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As always, the usual heartfelt thanks to Kenji for keeping me, somewhat, on the straight and narrow. Thanks to everyone who has read…so far. I hope I can keep you involved!

Chapter 6

I woke the following day to a warm breath on my neck. I shimmied my hips around, savouring the closeness of a body. I lay there with half-opened eyes, my worn body remembering the night before. I leaned my head to my daddy’s chest, and purred. I felt a soft hand slip into my loose shorts, and tenderly held my glowing ass. I pushed my butt back onto the welcome fingers, and let out a gentle, “Mmmm,” encouraging my mommy to continue. She leaned her head onto my back, her face buried in my hair, and we relaxed into each other’s breathing. I could get used to waking like this!

As I was half awake, my full bladder made its presence known. Now, how to navigate the bodies, and not disturb anyone? The path of least resistance was to crawl over my mom. Hmm… I slowly manoeuvred my body, mommy going with the flow, and lay on her back. I slid my legs over, then between hers, my hair tickling her sleepy face. I lay there between my mom’s legs, and looked at her. God, even first thing in the morning, she looked so radiant. My hips moved over hers, then straddled her other leg. I pushed my covered pussy onto her, a slight spasm taking me ’til my bladder had other ideas. She opened her eyes, and smiled. I could only shyly say, “Oops, I need to pee,” and silently giggled, slid over her, and walked to the bathroom. Mom slipped out behind me and followed me. “Me, too,” she quietly chuckled.

I closed the door behind us, as mom said, “You first.”

She casually grabbed her toothbrush and set about her regular routine.

“Go on. It’s just us girls here…although, that doesn’t really matter to us!” she chuckled.

“I’ve noticed!” I haughtily replied, pulled the shorts down, and sat. I could see mom looking at me in the mirror. “You guys really are a little…peculiar, hmm?” I laughed.

“Darling, you haven’t seen anything yet,” she giggled.

Just the way she said those words made my body tingle. Surprisingly, my flow began, and I relaxed. Mom was through brushing, and stood in front of me, watching and entranced. Her fingers swept through my hair, her eyes on mine and my peeing pussy. I grabbed the tissues, went to stand, and finished. Mom caught the tissues and sexily said, “I’ll do that, Chloe,” and without waiting for a response, wiped my pussy dry. Fuck! My hands involuntarily went to her shoulders, as I held myself up while she attended to me.

“Fuck…mom,” I murmured, my breathing uncertain.

“I know, darling. Isn’t it…beautiful?” she asked, her face aglow with morning lust. She dropped the tissues into the bowl, as I went to pull the shorts up.

“Uh, uh. I should check…” she said, and I thought my legs would wobble.

We looked at each other, as she slowly slid a single finger through my labia, my moist pussy opening for her. She brought her finger to her mouth and sucked it. Fuck me! What the fuck! I thought.

“You taste exquisite, darling. I can still taste your…daddy,” she almost moaned, as she pulled her shorts down and sat. I stood there, open-mouthed and astounded by what had just happened. Somehow I took my eyes from this erotic sight, grabbed a new toothbrush, cleaned my teeth, and gargled. Mom stood up and tried to hand me some tissues.

“Would you like to, uhh…?” her voice heavy and sultry.

“I mean…what the fuck…uh, no…no thanks, mom. Another time, perhaps?” I chuckled, awkwardly, and she just laughed at me, my face blushing.

Instead, and I still don’t know why, I wrapped my arms around her, and kissed her. I mean, kissing her like a daughter definitely shouldn’t! Her lips were so soft, so tender, and I melted into her arms. Our hands mimicked each other, touching our hair, cheeks, and breasts, and finally, I slipped my hands into mom’s shorts, and caressed her ass. She followed my surprising lead, her soft hands holding my ass now.

“Ohh, mommy,” I sighed, sounding like a little girl. I was torn between surrendering to her or having her give in to me. Either would be fine with me.

We continued our erotic and felonious embrace, our wet lips still subtly touching.

“Bed, Chloe?” she whispered, and I was hers.

She took my hand, and we slowly walked to the bed, the sheets still pulled back, as we slipped onto the still-warm mattress. Mum and dad were still soundly asleep, luckily? I turned to mommy, my butt tight against my dad’s side. Mom tenderly held my face in her hands, and kissed me, our shared moans sure to wake the other two. MomC drifted down my body, her lips kissing my night blouse ’til her fingers pried the material open, and she licked my mounds. I held her head tight against my small chest, moving it to wherever I needed her mouth. I brought one hand down, and slithered it back istanbul travesti into her loose shorts. God, I hoped my ass looked this good in twenty years! I thought. With every pressing squeeze, mommy’s hips rode across me. She was kissing, and licking my breasts, doting on them the way we all loved hers.

