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I was sitting in my chair in the living room watching TV when I heard the sound of little feet and another voice coming from down the hall.

“HEY STOP RUNNING!” I heard her shout. It was followed by laughter and giggles as the little munchkins got caught by their mother Allison. Their mother also happens to be my daughter and I am their father. How did that happen? It happened four years ago when she graduated from High School. Listening to the laughter and hearing the smiles, it brought it all back.

I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Nick and I met her mother while we were in high school. It wasn’t long before we began dating and then we began to explore each other sexually. On my late wife’s 18th birthday, we made love without a condom because she wanted us to share our love in the most romantic way and it wasn’t long before we found out she was expecting. When she was 3 months pregnant, we were married and six months later, she went into labor. Our daughter Allison was born but my wife wouldn’t stop bleeding and she passed on devastating all of us.

Eighteen years! That’s how long it’s been since my wife passed away delivering our beautiful baby girl. It hasn’t been easy celebrating at times but then, celebrating the birth of our daughter has what made it enjoyable. The daughter we created is truly my pride and joy. Her 18th birthday marked her transition to adulthood and I was having a hard time with it as I knew I was losing my little girl. Little did I realize that I was not going to be losing her after all.

For her birthday, I made her favorite dinner. I also made sure that there was sparkling cider so that we can toast her transition to adulthood. Dessert consisted of NY Cheesecake and ice cream. She came home from tutoring as she loves to help people and dinner was on the table. Every time I look at her, she reminds me so much of her mother. Allison stood 5’4 with curly brown hair. She was athletic, curvy, and she had lovely 34B breasts just like her mother. We had dinner and toasted her adulthood.

“Alli? Eighteen years ago today, you were born. You are now no longer a child but a beautiful young woman. I couldn’t be prouder of the person you have turned out and I know your mother is smiling down upon you.”

Allison just smiled as she picked up her glass. “Daddy, you have been there every step of the way. The lessons you have taught me will never leave me. Thank you for everything and I hope that I will be able to continue to please you in every way possible.”

We drank the cider and thoughts were running through my head. I won’t deny that over the years, my manhood came to attention when I saw her. I constantly had to fight urges of doing anything untoward because I love her as much as I loved her mother. But now? Those urges are becoming much harder to resist. We cleared up the dishes and did them together like we normally do. When that was done, she went to her room to study for a test and I went to my office to prepare for the next day’s proceedings.

I couldn’t concentrate. I left the office and was roaming the halls when I heard a noise coming from Allison’s room. Her door was cracked open and I peaked in. There she was, laying on her bed rubbing between her legs with one hand and a vibrator in the other massaging her inner body. I could hear her talking.


I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing. I watched as her hips bucked and she orgasmed with me watching. I beat a hasty retreat back to my office. Now my cock was really hard so I took it out and stroked all of its 8 inches. I didn’t have to stroke for long. I was groaning as I started to go faster and all I could think about was Alli and what she was doing in her room. That was when I shot a huge load of semen into my hand and onto the office floor. I couldn’t believe how much there was. I’ve done this before but not as much. Did my daughter really affect me to this point, I wondered. I cleaned up the mess and got some business done that needed to be done and left. I passed Alli’s room and noticed that the door was still opened so I peaked in and saw that she was sound asleep wearing nothing but what she was born with. I kept moving and entered my own bedroom and got out of my clothes and climbed into my own bed and went to sleep.

The next day was a blur. Allison went to school and I went to work. I didn’t arrive home till late evening and Allison had a dinner plate prepared for me. She must’ve heard me come home because she exited the spare bath wearing a towel and brushing her hair.

“Oh hi daddy. Welcome home!” she said with a smile.

“Thank you sweetheart,” I replied trying not to stare at her. I could feel my manhood getting harder and pressing against my pants with her just standing there.

“Oh you’re welcome Daddy,” she replied smiling. She turned and left and I was just flabbergasted that I could be thinking of my daughter sexually. I ate the dinner that was prepared and made my way back to my room to get comfortable. bursa eve gelen eskort bayan I walked past her room when she came running out and bumped into me.

