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I will never forget the look of satisfaction on Pamela’s face when we she came, gushing her warm wet juices over my lips and tongue. Unable to speak she panted for breath as her bare breasts heaved up and down. Her eyes were closed as she tried to regain control of her body and mind. She licked her lips, they were sensitive from the passionate kisses we had shared minutes before. Suddenly she bit her bottom lip hard and screwed up her face and opened her eyes to look at me. I was kneeling at the side of the bed with my face resting on Pamela’s left inner thigh, her right leg hung limply over my left shoulder. My lips nose and chin sticky and wet with her cum as looked up to meet her gaze.

“Oh my God!” she gasped “That should never have happened.

Just two hours ago our lives had been normal but now everything was different, and nothing could be the same again. Then I was a happily married man celebrating the birth of my first-born and she was happily sharing the joy with me. Now my with my face smeared with her love juices I let out a deep sigh of emotion and watched as breath disturbed the thick thatch of pubic hair that surrounded Pamela’s engorged sex. She let out a quivering sigh and tightened her right leg around neck digging her heal into the small of my back as the chill breath caused another wave of forbidden pleasure to ride through her.

“Please No more!” she demanded, “This has to stop. What about Julie and the baby? For God’s sake you’re my SON-IN-LAW!”

I pause for a second wondering how we came to be in this position. Was it only a couple of hours ago that we had been standing together at my wife’s bedside in the maternity wing celebrating? We had both been overjoyed as we left my wife and child in the hospital and returned to the apartment my wife and I rented. I stopped off at the local store and bought a bottle of champagne and a loaf of French bread; knowing we had a variety of cheeses in the refrigerater that would do as a make shift supper. We were both tired after a long couple of days. Julie my wife had gone in to labour nearly 3 days before and in that time I had only snatched a couple of hours sleep. Pamela had arrived from her home some 300 miles away late on the first day and both of us had shared in coaching Julie through an exhausting labour. Now the initial jubilation was over Julie had fallen into a deep sleep and the hospital staff had suggested that Pamela and I go and get a good nights sleep ourselves before returning in the morning. As I prepared to pay I noticed a new selection of DVD’s in the store and thought that as we were both so tired an evening watching a good film might be in order. Choosing a film to watch with your mother-in-law is a tricky thing to do, especicially when she is a bit of a straight laced tight assed church goer. My idea of a good evenings entertainment was to watch Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone going at it like rabbits. Watching other people enjoy sex had become my main release over the past six weeks as Julie grew bigger she began to feel unlovable. I tried to let her know that I fancied her as much if not more than ever however, this had no effect and sex had dried up almost completely. I had therefore drifted into watching raunchier and more explicit movies. So what to watch tonight? My eyes caught an interesting box cover Emaunuel in Space but it didn’t take the brains of an Arch Bishop to realise that might be a bit too much for the woman who refused to watch 4 Weddings and a funeral because it used the F-word more than five times in the first minute. So I grabbed a copy of Pride and Prejudice and headed home.

“Do you mind if I take a bath?” Pamela asked when we got into the apartment and I laid her case on our spare bed.

“Sure! Just help yourself! I’ll sort out something to eat and open this to wet the babies head.” I replied producing the bottle of champagne from the shopping bag.

“Oh I don’t usually” she prudishly responded, “But as it’s such a special occasion I’ll have a glass.”

With that she half closed her bedroom door and began her unpacking. I went into our small bathroom and turned on the taps to fill the tub adding a generous helping of bubble bath. Soon the foam was rising and the steam was filling the small room. The running water reminded me I needed to take a leak so I pushed the lock across the door and unzipped my fly. I was in full flow when the door burst open and in walked Pamela. The lock had never been good! She stopped dead in her tracks and stared for a few moments as I unsuccessfully tried to cover myself without pissing down myself or all over the floor.

“I ..I..The Door…oh my!” Pamela panted as she stepped out of the room. I finished my pee flushed the toilet washed up and left.

“I am so sorry I should have said the lock is a bit dodgy.” I apologised opening the Champagne with a pop. Pamela was obviously a little shaken by the sight of my cock which although flaccid as I was peeing measured bursa eskort bayan a good 5 inches. She took the full glass of champagne and slugged it back. Then having taken a deep breath to get rid of the tingle of the bubbles whizzing up her nose she said, “I seem to have forgotten my robe and nightdress in the rush to pack. Does Julie have on that I could borrow?”