She slipped one leg over mine, stealthily rubbing her covered pussy on my thigh. I loved how her hips steadily moved on me, and our kisses became more urgent.

“My, God…mommy,” I moaned, trying not to wake anyone else. “That’s…nice,” is all I could come up with.

She moved down, and I could feel her face rubbing across the silky fabric, my hands on her head, guiding her to where she was needed most. I spread my legs, giving her room, as she moved back and finally lay between my thighs, moved her body further down, and felt her kiss my covered pussy. I lifted my hips, and whimpered lewdly. Another of my fantasies was being brought to life! I was waiting to help mommy slip my shorts from my excited body, but she didn’t. Her fingers came to the very loose leg opening, and she pulled it aside, baring my crying pussy to her tongue. Her head dipped in, and she licked the length of my labia. I turned my head; the two next to us were shuffling around. I felt daddy and MumE change places, so now MummyE was next to me, with daddy behind her. I watched as her eyes closed dreamily, and soft whimpers dribbled from her mouth. Mum’s fingers caressed my face, as her body lurched onto mine; with a loud, “Ugggggh,” daddy seemingly took her from behind. Fuck!

I turned my head back to my mommy between my legs. I pulled the sheet off her head, seeing her for the first time pleasuring her daughter. MumE’s groans constantly interrupted my attention, her body pushing against mine with every firm thrust from my daddy. I spread my legs more, lifted my pelvis, and rubbed my cunt on my mommy’s face, my juices wetting us both. I could feel her impishly playing with the top edging of the shorts, playfully pulling them down, then leaving them. I felt her tongue easily pierce my labia, pushing into me.

“Fuck-sigh-mommy-sigh-you’re-sigh-licking-sigh-me,” I whimpered again, my breathing jagged, and louder than before.

Mommy’s fingers slid around my still-hidden clit, teasing me as only a woman could, as she licked, and swallowed my juices. I felt MumE’s mouth encircle my stiff nipple, skim her tongue around it, and suck me. Her body lurched with every one of daddy’s firm thrusts, causing her mouth to slip deliriously off my breast. I was sure mom felt my sap flowing even more now, her tongue sliding around my vulva, swallowing all of my fresh dew. Her fingers drew back my hood, and she tantalisingly tapped it with a single finger. Fuck! I could hear daddy’s fervent grunts, as he fucked my mum frantically. I knew if I saw his beautiful face, I would cum, but I wanted this to last.

My fingers ran through mom’s sleek hair, as I slid my pussy across her lips, pushing harder with every swipe. My juices had soaked us, from my mommy’s face to the lovely crease of my thighs and oozing down to my tight butt. I could feel my pussy clench, as she slid two fingers into me, my hips urging her to go deeper. She touched all those glorious places inside a woman’s sex, both of us knowing I was close. Just the thought that I was finally going to cum in mommy’s mouth set me off. My body was overloaded between dad’s urgent thrusts, MumE’s caressing me, and my mom feasting on my cunt. I lifted my hips, shrieked a long, “Ugggggh,” and gushed my sap into mommy’s eager mouth. My stomach clenched up, my legs stiffened, and I came. I needed her to suck my clit harder, so I pulled her head down firmer, my pelvis grinding onto her sweet lips, and flooded my mommy’s mouth. She kept her tight fingers stroking me, fucking me, as my body exploded.

I could hear my mummy and daddy gasp, and groan, all of us climaxing together. Mom kept slurping, and licking, her desire for me unabated. My hips stopped moving, as I sunk into the bed, as mom was busy lapping up the last remnants of cum. I had to push MumE off my breast; my body could not take in the sensuality of what had just happened. This was sex beyond anything I had ever experienced. Yeah, it was better than fabulous! I pulled mommy up, and we kissed, my tongue licking her face and any residual cream left there.

“Mom…where did…that come…from?” I asked, breathing deep.

“Well, let’s just say…all your teasing…has finally paid off. God, Chloe…I’ve always loved you, obviously, but this…this has taken us…all of us to a new place. I…I only hope you’re okay with it, and…that we haven’t screwed you up too much!” she panted, and half-chuckled, half-seriously said.

“Take me, mom. Take me with you on this, ‘kay? All of you! Dad, Em…all of you,” I sighed and kissed them all too much. “So, mommy…should we clean mum up, hmm?” istanbul travestileri I sultrily asked, nodding to MumE, who was still coming down from her cum.

