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Dear Daddy:

Please don’t be mad at me. I know how you love me and treasure me, your Lovely Lady Laura. I tried to do my best for you. I tried to make you proud of me. But I was bad, very bad. And now I do not know how I can ever face you again.

I’m pregnant, Daddy.

Worse, I do not know who the father is.

I know you are mad. I know you hate me now. But please don’t hate me. Please? Maybe if I tell you what happened maybe you won’t hate me so much. Maybe you won’t be so mad at me?

Yes, Daddy, I went to that club you told me never to go to. You know the one, the black and pink building off the interstate, just outside of town? I was curious and Veronica and Gail, they wanted to go so badly. I thought, maybe just a few minutes. But it didn’t turn out that way.

Remember last September? You know, the night I came home really late and told you the car got a flat and I was out of cell phone range? Well, Daddy, that’s not what happened. I’m so sorry I lied to you. But I was so scared that you would be mad. I thought I could keep it a secret but now, with this baby growing inside me… Oh, Daddy, how could I ever have been so stupid?

Gail and Ronnie, they were pushing me so hard to go to the club. When I didn’t want to, they called me names like Daddy’s Girl, Coward, Suzy-So-Sorry and the like. They teased me because they knew I had never been with a man. Lacking Laura and Laura the Lame they always teased me. They said I didn’t know how to have fun. They said I didn’t have a life. I didn’t like them laughing at me so I decided to go to the club with them. I thought I would just see what it was like and come straight home.

Oh, Daddy, if I could take that night back now I would!

We got to the club and right away all these good looking boys were asking us to dance. This cute guy, Tom was his name, he had such gorgeous eyes, wanted to dance with me. Ronnie and Gail had already gone onto the dance floor with guys. Tom seemed nice enough, so I thought “Why not?”. He pulled me on the dance floor with him and immediately wrapped his arms around me.

It wasn’t like at the other clubs I have been to. Everyone was close dancing, grinding on each other, feeling each other up. Tom tried to grab my ass, but I pushed his hands away. But he continued dancing by grinding his crotch into me and rubbing his chest back and forth across my breasts. I was nervous, but Gail and Ronnie were dancing nearby, grinning at me. I couldn’t wimp out by leaving the dance floor.

Eventually the set of songs ended and the guys took us to the bar. I know at 18 I am too young to drink, but no one questioned any of our ages! The guys ordered for us and we drank whatever was put before us. There were all these different drinks I had never heard of to try. One was in a shot glass with whipped cream and a cherry on top. Gail, Ronnie and I were each supposed to pick up the shot glass with just our mouths, tilt our heads back and swallow everything in one gulp after licking and munching the cherry.

I did it easily while Gail and Ronnie were choking. The guys seemed very impressed and asked me to do it again. I thought why not and downed another shot. It was nothing special and I didn’t understand why everyone was so amazed. One thing I do know, Gail and Ronnie were very surprised and I could see that their opinion of me was changing. I felt so good that I could impress my friends!

Well, we danced another set and this time I let Tom feel my butt. He was such a nice guy I thought, ‘Why not?’. As we danced, I felt his cock grow hard against my stomach and I felt so pleased with myself. I could turn on such a hunk like Tom! Heck, I even let him kiss me, that’s how enamored I was with him. The second time we kissed, we kissed for almost the whole song and I even grabbed his butt! It was hard as a rock and I could feel his muscles flexing as he ground into me.

When that song ended, of course we returned to the bar. The guys wanted to see me do the shot again and they whooped it up as I swallowed it all. Other people saw my trick and gathered round to see me do it a couple more times. Some even put money on the table and bet me I couldn’t do it again. I earned 50 whole dollars!

Well, by the time Ronnie and Gail were ready to dance again, I was dizzy and practically fell into Tom’s arms. Ronnie suggested we dance the next set in one of the lounge rooms. The guys handed some cash to the bartender and he gave them a key.

Wow, Daddy, that room was plush. And the music was even more awesome in there. There were a couple of comfy couches, mirrors on the walls and ceiling, fancy colored lights and, every once in a while, perfumed smoke would puff out of the vents. I felt so special as Tom close danced with me.

There was a pole in the middle of the room and Ronnie grabbed it and danced all around the pole, gyrating and twisting and such. The two guys sat down on one of the couches while Gail went behind Ronnie and started dancing against her. Tom suggested we sit down and watch the show so we went to the other couch. He sat down first and tried to pull me onto his lap but I resisted and sat down next to him.