“Er I’m not sure?” I mumbled in return. Pamela and Julie were both around the same size, both a size 10 -12. In fact they often swapped clothes with each other before the pregnancy, but the problem was that Julies nightware was to say the least a little on the raunchy side. Of the 3 robes or rather negligees she owned two were sheer lace one black one red and the other was a rather short cream silk kimono. In fact we had had to especially buy a suitable for Julie to take into the hospital. “You better choose for yourself” I diplomatically suggested directing her to Julies closet. I returned to the bathroom and turned off the taps. By way of a little apology lit a couple of scented candles that Julie had placed in there for a “more relaxing experience”. I also filled up her glass again as I thought the first one could hardly have hit the sides.

As I left the bathroom I turned out the main light and called toward my bedroom that the bath was ready. I heard from the kitchen that the bathroom door was closed and prepared the cheese, bread, plates and a couple of knives on the coffee table in the lounge. We only had too chairs in the room. One was a nursing rocker and the other a small two seat sofa that was in front of the TV behind the coffee table. I set up the DVD and paused it to play at the start of the movie while Pamela took her bath. Some 20 minutes later she emerged wearing the night clothes she had chosen for herself. To my amazement she had chosen one of Julies 2 piece outfits. It comprised of a pair of cream silk shorts and a babydoll silk top. This was held together at the breast with 2 buttons and a bow ribbon.

Draped unfastened around Pamela’s shoulders was the Kimono gown. As she walked in I couldn’t help but take a good look at her body. For a woman in her mid to late 40’s Pamela was certain in great shape. Who would have guessed that underneath those frumpy flowery Laura Ashley dresses was a body that rivalled Julies a woman half her age. Pamela’s legs were long slender and well toned. I recalled hearing she swam regularly with the church ladies group. It had certainly kept her trim as my eyes scanned her body I marvelled at the tautness of her stomach. For a second I glanced at her breasts, but was distracted by the waving of Pamela’s already empty glass.

“That was lovely,” she beamed, “So thoughtful of you to light the candles and I don’t think I have had so many bubbles in a bath ever. And that Champagne is lovely bubbles inside and out!” she giggled. “Oh I think that champagne has gone straight to my head. Is there any more?”

“Sure.” I said as I poured her a third glass I then tipped the last dribbles into my glass; emptying the bottle.

Oh dear has it run out she exclaimed as she sat on sofa, “Please take mine.”

“No need!” I responded and walked to the drinks cupboard to get out a bottle of port that Father-in-Law had given me last Christmas. “Scott gave me this and a cigar a few months ago… it said on the gift tag ‘For the night you make me a Grandfather!’ Well that’s tonight!” I chuckled.

Pamela’s face hardened for a moment. “That’s just the sort of thing he would give. He knows how my Methodist friends are against booze and tobacco!”

“Oh I was just going to have a little port with the cheese while we watch the new Pride and Prejudice. I bought it for you this evening. But if you’d rather I didn’t..” I said turning back to the cupboard.

No don’t be silly Pamela cut in you have been so kind to me this evening why should I stop you enjoying yourself. You deserve it after the day you’ve had. She took another sip of her champagne and gestured for me to join her on the sofa. I noticed how she flicked her shoulder length curly brown hair from her neck as I approached. This simple action again drew my eyes to her breasts which sat squeezed within the silken top. It struck me that she must have larger breasts than Julie who at a pert 36B never filled that top as well as her mother now did. Pamela must have been at least a C cup if not a little bigger. I noticed too that, although her breasts were definitely not as firm as they once had been, they were still more than justified to be on display. I caught myself searching out the shape of her right nipple which was causing the silk babydoll to standout out as the robe failed to cover it. Stop it I thought to myself this is your mother-in-law. Grabbing the remote I turned on the film and started the movie. We both ate bread and cheese and I drank a glass or two of the Port but was finding the film a little slow. Pamela was enjoying it though so I bursa otele gelen eskort bayan made my excuses and went to change for bed. I pulled on a pair of cotton shorts and a tee shirt before returning some minutes later. Pamela was engrossed in the film as I approached from the door way. On the screen a couple were standing arguing in a storm. I could barely believe what I saw on the sofa though. Pamela was slowly rubbing her thighs together and had her left hand on the outside of the silky top stroking the soft material just below her right breast. This caused the top to splay open a little and reveal more of her shapely torso. I slowly moved around the sofa until I came into Pamela’s peripheral vision. Noticing me there she suddenly stopped her self-petting and in an shakily poured port into her empty wine glass in an attempt to cover up her actions. She gulped down a whole glass of the warm sweet liquid.