“Mmm, you are your mother’s daughter, eh?” she smiled, and we both slid down the bed and between MumE’s thighs.

Daddy was still kissing MumE, but she wasn’t surprised when she felt us between her legs. Mom and I took turns lapping mum’s creamy pussy. All of these erotic moments were so new to me, but I embraced them all because I was in love…with my parents. I laid my hand on daddy’s leg, and squeezed him. I felt his hand on my head, gently stroking my hair, as he came down from his obviously huge orgasm! As much as I loved going down on MumE, there was somewhere else I needed to be. I moved over from between mum’s thighs, and slipped between daddy’s. I looked up at him, smiled, then took his half-hard cock in my hand, and licked his stalk, his oozy lather coating it. I tentatively licked his shaft, took his glans in my mouth, and sucked any cummy residue from him. I felt like the proverbial tart, first my mom taking me, then going down on my other mum, and now sucking my daddy off. Yeah, I thought. I could get used to this! I took daddy’s spent balls in my mouth, his grumbling groans spurring me on. I felt emboldened with his balls in my mouth. The intimacy and trust were overwhelming. I cleaned daddy’s cock up, as any good daughter should. Or wife!

After our domestic duties were suitably finished, we all clambered up the bed, slid our night clothes back on, as Maggie and Lily had yet to make their usual appearance and lay together, our hands touching and assuring each other.

“That…that was so intense! My God…” I sighed, my body wracked with all these new sensory emotions. “So…this is ‘going slow’ to you?” I nervously chuckled.

I just remember back and everyone laughing, unsure how to answer or even respond to that one!

“We really need to have a talk, ‘kay? I…I had no idea, well, that this would be so…so…consuming!” I laughed. “Is it…always like this, you know, for the three of you,” I asked, unsure if I wanted to hear the answer, even though they had answered the same question last night. This just needed some clarification!

My parents just laughed at me. Humph!

“Sometimes, yes. Not always, though,” daddy said, chuckling. “It’s like any relationship, Chloe…just with more people and a whole different dynamic. Like any relationship, it ebbs and flows. It’s whatever we need, I guess. Having you with us will certainly change the dynamic…in a good way, understand? We haven’t gone into this lightly, Little One. Tell you what, Sunday nights are when we all get together, and talk things through. I think you should join us tonight, hmm?” daddy said.

“Yeah…I think I need that!” I giggled. “Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved the last twelve hours of my life…but I’m serious about this, all right. This isn’t a ‘fling’ for me, understand? It’s just so much more, I don’t know,—passionate— than I had ever imagined. This, us, has surpassed any of my fantasised expectations. Fuck, you three are…amazing…and I’m in love with you all,” I sighed, and accepted their kisses, touches, and gentle teasing.

We lay together for another ten minutes, ’til the unmistakable patter of feet running up the stairs shook us from our bonded reverie.

“Well, here we go!” I giggled, and the door flung open, Maggie and Lily scampering onto the bed, their arms flaying, and laughing.

“Morning!” they both shouted, and tumbled onto our bodies.

Thinking back, I’m sure the room reeked of sex, not that David or I were aware of it at their age, so I knew we were okay…for now! We lazily played around with more than a few surreptitious touches between the ‘adults’. Eventually, mums gathered Maggie and Lily and took them downstairs.

“Take your time,” she smiled, and raised her eyebrows to daddy and me, kissing us both.

As soon as the door shut, I rolled over onto daddy.

“I was going to fuck you this morning, daddy, but mommy got to me first,” I giggled, sexily.

“I think it’s going to be ‘first come, first served’ for now on,” he laughed, and wrapped his arms around me.

“I…I hope I don’t confuse things, daddy. I meant it when I said I will always step aside for my mums. I’m serious about that, all right? I know we’re all important to you, but they have to come first…literally and figuratively,” I giggled, at my unintended double-entendre.

“I know, Chloe…and we love you for that. Now, let’s shower and give you a break, okay? God,” he sighed. “I do love your tits,” he smiled, gazing at my bare chest.

“You’re SO rude, daddy!” I smiled, and cheekily swatted his chest. “I know you do, daddy. I’ve always…known,” I whispered, and brought my lips to his. “And I’ve been just as fascinated by your daddy-cock,” I giggled, slipped from travesti istanbul the bed, and ran to the shower room.

Like a magnet, daddy followed my pert ass to the ensuite. I couldn’t have felt more desirable. To this day, daddy’s looks still stir me. As do my mums.

