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There are no underage characters in this story. All characters are over the age of 18-years-old.


Emma and Daniel invite Veronica and Martin over for some sexy fun. Daniel and Martin have bi-sexual sex while watching their wives having lesbian sex

“Won’t you join me?”

Directing his conversation to his cock, Martin gave Daniel’s big bulge a raised eyebrow nod, a look of sexual interest, and a smile of encouragement. With their faces buried between one another’s legs, he looked over at Emma and Veronica having sex before briefly looking up at Daniel. Martin continued staring down at the impression that Daniel’s erection made in his pants before looking up at him with a stare that told him that he was interested in more than just looking. Obviously with Emma and Veronica having lesbian sex on the other side of the room, Martin wanted to have gay sex with Daniel.

With a multitude of emotions flooding his mind, Daniel felt sexually excited that Martin had unzipped himself and exposed his cock to him over the pretense of stroking himself while watching Emma and Veronica having lesbian sex. Had it not been for Emma and Veronica both naked across from him, he’d have a difficult time removing his focused stare from Martin’s exposed prick. With him no doubt wanting to show him his cock as much as he wanted to see his cock, obviously Martin was just as sexually excited to flash Daniel his cock as he was sexually excited to see his big prick. Fascinated by the sight of Martin’s cock, an understatement, the first erected penis he’s seen up close but for his own, he had trouble looking away from Martin’s prick even with the sexual distraction of Emma and Veronica going at one another in the sixty-nine position. Perhaps, because their wives were putting on such a sexy, lesbian show, they inspired Martin and Daniel to put on a gay show of their own.

Now with Martin taking the lead by exposing himself, Daniel was as sexually excited by the thought of exposing himself to Martin too. There was no doubt in Daniel’s mind that Martin was as sexually excited to expose his cock to him as he was to see Martin’s cock. Yet, even though he was sexually excited over seeing Martin’s penis, as if he was a teenage boy masturbating over something or someone he wasn’t supposed to see, he felt foolish with the thought of stroking himself in front of another man. Definitely with Daniel thinking about stroking himself while staring at Martin stroking himself, that action would be deemed gay in every definition of the word.

Oddly enough and quite extraordinary unbelievable though, both Daniel and Martin seemed more interested in one another than they were in watching Emma and Veronica having lesbian sex. A sexy sight to behold watching Emma eating Veronica and Veronica licking Emma, unbelievably their lesbian love affair was overwhelmed by the sexual interest that Daniel and Martin had for one another. With this officially Daniel’s first time watching his wife having lesbian sex with a woman, one would think that he’d be more interested in watching her with her lesbian lover than in the exposed prick of Veronica’s husband. Yet, even though he was obviously sexually interested, with this officially Daniel’s first bi-sexual experience, he felt as sexually excited as he felt awkwardly nervous.

Not wanting to insult his guest, as his pretense and justification to undo himself and free his erect prick from the confines of his underwear, he had no choice but to go along with Martin by undoing his pants. A big step with no turning back, taking his time, reluctantly albeit sexually excitedly, Daniel unbuckled, unbuttoned, and unzipped his pants while watching Martin stroking himself to the sexy sight of Emma and Veronica eating one another. Occasionally staring up at him to give him a sexual look of interest, Martin never removed his eyes from Daniel undressing. While playing Martin’s game of voyeurism, Daniel paused as if wanting and expecting encouragement from Martin to continue his little act of gay exhibitionism. Ready to reach his hand inside his underwear, Daniel was ready to cross the hetero/homosexual line and go beyond the point of no return by showing Martin his cock. Only unable to expose himself to Martin while his wife was sexual engaged on the other side of the room with her lesbian lover, what stopped him more was the gay man labeling that he’d have once giving in to his homosexual wants, needs, and desires.

If he continued with this homosexual recklessness, he’d be considered a gay man or in the vein of Martin, as a bi-sexual man. Even though no one would know that he had homosexual tendencies, a gay interaction, or bi-sexual sex with Martin but for Emma, Veronica, and Martin, for that matter, he would know. From that point on, he’d forever be deemed as a gay man or as a bi-sexual man. Unable to bear the burden of the sexual orientation of those homosexual defining labels, with him living all of his life as a straight man, he didn’t know if he could reconcile Ankara bayan escort himself to live with those who’d pass judgment on him. A straight man having a gay or bi-sexual affair, even if no one else knew but him and those present in the room, he’d carry the stigma and shame of his gay sexual experience for the rest of his life.

