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Author’s Note: In the first part Sean discovers that his sister Amanda likes to have cybersex. He creates his own cyber identity and talks her into a role play as brother and sister. This leads them both to act out their fantasies in real life when confronted with the right circumstances. Everyone is over 18, but please don’t read it if you aren’t.

The next morning Sean and Amanda did their best to avoid each other. Neither wanted to talk about what had happened. Fortunately it was Sunday and their parents were home so they didn’t have to be alone. When their parents left to go shopping Amanda said she had homework to do and went to her room. Sean gave her a few minutes and then went to his room and logged onto the chat site as “Marine One”. He sent “Puffy n Wet” a message.

MO: Can you talk?

After several minutes Sean heard a ping.

PW: Hi.

MO: Hi. So what happened last night? Did you go to your brother’s room?

PW: Yes, I did like you said. I just wanted to talk

MO: But instead of talking you fucked. Am I right?

PW: It just kind of happened. I felt so helpless

MO: And you enjoyed it

PW: Yes. God, it was incredible. I came so many times

MO: Are you going to do it again?

PW: No. He’s my brother. We can’t just keep fucking.

MO: Why not? You said you enjoyed it.

PW: I know but… god, this is so confusing. Let’s talk about something else

MO: OK. Are you horny right now. I am.

PW: After last night I’ve been horny all day. Do you want to play?

MO: Sure. Have you ever done anal? We could try that.

PW: I’ve never tried it, even in cyber, but it might be interesting.

MO: So do you want me to fuck you in the ass?

PW: Well I’m not going to give my virgin ass away to just anyone

MO: And I’m not just anyone. I’m your brother. Remember?

PW: OK, but you’ll still have to work for it.

MO: Not a problem.

PW: Just a sec. Let me get some baby oil for my fingers

MG: That sounds exciting. Are you going to finger your ass?

PW: Ok. I’m back. Yes, I want it to feel real. How do you want to start?

MG: Like this. Hey, what are you doing in my room?

PW: Uh… nothing, um… nothing at all.

MO: What the fuck are you doing?

PW: I hide the $100 I took from your wallet behind my back

MO: What’s that in your hand? Show me.

PW: Nothing. I have to go now.

MO: I grab your arm and twist until I see the money in your hand.

PW: I was going to pay it back

MO: You goddamn thief. I throw you face down on the bed and hold you by the neck.

PW: What are you doing?

MO: I smack my hand across your ass through the tight jeans you are wearing

PW: Ow… stop it.

MO: My hand comes down harder.

PW: Your hurting me. Stop.

MO: Take off your jeans.

PW: No. Are you crazy?

MO: I said take them off. NOW.

PW: But…

MO: I pull a knife from my pocket and wedge it under the waistband.

PW: Stop. What are you doing?

MO: I slit your jeans and yank them down along with your panties exposing your creamy cheeks and swollen pussy.

PW: You can’t do this. You’re my brother.

MO: My hand cracks across your naked cheek

PW: OOOOWWWW… Please stop

MO: I whack you again, harder this time


MO: I continue to spank you making your ass cheeks raw

PW: The pain is almost unbearable and yet… something is happening to me

MO: I finally rest a hand on your raw cheeks

PW: Despite the pain I can feel my pussy dripping

MO: I run my finger along your juicy gash and spread your folds

PW: Ooooohhhhhh… wha… what are you doing?

MO: Two fingers disappear deep into your dripping cunt

PW: Oh god… fuck

MO: I twist them inside you until they are dripping with cunt juice.


MO: I pull out and press a fingertip against your tight asshole.

PW: No, not there… stop

MO: I twist and push. I feel your sphincter open

PW: Noooooooooooo

MO: I twist it deeper until it is buried to the knuckle

PW: Stop. It hurts

MO: I slowly fuck it in and out

PW: I try to relax but it is so tight

MO: I drool spit down your crack and onto my finger

PW: Ooooohhhhhhhhh…

MO: I push a second finger into your ass and twist them around

PW: My body tenses but this time it doesn’t hurt so much

MO: I fuck your asshole with my fingers

PW: You have to stop. I’m your sister.

MO: I feel your ass loosen. I drool more spit onto my fingers.

PW: The pressure inside me is intense

MO: I pull out my hard cock with my free hand while my fingers fuck your asshole

PW: Oh god… aaaahhhhhhhh

MO: I grab your hair and twist until you are staring at my cock

PW: Wha… put that away

MO: Suck it you little fucking thief

PW: No. You’re my brother

MO: I shove my cock up between your lips and pry your mouth open.

