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I heard the slam of the front door from my room on the second floor of my family’s home in Brooklyn. There was a commotion of noise and the sounds of people talking. I rolled my eyes when I heard my mother scolding at my half-sister. The usual exchange between a parent and a child was made with the ending result being my step-father having to step in to wrangle the situation. I heard Lily’s stomps up the stairs and past my open bedroom door. She stopped and looked into my room. I looked up from my tablet and saw my half-sister a disheveled mess. Before she had left for her date, she wore a stunning outfit. It was one that I wished the girls I dated wore, but the girls I went after looked and behaved nothing like Lily. She wore a sweater dress that barely touched the middle of her thigh with knee length leather boots that had knitted stocks that came all the way up past her knees. Lily tucked a bit of hair and continued to look into my room.

“Are you ok?” I asked as I set my tablet down.

“Say it.” She said with her extremely feminine and melodic voice. It had a slight quiver to it that would indicate that the date she went on went even more horribly wrong than the evidence had proved already.


Lily rolled her eyes. “Tell me that you were right all along about him.”

I sighed, “Lily, I’m not going to rub salt into the wounds.”

She took a deep breath. “Well, he was a fucking jerk like you said he was.”

I nodded.

“I’m going to take a shower.”


She looked up at me with eyes filled with hurt. “Yeah?”

“Did he touch you?”

She shook her head. “That was all he wanted, but I wasn’t having it.”



“If he did and you weren’t about it, I was going to cut his dick off.”

Lily smiled, “Thanks, Rob.”

I nodded, “Go take your shower.”

She nodded and walked off to her room which was directly across from mine. I heard her gather her things and walked off to the bathroom. I sighed. I picked up my tablet and began going through some of the work I had for school. Lily and I were three years apart from one another. She was the product of my mother and step-father after my father had run off with some floozy that he had worked with. If my mother hadn’t told me when I got older, I would have thought my step-father was my real one, however, being Chinese and him not being, it would have eventually struck a cord. I flinched when my phone went off next to my leg. I picked it up and found a text from Lily.

How did you know?

I looked at my phone puzzled. How did I know what?

How did you know he was going to be a jerk?

I had a feeling he was.

Come on…

I took a deep breath as I tried to conjure the words for worldly older brother wisdom. I don’t know Lily. There was something about him. I am a guy. I know what guys want. He is a lot older than you are. You guys met by chance with him approaching you. That sent alarms to me the moment you told me. The only time I would even think about talking to a young pretty girl is to try to get into what was between her legs. And when he came to pick you up…the cologne he wore almost killed me and the parental units. And, I have super powers of deduction.

There was a long pause. I sighed in relief hoping that my answer was good enough for her. But, before I could set my phone down, she texted.

You think I’m pretty?

I stared at my phone not knowing what I should text back.


I cleared my throat and scoffed at my own hesitation. Yes.



I heard her giggle in the bathroom.

You’re weird.

I smiled. Says the girl giggling to herself in the bathroom. Go shower. I have to send this thing out to my professor.


She was satisfied with the answer. Lily’s pride was restored a bit. I set my phone down and picked up my tablet. Lily and I grew up like any other siblings. We fought. We had clashes of ideals. We picked on one another. It was a normal relationship that our parents were happy about, albeit the clashes that turned physical. I leaned back in my bed and took a deep breath and recalled the time that Lily had come into my room to hang out. We had been watching Netflix together. We ate popcorn. We laughed at the stupid movies we watched. It was a good time. She was fifteen at the time and I could still recall the look of seriousness on her face when she turned and asked me that fated question. Do you think it is ok for family members to fool around? I was stunned at the question. I didn’t know what to say to her then. The question still echoes in my mind. Thankfully, after that night, she never brought it up again. Yet, seeing her tonight as she walked by, the vulnerability of my usually strong and guarded half-sister conjured some misplaced feelings.


I snapped out of my mental thoughts and looked up. Lily’s head had popped into my room. Her bleached blonde escort bayan hair was still wet and matted to her head. She appeared around the doorway more and revealed that she had just a towel on. I swallowed hard and I stared at her shapely legs. Lily stood five foot two with a slight but curvy figure. She got most of her looks from my mother with some from my step-father’s Caucasian lineage. Her almost dark brown eyes looked over at me puzzled at my silence. “What?” I asked finally breaking my silence and sitting up.

