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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Fyr was out of the shower and drying off her scales as she walked back down the hallway to the bedroom without a care in the world, even letting the towel hang more loosely from her body, brazenly so. She had another wrapped around her head — a smaller towel — to catch the drips off her horns but there was no longer any real need for her to cover herself up around her family. Everyone seemed to be well enough in with everyone else and that was hardly about to change anytime soon as she boldly showed off her breasts, slipping her usually modest towel down around her waist, chest exposed.

Let them look. Maybe she’d even go off and give them something to look at. Pressing her lips together, she raised her brows, for she did not have the heavier eyebrows of some furs, the tip of her tongue flickering up against the inside of her teeth as if it was begging release in a little derision of scorn She was hardly much of an exhibitionist herself but it seemed like no one was even looking at her half the time, using her and tossing her to the side, so why not step up and out of the role of voyeur herself, if only for a time? It would be rash and unlike herself but Fyr didn’t even know what remained of ‘herself’ anymore, which was perhaps the most frightening thought of all.

And things had changed, oh yes… So very many things had changed and come to pass, things that may very well have broken a dragoness who was not so strong of mind and heart, present in herself and knowing that, whatever they threw her way, she would come through on the other side, even if not with a smile on her muzzle. There wasn’t always time for a smile as the thoughts clamoured for attention, one clambering over the other as they all vied to be first — me, me, me, me, me! Clamping her jaw, she hastened onward, all happening too quickly for her mind to keep up with, the world moving too slowly around her.

What had happened last night… No. No, that was not a thought for the present moment. She didn’t need to consider just how her heart had leapt and fallen at the same time, just how his scales had felt against hers. If she thought about it too much, Fyr was not entirely sure whether she would find herself falling or soaring. It was a matter, surely, that was up for debate and not one that she, as yet, wanted to find the outcome of.

And she may have softened and fallen deeper into her thoughts at that very point if not for the noise coming from the spare bedroom — one of the spare rooms as she had ensured that the ranch house of her own design had several. She could have walked on by too, expecting that it was her brother or her mother or even Ropes up to no good with someone else in there. Darn it, she’d have to make the bed again and clean the sheets and tidy up whatever mess it was that they left behind. What a bind, what a real bind that it would take an even bigger chunk out of her day…

Something made her go in, however, and Fyr would be forever glad that she did, pushing open the door with a careful, questing eye and sliding just her nose in so that she could make a quick escape if she deemed the situation to require that. It could have been very different but her eyes went immediately to the egg in the otherwise nicely set up room, wrapped up in a cradle where the blankets had been strewn over the sides as if some manner of disagreement had taken place. It didn’t make sense to her, at least not at first, but the pushing and cracking against the inside of the egg, the surface bulging and rising before the break, cracked the tension with a break that could not have been ignored.

And then she knew, everything coming together in one glorious rush of information, nearly enough that a dragoness would succumb to it, sucking air into her lungs as everything around her, abruptly, seemed to move in divine slow-motion. She could not have otherwise have said quite how she was able to watch, in vivid, sweetening detail, how the hatchling’s nose pressed through the surface of the egg, a crack widening sharply, as she hollered for those who simply had to be present for its awakening and rebirth into a world that it was not yet to know or understand.

“Rooopes!” She screamed, eyes wide as she lunged for the egg, knocking over the tall lamp by the door in her haste to get to it. “Get your tentacled ass in here! And get Sasha too!”

She didn’t think to call her brother but it was surely to be expected when he raced in beside them, jaws parted and wings raised as high as he could possibly get them without crashing into either the ceiling or the walls, a snarl ripping itself from his throat. He swung his head back and forth, searching for gorukle escort the cause of her scream, claws glinting in the light of the bedside lamp that Fyr, with admittedly shaking paws, had managed to switch on, illuminating the room that didn’t quite get the natural light through the window at that time of day. It was a quiet room, a dim room, and one that would be perfect for a little one that needed their sleep, even with a small, single bed set up ready to go.