PW: Beylikdüzü escort Mmmmmppphhhh

MO: My fingers continue to pump in and out of your ass

PW: Ggggggggaaaaaahhhhh

MO: I fuck my cock up into your mouth in hard thrusts slamming it against you throat

PW: Spit is drooling from my lips as I try to keep up

MO: I force the head of my cock into your throat

PW: I feel like I am going to choke. I try to relax

MO: I feel my cock go deeper

PW: Suddenly my lips are against your pubes

MO: I pump my fingers in and out of your ass with my cock deep in your throat

PW: My pussy is leaking like crazy. I love what you are doing to me.

MO: I grab your hair and pull your mouth from my cock

PW: Spit drools from my lips. I want more

MO: I shove your head and slam my cock back down your throat

PW: MMMMMpppppphhhhhhh

MO: I pull your head up and slam it down on my cock again and again

PW: My pussy is throbbing from everything you are doing to me

MO: Now I’m going to fuck you in the ass

PW: What? Nooooo… please.

MO: I straddle your thighs and slide my hard cock back and forth between your cheeks

PW: Not in the ass. It… it won’t fit

MO: I drool spit onto my cock and over your asshole

PW: I am scared. No one has ever fucked me in the ass

MO: I press my swollen knob against your sphincter

PW: Please… don’t hurt me

MO: I push and feel your ass envelop my knob

PW: Uuuunnngghhh… it’s too big

MO: I drool spit onto my cock and shove it deeper

PW: Aaaahhhhh… you’re hurting me.

MO: I pull back and push deeper and deeper until I am buried

PW: Ohmygod. Stop. It’s too much

MO: I pull my cock from your ass until just the knob is inside.

PW: I try to relax but the pressure is overwhelming

MO: I slam my cock deep into your ass

PW: Nnnnnn… aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh… nnnnooooooo…

MO: Again and again and again

PW: Something’s happening.

MO: Harder and faster.

PW: The pain disappears. I want more

MO: You love it, don’t you, you thieving slut

PW: Yes, I want it. Fuck my ass.

MO: My cock goes faster and deeper

PW: Aaaaahhhhhh (fingers up my ass)

MO: Your tight ass grabs my cock sending jolts of pleasure to my head

PW: Harder…. Deeper. Fuck my ass.

MO: Oh god, I think I’m gonna cum

PW: Yes baby. In my ass. Cum in my ass

MO: Just a little more

PW: Give it to me brother. Give me your cum

MO: Typing with one finger

PW: Me too. Let’s cum together

MO: I can’t hold it

PW: Me either


PW: God yes, shoot it up my ass

PW: I’m so close. I’m going to use both hands.


MO: Oh fuck that was a good one.

MO: Are you there? Hello…

PW: Whew… I’m back. I just had the most incredible orgasm. There’s pussy juice everywhere

MO: And cum is splattered all over my chest.

PW: Mmmmmm… I’d love to lick it off

MO: And I’d like to eat your cunt

PW: Next time. God you make me horny.

MO: You should try it for real sometime.

PW: What, ass fucking?

MO: Yeah. I’ll bet you’d like it. You seem like the uninhibited type.

PW: Only in cyber. I’m not like this at all in real life.

MO: Except with your brother. I’m sure he would love to fuck your ass.

PW: I thought he just did. Anyway, I gotta go. Talk to you soon.

MO: I can’t wait.

Sean could not get out of his head the image of his cock sliding in and out of Amanda’s tight asshole. He tried to clear his mind and think of something else. He had to quit obsessing about sex with Amanda. It had to stop. A brother and sister shouldn’t have a sexual relationship. On the other hand he couldn’t pretend like it never happened. He needed to talk.

Amanda lay on her bed trying to make sense of everything. Ever since “Marine One” had contacted her life had become complicated. He got her to thinking about sex with Sean, wanting sex with Sean and then following through on her fantasy. Now he had her thinking about getting fucked in the ass. She had cum so hard just imagining what it might feel like to have Sean’s cock up her ass.

Amanda knew she couldn’t avoid talking to Sean forever. She had to confront him and put an end to all this craziness. She got up from the bed put on her jeans and walked over to the door. When she opened it she was startled to find Sean standing there about ready to knock. They stared at each other for several seconds before Sean spoke.

“Um, look Amanda… I just came by to say, um, to say that I’m sorry I took advantage of you. I don’t want you to hate me.”

“I don’t hate you, Sean. Besides, it was my fault. I came to your room. I knew what would happen. You probably think I’m some kind of slut.”

