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This is a fictional account with everyone over eighteen. Special thanks to my new editor.


“Geez Katie, I wasn’t expecting to find you right there,” I said a little startled.

“Sorry, but I’ve got to go. Whenever I drink beer I have to get up in the middle of the night. It happens every time.”

“I couldn’t sleep either,” I whispered.

“Had to go to the bathroom too?”

“Yeah, but it was something else as well.”


“Well, I was hoping we could…you know…ah…”

“Are you crazy? Darci could get up to go and find me missing from the other bed.”

“Well, she wouldn’t necessarily know where to look if you were in my room,” I tried to reason.

“Davey, you have a girlfriend and I shouldn’t have done what I did.”

“Come on…it’ll be fun.”

“I don’t know…but right now I have absolutely got to go,” Katie said, bouncing anxiously and stepping around me.

“I’ll be in my room,” I said.

“You presume a lot,” Katie said as she shut the door.

I waited for what seemed a long while, but was probably only minutes. I couldn’t believe my own gall, asking Katie to come to my room like she was some easy woman. She had every right to just blow me off and go back to bed. I was beginning to believe that was just what she did when suddenly I heard someone outside my door and the knob turning. Katie slipped inside and closed the door, first looking behind her to make sure no one saw her enter.

Katie had a light robe on because the air conditioning was a little cool on the top floor of the house at night. I couldn’t tell what she had on underneath. She moved silently over to sit on my bed. Her long blonde hair flowed beautifully down her back and over one shoulder.

“You must be nuts thinking I’d do something with Darci and your folks in the house.”

“We did before,” I reminded her.

“That was different, and I’m not sure I like the idea of you thinking you can expect a follow up from me just like that.”

“It was so incredible the first time, I just wanted to be with you again. Besides, I didn’t get to do anything for you the last time.”

“And that’s the way we should leave it,” she argued.

“Suppose you’re right,” I replied sadly.

“Yeah…I’m right…except I can’t stop think about that nice dick of yours now that you reminded me, and I’m horny from earlier.”

“I can’t stop thinking of you either. What happened earlier?”

“Oh, it was those guys you met on the beach. Darci likes the tall one. She wanted me to occupy Marty, the other one, for her so she could be with Russ.”

“Did you?”

“God, I can’t believe that I’m talking about this with you. Yes.”

“You had sex…”

“No, well not really, just got him off with my hand,” Katie interrupted me. “And, I let him play with my boobs.”

“He must have liked those beauties.”

“He probably couldn’t see much. It was dark inthe backseat. But the whole thing just left me horny.”

“I’ll fix that.”

“This is crazy. Darci would really be pissed at me for doing this. I don’t want to hurt her, Davey.”

“I know… neither do I.”

“Move over,” Katie said, as she slipped her robe off.

She had cute little pajamas underneath with no sleeves or legs. I couldn’t tell in the darkness if they were white or a light pink. Katie slipped under the covers beside me.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this. This is so wrong and naughty. You’re making me do things I wouldn’t normally have even dreamt of.”

“I know…me too.”

“Well, what were you hoping I would do? Give you head again?”

“Just lay back,” I said, “You took care of me last time so I should start first this time.”

A streetlight down by the corner of our road and the main boulevard threw light through the window of my room. However, mostly just in one corner. The light cast a low glow just over the head of my bed. As I shifted up to move over Katie, I noticed how the light let me see her face on the pillow and her gorgeous blonde hair splayed out over it. She was a vision of beauty.

“God, you’re gorgeous,” I whispered.

“I bet you say that to all the girls you get into your bed in the middle of the night,” Katie laughed.

I had a sudden realization. “You’re the first girl who has ever been in my bed,” I told her.

“Oh,” Katie responded out of possible surprise and something more.

I leaned down and kissed her. At first, they were just light kisses as I held myself above her on my elbows. I’d slipped off my gym shorts before she entered the room and my dick was already raging hard in anticipation. My legs straddled hers and my cock repeatedly touched her soft thighs as we kissed. I increased the intensity of our kisses and Katie matched me. Her hands held my naked chest as I sought out her tongue. We kissed a little longer before I moved down her neck. She may not have asked for this, but her response told me she was enjoying it and was more than willing.