There was a small refrigerator and shelf bar next to the couch that I hadn’t noticed and he mixed us a couple of drinks.

Ronnie and Gail were getting a little wild on the pole now. Gail had pulled up Ronnie’s shirt and was feeling up her breasts!

I was shocked! Didn’t they know that boys were watching?

Well, Ronnie turned around and Gail bent and licked one of her nipples! Actually licked her nipple! I had never seen anything like that before.

I felt Tom’s arm snake around my shoulder but I was too engrossed with Ronnie and Gail’s antics to shrug his arm off. I looked over at the other two guys and had the next shock of my life. They had their things out and were playing with them! The two guys were stroking their cocks right there in front of all of us.

Tom’s hand snaked down and rested on my breast. I brushed it away and didn’t think anything more of it. By now Ronnie was on her hands and knees and Gail was behind her, pulling up her skirt. Ronnie wagged her behind in the air. She was wearing only a thong so all of her butt was showing. Gail got down on her knees and rubbed Ronnie’s butt with her hands. Ronnie crawled backwards into Gail’s crotch and Gail started humping her.

Then Ronnie rolled over onto her back and spread her legs wide in the air. Gail bent down and bit Ronnie’s thong right in the middle. She lifted her head and the thong stretched up in her teeth. Then she let it go and it smacked into Ronnie’s center and she bucked in the air.

Gail put her face back down into Ronnie’s crotch and, with her mouth, pulled the thong to the side. Then she started licking Ronnie down there! I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Tom’s hand slid back down to my breast again and by now I was so hot I didn’t even mind he was touching me. I wanted him to feel my breast and help me feel good. I was itching down there and rubbing my legs together wasn’t helping much. He played with my breast even though I knew I shouldn’t let him. After he fondled me for a while, he lifted one of my hands and placed it on his crotch. My hand bumped against something hard and I yanked it away.

“Hey,” he told me. “Only fair. I’m making you feel good, right?” And he squeezed my breast lightly for good measure.

I thought “Why not? It’s not as if I was really touching it. Not with his pants on.”

So I put my hand on the bulge in his pants. I just rested it Sex hikayeleri there, but after a moment he put his hand on mine and started moving my hand back and forth. The feel of his thing was incredible. It stretched a good ways down his thigh and I ran my hand all along its entire length. It was round and I grabbed it sometimes, squeezing it. He seemed to like that, so I did it some more.

One of the guys had gotten up from the couch and went over to where the girls were on the floor. Ronnie grabbed his penis and started stroking it. The guy’s face had this funny look on it, almost like he was in pain. But he didn’t stop Ronnie, so I guess he was actually liking it.

By now, Tom had his other hand reaching around me. That hand grazed my other breast and slid down to my belly. I was wearing that short spaghetti strap pink blouse you hate so much, the one that leaves my belly button showing. Well, Tom inched his hand up underneath that blouse until his fingers touched the bottom of my breast.

“Hey,” I told him, swatting his hand down.

“What?” he asked with an incredulous look on his face.

“I’m not that kind of girl,” I said.

At this time, the other guy had gotten up and had knelt behind Gail who was still bending over and licking Ronnie’s pussy. He pulled her mini skirt and thing aside and pressed his cock inside her. I heard Gail cry out, even over the music. The guy grinned and started stroking hard inside her, grabbing her butt.

“And just what kind of girl are you?” Tom asked. “A tease?”

“No,” I said. “I just don’t think this is right, that’s all.”

“So you gonna leave me hanging? Get me all hard and excited, then nothing?”

“No,” I said, starting to get scared. I thought Tom was such a nice guy but it seemed all he wanted to do was feel me up.

I looked over at Ronnie for help but she was sitting up and had the other guy’s penis in her mouth. He had his hands on her breasts and was roughly grabbing them.

I looked at Tom and saw the pleading in his eyes. At least he wasn’t using me like his friends were using my friends.

“What if I give you a hand job,” I said, squeezing his rod.

“Ok,” he acquiesced. “But at least let me see your tits. I can’t get off without seeing a nice pair of tits.”

I hesitated, but then said Ok.

“No touching, though,” I said.

“No touching,” he agreed.

He started unfastening his pants so I slipped my blouse up over my head. He was pulling his pants down over his ankles while I sat there in my lacy black bra.