“Be careful that’s quite strong.” I warned but it fell on deaf ears as Pamela poured herself another one.

Oh don’t worry about me! I feel fine. Retorted Pamela having regained her composure. She looked a little flushed and I wasn’t sure if that was the booze, her embarrassment at being caught touching her self or her arousal from watching this deadly dull movie? The on thing that was for sure was that I had never seen this usually prudish woman so relaxed or looking so sexy.

I sat back down and asked if Pamela minded me lighting up the cigar. Of course she responded laying her hand on my bare thigh, “Julie never told me what a gentleman you are. Most wouldn’t have even bothered asking.” She rubbed her hand along my thigh and then removed it, but the warm soft touch of her hand in an intimate area had caused an unexpected throb in my groin. I lit the cigar and drew on it a couple of times. Could I have a taste. Pamela asked. Are you sure I asked knowing this was the breaking another one of her many taboos. She nodded slowly keeping her eyes fixed on mine. I took another pull on the cigar and passed it to her holding the smoke in my mouth. Pamela took it from me and licked her lips and sensuously wrapped her lips around the thick brown shaft. My arousal watching her hold this phallic shaft between her moist wet lips caused the throb in my groin to turn in to a pulsating as blood rushed to awaken my own shaft. I breathed out blowing the smoke toward her. She smiled took a drag and I then realised that Pamela may never have smoked a cigar before. She drew the smoke into her lungs, which you should never do with cigar smoke, and began to cough uncontrollably. I took the cigar from her as she lunged forward choking on the thick smoke. As she jerked trying to refill her lungs with clearer air her other hand grabbed at my right shoulder. But my movement in taking the cigar from her made her already inhibited control and she placed her hand on into my lap. As Pamela recovered she apologised but failed to remove her hand that was pressing my tented shorts flat. Her eyes lowered and looked down at what it was she had hold of. Gently the pressure around my shaft increased as she began to squeeze. I let out a small gasp of pleasure at her touch which broke the spell and Pamela immediately let go and stood up. AS she did so I couldn’t stop myself from watching the bounce of her breast as she stood.

I don’t know what came over me she stammered, you must think me a slut. Please forgive me. I.. I.. she never finished her sentence as with that her bottom lip began to quiver and she turned sobbing and ran in to the bathroom. I didn’t know what to do sand so sat for a moment before following her up the corridor. “Pamela,” I called, “It’s OK I know it was an accident.” I could hear her crying trying to compose herself. “Don’t worry about let’s pretend it never happened. There was silence then the door handle turned. Pamela stepped out her face red from crying.

I feel so silly, she sniffed, “You have been so lovely to me this evening. It has been a long time since anyone has thought of me. That film you picked is so romantic and I think the champagne and port went to my head.” Her lip quivered again and her shoulders began to shake. “I am a silly woman you must be disgusted at the thought of me touching you!”

I was in a spin. My heart was pounding madly like the first time I ever kissed a girl. As she shook I wanted to comfort her and so reached out my arms and held her. The feeling of her warm body close to against mine as she buried her face in to my chest caused my penis to rouse again. I stroked Pamela’s back in an attempt to console her, but a mixture of the heat of her rasping breathe, the smoothness of the silk and softness of her breast that were pushed against me conspired to turn compassion into impure passion. Pamela slowly raised her hands from her sides and held my hips. Her thumbs gripping not quite at my groin and her fingers not quite touching my ass.

She bursa eve gelen escort raised her head and I felt her breasts slide up my stomach to rest on my rib cage.