“What is it?” He hissed, tail whipping the air. “What’s wrong? God, Fyr!”

Sasha, however, caught on to what was happening before her son did and shoved her way past Fyr to the cradle, leaning over with her wings flared out as if she was striving, in some motherly, maternal way, to shield the egg from some perceived harm. One could not say, after all, just how they would act when faced with their very own youngster, an instance that was sometimes delayed for those who laid eggs. It was all the more visceral when giving live birth, or she could only imagine, seeing just how Sasha leaned over the cradle, gripping it with such force that her knuckles turned a lighter shade even beneath her scales, breath catching in her throat.


And Fyr needed not to have any part in the hatching, lips parted in a soft smile that eased the tension from her face, forgetting even that she was clad only in a towel around her waist, the one on her horns slowly slipping off at a jaunty angle. Someone would later tease her for it but there was no one there at that time but their family, the ones that really mattered, as the hatchling pushed its way from the egg bit by bit, despite their fingers all aching to help her. No one knew whether they should give the young one space in which to do as nature intended or rush in to help out but, as it was, it turned that she needed no such help after a few minutes when she burst full-bodied from the egg in a shatter of shell and spray of supportive fluid that had fed her during her time in the egg.

Well, she would hold herself as female for the sake of simplicity, although would be given the choice, later in life, to decide just where she placed herself. For it was quite clear as Fyr dried off the strung-out pile of light blue scales with a white patch down the front like a cougar. But the hatchling was not furred in any way but with the softest scales that had yet to harden, a pair of small, perfect wings tucked in, close and wet, to her back. Her hind paws seemed to be more feline than draconian but that was a little detail that would remain to be seen along with the little nubs on her back — just what were those? How would they develop? — and stripes slashed across her lower back, reminiscent of Fyr’s yellow markings. Yet she was not Fyr’s daughter and it could not be denied that her demon father, passing Fyr a towel as he hesitated, wanting to be closer but not quite knowing what to do, had some influence as she was neither truly a she nor a he.

A hermaphrodite would be the technically correct term and it was hardly as if there were not many of them in the world at large anymore, although it was not a sexuality that they needed to be loud about to be heard. No, they could go about their daily business like anyone else and it was the sort of thing that, really, only had to play into sexual liaisons and the matter of relationships, so many had sought to ease under the radar during the course of the passage of time and a modernising world. Her boasting two sets of genitalia, however, took Fyr aback a bit, her paw still for a couple of seconds as she gulped and shared a look at Ropes. The cougar grinned, tentacles writhing as he brushed the tip of one tenderly across her cheek.

“She’ll take after her father, you know.”

And Fyr grinned right back at him because she wanted that too. She didn’t look quite like Ropes with her little black horns and her green eyes — ah, there was a bit of Sasha in her — but she didn’t have to for everyone to know that she was well and truly her father’s daughter, a demoness in her own right who would do them all proud in anything and everything that she chose to go on to do. There was only one thing missing as Sasha took her daughter trembling into her arms and held her there, arms held at an awkward angle as if she didn’t quite remember how she had held both Kao and Fyr when they had been younger and there had been no demons in their lives at all.

A crack. Just like in the egg, there could be a moment of vulnerability in the most trying and emotional of times, although it no longer seemed to fit the dragoness with a death metal T-shirt on and the knitting that she’d, oddly, taken up to craft funky and downright weird patterns discarded out in the hallway. She looked her age and then looked younger again — younger than even Fyr — as she gulped down emotion, casting her eyes desperately for her family even as Kao was right there to put his arm around her shoulders. For once, altıparmak eskort bayan he held her in a chaste hug, something any normal son would give to an upset parent, and she leaned into him, the hatchling coughing lightly as a drop of shell plopped out from her delicate little muzzle.

“Congratulations, mom.”

