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Julian opened his eyes, and rolled onto his stomach so he didn’t have to block the sun with his arm. He rested his head on a mound of grass and listened to Kevin explain a story loudly to his girlfriend, Anna. Kevin was lounging awkwardly on her lap in a hammock in a large back yard. He tried not to watch them too much, kissing each other’s necks and play-biting. He also tried to avoid staring too blatantly at the other girl leaned against a tree next to him. Her name was Carmen, and it was all Julian could do to not turn his head to see up her skirt whenever she shifted her legs.

Julian and Carmen had met in school two weeks before summer vacation started. He had danced with her at a small basement party, and she gave him sips from a bottle of rum. When he nearly coughed the second one up, she laughed (in a friendly way, thankfully), and told him to find her for a dance after he got it under control. She walked back into the crowd, shifting her hips to the music.

She could dance. When the blues cover band played a completely drunken cover of Black Dog, she turned to him and slung her right arm over his shoulder, rubbing his neck. He placed his hand on her waist and pulled her close enough to feel the heat from between legs on his. Carmen circled her hips hard into him, and Julian looked down to see that she was wearing a short skirt. He could feel her warm thighs through his thin pant leg. She dug her hips and crotch into him. Watching her face as she swayed and danced against him, he thought she must be the most beautiful girl he’d ever met.

The party got crashed by the cops, and Julian hadn’t had the chance to see her alone for the rest of the school-year. When Kevin invited them both to stay with him and his girlfriend, he could hardly hide his excitement. Lying in Kevin’s back yard, eyeing Carmen’s long legs up and dangerously close to her underwear, Julian wondered if she was thinking the same things he was. He wanted to lean over to her and kiss her legs and up to her breasts while the couple next to him watched. He thought about pulling her panties off with his teeth; about licking her from her ankles to her vagina. He wondered if she had shaved before coming to Kevin’s.

Julian glanced at Carmen’s face, and when they made eye contact, he knew that she had seen him ogling her for minutes. He was embarrassed, and looked back to Kevin and Anna, obliviously kissing and laughing with each other. He looked back at Carmen (and mentally slapped himself in the head for being so uncool about the whole situation). He figured she would just ignore him, and continue gazing off into the neighbor’s yard and pretend to not listen to the love birds next to them. Carmen was staring off into space, but she slowly leaned back. She spread her legs a little, giving Julian a full view of her purple and black-striped panties.

Julian smiled, suddenly shy. He could feel his penis getting hard against his leg. While Kevin and Anna flirted, Julian watched Carmen slowly hook her hand under her thigh and cautiously touch her pussy through her underwear. Her gaze hardly moved from the neighboring yard, and her body stayed in a relaxed, slouched position as her fingers teased her panty-line, just barely exposing a shaved lips. Julian wanted to fuck her right there, in front of their friends. He wanted to push her onto the grass and spread her legs and tongue-fuck her until she came. He wanted to feel her hot insides tightening around his cock as he thrust into her body.

Carmen slowly slid an index finger into herself, and looked Julian directly in the eyes. As he stared back at her, she slowly brought the finger up to her mouth, sucked it in and pulled it out slowly.

“Whoa! What’s going on over here, guys?” chirped Kevin. Julian gasped, türbanlı escort and looked up innocently. Carmen played it entirely cool; she didn’t even cross her legs.

“Oh, I’m sorry Kevin, was I not listening to your funny story closely enough?”

“Ouch,” Kevin faked hurt. “Well I’ll think of a funnier one for next time, but right now…” he clumsily got off of his girlfriend’s lap, “We have to go prepare dinner.” Julian didn’t want to stand up right away since he was completely hard, but he figured no one but Carmen would be looking. He stood, hunched a little, and followed his three friends inside.

Julian was on desert duty. Anna handed him a small knife and bowl of cherries to seed. Anna and Kevin were working on battering and frying cod fish fillets. Carmen was pouring rice into a steamer, and cutting up spinach to sauté.

The friends chatted happily about summer plans, college plans, movies, what music to play on the stereo, cooking, their respective sex lives (and lack of) for a long time until Anna realized that they had forgotten to buy wine for the meal. After some playful arguing it was decided that as Kevin was the only one with a fake ID, and Anna was the only one who knew anything about wine, that they would go together and leave the desert preparation to Carmen and Julian (whose stomach turned to knots upon hearing this decision).

