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Shannon Vinson wasn’t speaking to her idiot boyfriend. The fuckwit hadn’t even discussed it with her when he signed up for a 3-year tour of duty with the army. What was she supposed to do when he was God-knows-where doing God-knows-what? She was young and pretty and she might have waited for him if he’d even had the courtesy to ask. That was so like Tommy — he did exactly what he wanted to do and no one else mattered.

Now he had compounded matters. He was to report for duty in three days and would miss the prom. Shannon had worked hard all year to save enough money to go to the prom in a fancy new dress and sexy shoes. She knew she had a good chance of being elected Queen and wanted to lord it over those snooty bitches that had made her life miserable just a few years back.

Shannon had always been tall for her age but ballet had helped her become graceful. Nature had done the rest, although she wished it would have hurried up. At 17, she started getting breasts. Her once-dull kind-of red, kind-of brown hair began changing to a lush auburn shade and her face started becoming pretty. Really pretty — as in, posing for photography classes pretty. Her mother raised holy hell when Shannon said that she had been asked to pose. She told her daughter in no uncertain terms that she would not sign the permission slip.

When she saw her father on his week, he saw the downcast look on her lovely face. He was able to pry the information out of her with ease. He got her to bring the permission slip to him and he signed it immediately. “Why shouldn’t you share your lovely face with aspiring artists?” Colin said to his misty-eyed daughter. “Why should I be the only one who appreciates your sweet, sunshiny self?” Shannon was sure her dad likely also wanted to stick it to his ex-wife a bit, but she honestly didn’t care. She was going to use every nickel she earned to buy the prettiest prom dress she could afford and knock Tommy’s socks off. She made the money and bought the dress — ooh-la-la, what a dress — and now it all seemed that it would turn out to be a gigantic waste.

Shannon was faced with the choice of going to the prom alone or finding another date quickly. Frankly, neither prospect appealed to her. Shannon knew if she put the word out, there would be enough candidates to fill her school’s gymnasium. She thought better of that. She might come off looking desperate. There were some very nice young men that she found attractive and would have been bold enough to ask herself, but most of them had girlfriends or dates themselves.

Colin looked at his daughter when she told him she wasn’t going to the prom. He was smart enough to listen carefully and not be judgmental. Frankly, he had never much cared for Tom. He was a follower and not a leader. Tom was also far too much of a redneck for someone as magnificent as his Shannon.

“You’re going to that prom,” he told her in a commanding tone. “You’re a beautiful woman and you shouldn’t let his absence stand in your way. It’s a night no girl should ever miss out on. Even with the current animosity between your mother and me, I still recall how beautiful she looked that night.”

Shannon sighed. “Daddy, I want to go but I don’t want everyone pointing and commenting. It will ruin the night for me. I wanted to go in and cause a bit of a fuss, but not in this way.”

“You’re going Shannon and that is final,” Colin told her. “I don’t want you regretting not going to what could be the biggest night of your life.”

“Great Daddy,” Shannon said, letting out a huge sigh. “I’ll look gorgeous but everyone will make rude comments about the dateless wonder.”

Colin looked at his lovely daughter and wondered how he could make this better. When he looked at her as a man and not as a father, it always puzzled him why there weren’t scores of eligible young men lining up to date her. She was easily the most beautiful woman he knew, surpassing her mom by a country mile. That’s when the lunacy overtook him. “I have an idea, if you’d like to hear it,” he said to his daughter. She turned her head and looked in his direction, flashing the first glimpse of a smile he had seen this day. “None of your friends know me to see me, do they?” He asked. She shook her head. Her parents had divorced before she had entered high school and her school was in the district where her mother lived. “I think I clean up pretty nice. If you’d really like to cause a bit of a ruckus, I could get out my tuxedo and escort you myself. Everyone would be buzzing about the `mysterious older man’ who brought Shannon to the prom,” he smiled.

Shannon had two looks at that moment for her father and Colin witnessed them both. The first was of a young woman who had just witnessed her father saying the most insane thing she had ever heard. The second look was one of amusement and whimsy. She started to consider it. Her father was tall, dark and almost sinister looking, but in a good way. Shannon knew that in a tux, he’d put all the others to shame. “It would bursa otele gelen eskort be a disaster if anyone found out,” she said if a low, soft voice. “I’d never live it down.”