One thing, however, remained to be decided, the little thing that had been missing and, frankly, should have been decided months ago — perhaps even back when Sasha had been pregnant. But none of them had been thinking about that what with everything else that had been going on.

“What will we call her?” Fyr said, taking the little one from Sasha, before she broke down into floods of tears, and holding the wet ball of scales in close to her chest so that she could feel the beating of her heart pounding for her. “Oh… She’s…”

But she could not get the words out that she wanted to, the words that she needed to say sticking in her throat, too tight to speak without working, clearing her throat with an uncharacteristically shaky smile.

“Sienna… My grandmother was Sienna. It is fitting for her… Or…”

And yet even Sasha seemed to hesitate, tilting her head as she stroked the hatchling’s tiny snout with the very tip of her finger, yawning and squeaking as if she was completely exhausted by the mere act of having to break free from her own egg. Neither of the dragons, after all, could remember just what that had been like from when they were younger for memories of that time faded all too swiftly in lieu of learning.


Fyr smiled, settling into the confidence of herself, heels and roots sunk into the floor as she stood tall and proud. With the dragoness cradled in her arms, she was right where she needed to be, so why should she ever worry about what she had to say? The dynamics of their family had changed and, although she now had a strange sort of sister, things would be all the better for it, she was sure. And the little one was half a demon, whatever the percentages ended up being, something that would turn out, in the end, to be exceptionally special — more so than any of them could have ever imagined.

“Fideal. Her name is Fideal.”

Sasha could have argued her case but there was little sense in doing so as ‘Fideal’ yawned and snapped her jaws with a little gurgle and burp that had them all cooing all over again, softening their edges with the hatchling amongst them. Even Kao offered his finger to her and she grabbed it, suckling on the tip with surprisingly sharp little teeth (they would soon fall out now that she had used them to gnaw and force her way out of the egg itself). He didn’t wince, to his credit, putting on a brave face as Ropes laughed and clapped him on the shoulder, fur puffing out in excitement at, finally, seeing his daughter.

See? He cares too.

Fyr tried not to think about how it could have been her daughter in her arms, although things were perfect as they were and didn’t really need to be anything else, regardless of whatever it was that social convention said. She’d broken every last social ruling when she’d hooked up with a demon cougar all those years ago and she’d never looked back since. So let others say what they willed, for there would be no sense in hiding the truth of that part of the matter anymore as Fideal grew up, Ropes swallowing hard and drawing her in close to his chest as, willingly, Fyr passed her on, wanting to share in her warmth and sweetness, the aroma of her heady after her break from the egg.

Things would be better. Fideal would be everything they had needed in their funny little family relationship and more again still, even if she did not need to do anything directly. Ropes purred, chest vibrating, and she jumped, her little mouth parting as if in surprise, and Sasha let out a deep, throaty chuckle.

“Look at the little darling…”

With the hatchling swaddled in her husband’s arms as if she was made to fit into the crook of his arms, Fyr blinked away tears, lips wobbling up tentatively into a smile.

She was beautiful. Just as she was.


The dragoness did not spend too much time in the house, except when she thought that Fideal needed some time to warm up, although she was careful to ensure that she was kept wrapped up and warm at all times. Far from emerging from the egg as a hapless and helpless cub (she’d wondered if she’d have cougar cubs at some point and had wondered at how they’d squalled in her little jot of research, eyes tightly squeezed shut for weeks after birth and entirely dependent on their caregivers), the dragonet hybrid could have been self-sufficient if left to her own devices, Fyr was quite sure. Well, to a certain extent, that was, but she’d shocked even Fyr by hustling to scramble out of her arms only a few hours after being born, the instinct to walk and to move taking hold before her surrogate mother could do anything nilüfer eskort bayan about her safety.