When the lovers were finished putting on their shoes and saying goodbye, Carmen looked up from her chopped spinach and smiled to Anna.

“See you later, girl.”

When she was done with the spinach, Julian asked her if she would cook the custard, which pretty much just involved stirring egg yolk, sugar and cream on the stove for nearly an hour. They agreed to switch off stirring shifts every ten minutes. Carmen stood at the stove first, stirring a pot of runny yellow custard while Julian cut fruit at the counter. He wanted to chat with her about random life shit, but knew they had nothing to say to each other. They wanted to fuck.

He knew that he could either make a move now, and if he didn’t she would make a move later. This is no time for insecurities, he told himself, pushing his large knife through a cantaloupe. He glanced over his shoulder at the beautiful woman. She was stirring the custard with her right hand, and flipping through the iPod on the counter. He watched her place it back in the speaker dock and press play.

He recognized the muted guitar intro of Black Dog and his breath got caught in his windpipe. Carmen didn’t look in his direction as she began slowly gyrating her hips smoothly to the rhythm of the song.

A guy in his position couldn’t ask for a much more blatant invitation, he thought. He started getting hard, thinking about what he might do to her in the next few minutes, but played it cool. He was going to finish cutting all of the fruit before he approached her. But he was going to do it fast, before his friends came back.

Julian hacked away the cantoloupe, strawberries, grapes and cherries before the song was over. He put all the fruit in a bowl and rinsed his hands before walking over the Carmen.

“How’s the custard coming along?” He asked almost too causally.

“My hand’s getting tired. It looks delicious though,”

Okay, Julian, it’s time for your big move.

Julian dipped his finger in the bowl and offered it to Carmen. With almost no hesitation she too his finger in her mouth and sucked it off, swirling her tongue around it until it was clean.

“It’s good,” she said, looking him in the eye. Julian looked down to see she had stopped stirring. He put his hand on hers and moved the whisk around.

“Don’t stop, or the custard won’t come out,” tüyap escort he stepped closes behind her so that his hard penis was brushing against her ass. She groaned, lightly. Julian reached over to the stereo and restarted Black Dog. Carmen smiled. Julian held her hand more firmly, and kept stirring the custard. Carmen slowly grinding into him.

“You must like this song a lot,” Carmen said over her shoulder. Julian leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. When the instrumentals kicked in, she dug her ass into him. He new she could feel his erection pressing between her cheeks through her thin dress. He grinded into her.

“Don’t stop stirring,” he took his hand away from hers and she kept at it, slowly. He ran his fingers up her arm and to the back of her neck. He gently massaged the base of her neck with his right hand and brought his left up to her breast. Carmen breathed out.

“You must think I’m real easy,” she said.

“No, I just think I’m really lucky,” Julian said (impressed at the clever response).

“Do you remember when we danced at Michael’s house?”

“Of course, how could I forget that? I remember that you weren’t wearing any pants.”

She laughed.

“No I wasn’t. My panties were destroyed when I got back to my room.”

Julian pulled her bra down and brushed her nipple with his hand.

“They were soaked through. If the party hadn’t been broken up right then, I would have cum on your leg.”

Julian kissed her neck, and pulled the shoulders of her dress down so that both of her breasts were out.

“I havn’t been able to stop thinking about having sex with you,” Julian said. “About what we would have done in Mike’s bathroom…”

She smiled: yeah?

He ran his fingers up her ass and the small of her back to her dress zipper. The dress peeled apart and fell to rest on her wide hops. Carmen started to turn towards him, letting go of the whisk. Julian grabbed her shoulder -a little harder than he meant to- and turned her back to the stove.

“Sorry,” he apologized, taking his hand off her shoulder. She grabbed his hand and guided it down her back, ass, and between her legs. Then she continued stirring. Julian blushed, but began running his fingers along her panty lines. Carmen bent forward a little, and spread her legs wider. Julian began gently massaging her warm pussy through her underwear. The crotch of her panties felt slightly damp already, sliding against her skin as he pressed them gently into her, against her clitoris, her ass. She moaned slightly, but kept slowly stirring the thickening cream on the stove.

