then went into the fold of the couch and brought out a vibrator. She started using it all over her cunt, eventually pushed it up her hole a few inches. I gasped at the sight of it and looked at mom and asked if she had ever used a vibrator. She smiled and said of course she had- that, plus a lot of other things as well.

“She explained how the tapes and magazines were just sex aids- like the vibrator, used to enhance one’s personal and shared sex life. We looked at the screen and mom told me her favorite part was coming up. Just then another of the dancers came into the room, and she had even bigger tits than the first one. They talked about the work for a minute while the first girl shoved the vibrator in and out of her pussy.

“After watching the scene for a minute, the second one took off her remaining cloths, knelt down, and started licking the other girl’s pussy. The cameraman was certainly on the ball because I could see the enlarged clit as she ran her tongue up and down, all the while showing the vibrator disappearing into her cunt. The first girl came with a gush of juice and at the same moment I heard mom groan. I looked over and saw her dress was hiked up to her waist and she was rubbing herself. She must have cum because she slowed down and stopped and smiled at me.

“Those breasts get me every time. I don’t know what it is, they are obviously enhanced to the limit, but I can’t help myself. Maybe it’s just because they are bigger than mine, which is kind of a rarity.”

“Mom has big boobs all right.” I interjected, “All my friends have commented on them, and also that my sister had inherited the mammary gene from my mother.” When I told Cindy this she laughed, remembering her comment last night about me getting dad’s big dick gene.

Cindy continued her tale. “Mom turned the movie off and told me to watch them when I felt in the mood, but not to let you or dad find out. She took me up to her room and showed me where she kept her private articles. There were several more videos and magazines that she said I could borrow anytime, but that I should watch the three she had already given me first. I barely heard her as I stared in the drawer at a collection of love toys, several dildos, some cock-rings, lotions and other things that I just couldn’t figure out. She reached to the back and brought out this tiny vibrator about as thick as your thumb.

“Here you go; you can start out with this if you want. It’s not very big but it will make it easier for you and it still vibrates great, it was my first.” My surprise and excitement must have showed. Mom suggested I go downstairs and watch a movie while she went out shopping. That way I could have some privacy. You were out at a ball game with dad and wouldn’t be home for hours. I did as I was told and had a great time getting off on the books and video with mom’s little toy cock. I must have had about three orgasms without thinking about dad’s prick once.”

Suddenly Cindy pulled off the highway into bursa escort bayan a restaurant for a bite to eat. The morning had passed so quickly that I hadn’t noticed it was after one o’clock and I was hungry. We had a coke and burger, and checked the map for a more detailed route to our aunt’s house. We were back on the road in no time and Cindy said she would tell me more some other time.

I was driving now and was glad for a moment of rest so I could evaluate my options. Here I was a few months past eighteen, still a virgin but I had just spent a night of passionate sex without intercourse with my older sister, had listened to her tell me how she had lusted after my dad’s cock and had become very close to mom because of it. I had worried about being bored all summer just a few days ago, and now all I could think about was exploring sex with my sister. I thought about how awkward it would be at our aunt’s house, like finding time to be alone and intimate with Cindy. I mentioned this to Cindy but she told me not to worry my horny pecker about that, everything would work out fine.

It was close to four when we finally arrived at our destination. Compared to our place in the suburbs, this place was a mansion. It was on a little more than forty acres outside of a small town, and about fifty miles from Portland. Aunt Elaine came out to greet us and took us in the house.

“Let’s go into the living room and relax a bit,” Elaine suggested. I followed the two women into the living room and caught myself admiring both their asses as they walked in front of me. I hadn’t seen Elaine since dad’s funeral and although I remembered her as a younger version of mom, she was looking pretty hot right now. Maybe though that was just a result of the conversation Cindy and I had been having.

She was wearing a pair of shorts that hugged her ass cheeks nicely. They were tight enough for me to see, what I suspected, was the outline of her panties, something I always looked for. Like my mom and sister, Elaine had the same large breasts as most of the women in the family. Hers were definitely the biggest though, stretching her white blouse tight across her back, outlining a four or five hook bra strap. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that.

The girls sat on the couch across from me and talked about mom, and the trip. Elaine sighed in relaxation and explained to us that having us around to help out was going to make her life bearable again. She asked me if I was pissed off about having to spend my summer up here. I shook my head and said no, not now. Of course I didn’t tell her that Cindy’s sexual advances were what had changed my attitude.

She said that she would do anything to make it easier for me around here and all I had to do was ask if there was anything I needed. The more I talked to my Aunt, the more I felt comfortable with her. She was a number of years younger than my mom but still looked like she was in her late twenties. She also looked like she could pose for one of those big bust magazines. Although her blouse had all but one button done up, you could clearly see that her tits were gigantic. I caught myself staring more than once as she poured us lemonade and chatted.

Suddenly the conversation changed between Elaine and Cindy, and I felt like I had walked in on something I didn’t have a clue about, which was true.

“Aunty, why haven’t your boobs gotten smaller?” Cindy whispered at our aunt, as if I wasn’t even there. Cindy glanced in my direction and I immediately clued in to the girl talk look. Living with mom and Cindy by myself for the last few years had taught me a few things. I said I would go get the bags from the car and asked where I should put them.