“Did you have a lot of work?”

I shook my head as I touched the send button to the email application on my tablet. “Nope, I got everything done. Why?”

“Can we hang out?” she asked as she took a few steps into my room. The towel she had wrapped around her fit her form tightly. Her full B-cup breasts screamed to be let out of their terrycloth prison.

“Sure. Do you want me to go get some snacks?”

She smiled and shook her head cutely. “Let me change, dry my hair and I will get us something.”


“Is there anything in particular that you want for snacks?” she asked.

I shook my head, “You know what I like.”

“Can you find us something to watch?”

I nodded and watched as she darted off. I closed my eyes and tried to steady myself. Why was my heart racing? Why was I getting aroused? I reached down and adjusted my slightly erect cock and shifted about in my bed. Disturbed with the feelings I had, I tried my best to knock them out of my head. I grabbed my Xbox controller and got things started. Lily walked by my room moments later. She was wearing a pair of shorts that were too short for my comfort and a loose t-shirt that looked oddly familiar. She dashed down the stairs in a flurry of stomps. Even from the second floor, I heard her in the kitchen frantically gathering supplies for what I assumed was going to be a long night of Netflix binging. Before I knew it, she appeared in my room with arms spilling with treats.

“That was fast.” I remarked as she set the snacks and drinks on my bed.

“May I?” she asked as she extended a silky leg and placed a knee on my mattress.

“You may.” I said.

She got onto the bed carefully. I slid over a bit and allowed her more room to stretch out. She lied down on her stomach facing the television and granted me a generous view of her perfect little rear end. I took a deep breath and searched through categories.

“What do you want to watch?”

She shrugged as she passed a soda to me. “No horror. The last time you had me watching something scary, I was up all night thinking the shadows were coming to kill me.”

“Lily, you were sixteen. It’s been two years.” I said chuckling. “Don’t tell me you are scared of shadows at night still.”

She looked back with an expression of mock anger, “What do you think?”

I laughed out loud and shook my head, “You are such a pussy.”

“It’s because I have one, what’s your excuse?”

I rolled my eyes, “I get pussy, relax.”

She smiled, “If you say so. I don’t recall you going on any dates recently.”

“What makes you think I need to go on dates to get sex?”

Lilly turned around. Her legs pushed up against mine, “Your hand doesn’t count, Robert.”

“No, seriously, what makes you think I need to go on dates to have sex?”

“You’ve just hooked up with girls?” she asked with eyes wide with wonderment.

I shrugged, “I have, but the pool which I collect from has dried out.”

She pouted cutely, “Aww, so I guess I was right. It has been just your hand, huh?”

I rolled my head about, “Ha, ha, ha. Looks like horror it is.”

“Noooo!” she cried out as she kicked her feet against me. “Please?!”

I smiled and clicked on a comedy about Vikings. Lily settled back down as we watched. The show was funny with humor that didn’t match the timeline of the show. Lily laughed as she stuffed cheese puffs into her mouth. I looked up as our parents walked by. My mother bidding us goodnight, while my step-dad shutting my bedroom door not wanting the sound from the television disturbing them. I sat back and watched. My mind drifted. My eyes wandered. I looked over to Lily and marveled at her legs. They looked amazing as she moved about a bit to get snacks and further get more comfortable for the marathon night we were to have. I set my hand down. It brushed her legs. I didn’t know what compelled me to do so, but I did. My hand was on the other side of her shapely legs. Lily moved closer to me. She was nearly pressed up against me as she felt my hand brush up against her skin.

We watched episode after episode. We switched from comedy to romantic comedy. We consumed our snacks and soon in the dead of night, we grew tired of the marathon. I yawned and stretched in place. My hand pressed harder against her thigh. Lily turned and looked at me. The t-shirt she wore had shifted about during the course of the night. Because of its altıparmak escort bayan loose nature, the shirt had risen up past her shorts and her flat tummy. She looked into my eyes and took a deep breath without saying anything.

