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It was my birthday, my 30th birthday actually. A milestone in our lives and I was looking for a new pair of shoes. You know those sexy come-fuck-me shoes that were way too young for me? Yeah those…and I wanted a pair in red patent leather, with the sexy straps that wrapped around my ankles, at least 5″ high.

Hey men buy sports cars for their mid life crisis, I wanted some sexy shoes!

I went into the shop, all sorts of sexy shoes over one wall and men’s runners and dress shoes on the other. I smiled at the sales man as he approached me.

I guess I should say sales boy, as he looked to be in his early 20s. Short light brown hair, big blue eyes, wide shoulders and what looked like a hard body completed the package. I had to stop myself from saying YUM outloud.

I told him what I was looking for and actually blushed a bit, secretly wishing that I was about 10 years younger as he turned to get what I’d asked for and I got my first look at his tight little ass.

I almost pulled one of those moves from the movies and bit into my fist. Goddamn he was sexy! I shook my head a bit, bringing myself back to reality and slipped off my loafers.

He was definitely young and hot! And I was old and obviously delusional.

I mean I’m not chopped liver by any means; I’m about 5’7, with long brown hair and blue eyes. While my ass is probably bigger than it should be, the rest of me still looks pretty damn good! I’m classically curvy; at least that’s what I call it. 38d up top, nice hourglass shape to my hips and bigger than it probably should be ass. But still all in all, pretty damn good for 30!

I reigned in my raging, sexually peaking hormones and shook my head back into reality as he sat at my feet and lifted one to slide into the first style he’d brought for my inspection. They were defiantly sexy, leather with high heels and a buckle over the top of the foot.

But they were black, and I wanted hot, sexy and red. I also wanted the ones with the ankle strap.

I told him this again, and off he went. Giving me another great view of his ass as he bobbed around a bit then bent over, grabbing a couple of boxes and returning.

His soft fingers traced lightly over my instep as he slid the shoes onto my feet. I actually felt my body start to respond to his indifferent touches, my pussy growing a little wet as he took his time wrapping the long strap slowly around my ankle. I tried to think about something else: my shopping list…my lottery numbers…the last book I read…anything else! But I just kept seeing in my head those long fingers with my nipples pinched between them while his head was between my thighs.

I cleared my throat as his fingers lingered against my ankle, his eyes meeting mine.

“Now those are some hot shoes! Why not get up and see how they feel?”

His voice was low and almost seductive as he offered his hand to me, my body tingled a bit in all the right places as I stood up on the higher than I was used to heels and teetered a little bit.

He suggested I walk around a bit.

I walked slowly to the full length mirror on the adjacent wall without falling on my face, yes the shoes were sexy as hell by my feet felt like they were being squashed and tortured in some kind of medieval torture device with each step I took. I actually grimaced on my way over then smiled and gritted my teeth as I glanced at them on my feet.

Sexy was an understatement! They were glorious!

I smiled as turned this way and that, I thought about that age old adage, No pain no gain. They were mine! And I was wearing them home that very day!

“Oh I’ll take them! They are just what I was looking for, Thank you…” I stumbled because of course I didn’t know his name, “Umm…thank you!”

“It’s Matt,” He extended his hand and I shook it, “And you’re more than welcome.” He smiled and tilted his head towards the back of the store, “Maybe we should take them back and put them on the rack if you plan on wearing them home today and don’t want blisters by the time you get there?”

I had no idea what he was talking about…well I did about the blisters, which I felt already forming, but not ‘the rack’ as he put it.

“Come with me Ms….?” he turned down a hall as I followed slowly.

“Its Marie.” I smiled and wondered if it might have looked like more of a grimace as each step I took brought a whole new level of pain to my feet.

He stopped at a door and punched in one of the security codes into the small pad on the door handle then led me inside. It was obviously a stock room as there were boxes and boxes of shoes to be seen everywhere, a couple of chairs and a worktable were against one wall as well. I heard the door click and lock behind us, I saw another small number lock on the inside of the handle as well.

“Just sit there please Marie.”

Matt pointed at the chair and smiled at me. I all but ran to it and sighed loudly as I got off my throbbing feet.