“How would anyone find out?” Colin answered. “You don’t look anything like me, except that we both have green eyes. You take after your mom. Sweetheart, let me do this thing for you. I always feel I don’t get to do enough.”

“Daddy, you do a lot and …”

“Shannon, please let me do this. Take my credit card — have a salon day, buy some new shoes — whatever you need,” Colin told her. “Just this once, let me indulge my little girl and make her see just how special she is.”

Shannon threw her arms around her father and gave him the biggest hug imaginable. She really did love her Daddy and she hadn’t earned quite enough money for the shoes she wanted. Why not go with one of the most handsome men she knew? Why not cause a bit of scandal? What were they going to do, kick her out of school a month before graduation?

Shannon called her friends Linsey and Lana and told them she had another date to the prom, a sexy older man. She adored Linsey but knew the pretty blonde was a terrible gossip. Linsey did exactly what was expected, she called her friends and in under an hour, Tommy was on the phone and he wasn’t happy.

“You should have thought of all that before you made life decisions without consulting me,” Shannon told him in a terse tone. “I thought we were in this relationship together, but obviously I was wrong.”

“Let me come and see you before I have to report for duty,” Tommy almost begged.

“I don’t think so,” Shannon said, trying very hard not to lose her resolve. “We obviously have totally different viewpoints on how a relationship works. Goodbye Tommy and good luck in the military. I wish you well,” she said as she hung up the phone. Turning around, she saw her father with a huge smile on his face. She knew his feelings about her now-ex boyfriend. To his credit, Colin had never interfered and she was glad of that. She was thrilled that she had been able to find out Tommy’s self-centered, true nature on her own.

“Is my credit card bill going to be as heavy as a phone book?” Colin joked with his daughter as she called to make her salon appointment for the coming afternoon.

“Nah, probably only about as thick as a paperback,” Shannon joked back. She kissed him on the cheek and left the house, feeling light and giddy for the first time in days. Shannon knew that she would be the envy of all of her friends showing up with a sexy, older man. Both her friend Linsey and another friend of theirs, Lana, had dated college guys, but in doing this, Shannon had trumped them both. Not only that, but her father could really dance. Her Nana had made all of her children take lessons some years earlier and Colin had kept them up for years. He would do right by her at prom.

She went to her favorite salon and the girls over their fussed over her, making sure she looked exquisite. There wasn’t a stray hair out of place and her makeup made her beautiful face shine. She showed her friend Lucy her dress and Lucy smiled and nodded her approval. Her friend knew that Shannon had the stuff to pull off a dress like that. She had lunch with Lucy and the girls in the salon because she wanted to avoid her father for the afternoon. She didn’t want him seeing her before they left for the dance. For a reason she couldn’t fathom, it was equally important to her to impress him as much as the other people attending the prom. She knew he would be proud of her no matter what she did, but Shannon wanted her Daddy to be on the arm of the prettiest girl there.

Lucy took an hour away from the salon and helped Shannon find the shoes that complimented her dress perfectly. She balked when she saw the price tag and then remembered her father had insisted. She plunked down his platinum card and the clerk smiled approvingly as he rang up the sale. They were now the sexiest shoes she owned and she would have to find a special way to thank her father for taking such an awful situation and spinning it into a positive.

She arrived home before her father and ran to hide upstairs. She surfed the Internet for a while although she couldn’t focus. She was so excited about prom, maybe even more excited than she had been when planning to go with Tommy. Keeping a close watch on the time, she started her final preparations about an hour before her dad was due to arrive. She took a good look at herself in the mirror and her honest appraisal of herself was that she looked incredible. Shannon was going to make her Daddy very proud tonight. Just as that thought left her head, she heard his car pull up. They were going to dinner first, although Shannon wasn’t sure how much she would be able to eat. She was terribly nervous. She heard the front door open and she made her way downstairs.