“No I don’t. But we can’t continue to be together like… you know… like last night. You’re my sister.”

“I know.”

They stood in silence for a Beylikdüzü escort few moments. Sexual tension filled the air between them. Sean knew he should turn and walk away. Amanda knew she should close the door.

“I still love you Amanda, I mean as a sister.”

“I love you too Sean.”

They hugged each other. Amanda’s heart was pounding. She could feel an overwhelming sexual tension growing in her belly. Sean’s cock was growing hard just feeling his sister’s tits pressed to his chest.

“So what do we do now sis?”

“Maybe we should talk about it some more. Do you want to come in?”

“Okay, if that’s what you want.”

They sat on the side of the bed each with their hands folded in their laps. A long silence followed. Out of nervousness Amanda finally blurted out the first thing that popped into her mind. She regretted it as soon as she said it.

“I bet you had sex with a lot of girls being a Marine and all. I must be pretty disappointing as a sex partner. I haven’t had much experience.”

“No, Amanda, you… you were special. I’ve never felt closer to anyone.”

Sean put his arm around her and pulled her closer. Amanda looked up at him with desperate eyes. Sean held her gaze and slowly moved his face closer. Their lips met. The kiss was soft and gentle. Amanda felt her nipples swell and her pussy tingle. Sean pulled away from the kiss.

“You need to tell me to go.”

“I… I can’t.”

Their lips met again. Sean pushed his tongue into her mouth and she opened hers to receive him. Amanda put her hand on the back of his neck and caressed him with her fingers. Sean slid a hand to her waist and pulled her closer. They fell back on the bed. Amanda hooked her thigh over Sean’s and slowly rubbed her pussy against him. Sean moved his hand over her firm ass cheek and squeezed.

Their passions continued to flare. Sean wedged his hand inside the back of his sister’s tight jeans. Amanda unsnapped them to give him better access and then slid her hand over the hard bulge pushing out from her brother’s jeans. Sean’s fingers kneaded the creamy flesh of his sister’s cheeks. He slid his middle finger down her crack and over the tight knot of her anus.

Amanda gasped when she felt his finger pressing against her asshole. Sean could not possible know, she thought, that less than fifteen minutes earlir she had been fantasizing about taking his cock up her ass by using her own finger. She wanted him to push it inside and pressed back to encourage him. She knew it would go in easily because she had lubricated her asshole with baby oil during the cyber session.

Sean slowly slipped the first knuckle of his finger into her ass. He could tell that Amanda liked it from her moans. He twisted and pushed deeper until it was completely buried. Amanda’s animal instincts were ignited and she wanted more. She wanted the feel of Sean’s hard flesh sliding in and out of her mouth while he fingered her asshole. She unsnapped his jeans, wrapped her fingers around his cock and lowered her head.

Now it was Sean’s turn to moan. Amanda attacked him aggressively licking and slurping like a hungry kitten. Soon she had his entire length down her throat and was fucking him by slamming her head up and down his shaft. Sean could feel her spit drooling down his balls. He continued to pump his finger in and out of her ass which only increased her hunger for his cock.

Amanda’s pussy was dripping into her panties and desperate for some attention. She shifted slightly so she could slip a hand down the front of her jeans. A fingertip found her clit and rubbed it in short rapid circles. Seconds later she shuddered from a short release that rippled through her pussy.

The orgasm felt good but Amanda needed more. With her brother’s finger up her ass and cock down her throat her pussy yearned to be filled with more than her fingers. She pulled her mouth off her brother’s cock and rolled over onto her stomach dislodging his finger from her asshole. Amanda pushed her jeans and panties to her knees and tilted her ass in the air.

Sean didn’t need any further encouragement. His vein streaked cock, dripping with saliva, was throbbing and in desperate need of attention. He quickly climbed onto his sister’s back and guided the bulging knob to the swollen lips of her wet pussy peeking up at him from between her ass cheeks. She easily opened and sucked his throbbing meat deep into her cunt.

Amanda gasped when she felt her brother’s huge shaft plunge deep into her pussy. He fucked her with a steady rhythm driving his cock into her body again and again. Amanda pushed back against him on each thrust trying to take him deeper each time he plowed into her. Her gasps became louder and turned into squeals of pleasure.

Amanda slid a hand under her body to rub her throbbing clit. Her fingertips brushed against Sean’s slimy cock moving in and out of her cunt. The pressure in her belly was so intense that her body trembled in anticipation of the impending orgasm. It hit like a thunderbolt and exploded through her pussy. A scream pierced the air. Amanda jerked and thrashed Escort Beylikdüzü uncontrollably on the bed beneath her brother.