Yet, with him being no ordinary straight man and with him finally being true to himself by embracing his homosexual side, perhaps being bi-sexual or even gay would make him feel proud to be a cross dresser. Maybe a tragic mistake in being born a man, he’s really a woman inside. Already hiding a secret that he’s a cross dressing man, he’s a man who enjoys dressing as a woman and wearing women’s clothes. What’s one more secret to carry? What would it matter if he was a gay or bi-sexual cross dressing man so long as his wife was open and agreeable to him being that? No one else needs to know. It’s none of anyone’s business what he does with his wife behind closed bedroom doors.

If he could hide his cross dressing secret from his friends and family for all of these years, he surely could hide the fact that he had sex with a man just the one time. Unless he wanted to confess his experimental sexuality to someone, no one needs to know that he had gay sex with Martin. Maybe at his age he should no longer hide any secrets. Once stepping out of the closet, being true to himself, and embracing who he really is, maybe he was meant to be bi-sexual or gay all along. Maybe he was meant to be born a woman and not a man.

Even though she was the one who arranged this sexual foursome get together and even encouraged him to have sex with Martin, he wondered if Emma would lose respect for him if he had a bi-sexual affair with Martin. Certainly after watching her having sex with a woman, he didn’t lose respect for her while watching her having lesbian sex with Veronica. If anything watching his wife with a woman has enhanced his sexual relationship with his wife to an even higher level. He couldn’t wait to have sex with Veronica himself. He couldn’t wait to have sex with Emma later tonight while having pillow talk about how she felt having lesbian sex with Veronica.

Moreover, taking a lesson learned from them, with Martin and Veronica both bi-sexual, Veronica seemingly hasn’t lost respect for her husband. Idyllically, with them having an open marriage and with both of them being bi-sexual, she’s as sexually free to do whatever and whomever she wants and Martin is as sexually free to do whatever and whomever he wants. Yet, nonetheless his willingness to take on another secret that he was a bi-sexual or even a gay man, the weight of his secret life as a cross dresser already weighed heavily upon his shoulders, his head, and his heart. As far as he knew, only his wife knew his secret. No matter, he wished he didn’t have to keep the secret of being a cross dresser. He wished he could walk in public dressed as a woman and feel proud of who he is as a man dressed as a woman.

He wondered how his new friends, Veronica and Martin would react to him being a cross dresser. He wondered what they’d say and what they’d think of him if they only knew that he enjoyed wearing women’s clothes. If he continued in exposing his cock to Martin and only God knows what else, not only would he a cross dresser but also he’d be a bi-sexual man or even a gay man. No longer checking the heterosexual box, he could no longer state that he’s never had a gay, sexual experience. He could no longer say that he’s never been with a man.

Forgetting the fact that he’s a cross dresser too, a big step to take, he wondered what all of his friends and relatives would think of him if they knew that he was sitting next to a man masturbating over their wives having lesbian sex. Wow! Too sexually provocative for his stuff shirt friends to understand their personal, sexual peccadilloes, he wondered what all of his friends and relatives would think of him masturbating himself with Martin. If only they knew what gay thoughts he was thinking, none of his friends and relatives would approve. Then, as if pushing him off of a cliff and literally forcing his hand, Martin did something totally unexpected. Martin took it upon himself to make Daniel’s decision for him.

* * * * *

“Allow me,” said Martin scooching over closer to him on the couch to reach his hand inside of Daniel’s underpants while pulling out his cock.

‘Oh my God,’ thought Daniel. ‘Are you kidding me?’

Daniel stared at Martin before staring down at his hand. He couldn’t believe it when Martin stuck his hand in his underwear, wrapped his fingers around his erection, and pulled out his prick. Shocked, surprised, and sexually excited, as if he was dreaming or sexually fantasizing, he stared at Martin’s hand holding his cock. Martin had his cock in his hand. A first time for everything, even a man holding his cock in his hand, Daniel couldn’t believe that Martin was holding his cock.