“My Lord,” Colin gasped as he looked at his daughter. He couldn’t find bursa eve gelen escort bayan the words. His daughter was a movie star, a supermodel, a magazine centerfold. Her body was clad in the sexiest, slinkiest black satin evening gown he had ever seen. It was like a second skin on her fabulous body. Cut low in front and back, it showed a fair amount of skin and there was a high slit on one side that showed off her long, sleek legs. Those legs were clad in black, real-silk stockings and the shoes that went with them were the sexiest pair of black stiletto heels he had ever seen. Whatever they had cost him, whatever all of this had cost him, Colin knew it was worth it. The smile on her face alone was worth a million.

Shannon’s poor heart was going a mile a minute. Her Daddy, her very perfect Daddy, was wearing a tuxedo and everything that went with it. He’d had his wavy dark hair cut and styled and the flecks of gray at his temples made him look so distinguished. He filled out a suit so nicely and he’d even brought her a corsage. Her Daddy Colin knew every right move to make and she felt like a princess as he pinned it on her. When she went to the driveway, she let out another gasp. Colin had even gone to the trouble of getting his classic Porsche Spyder from the garage where it was stored. Not only would some of the girls be jealous of her handsome date, but the guys would be freaking out over the cool car they arrived in. Colin only drove the car on the most special of occasions and to car shows. She had never ridden in it herself and as they drove to the restaurant, she had the chills. Shannon knew that she would remember this night for the rest of her life.

It only got better. The Maitre D’ at the restaurant fussed over them and made sure everything was just so. Their servers were kind and attentive and Colin even selected a nice wine for their meal. It made Shannon a bit giddy and she could not stop smiling. Added to that was the fact that a few of her schoolmates were there with their dates and staring at them. Colin made sure to be extra-attentive to his daughter, although that wasn’t a hard task at all. In fact, he had trouble looking away from her for even a moment. Few women on earth looked as spectacular as she did right now. He let her order whatever she wanted and to her own surprise, Shannon found that her appetite had resurfaced.

It was also unique and fascinating to have a conversation with her Daddy as an adult. They didn’t talk about school at all. Instead, they talked about life and their past relationships. Colin listened to her and seemed interested in her viewpoints. He was so unlike Tommy, who was a nice guy, but hardly a man of the world. Perhaps Tommy would gain some depth in the military. She wished him well and now realized that things probably had worked out for the best. Seeing some of the other young women gazing admiringly at Colin, she knew that they had.

Colin was captivated by the young beauty he was dining with. Of course he knew Shannon was beautiful, he had believed that even when she hadn’t. Yet somehow, she had eclipsed herself. Every movement she made caught his eye and the eyes of several others as well. She was witty and charming and disarmingly sexy, without even realizing it. Colin had dated a few women close to Shannon’s age since his divorce, yet none of them had one iota of her graceful allure. He had to keep reminding himself that he was her father and that it wasn’t a real date. Hell, it sure felt real to Colin. He paid their bill and both of them could feel several pairs of eyes watching them as they left.

Shannon felt as if she were on top of the world. Some of the girls who had made her life miserable had been dining with their dates and she knew that none of them had one iota as much style as her father. Every time she looked at him, her heart fluttered. She had to keep reminding herself that Colin was her father and that it wasn’t a real date. As they neared the hall where the prom was being held, she decided to stop reminding herself. It felt real enough and she had to play up to him to make everyone pay attention. They got out of the car and Shannon entered on Colin’s arm. She would have sworn you could almost hear jaws dropping.

Without so much as a word to Shannon, Colin spun her on to the dance floor and held her close. Her father literally took her breath away as they danced. Everyone was staring and she could hear the buzzbuzzbuzz of friends and rivals alike. At that moment, Shannon really didn’t care. Colin was an exceptional dancer and she leaned in close and savored the experience.

Colin was overwhelmed by Shannon’s allure. It was nice to dance with her and she complimented him nicely. They had danced before as he had been the one to teach her how to dance, but not like this. Not with such intimate closeness and not where he could admire the sway of her body and her long legs and the sexy décolletage in front of his eyes. It was all he bayan eskort bursa could do not to break into a cold sweat.

Shannon saw the beautiful smile on her father’s face and knew that she had been the one to put it there. It was the most wonderful feeling the young woman had ever known and she felt connected to him in an entirely new way. Shannon was aware that her father found her sexy and it didn’t feel odd to her at all. She was flattered by it; she could see how many girls wanted to be in her place, dancing with Colin. She would allow some of her friends to dance with him, but the others could suck it!