Sean continued to pound his cock into his sister in long deep strokes. He could feel juices pour from her pussy and dribble down his balls which slapped against her fingers on each thrust. Amanda was insatiable and feeling dirty and nasty like a sex deprived whore. She pulled her hand out from under her body, reached back and slipped her middle finger up her ass. A second wave of orgasm shook her body.

Sean looked down and watched his sister fingering her asshole just like she had been doing when he was ass fucking her during their cyber session. He saw his cock sliding in and out of her pussy just below her finger and thought how easy it would be to pull it out and shove it up her ass. Maybe she was inviting him to do just that. Maybe she wanted a cock up her ass.

As if reading his mind Amanda turned her head and looked back at Sean. She pulled her finger out of her ass, grabbed his cock and guided the tip to her tight sphincter. She couldn’t stop thinking about her cyber session and what it would really feel like to have a cock up her ass. Part of her was scared but the sex-starved whore who had just been fucked by her brother wanted it anyway.

Sean had fucked a few girls in the ass but he had never taken an anal cherry. He knew that he couldn’t just ram his cock up Amanda’s asshole without proper lubrication. On the other hand his finger had slipped into her easily enough from the baby oil she had used during cyber. Sean pushed and felt her sphincter slowly open until the entire knob punched through and lodged itself inside.

Amanda stiffened when she felt Sean’s cock push into her asshole. The pressure was intense. She tried to relax but it was difficult. Sean pushed a little deeper. Amanda winced and let out small cry of pain. She began to think that getting fucked in the ass was not such a good idea. She tensed again and stifled a scream when Sean tried to go deeper. Realizing her pain, he pulled his cock from her ass.

“I’m sorry, Amanda. I don’t think this is such a good idea.”

Despite the pain Amanda was determined to see it through. If other girls could do it that way then so could she.

“I want to, Sean. Just… just go slowly.”

Sean spied the bottle of baby oil on the computer desk that Amanda had used for her finger when they were doing cyber.

“Wait a sec. Don’t move.”

He hopped out of bed, grabbed the bottle and then climbed back up behind Amanda. He doused his cock with a generous amount of oil and dripped more onto his fingers and down the crack of her ass. He slipped two fingers up her butt. They slid in easily and he buried them to the knuckle twisting them inside to open her asshole wider.

“I’m going to put my cock back in you. Try to relax. I’ll go slow.”

Amanda nodded her head. She felt the head of his cock push against her sphincter. It easily slid inside. The pressure was still intense. Amanda tried to relax but felt her body clench each time he pushed deeper. The lubrication made it easier but his cock was so big it felt like her insides were going to burst. She gritted her teeth to hide her discomfort.

With about half his cock up her ass Sean pulled back until he felt Amanda relax. He pushed it back part way and pulled it out again. Each time he felt her body relax he would push a little deeper until, with one final push, Sean’s entire length disappeared into his sister’s ass. He held it deep without moving until her body relaxed.

Amanda could still feel the pressure in her bowels but now knew that she wasn’t going to burst. She had done it. She had taken her brother’s cock all the way up her ass. After giving her time to adjust, Sean slowly moved inside her an inch at a time. Amanda felt the intense pressure fade away until ripples of pleasure moved through her ass with each thrust of his cock.

“Oh god yes… fuck me. Fuck me in the ass.”

Those words encouraged Sean to pick up the pace. His strokes became longer and more forceful as he drove his cock deep into his sister’s bowels again and again. Amanda felt like a dirty whore with Sean’s cock up her ass, and she loved it. She moved a hand under her body to rub her clit and finger her pussy enhancing the pleasure she was already feeling each time Sean’s cock pounded into her forbidden passage.

Sean looked down between his sister’s cheeks and watched his cock slide in and out of her tight asshole. His head was pounding with desire driving him to fuck her harder and more recklessly. This only acted to enhance the pleasure Amanda was feeling. They were both moving closer and closer to the inevitable climax surging through their loins.

The intensity was too much for Amanda. Her legs began to shake. Her fingers moved faster and faster across her clit. The fingers of her other hand clenched the bedspread. She threw her head back and screamed as every ounce of energy she had seemed to explode through her pussy.

Sean hammered his sister’s ass hard and deep. He could feel his head become light from flashes of intense pleasure surging through his brain. His balls shrunk and his cock swelled. Sean’s body tensed as if in agony. With one last desperate thrust he grunted and sprayed a powerful stream of hot cum deep into his sister’s bowels.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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