She bent more sharply over the stove, giving Julian more space to run his fingers just under her panties, against her lips. He felt that she was shaved. He pushed the crotch to the side, and dipped his middle finger just inside her, getting it wet. Carmen reached behind her with her left hand, and began rubbing Julian’s cock through his pants, up and down, slowly. Julian helped her unzip them and pull his penis out of the hole in his boxers. Her hand gripped it firmly, stroking its entire length until it was fully erect and red. Julian moaned into her ear as she brushed the head of it against her moist vagina, letting him just feel her insides. Julian gasped, his entire body tingling, his cock throbbing hard against her. With one hand he grabbed the base of his penis and moved the head in small circles just between the swelling lips of her pussy. With the other hand he grabbed her wide hips as she rocked forward and back, pushing him deeper into her.

“Oh fuck,” gasped Carmen. Julian gasped as he filled her, as if all the sensation in his body was concentrated into his cock. She’s really tight, was what he thought tuzla escort until he realized that she was pulling him into her body with her vaginal muscles. Her hand stopped stirring the custard, which was thick and nearly solid. She grabbed the side of the stove.

Julian pulled his hips back, slowly, pulling out to the head (he looked down, it was glistening, and he pulled her panties further to the side, almost ripping them off of her. She was shaved except for a small patch he could feel in front. Her pussy was wide, swallowing him) before working it back in. Carmen’s knee’s bent. She squeezed him again as he thrust into her, entirely. They moaned loudly, he could feel her tighten around the sensitive bridge between the bottom of his head and the shaft.

They kept fucking, eventually working their hips to the rhythm of the song. Julian leaned forward to kiss Carmen’s neck and lick from her shoulder to ear. She spread her legs wide, leaning across the stove. She had to be careful to not let her hair fall in the custard, and she let go of the edge of the stove to move the silver pan. Julian moved his right hand up the front of her thighs, and between them, pulling her skirt up and out of the way. He rubbed the small path of pubic hair and let his fingers wander down to her shaved lips. They were sticky and spread wide (he was still pumping in and out of her). He felt his cock against the walls of her vagina; her juice was on his fingers and he put them in his mouth. He shuddered as he felt the orgasm building inside him. He put his hand back between Carmen’s legs, and she moaned loudly. He rubbed the base of his cock, and her labia and offered her his finger, which she swallowed and sucked.

Carmen shuddered, clutching his penis harder with her vaginal muscles, and her hand slipped. The small pan of yellow-white custard tipped over the edge of the stove and loudly crashed on the floor. Julian didn’t stop thrusting, and Carmen didn’t stop grinding her hips in wide circles. Her right hand was covered in the desert. It ran down her fingers, and hesitated before offering her hand to Julian. He licked it from between her fingers. He licked her palm clean. He kissed her on the lips, and she reached behind her and pulled her panties further to the side. She got the custard on her ass and pussy and underwear. Julian could feel his cum dripping out of his penis. He could see Carmen’s juice collecting around her ass, and between her outer and inner pussy lips. He started to cum.

He could feel is shooting out, his testicles emptying.

“Oh, God,” he moaned into Carmen’s ear. She squeezed him harder and rubbed her ass and cock.

“Cum,” she told him. He filled her. The orgasm kept coming. He pulled out slowly and the last of the sperm squirted on her open vagina. It ran down to her clit. He fell, gasping, forward onto Carmen who was breathing almost as heavily. Her neck glistened with sweat. She grinned at him. They kissed, softly. Julian sat (fell) back onto the kitchen floor and watched Carmen make a show of cleaning up. She readjusted her panties, sticking a finger into herself and licking it. His sperm dripped down the insides of her thighs. She pulled her skirt down.

“The custard is ruined,” she whispered.

“Uh-huh,” mumbled Julian.

Carmen turned to him and straddled his legs. Her crotch was in his face.

“So I expect you to…clean the mess you made up…”

He starred at her.

“After dinner, of course…” She smiled, squatting to kiss him.

The front door rattled, and the two looked up. Anna was walking in the front door with two bags of groceries. Kevin followed close behind with a jug of milk and a bottle of wine.

“Holy shit!” Anna squealed. Julian’s heart jumped. They had been caught! “What happened in here? Oh you fucked up the custard!” Julian panicked, his penis was still hanging limply out of his pants. Carmen saved him a little embarrassment by squatting over him, covering him with her dress just in time.

“I’m sorry,” she explained calmly. “I guess we got a little carried away.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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