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Big Tits

She walked into the crowded darkened room, the music pumping; it was her friends costume party. Her costume was ingenious, a schoolgirl innocent yet at the same time sexy. The tartan skirt ending 5 inches above the knee, her white knee high stockings shimmered in what light was in the room, not that anyone could see but under that skirt was a white silk and lace g-string. The matching bra could be noticed under the flimsy white school shirt she wore. Her hair a glowing red tumbled in a mass of curls around her shoulders. She was a sight to behold.

As she wove her way through the seething crowd, she bumped into a solid figure, as she looked up she saw a distinct yet handsome man in an air force uniform. The drink he was holding made a wet path down the front of his shirt. As he looked down to see who caused the spill, his breath was stolen from his body, He thought she couldn’t be more than 5 feet tall, He had to look down from his height of 6 feet 6 inches just to be able to see the exquisite creature in front of him. Just as suddenly as she had bumped into him he was shoved from behind and stumbled forward which knocked her backward. To stop her from falling she clung to his jacket cebeci escort and at the same time he swept his arms around her. He pulled her hard against him, pressing himself into her yielding warmth.

Her eyes flickered upwards a small smile gracing her lips as she pressed herself more firmly against the growing hardness in his pants. Gently but restlessly moving her hips against him. The growing need in them both spiraling out of control. He moved his hand slowly down to rest upon one of her breasts and squeezed the supple flesh in his hand, which elicited a small moan from her. Her small hands moving down his back to rest on his ass. He bent his head and his lips found hers in a kiss that ignited a fire low in their stomachs. He moved his lips away from hers and trailing light kisses from her lips to her ear. He whispered “follow me” and led her through the crowd into a deserted bathroom.

Claiming her lips again in a soul-searching kiss he then went down on his knees stripping and kissing her on the way down. He kissed, licked and nibbled on her breasts and nipples before trailing kisses down to her puss His fingers searching çukurambar escort and sliding between her moist nether lips to find her clit, rubbing her as his tongue finds her hot wet hole. Diving into it he licks and sucks till she reaches an orgasm. He slides 2 fingers deep into her finger fucking her till she is crying out for release. After cumming she sinks to her knees while he stands and unzips his pants to pull his cock out.

She starts kissing and licking the length of his cock before slipping the head into her mouth, sucking softly on it as she glides her head down to the bottom of his shaft till every inch of him is embedded in her mouth. She sucks on him till he pulls her up and bends her over the sink. He guides his cock between her pussy lips and into her hot wet hole. Filling her with is hard cock he drives into her while she begs him to fuck her harder. Complying his hips is a blur and her pussy wall grips and squeezes his cock and as she starts cumming he pumps his sperm deep into her pussy. He pulls out, kisses her on the lips and walks out leaving her in a pile on the floor.

As she lies they’re demetevler escort recovering another gentleman walks in and sees a disheveled young lady on the floor. Clearly having just been fucked he turns and locks the door. Walking over to her he drops his jacket hearing her protests, which he cuts short as his mouth covers hers in a searing kiss. His fingers slides down and he presses 3 into her and starts to finger fuck her. Again she tries to protest and again they are cut short as he presses his cum covered fingers into her mouth. And makes her clean them. He repeats that and by the time all of the cum from the first guy has been scooped out and fed to her she is no longer protesting instead she is begging for more.

He strips off his pants and lies on the floor telling her to straddle him so he can eat her while she sucks on him. Making her cum 3 or 4 times with his mouth. He lifts her and lies her on the floor on her back; he lifts her legs over his shoulders and presses his cock into her pussy slowly. She is begging for more but he continues moving in and out in long slow strokes. He is driving her crazy and as he feels himself coming close to cumming he starts fucking her hard and fast plunging in one more time before pulling out and flipping her over and presses his cock into her ass. She screams as she cums and he fucks her ass deep before pushing in one last time and shooting his cum deep in her ass. He pulls out gets her to suck his cock clean, dresses and leaves her on the floor, cum leaking from her bruised and battered ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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