“Do you have to take your pants all the way off?” I asked.

He just shrugged, finished taking of his pants and underwear and sat back up on the couch. His erection sprang up in the air and I just stared at it. I had never seen a cock before and this one looked huge. I was scared to touch it.

“Well?” he asked. “Aren’t you going to take off your bra?”

I was feeling self conscious and felt like backing out.

“A promise is a promise,” Tom said. “You’re seeing mine it’s only fair that I see yours.”

He reached for me.

“No,” I pulled away. “I’ll do it.”

Watching Gail and Ronnie for courage, I reached behind my back and undid the bra claps. It fell loose, but I kept it from falling off my tits. I took a deep breath and let it fall forward, slipping my arms from the straps. Tom just stared at me.

I never really liked my breasts and always wished they were as big as Ronnie’s. My 36 Cs are not as impressive as her DDs. But my nipples did point upwards while hers where lower set and pointed more straight, if not slightly downwards.

Tom gawked at my breasts while I distracted myself by watching was the other two girls were doing. I think the first guy was ejaculating into Gail. He was making noises and jerking hard. Gail was making a lot of noises herself and bouncing back on the guy really fast. Ronnie’s guy definitely had ejaculated because I saw his cum on Ronnie’s mouth. She was licking away some of it with her tongue, then she wiped her face with her hands, looked directly at me and smiled. The guy she was with had lain down on the floor, facing the ceiling. Ronnie got on top of him and sat down right on his face.

I felt Tom pick up my hand and he placed it on his cock. I jerked at the feel of it.

My gosh, it felt nothing like how I had imagined. I thought it would be hard, like a carrot or cucumber. Oh, yes, it was hard, but the skin around it was silky smooth. And so warm. And it had these veins and bumps along it. I felt it and played with it. It was awesome. I squeezed it a little and heard him breathe sharply. Then I slid my hand to the top to feel the monstrous head. It was spongy and I felt like squeezing it. Tom gasped again and I figured I was doing something right. There was a hole at the top and I touched there with my finger. He gasped loudly, jerked and pulled my hand back down to the shaft.

Ok, not there, then, I thought and started stroking my hand up and down his shaft. He relaxed and put an arm around me.

I jerked his cock, staring at his face. His eyes were half closed and his mouth was partly open. He was breathing funny. His hips would rise once in a while and I found that if I touched or stroked certain areas, his crotch would lift suddenly or his penis would twitch. He would suck in his breath and his eyes would flutter open. I found I liked making him react this way.

At one point he slipped his hand to my bare breast. I stopped stroking for just an instant in shock. When his hand froze, I relaxed and continued milking his cock. His hand rested against my breast again, but this time I didn’t react. He slowly started massaging my breast and his fingers crawled slowly forward until they touched my nipple. I breathed in sharply at the sudden sensation, but I didn’t stop stroking his cock. He started fondling my breast in earnest and I found I liked the feeling. As he handled my breast more roughly, I stroked him faster and faster. Soon his hips were all the way of the couch and he was crying out. He gripped my breast hard, causing me to cry out and all of a sudden white stuff shot into the air. I fisted him quickly and he spasmed again. His cum flew across his stomach, then some landed on my breast. Another glob hit my skirt. Then his butt was back on the couch and he was breathing hard. I continued pumping him fast and he grabbed my hand, freezing it in place. His body shook a couple times then he released my hand and relaxed his hold on my breast.

“Damn, you do that good,” he smiled at me. I smiled back. I felt proud of myself.

“Here, Sweetheart, give me a kiss.” And he turned to me and I accepted his French kiss, my breasts mashing into his chest.

He kissed me a long time, stroking my back and touching my thighs. I melted into his arms as he cuddled me.

When we broke our kiss, Ronnie and Gail were fucking again. Both of them were flat on their backs, accepting their lovers’ cocks. Except something had changed.

I gasped.

Ronnie and Gail were fucking each others’ guys! They were cheating on each other right in front of each other. I was stunned.

Tom was pressing down on me, forcing me to lie back on the couch. His hand was all the way up my thigh and about to touch my pussy.

“No,” I told him. “I mean it.”

He looked me in the eye, stroking my thigh, not moving his hand any higher.

“Hey, Baby. Relax. Nothing is going to happen you don’t want to happen. I’m not that kind of guy.”