Elaine replied, “I’ll be with you in a few minutes, Don. Just set them by the foot of the stairs and I’ll show you up to the rooms later. Could you also go out back and check that the pool filter and pump are working okay. I just started them up yesterday and haven’t had a chance to check them yet.”

I did as I was told and disappeared so Cindy and Elaine could chat. I went out and took the suitcases in the house, then went out back through the kitchen. There was a pool house just off the patio where I figured the filter and other equipment would be housed. I was right and everything seemed in order. I grabbed the pool skimmer and went out to check the water. It looked good to me and I started cleaning some debris off the water. It would be very worthwhile getting the pool ready. The days were starting to get hotter now. After working away for about half an hour, Aunt Elaine came out of the house and acted so happy that I’d done this simple little job.

“You’re great, Don, it’s going to be so good having you and Cindy here for the summer.” She walked over to me and gave me a hug, pressing her breasts against me in a very natural way. “Usually anytime I want something like that done I have to call this guy out from town that does odd jobs. He’s a nice young man but I have to explain everything escort bursa to him in so much detail I might as well do it myself. Anyway, with you here I know I won’t have to worry about a thing, and you can get him out if you think you need any help, just as long as you tell him what to do. Come on inside and I’ll show you around some and where you can put the luggage.”

Aunt Elaine continued talking as we walked back to the house. She went on about how much fun it would be for her having some permanent guests in the house. She was lonely and work and the house kept her so busy that she had very little time to rest. As she started up the stairs she bent over to grab one of the bags and I was able to get a glimpse of her cleavage and the valley between her mammoth breasts.

She looked up at me and smiled. I turned away trying to be a little less obvious about where my gaze was focused. I grabbed some suitcases and followed her upstairs, watching the cheeks of her ass dance provocatively right before my eyes. She stopped suddenly on the landing and I just about drove my face into her backside. Luckily I was able to scoot around her and join her at the top of the stairs.

“My room is right there,” she said nodding towards the master bedroom. I glanced inside and saw a massive room with a king size, unmade bed in the middle. “Excuse the mess,” she explained, “work woke me up a bit early today and I haven’t even had a chance to make my bed. Maybe you could help me later.”

She then walked down the hall and indicated the next door as a nursery, which had adjoining doors to the master bedroom and the room to the right of it, which turned out to be Cindy’s.

“The people that had this house built put a room in for a nanny, so both these rooms had access to the nursery,” she explained. “Great idea, except the lady of the house found her husband sneaking into the nanny’s room late one night for a little fun. They were divorced shortly thereafter and that was when the asshole and I bought the place. Oops, I didn’t mean to call your Uncle Bill that in front of you, but that has become my pet name for him, he really is such an asshole, I wish I had never married him.”

“That’s okay Aunt Elaine; I think he was a real jerk for taking off on you like that. I’m not usually very violent but I sure would enjoy practicing my Karate on him.”

She chuckled, “You won’t have to do that because if we’re real lucky, we will never see his rotten ass around here again. And stop calling me Aunt Elaine it makes me sound way too old. After all, I am your mothers little sister and I’m only nine years older than your sister.”

We went into the nanny’s room and dropped off Cindy’s stuff. We then went down the hall, past a bathroom, to where my room would be. “The asshole used this room when he would come home late and did not want to disturb me. He was usually drunk and knew I didn’t want to see him.” The room was great with a wall of books and a sitting area for reading and watching television and a large bed in the middle. It also had a bathroom off to one side and a closet that was almost as big as my room back home.

“This is perfect Aunt,” I hesitated remembering what she just said, “sorry, I mean Elaine, just perfect.” I noted that we were down the hall far enough so I wouldn’t be disturbing her if Cindy came to my room visiting. We set my cases down and went back to the hall.

“Those other rooms are for guests, if we ever have any. Come help me make the bed and you can tell me all about your trip up.” I laughed to myself thinking how shocking it would be if I told her the complete details of our trip. I kept it short and sweet and had a great view of her cleavage as we bent to straighten the bedding. When we were finished she stood up and asked me if I was upset at having to spend the summer away from my friends instead of up here with your aunt.

“At first I was a bit put out because my plans were messed up,” I explained, “but now that I’m here everything is cool.” Of course the prospect of fucking my big sister had changed my thinking considerably. Not to mention that I didn’t have a problem catching a glimpse of her magnificent tits either. She sighed, saying that it was going to be wonderful having us around. She came over and gave me another hug, pressing her breasts tight against my chest. God I can feel her nipples through her clothes and mine, I thought to myself. Plus even though her tits were larger than any I had ever felt pressed up against me, they also felt really firm.

“Well I was going to change and try out the pool, see how warm the water is.” I told her.

She smiled at me as I turned and went to my room to unpack and change into my trunks. I grabbed a towel and went downstairs to check with Cindy and jump in the pool. I found her in a room off the kitchen watching something on the television. I told her I would be in the back checking the water PH levels and going for a swim.

I left the room and found the PH kit in the pool house and checked the water, which was fine. I eased myself in, the water was a bit cooler than I was used to but it sure did feel refreshing. I did a few quick laps and then rolled on my back to relax and think about Cindy’s body and our recent encounters.

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