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My strange and wonderful journey started innocently enough by a dinner date with my husband of twenty-five years. He took me to a new place downtown and although the dining experience was hardly memorable, the evening turned my life and our marriage around in a most rewarding way for me. After our meal, we were walking downtown toward a romantic little bar that we used to go to when we were younger. As we walked by a store called ‘Triple X Sex Toys’, I asked my husband what they sold there. He became so flustered and red faced I decided I wanted to see for myself and when I walked in he had no choice but to follow me.

The store was full of sleazy products and sleazy customers; even the man behind the counter was sleazy. Since I was already inside, I wanted to look around to see just what they were selling and when I found the dildo department, I stopped dead in my tracks. I said to my husband,

“Henry would you look at all these fake dicks they have, just look at the size of some of them.”

He begged me to keep my voice down so none of the other people would hear me.

“Henry they don’t think I’m here to buy sewing supplies do you think they care what I say.”

“Mildred you’re the only woman in this shop and besides you’re my wife.”

However, now I was too busy looking at the assortment on display to answer him. I ended up picking three of different sizes; I gave them to Henry and instructed him to go purchase them for me. He put up quite a fuss, but as I insisted he did as told, his cheeks glowing red as he walked to the cashier.

The thing I noticed was the more reticent and red faced he became the more empowered I felt, and it all felt so exhilarating that I could feel my panties getting wet. We walked back to our car in silence and I could tell my husband was fuming. kaynarca escort Yet when I happened to glance at his crotch, I noticed he had an erection. All I could think of was Shakespeare’s “Me thinks the man doth protest too much.” He’s mad at me and yet excited at the same time. Once in the car I decided to have a little fun with him. I pulled out the largest of my new toys and began to kiss the tip, and then I reached over and started to rub his hard on. I asked him if he wished I were kissing his dick instead of my new lover. He actually moaned and asked me to stop for he feared he might ejaculate in his pants. On impulse I unzipped his trousers and pulled out his erection then told him, I wanted him to cum in my hand right now. As soon as I said that, he came in torrents into my palm. I told him he was a good boy for cumming when told. I then did something I never did for him, I took my new toy and rolled the tip around Henry’s issue and then put it in my mouth.

“Even your old nasty spunk taste’s better when it comes from my new lover.”

“Millie, that’s so hot to see you doing that, I’m getting hard again.”

“If you like it so much, how about if I give you a taste?”

I rolled the dildo tip in my palm again, getting it nice and cum covered and then I put it to my husband’s lips. “Taste it,” I commanded and he meekly opened his mouth and took my lover in.

When we got home, Henry immediately wanted to take me to bed but I was enjoying my newfound control I was having over him. Let me just say here that both my husband and I know that I run this household but before this evening I had always pretended to listen to his ideas and suggestions so as not to bruise his precious ego. Now I was learning fast that the more I belittled him the more excited he became. I decided I orhanlı escort wanted to play some more before we had sex. I told him to undress me and I made him put my clothes away where they belonged. When he started to undress, I told him I wasn’t ready for him to be naked yet, and then I crawled up on our bed and spread my legs exposing my slit.

“It’s time for you to service me first and I don’t want you squirting you nasty spunk on my bed.”

He obediently took his place between my legs and put his face in my vagina. My Henry has never been very good at oral and years ago, I got so tired at his halfhearted efforts that I just gave up. Now I was determined that he was going to bring me to orgasm with his tongue even if he had to stay between my legs all night. When he finally located my clitoris, I held his head in place with two hands and then I locked my thighs around him and rocked my body against his face until I climaxed. When he pulled his face away, it was creased from all the pressure I had exerted on it and it glistened from my juices.

I could tell this was turning him on because I saw his erection tenting his trousers. I told him he wasn’t done yet and instructed him to make me wet with his tongue. He almost dove back between my legs and I could feel him sticking his tongue in my hole.

“That’s right; make me wet for my new lover, I going to let you watch him fuck me. Would you like that Henry, I know you want to watch my new lover fuck me, don’t you?”

I grabbed a hand full of his hair and yanked him away from me and as I looked him right in the eye, first he moaned then,

“Yes Mistress, I want to watch him pleasure you, I want to make you wet for your new lover.”

I like that he called me mistress all on his own and after making him suck my toy for lubrication tepeören escort I slowly pushed it inside me. I instructed him to take off his clothes and as he watched me intently, he ripped at his clothes. He was in such a hurry he failed to take off his shoes and then his trousers were stuck on them and as he turned around and around on one leg he fell over. Finally naked he crawled back on the bed.

“You know what watching my lover fuck me makes you?”

“Yes Mistress,” he said, “Well what, answer me when I question you.”

“It makes me your cuckold, Mistress.”

“That’s right Henry it make you a cuckold, now I want you to play with that pathetic little dick of yours.”

He began to masturbate, never taking his eyes off my toy lover. I saw his nut sack tighten up and knew he was ready to cum,

“Henry I command you to cum, right now.”

That was all it took and he spilled his seed on my thigh and just watching him cum on my command made me climax also.

“Henry, you know what cuckolds do with fresh semen?”

“Yes Mistress it’s called a cream pie.”

Then he bent over and slurped up his watery issue, I had never heard of the term ‘cream pie’ but I liked the sound,

“That’s right Henry eat up your cream pie.”

As you can imagine our life has changed dramatically since that fateful night. Henry has now told me he always fanaticized about me taking a lover; I just wished he had informed me twenty years ago when I might have been interested in another man in my life. As for now, my plastic lover is much better for me, I can put him away in a drawer until I feel the need for him and on the plus side, and I know he is disease free. Henry has become much better at giving me oral sex because I make him practice it more. Most of the time when we have sex all I have to do is tell him I can’t even feel him inside me after my new lover and he immediately cums. Even better, for me he now automatically eats his own cream pie after he is done, so I end up with an orgasm before and after we have sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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