Really,” I said. “Why is your hand Sikiş hikayeleri down there? We agreed, no touching.”

“Oh, baby,” he crooned. “You made me feel so good touching me, I just wanted to make you feel good too. There’s nothing wrong with a finger or two, is there?”

“No,” I whispered and shuddered as his expert hands caressed my thighs. My pussy was aching. It was so wet that I wanted to touch it, make myself feel good. Make the itching stop. But here was a hot guy, willing to do it for me. If he just wanted to touch me, where was the harm in that. It wasn’t like I was going to be doing anything slutty like Ronnie and Gail.

I spread my legs a little for him.

“Here, Sweetheart, let me get these out of your way,” he pulled at my panties and I lifted my hips, letting him slide them off. He slid his hands back up my thighs, grazing my pussy lips with his hand and causing my hips to buck. He moved past my pussy, stroked my hips and reached under me to undo my skirt. Again I lifted my hips and let him. Now I was lying completely nude on the couch. For the first time a man was looking at my body. I felt my face heat with a blush.

I don’t think he noticed because suddenly he was down there, between my legs, not with his fingers but with his mouth.

A jolt of electricity flashed through me and I gasped loudly. His tongue felt magic. He licked all around down there causing me to shiver and shake. I held his head, putting his mouth to where it felt best and he sucked wildly. I closed my eyes and threw my held back and heard moans and screeches escaping from my lips. At some point I felt something press against my open mouth. I opened my eyes to see Gail’s man kneeling beside my head, holding his cock and trying to put it in my lips. I shook my head to say no, but the motion made it pop in. He took advantage and pushed forward. I suddenly had a mouthful of cock. I couldn’t protest. Gail was right beside him, arm around his waist. My eyes were wide as I stared at her, trying to get her to understand I didn’t want this. He held my head and started pumping his penis back and forth in my mouth.

At that moment, Tom put his fingers in me, causing another burst of current to roll through my body and I almost forgot the cock in my mouth. His fingers stretched and tickled inside me, causing a really intense feeling. I relaxed to enjoy the pleasure Tom was giving me and began to not mind the cock fucking my mouth.

In actuality, it didn’t taste bad at all. I took some sucks on it and realized the feel on my tongue was actually interesting. It really wasn’t bad at all. I stared up at the guy’s face and realized that I, me, myself, was giving him all that pleasure displayed there. I started sucking in earnest.

Then Gail started rubbing my breasts. It felt awesome having her massage me like that. Feelings were hitting me all over my body that I had never imagined before. Not knowing where the next touch, the next feel would be, entranced me. Six pairs of hands were feeling me up. A tongue was lathering my pussy and a cock was screwing my mouth. The sensations were too much to bear. My body felt like it was going to explode.

And then it did! Gail bent to lick my nipple just as Tom hit something magic inside me with his fingers. My body took off in ten different directions. My legs flailed, my hips bucked, my head thrashed and my chest heaved. The orgasm struck me hard, making me scream, making me lose the dick in my mouth. I shuddered violently as waves after waves of pleasure washed over me.

I was still writhing wildly when Gail’s man firmly held my head, planted his dick in my mouth again and thrust violently forward, in and out a couple of times, before I felt something splash against the roof of my mouth. It was slightly salty and slithery and got mashed to my tongue as the guy’s cock rammed my mouth again. More semen gushed out, hitting the back of my throat, almost making me gag. I felt fluid running down my check when another gush of cum flew into my mouth. I wretched a little and sat up halfway on the couch to catch my breath.

Gail rubbed my shoulders and bent forward to kiss me.

This was something new again, something I thought would be icky, but I was too weak to push her away. She tongued me, then licked my lips and face, cleaning away the guy’s cum. Then she held my shoulders and looked at me, smiling. I realized that I had enjoyed her kiss and reached forward to embrace her, to kiss her again. Her bare breasts brushed against my orgasm-sensitive nipples and I shuddered at how good her warm globes felt pressed against mine.

She laid me back down on the couch, kissing my face and rubbing my boobs.

At that moment I felt something solid press again my pussy.

“Wait,” I said, flashing back to reality and pressing my legs inward. It was Tom, hovering above me, trying to put his dick in my vagina. I couldn’t close my legs all the way because his were between them, but he paused at my cry.

“I’m a virgin,” I said. “Please don’t”

Tom looked up at Gail.