“OH!! Sorry Dad,” she said with a chagrin expression on her face.

“It’s ok sweetie. Just be careful ok?”

“Sure daddy.”

She went to the bathroom and I noticed that she wearing a white babydoll that I could see nearly through and that she didn’t have on any panties under it. I couldn’t believe that my little girl was basically flaunting her body this way. I made my way to my room but sleep came hard for all I could think about was my daughter being practically naked in front of me.

The next day was the weekend and thus we were both home all day. I was preparing breakfast when I heard her on the stairs. I looked over my shoulder and she was still wearing that white babydoll and no panties and my own manhood reacted to it. I couldn’t believe it but now I’m starting to think that she was flirting with me.

She came around the island and got a cup of coffee and she sat down at the island while I finished preparing breakfast.

“Thank you for breakfast,” she said as I served her on the island. I sat across from her and smiled.

“You’re welcome Alli.”

We chatted about school and work and I couldn’t help but feel that I was talking to my late wife. We used to talk about school and how our days went all the time. I can’t help but wonder if the spirit of her somehow wound up in our daughter. I offered her another cup of coffee and we continued to chat. Before long though, she got up and began to clear the dishes.

“You don’t have to worry about them Alli. I’ll take care of them.”

“I know you will daddy but I wanna do more for you. After all…you work so hard all week and taking care of this place that there’s little time for anything else.”

“I know,” I said. How could I deny it? I’ve spent more time working and taking care of things that I pretty much neglected what I wanted to do these past 18 years. I’m not complaining but hearing it sure brought back memories.

“Well then,” she said. “Then it is time for you to start looking after your own self. Leave the dishes for me. I’ve helped you with them and I know where everything goes so let me do them and you go relax.”

I chuckled. She sure sounded like her mom just now. I left the dishes to her and I went to my room to get ready for the day. My manhood though had other ideas. I entered my room and sat down by the window. My thoughts began to stray back towards Alli and my cock began to get hard all over again. I decided to take it out and began to stroke it.

While I was stroking it, I closed my eyes and visualized my daughter sucking it. I began to moan with each stroke and I felt myself building up. I slowed down as if she was teasing me and my body was starting to go nuts. Before long, cum shot out of my cock and into my hand and all over the chair and I was breathing heavily. When I got up, I noticed a shadow by the door. I didn’t think I was talking but sometimes when I’m concentrating, I don’t always know what I’m doing. I cleaned myself up and dressed to mow the lawn.

I walked down the hall and heard Alli in her room breathing very heavily. I peaked in through her opened door and she was jamming that vibrator into her pussy. She was moaning and that she was getting close to orgasming.


Her body tensed up and she started to shiver. I knew that she came and I knew that I wasn’t dreaming when I saw a shadow by my door. My daughter wants me. I quickly beat a retreat down to the garage and began to mow the lawn. This isn’t one of my most favorite things to do and I have often contemplated paying someone to do it but today was one of those days where I could mow and forget about everything that was transpiring.

I began thinking about her graduation which was in a couple of months. I didn’t exactly know what I wanted to do. A graduation party was definitely in the works and I know she would enjoy it. After that, I was at a loss but a small plan was definitely forming. I continued to mow and my secondary plan was starting to take shape.

I reentered the house and went back upstairs to take a shower. When I finished with it, I dressed in jogging pants and a T-shirt. I found Allison in the kitchen preparing lunch. I expected her to be dressed skimpily but she was actually in a light turquoise dress. She turned around and smiled when she saw me.

“Hey Daddy,” she said. “I made lunch!”

“I see that and it looks delicious sweetie,” I said as I came up behind her and gave her a peck on the cheek. When I did, our bodies touched and her behind touched my crotch. I felt a surge run through me when our bodies touched and my emotions were beginning to run wild. My life was starting to become more complicated again.

Alli didn’t seem to let it faze her. She turned around and put lunch on the table and I followed bursa eskort bayanlar her. We ate lunch and talked about what we wanted to do the rest of the weekend. She was planning on going to the mall with some friends and I decided to go and work on my golf game. We finished lunched and she left to go to the mall. After she left, I took my clubs out of the closet and looked them over. I then took them to the car and I went to the driving range.