After so many dances that she actually lost count, Shannon needed a drink. Her friend Linsey asked to dance with Colin and Shannon nodded her permission. Linsey was in a navy blue dress and heels that would have looked trashy on anyone else, but the tall blonde always knew where to draw the line. She could see Linsey flirting with Colin and her father was being charming. She got a drink and saw her friend Lana smiling at her. “You came with your father?” Lana whispered. “Not that I blame you, he’s totally gorgeous — WOOF — but what are you thinking, girl?”

Shannon’s reaction was to take her friend to one side so that they would not be overheard. “You’ve never met my dad before tonight, how could you tell?” She asked the lovely black girl. She didn’t bother to deny it; Lana could always tell when she was fibbing.

Lana smiled. “It’s your eyes, you both have those intense green eyes,” she said to Shannon. She kissed her friend’s cheek. “I’ve always said they’re your sexiest feature, but don’t worry babe — with your body, no one’s looking at your eyes. Man, look at Lins — she’s almost melting over him. Gawd, she’s such a slut!”

“Yeah, but we love her anyway,” Shannon laughed. “I don’t mind, really. I want him to have fun and I can’t do much about it anyway without blowing my cover. They look good together, don’t they?”

Lana nodded. “Linsey’s gorgeous and tall, they do. But babe, you should’ve heard all the chatter. Every girl in this room wishes she was where Linsey is right now — or is thinking about a different room later on,” she giggled.

“Every girl?” Shannon asked. Lana nodded.

“I’d love to dance with your dad, straight up or horizontally,” she teased. “If my dad was that hot, I would be tempted to break a few societal rules. Damn girl, why did your mom ever leave a man that frickin hot?”

Shannon had no answer for her friend and as she saw Linsey and Colin approach, she kept up the act. “Glad you aren’t hogging my date,” she smiled at Linsey. “I don’t let him out of my sight too long, do I lover?” She flashed a winning smile at her father. He shook his head and hoped he hadn’t flinched when she called him “lover”.

“Mind my stealing him for one dance?” Lana asked. As Shannon was still parched, she shook her head. Linsey’s date was talking football with his buddies, leaving the two girls alone to talk.

“You traded up,” Linsey smiled as she poured a drink of punch for herself. “He is so much better than Tommy. I have to know …” she dropped her voice “… how is Colin in the sack?”

The question startled Shannon. She hadn’t anticipated anyone asking it, although knowing Linsey, she likely should have. “I, uh, that is to say …”

“I get it, you’ve only just started seeing him,” Linsey smiled. “Look, don’t keep him waiting too long — he’s a catch and I bet a great fuck. Shannon, if he’s just a rebound fling, let me have a crack at him next, willya? This girl would love to play cowgirl with that stallion,” she chuckled as Lana and Colin returned from their dance.

For the remainder of the evening, Shannon monopolized most of her father’s time, although both socialized with others at the prom. She didn’t want him far from her sight because she kept having these twinges when he talked to other girls and even some of the prettier teachers in attendance. She knew her father dated a lot and it had never bothered her before. Somehow, it bothered her now.

It was a magical night and Shannon was on Cloud Nine. Lana and Linsey both slipped Colin their phone numbers when they thought Shannon wasn’t looking. She was a bit peeved, but would likely get over it. She couldn’t claim any kind of ownership and she knew a virile man like her father would need someone young and sexy in his bed.

“I had a wonderful, special evening Daddy, thank you,” she hugged him as they walked in the door.

“You blew me away tonight,” Colin told her as he hugged her back. “I’ve never seen you so poised and confident and, might I add, so sexy. You could have had any man in the room; you had all the guys in the palm of your hand.”

“I didn’t want …” Shannon cut herself short. “I’m going upstairs Daddy; it’s been a long day. You should relax, I can’t believe how much energy you have for a man your age,” she smiled.

“Hey, I’m still not an old fogey,” he laughed as Shannon started up the stairs. He watched her moving sensually upstairs and then he sat down on the couch and thought about what a great night he’d just had. Added to that were the phone numbers of two hot young women. He would likely call one or both of them, although they paled in comparison to Shannon. He had meant what he said; the young woman he had spent the past several hours with had blown him away.

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