“She is,” Gail said. “Cherry as they come.”

He looked over at Ronnie who nodded confirmation from her hands and knees position in front of her man.

He looked back down at me and my wild eyed terror.

“Sorry, Babes,” he said and sank downward.

I screamed as he penetrated me. He just pushed in, going deeper and deeper. I felt something pulling in me, stretching, tearing and hurting like nothing ever hurt before in my life. Suddenly I felt, almost heard, a pop and I shrieked in pain. My world burst into colored stars and the room darkened.

Tom just pushed on down, continuing to hurt me as my hands pushed desperately up against his chest.

Then he was all the way in, his crotch mashed against my crotch and the tip of his penis touching something way up inside me and nudging it aside. He lifted up, pulling out, and I screamed again as it felt as if all the skin inside my pussy was being dragged out with him. Then he sank back in me, gliding slickly with something fluid that leaked in me, coating his cock. I squeezed my eyes shut, absorbing the pain, trying not to scream again.

“Holy shit,” Tom said. “You girls weren’t lying. She is cherry. Holy fuck, a virgin!”

He sounded happy and started moving in and out of me, grinding past my pain which was feeling less intense by the moment.

His movements were smooth, his cock steadily stroking in and out of me. He seemed to be enjoying himself and when I finally opened my eyes there was a content, happy look on his face. He rested his weight on one elbow and with his other hand reached to feel my breast. I was too far gone to stop him. I didn’t want him touching me anywhere. But his fingering felt good and that, combined with the new sensations growing in my pussy, caused me to mellow a bit. It was starting to feel good. He lowered his head and took one of my nipples into his mouth, sucking it upward and in so that it pulled my breast a little. It felt good, really good.

And now he was changing his fucking angle, rotating his hips in a figure eight so that his cock touched different parts inside me. I heard myself start to moan. This felt good.

I couldn’t help myself and grabbed his hips, wanting his cock to touch again a certain place inside. My pussy was starting to tremble and I felt fluids leaking out. I cannot explain the tingling that was building inside me, the intensity of feelings that were coming forth. All I know is that suddenly I wanted more. He wasn’t giving Erotik hikaye me enough.

My pleasure was rising but I wanted it to come faster. I grabbed his hips hard and pushed my pelvis up to meet him. I needed that dick deeper inside me. I needed it to touch places that made me explode. I wanted it to tear into me and find my hot spots, my valleys of pleasure, my center of orgasm.

And then he hit it. It was while he was pumping faster and breathing harder. He was pile driving me, he was fucking me so fast. Then at one moment he jerked hard and mashed himself so deep in me he hit my back wall again. He creamed at that instant, yelling at the top of his lungs. I felt his goo spray all over inside me, hitting stuff, splattering on things that jumped at the contact, triggering me to scream and blow in a wild, heavy, intense orgasm. My body danced with pleasure, thrusting up at him, taking his load and spinning for joy at its acceptance. I nearly lost it as the feelings literally ripped through my body. My breasts swelled up, my nipples hardened, my pussy got hot and goose bumps popped up all over me. My body was its own entity, shivering and shaking out of my control as his cock hit my insides again and again, wetting me, soaking me and coating me with his stuff.

I finished my orgasm, wheezing hard to recover the air I’d lost. Gail and Ronnie were next to the couch, staring down at me, as were their fuck friends.

“Shit, Laura,” Ronnie said. “You don’t play around, do you?”

I smiled sheepishly up at her as I heard one of the guys say: “I’m next.”

Before I knew it, Gail’s man was on top of me pushing his slightly smaller cock into my cunt. I took him easily after experiencing Tom’s length and width. Heck, I almost didn’t feel him. The guy who’s dick was the first ever in my mouth rode me rapidly and inexpertly. But it was a fuck. I found myself feeling good again as I embraced this bucking bronco. The pleasures were inside me, making me flush, but I wasn’t ready to come again. I let him thrash around inside me, gently stroking him as he grunted and groaned and mashed his dick into me. He took a little while and I noticed Gail nursing Tom back to an erection with her mouth. I felt slightly jealous that the man who took my virginity was being serviced by another woman but got distracted by the guy inside me starting to come. I felt a mild wetness inside me as he expelled, but his cream definitely wasn’t as much as Tom’s. I remembered that he had come in my mouth earlier and that he must have cum a couple times before that with the other girls. Maybe he was running out.