He pulled some kind of machine off esat escort a shelf and put it onto the tall table besides me. This must be the rack I thought to myself; it had one of those little wooden foot things at one end and some kind of control at the other.

He took a moment to set it up and then plugged it into the wall under the table, giving me another great glimpse of his ass. I think I moaned a little out loud because when he stood again he had kind of an odd look on his face.

He smiled again as he knelt at my feet, one hand lifting my foot. He spoke low as I shifted a bit to keep my skirt from riding too high up my thighs.

“These are extremely sexy shoes Marie,” His fingers moved over the closed toe of my right foot then slowly up the straps wrapped around my ankles. My breathing came a little faster as he stroked the soft skin between the straps and looked up at me, “Perfect for a sexy woman like you.”

I swallowed so hard I nearly choked. My god! Was he coming onto me?

“These are the kind of shoes that every man would love to see on his woman…no that’s not exactly right.” He looked down at my foot and corrected himself, “More like, what every man would love to see on his woman before a night of passion.”

My eyes nearly popped out of my head at his words, it was like something out of a bad romance novel. I couldn’t say anything as his hand moved over the soft skin of my calf. I thanked god I had the foresight to shave my legs the night before.

I couldn’t keep quiet anymore; my voice shook as I asked him in complete bafflement,

“Wha-what exactly are you doing exactly Matt?”

He smiled as his hand slipped a little higher and rested on my knee, the other moving to its partner.

“Well Marie, I wanted you to know how much some men appreciate sexy shoes like these,” He moved a little closer, using his hands he shifted my legs apart and knelt between them. His body only inches from mine. With his blue eyes looking deeply into my own his next worlds just about made me swoon, well that’s if I was the swooning type “And how much some men appreciate the sexy women who happen to be in the shoes.”

I opened my mouth to say something like: Do you need glasses? Is someone paying you to mess with me? Are you freakin’ serious? Did you not notice the size of my ass before I sat on it?

But I didn’t get a word out; he bridged the gap at that exact moment and kissed me. Hard.

Never one to back down from a fight, I dueled his questing tongue with my own. Opening my mouth to accept him while thrusting and stroking, my pussy on fire as my arms moved of their own accord and pulled him a little closer.

I shifted, pressing my sex against the hard ridge in his jeans, rocking my hips a bit and shimmying my top half so my hard nipples pressed against him and rubbing against the soft satin of my bra.

At that moment I was so unbelievably happy it wasn’t laundry day and I was actually wearing something sexy under my skirt and blouse instead of cotton granny panties or something embarrassing like that.

I felt his hands sliding higher up the outside of my thighs as moved my mouth from his and bit lightly into the soft skin of his neck. He smelled good. I ran my tongue down the column of his throat. God…He tasted even better.

Our labored breathing was the only sounds in the room as I tugged the bottom of his uniform shirt, freeing it from his jeans and my hands found the soft as velvet skin stretched over hard muscle underneath. His hands slid over the tops of my thighs and pushed my legs wider to give him access to where I wanted his touch the most.

I hissed as his fingers trailed lightly over my satin covered pussy. I was soaking, almost embarrassingly so and I heard him moan low, mumbling something about hot, wet and sexy.

All I could do was moan back in agreement as he fumbled with the buttons on my blouse with his free hand while I all but attacked the buttons on the front of his jeans.

His cock popped into my palm, hot, hard and big! I’m not talking uncomfortably huge or anything like that, but I did have a hard time making my fingers meet around him as I gripped him tight and stroked his length. I loved hearing his sharp intake of breath as he finally got my blouse open and my bra undone.

I groaned loud as his mouth found one nipple, drawing it between his lips. He sucked hard then used his teeth on me, nipping and teasing until I cried out from his assault. He moved to the other, laving it and nipping all over again. My hand stayed on his cock, stroking slowly as his mouth on my tits and his clever fingers on my sex teased my body to a fever pitch.

He pulled back from me and kissed me again, untangling my hand from his length, which took a moment cause I really didn’t want to let him go.

I felt his teeth graze my inner thigh as he bit me there lightly, first one side…then the other. Then it was all a blur, his hands etimesgut escort moved fast and tugged my panties down my legs, his arms locked under my knees. Then before it really sunk in about what he was about to do, my hips were being pulled forward in the chair and his mouth was on my pussy.