Katie helped ataşehir escort me remove her pajamas and she tossed them to the floor. With the covers back, I feasted my eyes on those incredible tits. I’d seen them before, but never touched them, and the thought made my cock lurch with new blood. I kissed down her chest, across the tops off her soft mounds, and down to her right nipple. I closed my mouth over it and sucked gently on the taut nipple.

“Mmm,” Katie moaned. “That’s nice.”

I sucked both her magnificent nipples for a good while each. Her moans told me she liked it and I just couldn’t get enough of those delicious nipples and soft breasts. I kneaded each beautiful tit that wasn’t in my mouth at the time. Katie’s hands held my head to her breasts and she moaned softly.

Eventually, I kissed down her flat tummy. Her skin tasted and smelled like lilac. I teased her bellybutton for a few seconds, making her giggle, and she pushed me down gently. She either could only take so much of the tickling or she wanted me to move along to my target more quickly. I complied with her wishes and moved down to nuzzle my mouth and nose into the trimmed crop of pubic hair above her slit. The lilac smell was still present, but accompanied now by the scent of a woman aroused. It was like an endorphin to me and my mouth wanted to taste her even more.

“Oh, Davey…I need it badly…please don’t make me wait,” Katie hissed encouragement.

Again complying with her wishes and thankful she agreed to even do this with me, I used my fingers to help part her gash. Her legs were spread wide, giving me ample room. I couldn’t see well enough to tell how pink her pussy was, but I could see the cute, crinkled folds of her inner lips and her clit poking out from its hiding place. Her clit was hard and beautiful, like the size of a marble. The biggest I’d seen and I took a second to marvel at it. I couldn’t wait to suck on it and did so.

“Oh, fuck,” Katie gasped and I felt her legs stiffen.

Normally, I’d have taken my time and feasted on her delectable pussy, but I was so horny all I could think about was getting my cock into that incredible snatch. I could feel pre-cum dripping from my cock. I slid two fingers easily inside Katie’s wet pussy and rubbed her g-spot as I sucked her clit. Her hips bounced on the bed like she was getting electrical shocks. I worked my long fingers inside her and attacked her big clit with my tongue.


“Davey…oh god! Don’t stop…oh so good…ah…I’m going to cum…”

I pressed the attack on Katie’s pussy. I wanted to get her off quickly, and then fuck her senseless. Her hips trembled and shook as I pistoned my fingers deep into her slippery cunt. I reveled in sucking on her incredible clit. The knob was hard and vulnerable to my torturing tongue.

“Oh, fuck,” Katie said. Her body spasmed on my tongue and fingers as her orgasm consumed her.

“Urgh,” she moaned louder than was safe this time of night.

Delicious waves of bliss devoured her body and she bucked against my face as I continued to assault her pussy. Her whole body went stiff as I worked her through her orgasm and she rode the waves of wonderful delight. When she finally relaxed, I couldn’t stand it any longer. I moved up and kissed Katie even as she tried to recover. Her cum coated my face and she had to taste herself on my lips.

I barely gave her time to recover before I aligned my stiff, throbbing cock with her well prepared pussy. I pushed into her and her tightness was incredible. Her cunt muscles squeezed my cock hard, trying to prevent access, but it was a useless resistance and soon I had half my dick buried inside her. Katie’s hands clung to my sides as I gave her more cock and stretched her tight channel.

“Oh god,” Katie gasped. “You’re so fuckin’ big…oh, I’ve wanted you inside me for weeks now. Oh, fuck me, Davey. Fuck me with your big dick.”

I started to get into a good rhythm, but the more I moved the louder the ancient bed creaked. I had to slow down for fear the Bartlett’s in the room next to us, or Darci on the other side, would hear.

“Fuck,” I hissed barely above a whisper.

“What’s the matter?”

“This damn bed is creaking too loud.”

“Let’s get on the floor,” she suggested.

Pulling my cock from Katie’s channel, I followed her to the floor. She pulled a pillow off the bed and stuffed it under her ass, which raised her pussy to me invitingly. I glanced at the glistening, splayed pussy before me, and wanted to invade her body in just one deep plunge. I positioned my cock and re-entered her.

“Oh…that’s so good,” Katie hummed.

“It sure is,” I said, as I buried a few more inches into her tight hole.

“I love your big cock,” she growled.

“Your pussy is so tight,” I whispered.

“Oh, Davey…fuck me all night,” Katie begged.