When I got back home, it was about 3 PM and Allison wasn’t home. I went to my office and to check on a few things and settled some last minute paperwork details. When it was completed, I shut down the computer and went over to Alli’s room. When I got there, her diary was on the desk and opened. I didn’t know that she kept one because I don’t do a lot of snooping but my curiosity got the best of me.

I flipped back a couple of days and stopped. I read what was written a couple of times and I was flabbergasted. I didn’t think she saw me jerking off but she did and she enjoyed watching me while I did so. I continued to read on and that’s when I saw that she truly had feelings beyond what our feelings for each other should be. I turned to the page that it was already on and smiled at the picture that was drawn.

I left her room and went down to the kitchen to start dinner. Chicken takes forever to cook if you do it properly. Alli came home not that long ago and I watched her go down the hall to her room. I stayed where I was as I continued to contemplate what everything meant. She returned to the kitchen still wearing her turquoise dress and sat down at the island.

“Can I get you anything to drink?” I asked.

“Some iced tea would be good Dad,” she replied.

I poured her a glass and one for myself and I sat down across from her. While we sipped our tea, she asked how the driving range went so we just sat and talked about the day. We then started talking about the past and we were both laughing hysterically at some of the dumb things we have done in the past.

“Daddy,” Alli said, “How do you know if you are in love with someone?” she asked.

I stopped doing what I was doing. I didn’t know how to truly respond to the question without giving much away but I could tell it was just out of curiosity. I smiled at her and said “well there isn’t any one way to tell. Everyone knows in different ways. Why?”

She blushed when I turned the question around. She hesitated a moment and then said “well sometimes, I find myself having shortness of breath. At other times, my palms get really sweaty and then there’s being unable to concentrate. I even forget things I normally don’t forget.”

I nodded as she was talking. I could tell she was uncomfortable in telling me this for I know who she feels she is in love with. “How’s the sleeping and the eating?” I asked her.

“Sleeping is somewhat ok. Eating…lately, I haven’t had much of an appetite though I will eat just to avoid the whopping headache if I don’t eat.”

I actually laughed at that. I know how it goes when I don’t eat for a long period of time. I started the next portion for dinner so that things could finish as close together as I could possibly make it. When that was accomplished, I turned back to her. “Sounds like you do have the love bug sweetheart,” I told her sincerely. “Does he know?”

“No he doesn’t. I don’t know how to express it to him.”

“You don’t have to.”

Her eyes widen. “I don’t?”

“No you don’t. Why don’t you tell me the truth instead of keeping it bottled up and driving you bonkers?”

“Because it’s wrong.”

“Wrong or not, it is bothering you so why don’t you just spit it out young lady.”

Alli didn’t know what to do at that point. I didn’t mean to put her on the spot like that but at the same time, she did leave herself open to it. She took a deep breath and collected herself before she spoke again.

“Daddy? I don’t know how to tell you this but you have been on my mind constantly. I think my body is telling me that it wants you,” she finished while blushing.

I didn’t actually know what I was going to say for I already knew what she was going to say and she said it. I looked at her lovingly and just smiled at her. “I figured it was something like that sweetheart.”

“Really Daddy?”

“Yea really.” I took a deep breath. “Alli? I won’t lie. You are very attractive and the way you dress, drives me nuts. I do love you sweetie and thank you for your honesty.”

“You’re welcome.”

“It is natural for you to want me as well. After all…most girls do want to marry someone who is similar to their fathers.” I continued. “So don’t feel ashamed, especially when I’ve been having thoughts about you as well.”

Now I could tell that took her by surprise. I felt embarrassed telling her that but since honesty was the order of the day, I felt I had no choice but to be honest with her as she was honest with me. When she got over her initial shock at my own admission görükle escort bayanlar to hers, relief spread across her face. It made me smile to know she didn’t hold what I was feeling against me.