I cried out at the first contact, my back arching as his hot tongue probed the soft, wet folds of my sex. He flicked lightly over my clit then laved downward, dipping his tongue into me. I moaned low as he wiggled his tongue into my opening, one of my hands moving to his head as my hips rolled slightly.

He drug his tongue back up and flicked my clit, his fingers going where his tongue just was as he thrust two into me at the same time his lips locked around my nub and sucked.

I pressed his face into me, grinding against his tongue as I cried out, the orgasm taking over my whole body as my muscles clenched and unclenched around his still moving fingers. He stabbed at my clit with his tongue, moved his fingers against the walls of my pussy and I was launched to the moon twice more.

My whole body shook as I finally moaned that I couldn’t take anymore and tangled my fingers in his hair, pulling his mouth from me and leaning forward to kiss his lips, shiny with my juices. His hands held my face as I kissed him hard, thanking him without words for the pleasure he’d just treated me to.

But there are better ways to thank someone in that situation, and I was looking very forward to doing just that.

I took his hand and tugged, letting him know it was time for payback. He stood just in front of the chair and I looked up and smiled at him, what I hoped was a sexy come hither kind of smile and reached for his cock.

I gripped his shaft tightly in my hand. His cock was beautiful, well if one could ever be. I licked my lips at the small spot of pre-cum glistening on the soft skin of the head. I leaned in close and flicked my tongue out, tasting him as my hand moved slowly up and down his length. I laved the tip and teased him, running my tongue around the rim as my hand slowly traveled up and down, squeezing and exploring him. I moved my hand lower, to the soft sensitive of his sac and squeezed as I let my tongue travel leisurely down the underside of his shaft.

I closed my eyes and focused on the musky scent of him, the satin wrapped over steel feeling of his cock against my stroking tongue. I gripped him where his cock met his body and closed my eyes, taking the tip between my soft lips and sucking him slowly inside the hot cavern of my mouth.

I groaned low in my throat as I took as much of him as I could until I felt the head of his cock bump the back of my throat. His fingers wrapped themselves in my long hair and I heard his moans as I dragged my lips back up his length. I glanced up at him, his head back, his eye closed as I took him in again and again. I kept the pace slow at first, my hand following my lips with a kind of squeeze and rotate motion as I slipped up and down, my tongue swirling over his length with each pass.

I sucked him harder, my head bobbing faster as his hips moved with the rhythm I was setting until I moved my hands and dug my fingers into the soft cheeks of his ass letting him set the pace as he slid his cock between my lips. He fucked my mouth in a mimic of what I hoped would be how he would be fucking me soon.

He pulled back and took my hand, yanking me from my chair and moving fast. He tugged me the few steps to the worktable and pushed me up against it. I braced my arms in front of me as I felt his hands shuck up the back of my skirt and his hard cock press against my the soft globes of my ass. I leaned forward, in a blatant invitation that he took no time in accepting.

I felt the head of his cock sliding against the wet lips of my sex, probing for entry. I arched my back as he bumped my clit making my whole body shudder from the contact before he found the opening to my body.

He filled me with one hard stroke, burying himself deep. We both moaned as my body gripped him, his cock was hot and hard as he slid almost all the way out of me and then buried himself hard again.

My body moved with his as he started to thrust, one hand on my hip and his body bent over my back with his other hand teasing and pinching my nipple while my breasts swayed with each plunge. My pussy clamped down tight around him like a hot, wet vice as I came hard on his moving cock. He covered my mouth with one hand as I started to almost scream each time he hit bottom and prolonging the intense pleasure he was giving me.

The feeling of his balls hitting the soft skin of my ass as he pounded into me. His hot breath on my back. The angle of our bodies. The slight bend in his shaft hitting what I can only call my trigger. It all culminated to make the perfect storm of sensations in my body. I came over and over, my eyes tearing as the pleasure he was giving me seemed to etlik escort consume my whole body. I coated his shaft with my juices again and again until I felt my wetness trickling down the insides of my thighs.