How strange it was. But strange in a good sort of way as the dragoness’ heart swelled and swelled to see the young one moving about so happily and cuddling the pink and lilac blanket she’d been immediately bought. No one could have said that, honestly, they were as well-prepared for little Fideal as they should have been but they made do and, of course, Fyr had been slowly putting together just a few essentials over the recent months. The dragonet had the option of breastfeeding, being a hybrid of mammal and reptile, and Sasha was able to take care of that little nuance, her breasts filling with milk as the arrival of her hatchling triggered something far deeper and more primal inside her than even the demon side that had leeched into her during the course of time when she’d been carrying the egg in her womb.

And that raised another issue entirely. Sasha… Well, Sasha was a strange one in herself. Fyr had a lot on her plate and it only seemed natural that she hand off Fideal back to her birth mother from time to time, as much as she wanted to keep the dragonet close. To all outward appearances, Sasha was the perfect mother in those scenes, but it was all as if she was playing a role for a time, her attention wavering in such a way that she could not have possibly have been designated a full-time caregiver for such an increasingly lively and vivacious little one. No, Fideal most certain required that a close eye be kept on her and that was a task that Fyr was finding more and more difficult as she tried to go about the household work and the work on the ranch and keep everything running just as it should be.


She snapped, hitching Fideal up over her shoulder as she burbled and burped cutely, wobbling with that little bit of baby fat still. Scott stopped dead in his tracks, halfway out the door with a bundle of bags in his paw.


Fyr’s eyes narrowed, tail flicking back and forth as if she had, somehow, been in the loop in taking a lesson or two from Ropes, the aggravated feline on the prowl for attention that he deemed rightfully his. But Fyr didn’t need Scott’s attention, at least not for too long, even if she did need him to get his head down and, well, do more work than sucking her husband’s dick. Sucking Kao’s cock too did not count in what she wanted from him, as much as he may have liked.

“What are you doing?” She demanded, the set of her shoulders, jostling Fideal uncomfortably, allowing no interruptions. “Taking the garbage out?”

He flushed heavily, the stoat well and truly caught on the back foot as he stammered uncontrollably and stuttered over himself as he tried to get the words out that suddenly seemed to be of the greatest importance.


Snapping her fingers, she fixed him with a withering stare that would have made a lesser creature quail. Scott, most certainly, shrank down a little bit before her but she had, after all, learned from the best blue dragoness just how to give that particular look.

“Take the garbage out then and make sure it’s down at the end of the drive,” she said, loudly and clearly so that there could be no confusion. “There’s too much to do at the moment and, if you’re still staying here, you can pull your weight too, don’t just leave all of this to me. Now, it’s going to change. The old barn needs clearing out and the cattle need checking, make sure the winter corn is coming in before the weather gets too cold. Yes, I know it’s only autumn now,” she added as his mouth opened, “but I don’t care. All this needs doing and I’m darn sick and tired of being the only one doing it! So get your truck out there and check the fences too while you’re at it! And come see me when you’re done so I can give you your next job! Quickly, now!”

There was only one answer, of course, that any self-respecting farm stoat could give. Ducking his head, he nodded sharply, leaning away from her even as his worried expression softened in the smallest of smiles.

“Yes, ma’am.”

And she even chanced that there was a whistle on his lips as he went off to do just what she’d asked him to, leaving Fyr shaking her head and wondering if it was really that easy to get things done. Or was Scott, maybe, just the more submissively subservient of them all in the household? What did that even mean for her status on it?

It was hardly something that she could spare the brainpower to consider at that point in time, smiling at Fideal as she bounced the hatchling in her arms, her gurgles warming her heart in a way that nothing else seemed at all close to being able to do.

“Housework then, it is for us,” she said out loud, glad at least that she didn’t have to saddle up or try to manoeuvre her larger, older truck down the fields again, the land stretching back far further than she may well have anticipated on first buying up the property. “Can we handle that, little duck?”

Giggling, Fideal clutched at her waggling, teasing finger, which Fyr simply took to be a ‘yes’. It was about all that she could hope to get out of the sweetheart until, too soon, she began to talk — and she was quite sure that then there would be no stopping her at all.

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