Shocked, surprised, Escort bayan Ankara and sexually excited, with Martin now holding two cocks, his own erect prick and Daniel’s erect prick, he stared at Martin’s two hands before looking up at him with impassioned sexual excitement. Shocked, surprised, and sexually excited, he couldn’t believe it when Martin gently ran his fingertip over the head of his cock while looking up at him as if he wanted to kiss him. Feeling it while fondling it in his hand, as if rubbing his belly in one direction with one hand and rubbing his head in a different direction with his other hand, Martin showed his ambidexterity by not only stroking his cock but also stroking his own cock as well.

With a firmer grasp than Emma had on his cock, Martin began slowly stroking him. Unable to gather his thoughts to say anything, he just stared from Martin’s hand stroking him to Martin’s face staring at him. Daniel would be lying if he didn’t say that Martin’s impromptu hand job didn’t feel good when it did. His longtime sexual fantasy come true, he was finally going to experience having sex with a man.

“Other than Emma and the women I’ve been with before marrying Emma while remaining faithful to her, I never had a man touch my cock before,” said Daniel.

He only removed his eyes from staring at his cock in Martin’s hand to look up at his face.

“How does it feel?” Martin continued slowly stroking him.

“It feels good, very good,” said Daniel closing his eyes. “If I close my eyes and didn’t know you were a man, I’d think that a woman was holding my cock. When I close my eyes, I’m able to imagine Veronica holding my prick.”

“Interesting,” said Martin looking from Daniel to look at his wife having sex with Daniel’s wife. “That’s an interesting concept. Maybe you should keep your eyes shut and pretend that I’m a woman or that I’m my wife while stroking you,” said Martin returning his focus back to Daniel.

“Okay,” said Daniel.

Martin remained silent while slowly stroking Daniel’s engorged prick. Then, breaking his silence, he said what Daniel feared he’d say.

“Just so that I could experience the same sensation of pretending that a woman or, more specifically, your beautiful wife, Emma, was holding my cock instead of you, a man, was holding my cock,” he said with a pause. “Would you mind terribly holding my cock in your hand while I close my eyes and pretend that Emma is masturbating me?”

Daniel looked at Martin as if he was nuts before looking at him with increased sexual excitement. Obviously Martin wanted Daniel to hold his cock in the way that Martin was holding his cock. Obviously Martin wanted him to stroke his cock in the way that he was stroking his cock. Even though he saw through his obvious pretense of closing his eyes while pretending that a woman or, more specifically, Emma was holding his cock, accommodating him, Daniel surprised even himself when he reached out his arm to take Martin’s cock in hand.

Holding Martin’s erect prick as if he was holding something delicate and breakable, he didn’t move his hand in the way that Martin continued slowly moving his hand up and down while masturbating him. As if afraid to enjoy the sensation of holding Martin’s cock, he didn’t explore Martin’s stiff prick with his fingers in the way that Martin did with his cock. Having never touched a man’s penis before but for his own, he couldn’t believe he was sitting on the couch across from his wife having sex with another woman while he held the prick of another man and while another man masturbated him. As if Emma and Veronica weren’t even in the same room, he more focused his attention on Martin’s stiff prick than he did on the two naked women sexually going at one another.

“How’s that? Did it feel like Emma was holding you instead of me?”

Daniel stared down at Martin’s cock before staring up at him.

“It was fine until you asked me how it was,” said Martin with a laugh. “Let’s try this again, shall we? Only, this time, when I close my eyes, stroke me without talking. Okay? Maybe I’ll pretend you’re Brad Pitt instead of pretending that you’re Emma,” he said with a laugh.

With so very much happening so very fast, this was getting serious now with Martin wanting Daniel to masturbate him in the way that he was masturbating Daniel.

“Okay,” said Daniel looking for an excuse to stop stroking Martin and quickly finding one.

Daniel continued stroking Martin with his eyes wide open while Martin continued stroking him with his eyes closes.

“Yes, that feels nice,” said Martin. “That feels so good. I’m surprised I never tried this before with someone else. Having my eyes closed while being masturbated is a new sensation for me.”

When Martin verbally said aloud that Daniel was masturbating him, as if he was hit with a sudden jolt of electricity, a slap across the face, or a glass of cold water, Daniel was shocked back from a gay man’s sexual fantasy to a straight Bayan escort Ankara man’s reality. Now uncomfortable holding Martin’s cock in his hand while Martin held his cock in his hand within sight of their wives, maybe he’d feel differently if their wives weren’t there in the same room. Maybe he’d feel differently if he was alone with Martin. Maybe he’d feel differently if this was kismet, just happened out of the blue, and hadn’t been arranged by Emma.