“Is something wrong?” I asked breaking the awkward silence.

“Can I ask a favor?”

I nodded.

“Can I snuggle with you for a bit before I go to bed?”

I was stunned. She hadn’t wanted to snuggle with me since she was thirteen. I tried desperately to find a correct response.

“Unless you don’t want to.” She said slightly disappointed as she started to get off the bed.

My hand held her in place. I took a deep breath and nodded, “Come here.”

Lily gathered the empty bowls and bottles that littered my bed and placed them on my desk before she scurried against me. She curled her soft and warm body against me. I moved about and found a position that allowed me to hold her as she folded herself into a final resting spot. I rested my head against hers and took a deep breath. She smelled amazing. Her scent was sweet and florally. It was feminine. It was sensual. It was arousing. She placed a hand on my chest.

“Rob, your heart is racing.”

“Is it?”

She nodded.



I shrugged.

“No, seriously…”

“Don’t ask me that.”

“Why not?”

“You know why.”

“Because my brother is a pervert?”

I chuckled. “No.”


“It has been a while since we did this. Let’s just say your brother misses it. Ok?”

She nodded, “I will take that as a semi-suitable answer.”


She pushed herself closer to me. I felt her supply breasts pressed against my side. Her warmth she radiated was alluring. It may have taken a few moments, but my body finally eased its tension and relaxed. I listened to the sound of her breathing. It wasn’t a restful one, it almost seemed excited.



“Can I ask you something?”


“Is there something wrong with me?”


“Is there something wrong with me?” she asked again as she looked up at me. “Why can’t I find a nice guy?”

“Lily, you’re young. Give it time, ok? What’s the rush?”

She shrugged, “I see all my friends with nice guys in their lives. I want the same. All I seem to be able to attract are guys that just want sex.”

“Seriously, take your time. There is no need to rush, ok?”


“Well, what is wrong with me?” I asked echoing her sentiment. “As much as I am after sex, I want to find someone that is awesome and funny. All the girls I seem to find are the ones after my wallet.”

“They’re bitches.” She said with cute anger. “Next girl that does that to you, I will claw her eyes out.”

I chuckled, “Thanks.”

She sighed, “Maybe we’re just broken people.”

“Maybe.” I said as I kissed her head softly. “But, one day, we will find the right broken people to match up to us. Then we won’t be broken anymore.”

“That’s so cheesy.” She said as she giggled into my chest.


She nodded.

“Well, I guess I am cheesy. But, for what it’s worth, it is what I believe.”




“Hit me.”

She looked up at me, “Rub my butt?”



I shook my head, “I don’t know…”


“Lily…siblings shouldn’t do this.”

She reached back and took hold of my hand. She guided it slowly to her rear end. My hand touched her. She closed her eyes when she felt the palm of my hand cup the swell of her ass. She scooted about and wrapped her arms around me as she felt my hand stay in place. Lily always got what she wanted. Either she was going to nag a person to death or bat her eye-lashes until you gave in to her. No one escaped her charm or her wrath. I kept my hand where she had guided. Her rear end was perfect. It was soft. It was supple. It was amazing. My hand began to move about on its own. The shorts she wore left little separation. They had risen up leaving a generous portion of her posterior to be touched. As my hand moved about, I felt no panty line. She didn’t have any underwear on. My heart raced even faster. If she only weren’t who she was, I would have pounced on her. But, she is my half-sister. She looked to me for protection. She looked to me for guidance. I shoved the thoughts of taboo out of my head and tried my best to relax.

“It feels good.” She murmured sleepily.


She nodded. My hand slowed, but she shimmied her rear end in protest. “Don’t stop.”


“Is my butt nice?”


“Does my butt feel good?”

“I don’t think you should be asking me that.”

“Consider it a request to stem off my insecurities.” She said as she looked up to me. “Can you give me an objective opinion?”

I nodded. nilüfer eskort “Yes.”

“Yes to what?”

“Yes,” I said as I squeezed a perfectly shaped butt-cheek. “Your butt feels good.”