I would have loved to get her off several avcılar escort times before my own climax, but I was just too anxious, and her pussy was so incredible I couldn’t hold back. I pounded her into the pillow on the floor with long, hard strokes that filled every possible crevice inside her. Her hands clung to my arms and urged me on. She seemed just as anxious to reach her pinnacle as I was.

“Mmm…keep fucking me, Davey. Harder…”

I started pumping her for all I was worth. My cock felt like granite as I drove deep inside her. She fucked back into me even as my cock probed to her depths. She started to groan constantly as I stretched and plowed her pussy.

“Oh, god…I’m cumming,” Katie cried, possibly a bit too loud.

I kept nailing her tight pussy until I felt it start to spasm on my cock. Her whole body trembled beneath me as I drove towards my own release. My mind flashed warning signs that I should pull out before cumming, but my body screamed differently. In the end, my body won out and I grunted aloud as my cock began to spew torrents of pent up cum into Katie.

I had no idea where it all came from, but my cock seemed to fire repeatedly for longer than I could ever recall. Really, it probably lasted only seconds, but it felt like an eternity until my dick stopped spasming ropes of cum into her depths. I could feel, as she probably could, the complete wetness of our combined pool of juices inside her. I stopped moving only when the last of my wonderful pleasure pulses ended.

Withdrawing from Katie’s pussy was not something I wanted to do. I would’ve much preferred leaving my dick deep within her for a long while. But my arms were aching from holding me up, and my knee, which was still sore from the crash on the beach, was feeling the effects of the hard wooden floor. I drew out of her and rolled to one side, exhausted.

Katie and I lay side by side for a good minute or more without saying a word or moving, except to breathe. We took the time to recover and to allow our bodies to calm down. Katie was the first to speak and she rolled to me as she did.

“Wow…that was great. You’re incredible.”

“You’re the incredible one,” I responded.

“Oh, man…how much stuff did you pump into me?” Katie asked, cupping her leaking pussy with her hand.

“I’m sorry, I should have asked you if I should pull out.”

“It’s ok, but I think I need to go into the bathroom again,” Katie explained.

“Please, don’t leave yet.”

“Davey, I’d love to fuck you all night, but I better get back before Darci misses me.”

“Oh, just a little longer,” I begged.

“I wish…but I shouldn’t. I feel bad about fucking you when you have a girlfriend.”

“Don’t be,” I said. “She might be doing the same right now.”

“Oh,” Katie said, but let it go. “Well, I’ve got to go.”

I watched with dismay as she threw on her robe and grabbed her pajamas off the floor. She headed for the door before I even moved off the floor. Katie turned just before she opened the door.

“This needs to be our secret…promise me.”

“Can we do it again?”

“God, you’re so bad…. We shouldn’t, but I can’t say no.”


And she was gone. I was still sitting bare ass on the hard wooden floor. My knee hurt and my cock was a sloppy mess. I got up and located the tissue box by the nightstand. I cleaned myself, but the tissue stuck to my cock leaving bits of paper stuck to me. I didn’t care and I crawled back into bed.

I didn’t wake till ten and the sun blazed through my window. The room was getting hot as well. I twisted to a sitting position and cleared my sleeping head. My eyes focused on the floor where Katie and I had fucked during the night. I noticed a large spot on the floor that looked like dried cum. I’d have to clean that up before someone saw it.

Grabbing my toiletries bag and my swim suit, I wrapped a towel around me and headed for the outside shower. No one was in the house as I entered the kitchen and I exited the back door. The shower felt great and I let the hot water soothe my body for several minutes before washing. When I was dry, I put on the suit and went back inside. I remembered to grab a wet paper towel before returning to my room.

I was eating a bowl of cereal when Katie emerged from upstairs in her exquisite bikini and with a beach towel. She grabbed some orange juice from the refrigerator and joined me at the table. Our eyes had met knowingly when she first descended the stairs. Now, we looked at each other like two criminals yet to be caught.

“Katie, I…ah…”

“You know, Darci’s mad at me for wanting to sleep in. She’s already up at the beach.”

“Oh, really?” I said, trying hard not to smile too much.

“You’re going to get us both caught and in trouble,” Katie whispered not knowing for sure if we were completely alone.

“Looks like everyone is up and at the beach already,” I said.


“Why, you want to go again?” I asked with avrupa yakası escort a big grin, but a touch of hopefulness.

“God, you’re bad and you’re corrupting me too.”

“It’s a great way to go,” I mused.