He kissed me hard on the lips, grabbed one of my boobs and rolled off me to the floor.

I was able to take two undisturbed breaths before hands roughly grabbed my hips and tried to roll me over.

“Turn over, woman,” Ronnie’s man said. “I’m gonna teach you what doggie style is about.”

He propped me up on my knees so that my ass was up in the air. I felt so exposed as he first fingered my twat then pressed his dick against it.

“Here goes, Darling,” he shouted as he plunged straight in.

I had to scream again. His cock penetrated me deeply in one quick, long thrust. His crotch banged into my butt and he ‘yeehawed’. He smacked my ass, causing me to buck and then grabbed my waist and started pummeling my pussy. His rutting had a wavy motion to it and soon I found myself matching him, bending and rising at my waist.

“Oh yeah, you know how to ride, Doggie,” he yelped and fucked me royally. He reached a hand beneath me and found my pussy with his fingers. I reacted, jerking suddenly as he pressed two digits against my clit.

“Take it, bitch, take it!”

I got the impression her was riding a galloping horse and then realized it was me he was riding. It was me who was running full out through the prairie land carting my cowboy to his destination. Rocking back against him, seeing the rolling hills, feeling the thread of the land as my hoofs beat against the dirt lifting us away and away.

My pussy ached and his fingers thrummed my clit making it hurt with unreleased pleasure. His riding was too much. The pleasure was building too quickly. I collapsed flat on the couch and he stayed with me, riding my flattened body. The fabric of the couch rose against my clit with each of his thrusts, rubbing my cunt, stimulating my clit. I bawled out in pleasure as I felt another orgasm approaching. I couldn’t buck back, I couldn’t move as his weight pressed me into the couch. With my body trapped, the pending orgasm mounted to an intensity I couldn’t bear. It burst forth, making me scream wildly as I trembled, trapped under his constant pounding.

He rode straight through my orgasm, not coming, not breaking pace. My pussy was over sensitive, too sensitive and I needed him to stop, the intensity of my feelings were too much. But I couldn’t stop him and my abused pussy did what it was designed to do and came again, shuddering and spasming and soaking him and the couch. Still he didn’t stop and I twitched and shivered and moaned and screamed with the unending, unceasing, unyielding throes of passion that were tearing through me. I was losing consciousness, shivering and shaking so, when I felt his wetness spill inside me. He jerked against my flattened bum, expending himself inside me. He yanked his cock out and I felt something wet splatter on my back.

I was beyond caring. My body was shaking uncontrollably, still experiencing orgasm after orgasm long after the dick has left my hole.

I don’t know how long it was before I felt Ronnie and Gail shaking me awake, telling me it was time to go home.

I fumbled into my clothes and staggered out into the main room of the night club. It had already closed and the only people there were sweeping and cleaning up. A couple of them glanced mischievously at me and the girls as we walked through and one even received a kiss from Gail. The guys were no where in sight and we soon reached the car.

I shook off the haze of my first night’s fucking and got behind the wheel and managed to drive Gail and Ronnie home before coming here to you, Daddy.

I did enjoy my night, Daddy. I told you the entire tale so that you would know that, no matter the consequences of my actions, I really did enjoy myself.

Isn’t that what counts in the long run?

Except right now, today, I found out that there is something else that counts. I’m four moths pregnant, Daddy. I suspected a couple moths back but didn’t want it to be true so I waited for my next period and then the next. They never came so this morning I went to the doctor.

Your Laura is going to have a baby.

I only had sex that one, first night, so I know one of the three guys is the father. But which one? I never even learned their names and since then I found out that Ronnie and Gail had never seen those three guys before in their lives.

I want my baby, Daddy. I want it with all my soul. I know you can never forgive me for what I did, but I couldn’t bear it if you were mad at me.

I’ve moved my things over to Gail’s apartment. She wants the baby too. Since that night, when Gail kissed me, we have been together sexually many more times. I find I like her. And I like the way she touches me better than how any of the three guys touched me. Even so, I miss the feel of a hard cock in my vagina. Maybe in the future I will find a man who can be father to my child and husband to me, but for now, Gail has that role and I love her very much for being there for me.

That’s all I have to say, Daddy. My phone number at Gail’s is at the bottom of this letter. Call me if you want, but I will understand if you don’t. Just please, don’t be mad at me.



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