Even though he was sexually excited, he was uncomfortable that he was holding Martin’s cock instead of holding Veronica’s tits while fingering her pussy. What was he doing? What was he thinking? What excited him more before about this foursome, having sex with Veronica, suddenly changed when it was apparent that he’d be having sex with Martin instead. Yet, even though he still wanted to experience Veronica sexually, he was more excited to have sex with Martin than he was to have sex with Martin’s wife.

“Only, if you don’t mind, I’d rather watch our wives having sixty-nine sex,” said Daniel using that as his excuse to remove his hand from Martin’s prick.

Not wanting to put the kibosh to this first time bi-sexual encounter before it even began, he stopped short of saying that he’d rather watch their wives having sixty-nine sex than stroking Martin’s cock. He’d be lying if he said he didn’t want to stroke Martin when he did. Only, a little too fast too soon, perhaps if Martin had started with kissing him first he’d be more sexually ready to stroke his cock. Martin closed his eyes and Daniel slowly stroked him while Martin slowly stroked Daniel. Now both men were masturbating one another again.

“I’d like to watch our wives too,” said Martin. “Yet if it’s okay with you, while we watch our wives having fun, I don’t mind stroking you, if you don’t mind stroking me too.”

Daniel wondered if he’d be considered gay by allowing a man to stroke his cock. He wondered if he’d be considered gay by stroking another man’s cock. With Martin already stroking him and lowering his resistance to return the favor, he stared down at Martin’s hand stroking his cock before staring over at Martin’s cock and looking up at Martin.

“I can do that,” said Daniel with his sexual attraction to Martin overwhelming his straight man’s resistance to stroking another man’s cock.

While watching Emma licking and fingering Veronica and Veronica eating and fingering Emma, Martin stroked Daniel and Daniel stroked Martin. Matching their strokes with one another, they quickened their strokes while watching their wives having lesbian sex with one another. Then, in a moment of heighten, sexual passion, Martin looked him in the eyes in the way that Emma looked him in the eyes whenever she wanted to be kissed. As if he was on a first date with a woman and sitting in his car instead of on his couch, Martin leaned to the side, put his left hand behind Daniel’s neck, pulled him closer, and kissed him.

As if he had kissed him before and certainly he had in his dreams and in his sexual fantasies of this very moment, Daniel submitted his tongue to him. He was French kissing Martin. He couldn’t believe he was French kissing a man. Kissing and kissing one another, both men kissed as if they were sitting in a darkened car at a drive-in movie. When Martin released him, Daniel was dizzy with sexual arousal. In the way he felt now after Martin kissed him, he’d suck Martin, he would.

“You have a beautiful cock Daniel,” said Martin stroking him faster while staring down at Daniel’s erect prick before looking up at him. “It’s so hard and quite large, bigger than average.”

Breathing more through his mouth than through his nose, Daniel’s jaw dropped in his sexual excitement. He couldn’t believe that he just French kissed a man. He couldn’t believe that Martin just kissed him while stroking him. Martin made out with him while masturbating him. His first kiss from a man, it was like nothing he had ever imagined. Figuring that the kiss would be hard, quick, and scratchy, it was soft, long lasting, and sweet. Better than he thought it would be, if their first kiss was this good, he wouldn’t mind kissing Martin again and again.

“I swear, if you keep that up Martin, you’re going to make me cum,” said Daniel looking at Martin to give him a look that told him that he wanted to cum.

A first time for everything, Daniel couldn’t believe that he wanted another man to make him cum. Taking his hint and ready to accommodate him, Martin gave him a sexy look that reminded him of the sexy look that Emma usually gives him. This was it. This was really going to happen. Daniel was about to officially have gay sex with Martin by allowing him to masturbate him to ejaculation while kissing and kissing him.

“I don’t mind you cumming all over my hand Daniel,” said Martin with a measured pause. “Yet, rather than making a mess of my clothes and possibly this couch, I’d much rather you cum in my mouth.”

What? Martin wants him to cum in his mouth. Seriously? He couldn’t believe it. This man wants to suck him. This man wants him to cum in his mouth. The words echoed through his straight man, cross dressing brain as if he was dreaming this or sexually fantasizing this while masturbating himself.

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