“Yes, it is, but I need to get down and join your sister.”


“Yeah, I know,” Katie stated with a smile.

I watched her get up and deposit her empty glass in the sink. She grabbed a banana from the bowl by the refrigerator and walked back to the table. Instead of sitting, she walked right to me, and kissed me on the cheek.

“You’re bad, but so good,” Katie whispered before she walked out the door.

I watched her gorgeous ass wiggle as she left. Watching her in a bikini, my mind raced at how beautiful she truly was. My cock started to expand in my suit, even as I watched her close the door and disappear down the steps. I sure wanted more of her and that body. I’d fucked her, but still hadn’t seen her completely naked in the light of day. One part of my mind wished Anna weren’t coming.

Finishing my bowl of cereal and putting the dishes in the dishwasher, I headed out the door too. I grabbed my cell, not knowing when Anna might call. I had reason to think it wouldn’t be till much later, but wasn’t sure. As I walked to the beach, I tried hard not to think about Katie. My cock was still encouraging me to remember the night before.

It wasn’t hard to find everyone on the beach. It was quite a crowd, with the six parents, Darci and Katie, and, pleasantly, Ellen and Megan. I found room for my blanket near Megan, but noticed a look from Katie as I sat.

Megan was looking great and her cute smile caused a reaction in my groin again. Her body glistened in the sun from suntan lotion. She watched me until I’d settled on my blanket beside her.

“Sleep in this morning?” she asked with a smile.

“Yeah, I’m used to being up earlier for work and it felt good to just lie in bed for once.”

“Well, you haven’t missed much. It’s low tide so not much for waves.”

“I see,” I said, reluctantly pulling my eyes from her face.

“Care to go for a walk on the beach?” Megan asked.

“Yeah, sure.”

Megan told her sister we were going for a walk on the beach and we headed off. Everyone walked along the harder packed sand by the water’s edge and we had to avoid people coming out of the water and also coming the other direction. It was a brilliant sunny day and the slight cool breeze off the water kept it pleasant.

In her little red bikini, Megan looked incredibly hot. I stole glances at her whenever I could. I didn’t want her to catch me staring, but it was hard not to. Her long brown hair flowed around her face in the breeze off the ocean. When I noticed lots of other guys checking her out too, I felt lucky to be in her company. It reminded me why I had a crush on her in high school when I wasn’t pining over Anna.

As we walked, we kept the conversation light. College, mutual friends, and family things, but when we were about a mile from where we started Megan suddenly changed the subject.

“I’m sorry about last night.”


“When I made you stop. I don’t want you to think I’m some prude or something because I’m not. And I’m sorry if I left you…you know.”


“Yeah,” Megan said, giving me a sweet smile, but her green eyes showed deeper emotions.

“It’s ok.”

“Not really, and it’s not like I didn’t like what you were doing, I did. I just needed to take it a little slower. I’m just getting over one relationship…”

“I understand.”

“Well, I just wanted you to know, and I’m sorry if you felt frustrated afterwards. If it’s any consolation, I did too.”

“You can make it up to me by going to the movies with me tonight.”

“Ah…what about Ann? Isn’t she supposed to be coming?’

“I seriously doubt it. There is little likelihood her mother will allow her to drive down the shore after she is done with whatever she is doing. Besides, I get the impression it was going to be fairly late anyway. We’d be long back from the movies.”

“What did you want to see?”

“I don’t know. I’ll check out what’s playing in Manahawkin and let you know.”

“Ok…that sounds good.”

The conversation changed back to lighter things like what types of movies we both liked, then to music and TV shows. We switched directions, walking back after a couple miles. My stomach was telling me the little breakfast I grabbed wasn’t doing much on my hunger. Fortunately, I’d packed another twenty in my trunks and suggested we stop for another hot dog or something on the way back. For that, we had to walk back out to the boulevard in bare feet. Neither one of us had toughened our feet much this early in the summer and the going was a little painful. We laughed about it as we picked our way around the pebbles on the sidewalks and street.

Megan preferred pizza over another hot dog so we found the nearest pizza parlor. She ordered the vegetarian and I went for the sausage. After ordering sodas we took a seat at one of the outside tables. Megan continued to get plenty of looks from guys at the pizza place or just walking the sidewalks. I felt proud to be the one sitting with such a beauty. She never seemed to notice the attention and just concentrated on our light conversation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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