My hand drifted away from her rear end and made its way up to the small of her back. The silkiness of her nearly drove me over my limit. I moved about as I felt my cock stiffen to attention. As much as I wanted to hide my shame of the situation, Lily kept me in place, flat on my back with her against me. My hand drifted higher and higher on her back until I touched the clasp of her bra. I used my fingers and gently touched her in little circles and I drifted back down. She purred in delight. She pulled a leg across mine. I inhaled deeply as the taboo of it all was driving me mad. It was driving me to the point where I contemplated stepping over the line. Her knee brushed up against my swollen member. I gasped. She stiffened.


I sat up abruptly breaking the intimate bond we had with one another. I cleared my throat. “It’s late…”


“I think we should go to bed.”

She took my cues. Lily got out of bed slowly. I looked back at her as she adjusted her shorts and the t-shirt she wore. My eyes roamed about her body as I took her in with the aide of the low LED lights in my room. My eyes settled on her shorts. There was a slightly darker shade of gray between her legs. No. I must have seen it wrong. Lily offered a nervous smile.

“Thanks for hanging out with me.”

“Uh…yeah, it has been a while.”

She leaned over and kissed me softly on the cheek. She lingered. Her lips were hot and moist. I wanted to take hold of her. I wanted to kiss her deeply. But, I didn’t. I smiled and watched as she broke her kiss. She offered another nervous smile and walked out of my room. I sighed in relief. I got out of my bed and went to brush my teeth. My mind raced with thoughts. My heart fluttered from emotions beyond my understanding. I got out of the bathroom after my nightly routine and stepped back into my room. I put away my tablet and lay down. The smell of Lily lingered in my room. I picked up my phone to set an alarm and found that she had messaged me.


For what?

I shouldn’t have made you touch me.

I know.

Do you forgive me?

I do.

Ok. Thank you for a fun night. You made me feel better about my situation.

I smiled. You are welcome.

Mom and dad are heading out for some sort of dinner tomorrow with their friends. Do you have plans?


Want to hang out again?

I hesitated.




Only if you behave.

I promise.


Good night Rob.

Good night.

Love you.

Love you too.


Like a cliché television show, everything was magically back to normal the next day. I sat on a living room couch and worked on a project due after the winter break. Our parents had been busy all morning with their friends. Some of them had come back to the house with them. They had coffee and talked about the things they used to do before they had kids. They laughed and joked. I looked up as Lily walked down the stairs from her room. She said her greetings to my parents and their friends before coming into the living room. She was dressed in a pair of tight yoga pants and t-shirt. She nudged the coffee table away from the center of the room and looked over her shoulder at me.

“Am I in your way?” I asked.

She shook her head. “I’m just going to do some yoga.”


Lily took position in the middle of the living room. She took deep breaths and started her yoga exercises. I turned my eyes to my tablet and my papers. I did my best to not stare, but as she stretched and bent, my eyes wandered. I looked up as she bent straight down and touched her toes. The fabric of her yoga pants stretched to their limit. She wore nothing underneath again. Perhaps it was my imagination, but there was no sign of panties or a thong. She changed positions. I couldn’t tear my eyes off of her. She was lovely as the rays from the sun pierced into our home and splashed brilliantly onto my half-sister. Her bleached blonde locks fell past her shoulders and nearly touched the small of her back. I exhaled audibly when she turned about and stretched into another pose. She was facing me. Her eyes closed. She looked angelic. The sun played with her soft features. Her small pointed nose moved about as she tried to itch it without breaking her pose. I stared at her lips. They glistened from the lip gloss that she had put on prior to coming down to do yoga. They were luscious. They begged to be kissed. I closed my eyes and envisioned the kiss from last night, the kiss that I never wanted to end.

“Ay-yah, Lily!”

My mother’s voice snapped me out of my perverse thoughts. I looked over my shoulder and watched as my mother step out of the dining room and walked over to Lily. My mother stripped the hoodie that she wore and tugged it over Lily.

“It is winter. Do you want to catch a cold?!”

“No mom.” She said as she tried her best not to roll her eyes.

“Can you do your yoga later? We may want to sit in the living room.”

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