He slowed as my storm seemed to weather and my muscles clenching around his length slowed. He turned me, lifted me by the hips and plopped me unceremoniously up onto the edge of the table.

I took advantage of the position and pulled his head close and kissed him, long and slow. He moved between my legs and entered my body again without breaking the kiss. His cock filling me, stretching me, then slowly he started thrusting back and forth again.

We kissed leisurely, his hands lifting and kneading my breasts, pinching my nipples between his fingertips as I wrapped my legs around his hips and moved with him. He dipped his head ending the kiss and drew one hard nipple into his mouth.

My arms shook from holding the top half of my body up while I watched his mouth on me. He sucked and bit down lightly on one nipple then moved the other. It was like an invisible string was stretched from my nipples to my clit and I felt every lick, every nip between my legs. His cock hitting that same wonderful spot again and again. But this time it was more of a massage as he built the sensations gradually in me and sent me higher and higher.

My arms gave out and he grinned as my back hit the table top. I reached over my head and gripped the edge of the table for leverage, I rolled my hips against him, making sure I got every last inch of his cock as he sank into me. He lifted my legs over his shoulders so each thrust was as deep as it could be, he straightened up and grabbed the heels of the sexy red shoes that were still on my feet and sped up, holding my legs high and pounding into my sex hard and fast.

I arched my back so his cock was so deep inside me it felt like he was hitting my tonsils.

He fucked me hard, with no restraint. His eyes watching my tits as they bounced up and down with each plunge. I took one hand from the edge of the table and reached down, putting my fingers on either side of his cock as it moved in and out of me. I squeezed his moving shaft between them and felt the wetness and the erotic friction of his cock where it entered my body. He looked up into my eyes a little surprised at my boldness and then let them drop down at where our bodies met.

I moved my hand and ran my fingers over my clit, flicking the sensitive nub as he watched. His thrusts sped up, got more urgent and I knew he was getting close. He pushed my legs back, bending them at the knee as I rubbed my clit hard, my back arching as I came one more time for him. I cried out as my pussy spasmed around his cock and seemed to trigger his release.

I looked up at his face as he took his pleasure, his eyes rolled back into his head, his mouth open as he groaned and grunted, his hair damp and stuck to his forehead from his exertion.

His cock jumped inside me, jerked as he emptied himself into my body. He shuddered as he held himself still, obviously lost in his own little Xanadu. I squeezed my inside muscles, milking every last bit of pleasure from him that I could before he collapsed on top of me.

His head lay between my breasts, his breath coming fast as I ran my fingers through his short hair, in no real hurry for either of us to move.

I felt his cock soften and slowly slip from my sex, our juices mingling as they seeped from my body and tickled my sensitive areas as they ran from my body. We both took our time to come down from the incredible sexual high.

He lifted his head and looked at me, a big goofy grin on his face. One that matched the goofy grin on mine when I smiled back.

“That was amazing!” I nodded in agreement, wondering how the hell he was able to construct whole, legible sentences so soon after that experience. I had to think really hard to remember my name at that point.

He stepped back from me and then suddenly I was standing upright and getting my clothing back in order. I’m not sure how I made that move exactly, from horizontal to vertical. I was pretty sure I was dehydrated after that orgasm fest and more than a little surprised I wasn’t laying in a boneless pool on the floor at his feet.

I checked my buttons three times to make sure I hit the holes in the correct order. I thought I did a good job until Matt came over to me, chuckling under his breath and fixed the obviously folded over collar of my blouse and un-tucked the back of my skirt from its waistband.

I smiled at him, still a bit dazed and not sure exactly what to say. He took care of that for me, with an almost shy smile he asked,

“Can I see you again?”

Again? Hell yes! MORE MORE MORE!! Please?

The little cheering section in my brain did the dance of joy as I wrote down my home and cell numbers and handed it to him.

“What about tonight? Would you like to go out for dinner…or whatever?”

I nodded and smiled at him, liking the ‘or whatever’ part of that sentence the most and then said my goodbyes, telling him I’d talk to him in a while.

I forgot all about my new shoes until I hit the concourse in the mall and hear them clicking on the tiled floors. I stopped at a floor length mirror as I passed a display window and grinned at my reflection.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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