“Just hold me!” she sighed as she looked into my eyes. Although her mouth said just hold me. I could see a burning passion in her eyes and I was too weak to resist. I lowered my head to kiss her mouth and immediately she responded with forceful passionate kiss. Her mouth mashed against mine and our lips seemed to become one. My left hand slipped lower down her back until my little finger rested lightlightly on the curve of her womanly bottom. As I gripped her right cheek and began to massage it she thrust her tongue into my open mouth. My right and slid around her front and rested for a moment on the bare flesh of her midriff. Pamela moaned as she felt my touch on her skin and dug her fingers deeper into my muscular ass. I moved my hand little by little up her front until I cupped her breast and then massaged her gently under the nipple.

With a deep breathe she stepped away from me and turned away. “We mustn’t!” she panted and began to turn away. I grabbed at her, my passion taking away all logic and calling out “No!” Catching the edge of her babydoll top I pulled to get her back, eager resume our passionate kiss. Pamela pulled away turning back toward me and falling against my bedroom door. “Paul we can’t!” she panted, “We must control ourselves.”

I stepped forward towards her again and took each of her breasts in my hands. I kneaded her flesh pushing it upwards and learning forward to kiss her again. Her mouth opened to meet mine and again we shared an earth-shattering kiss as Pamela’s surrender to her physical desires. As she broke the kiss to breathe I showered her neck with kisses and teased her nipples through the silky material. I ground my erection into her groin and she thrust back panting and groaning in response. Suddenly the door swung open as Pamela’s ass pushed against the handle. Pamela stumbled into the bedroom and fell backwards onto the bed Julie and I shared. I looked down at her and reach forwards taking hold of the Babydoll top as it met at her cleavage and ripped it open. The buttons flew apart and the ribbon ripped off as I plunged my face to kiss and suckle on those fabulous breasts. Pamela’s areoles were larger but lighter in colour than Julies. They had a pink rather than brown tone to them and her nipples were large and protruded from their centre like two ripe raspberries. I took one into my mouth and sucked gently before licking around the areole and nuzzling all around the breast before moving to her other breast. I began by kissing underneath it while tenderly taking hold of the nipple and pulling it upward to give greater access to the sensitive underside.

Oh yes Pamela moaned as I paid special attention to her magnificent chest. I allowed my right hand to glide down her belly slipped it into her shorts. Overcome with passion she didn’t resist at all as my fingers brushed through her thick pubic hair and ensnared her sopping fanny. I rubbed gently with the heal of my hand onto her sensitive mound. A loud gasp issued from her mouth and trembled with longing. Releasing her nipple I flicked it a couple of times with my tongue and Pamela squealed with delight.

I pulled away from her breast and slid off the bed onto the floor. As I stood I removed my shirt and threw it to the floor. Panting with pleasure Pamela smiled up at me as I tucked my fingers into the waist band of her shorts and pulled them off her pulling her bottom to the edge of the bed in the same movement. Kneeling between her legs I pushed her knees apart and lowered my head readying myself to go down on her. Stop No noone has ever done that to me before. Pamela protested. But I was in no mind to be denied and as my soft tongue parted her honeyed pussy lips her protestations quickly subsided. “Oh that feels so good!” she whispered as she grabbed the hair on the back of my head and pushed my harder against her pussy. I began lapping at her dripping gash until suddenly her legs clamped around my head and a spasm like nothing I had ever seen before ripped though her. AS her orgasm ripped through her a sudden gush of juices flooded over my face. For a second I thought she had lost control and was peeing on me, but it was thicker and tasted wonderfully musky.

And so there I was with her lag draped over my neck having experienced the best orgasm of her life my mother-in-law again decided that we must stop there.

“Please No more!” she demanded, “This has to stop. What about Julie and the baby? For God’s sake you’re my SON-IN-LAW!”

At that point I stood and removed my shorts and allowed her to see my fully erect penis for the first time. At a good 7 inches long I could see the desire to have it in her flash over Pamela’s face as she saw it.

You can’t stop now I told her. You have had your fun now I want mine. She said nothing but lay back and opened her legs wider in anticipation for me to penetrate her. I leant forward and allowed the head of my penis to rub along her pussy lips.

“Mmm!”she sighed closing her eyes as the sensation tingled through her.

“Wait.” I whispered in her ear. “I need to know that you want me and that I’m not forcing you.” I teased.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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