We grabbed our washcloths, gelled them up, and sensually lathered each other. God, I loved this! Time seemed to stand still. It was just the two of us. Alone. Together. The world stopped as we touched, kissed and caressed each other. His firm, but gentle hands spoiled me. He gently swiped his cloth through my pussy, which still ached a bit from last night’s pummelling. I felt gloriously used. He turned me to the wall, the soft mist flowing over us, and told me to hold the grab bars he had specially put in. They were about six feet up. [I now had a pretty good idea why they were put in!] I grasped both chrome bars, my arms comfortably gripping them. He knelt behind me, and gelled my ass, his cloth sweeping through my crevice. The more force he used, the more my breasts squished against the tiled wall. My parents think of everything! I thought.

I held on, as daddy slowly brought his tongue to my ass, licked my little behind, and lavished kiss after kiss on each cheek. His hands rubbed my legs and smoothly travelled up and down my lean torso. He’d move his hands up and massaged my rear, his thumbs spreading my cheeks so indecently. I felt his tongue lashing my crack, running up, then down, his tongue prodding my still-virgin hole. I moaned at his touches, water flowing softly over me, the now-warm tiles pressed on my tits, and his tongue taking me. I pushed my petite derriere into his face, giving him my all. Daddy had me…as did my mums. I found it scary that I would even entertain these thoughts before, but after just one evening with them, I knew I was theirs. I felt safe, loved, and cherished. I trusted them, as I always had. [What’s not to give, hmm? I thought.]

“That’s it…daddy…take me. Lick your…Little One’s ass. Go on. Take it…taste me, daddy, “I moaned onto the matte tiles. “Play with me…daddy,” and he did, his tongue and fingers playfully prodding, but not entering me. He knew; my daddy knew that some things would take time. His little bites, long licks and constant fondling had me wet again. He slipped his hand between my legs, fingers sliding along my vulva. He rubbed my sap onto my tight hole, and playfully pushed, but never breaking that precious seal. Still, I moved back, teasing us both.

Daddy swiped his cloth one last time, stood up, and turned me around. He made a point of wiping his mouth on it, then brought his lips to mine. I wrapped my arms around his head, and took his tongue. He grabbed one of the sponges, gelled it up, and wiped my body with it. He motioned me to hold the bars again, my arms stretched upwards. I felt him swipe the cloth under my arms and over my taut tits. Rubbing the sponge on my aroused nipples. He knelt in front of me again.

“Hold tight,” he smirked, wrapped his hands on my ass, leaned in, and smelled my pussy. Fuck! His tongue slipped through my gash, just flicking my clit, as he licked, and kissed my vulva.

“The bars will hold you, Chloe, okay?” he murmured, reading my mind.

I lifted my legs, and put them on his shoulders. I pushed my pussy onto his face, and whispered, “Take me, daddy.”

He held me by my butt, and lashed me again and again, my essence oozing from my cunt. Fuck! I felt his tongue slide inside me, wiggling around, tasting and touching every part of me. He slid out, flicked my clit, and then rubbed his nose over my nub.

“Suck it, daddy. Go on. Just…suck it,” I groaned, and daddy did that. His fingers dug into my ass, as he sucked, and played with my clit. As his fingers pressed, once again, on my tight rosebud, I came. In my fevered mind, daddy was going to slip a finger in; the thought both excited, and repulsed me. I wrapped my legs around his head and fucked my daddy’s mouth, thick secretions flowing from deep within. Daddy held me, seeing me through my petite orgasm. He knew when I was finished, and said, “C’mon, darling. I’ve got you.” So I took my hands from the bars, and slid down the tiles to the floor, daddy holding me all the way. I embraced him, my body spent yet again. He gently pecked my lips, my cheek, my eyes and my neck. God, I thought. Why couldn’t every man be like him?

We lay together, catching our breath and enjoying the bond, ’til he turned the water off and led me from the enclosure. He dried my wasted body, then his, and we went to the bedroom. I helped him make the bed, then needed to get dressed, so I left him to sort himself out.

“Come to me before we go downstairs?” I asked, grabbing my clothes from last night.

“Of course, Chloe,” he said, and we kissed, but not for the last time.

A few minutes later, I heard a gentle knock on my door.

“Come in, daddy,” I said, knowing it was him.

I was finishing up my blouse, as daddy walked toward me.

“Need a hand, Chloe?” he smirked.

“Of course, daddy. It’s so kind of you,” I giggled facetiously, and let daddy finish fastening the buttons. He gently grasped my nipples, and tweaked both.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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