“Believe me Alli,” I continued. “I’m just as surprised by my feelings towards you. I’m not surprised though by your feelings towards me because of how long we’ve spent together.”

“How long have you had these feelings towards me?” she asked?

I had to think about that before I responded. After a few moments, I responded “Probably since about your 18th birthday.”

I watched her face when I said it and the look I got was one of embarrassment.

“Allison, I can’t explain the matters of heart anymore than anyone else can. You though, have more excuses than I do in this regard as you are still young and your passion is greater than mine.”

“Daddy? I don’t want you to make excuses for me. I know what my heart is telling me and I am just as confused by it as you are,” she said. “I love you and yea, you maybe my father, but I always thought you were more than that.”

I didn’t know what to say. Luckily enough, the timer went off and I began the final portion of dinner. When dinner was done, we ate together at the dining room table but we didn’t talk about what we were just talking about. Instead we talked about our day in general and it was perhaps the best dinner conversation we’ve had in a while. When we finished eating, we cleared the table together and did the dishes and she went to her room to finish her homework while I went into my office to prepare for the work week.

That night, I laid in bed just thinking about the conversation I had with my daughter. I had a hard time sleeping because for the first time in awhile, I felt extremely lonely in bed. By the next morning, I felt like I slept for a couple of hours. I went downstairs and prepared the coffee and poured two bowls of cereal. When I finished pouring, Allison appeared downstairs and she didn’t look any better than I did.

“Morning sweetheart,” I said as I poured her the first cup of coffee.

“Morning dad,” she replied softly as she took it and sat down at the table.

“You ok?”

“Just didn’t sleep well last night. Too many thoughts were in my head and I just couldn’t settle down enough to sleep!”

“That I can understand considering the conversation we had last night,” I replied with an actual chuckle.

She looked up at me with a glare and then she also started laughing. “Yea…I guess you’re right.”

She left for school and I went to the office. It was a very long day but luckily I could spend it at the office and didn’t have to truly go anywhere today. When I left work, I picked up Chinese from our favorite restaurant and headed home.

When I got there, Allison wasn’t home yet which was unusual but not uncommon. I lit the candles that were on the table and laid out the food. As I finished, Allison came home and stopped when she saw what I had done.

“You didn’t have to do this Daddy,” she said.

“I know but at the same time, we both have been under stress and as such, a little treat helps to unwind.”

She didn’t have anything to day about that. She took off her coat and sat down at the chair that I offered her and I pushed her in. We ate together discussing our day and realized that prom was coming up. I told her that I’ve been saving money for it and that she can get the dress and accessories that she wanted. She squealed with delight and we went to the mall and got her dress.

The night of prom, her and her friends went together. Before she left, I pulled her aside and told her to have a good time and that when she got home, there will be a surprise for her. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and she went with her friends.

When she left, I went to work on the house. I knew how much time I had before she got home so I vacuumed the house and began setting things up. When the house was vacuumed, I left a note card on the table in the foyer and I went to my bedroom and took a shower to get the dust and grime off. At about 1130 P.M., I heard a noise and looked out the window. A limo pulled up in front of the house and Allison emerged and made her way to the door.

I waited in the bedroom as the front door opened up and a giggle as she made her way up the steps. I heard her come up the steps and then nothing for a bit. It wasn’t long though before I heard her footsteps coming towards my room.

I smiled at her as she entered wearing a blue lace babydoll and no panties. “Allison? I know how lonely you’ve been feeling lately,” I said.

“So tonight, I decided that you weren’t going to be lonely anymore. IF you want, you can sleep in bed with me tonight.”

She looked at me with surprise. She made her way towards me and stood before me. “Oh Daddy,” she said, “I would love to spend a night in your bed and to feel your arms around me.” She leaned in and gave me a kiss on my cheek. She then kissed me on my lips and I fell backwards onto the bed with her on top of me. We were lost in each other’s kiss.

While we were kissing, my hands felt her bare ass and it sent me over the edge. Our lips never disengaged when I rolled her over. My body pressed against hers and I could hear her breathing starting to pick up. My hardening cock was pressing against my underwear and I pressed it against her slit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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