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Morgan had always been of petite build. Her mother, Nina, and I got married when Morgan was very young, so I was the only father she ever knew. Nina was also always very petite, five foot two, but well-rounded in all the right places. With a perfect ass and D-cup tits, I always had a hard time keeping my hands off of her. Any chance we had I would take her clothes off and fuck her right on the spot.

As Morgan got older, however, things changed. She was always around Nina and me, and that made us have less time for each other. Nina eventually took a job that made her travel a lot. After this, my sex life was almost non-existent. Nina was gone for weeks at a time, which left Morgan and me at home to keep each other company. When she wasn’t at school, we would do all kinds of activities together. I loved keeping her entertained because I loved seeing her beautiful smile. She would always tell me how much she loved me and appreciated everything I did for her.

As time passed, I couldn’t help but notice how much like her mother she was starting to look. She was turning into such a beautiful young lady. Similar height to her mother’s and, I hate to admit, similar curves. She had suddenly gotten those curves a couple months ago, and sometimes I couldn’t stop myself from staring. Her clothes always fit her snug, and showed off her curves in a very sexual way, which I’m sure she didn’t notice, but I did. I felt ashamed, but I couldn’t help myself.

She was eighteen, and a senior in high school. I always noticed all the boys in her class staring at her chest and behind. It always made me angry, but I knew Morgan was a good girl. A little too good. She never paid attention to the boys in her class. Most of the time she would just hang out with a few girls after school and then come home. There was no doubt on my mind that she was still a virgin. Her school work was always done on time, and she had straight As. I could not be more proud of her. The only odd thing was how much time she spent in her room.

One night, as I was lying in bed, I don’t know what came over me. I began to imagine what she must look like naked. I felt myself get hard, and I jerked off to the thought of her naked body.

The next day while she was at school, I went into her room and opened her underwear drawer. Since she always did her own laundry, I had no idea what I would find. I wasn’t prepared for what I found, however. She had thongs and G-strings in every color, but not only that. Underneath all of that, I found a tiny little purple vibrator. I was so turned on at this moment that I didn’t care. I picked it up and smelled it, hoping that it would have a lingering smell of her pussy. It was only then that I wondered how long my sweet baby had been touching herself. And I wondered who she thought of when she did.

A few nights later, when Morgan had gone to bed, I thought I heard some noise coming from her room. It was past midnight, so I went to see what it could be. Her door was slightly cracked open, and as I started to open it I heard a low moan. That stopped me in my tracks. I made no movement except move my head so I could see her bed. The only light was coming from her night light, but it was enough for me to be able to see what was going on. She was lying on her back with her legs spread open. At this sight, my dick got incredibly hard. I was hornier than ever, but I couldn’t make any movement without her realizing I was watching.

I could see her big, beautiful tits and sweet cunt. One hand was playing with her tits while the other held her tiny vibrator to her clit, making circular motions. Her sweet pussy was glistening from her arousal. Her breaths started coming out faster and her moans got louder. I could tell she was about to climax. Her eyes closed and her tongue licked her lips. The hand on her tits grabbed a nipple hard and the hand holding the vibrator started moving incredibly fast. In an instant her whole body started shaking with orgasm. She let out a long, loud moan, like she didn’t care if anybody was hearing, followed by quieter moans ( I could swear I heard her say “oh daddy” between one of those moans, but I’m pretty sure it was my mind playing tricks on me) as she rubbed her pussy more gently, recovering from her orgasm. My hand was stroking my dick so fast that it pained me to stop and walk back to my room. I jacked off while replaying everything I had just seen, and I came so hard that my jizz flew across the room.

I still couldn’t bursa escort bayanlar believe that I had seen my sweet baby touch herself with such need, and that I thought I heard her call out to me while she did it. It felt so wrong for me to want my baby, but it made me hard just thinking that she might want me.

The next morning I woke up early and made breakfast. It was Saturday and Morgan usually got up early, ate breakfast and then went back to bed. This morning, however, she came down and said, “Hi daddy, I was wondering if we could open up the pool today, it’s starting to get warmer and I want to start swimming again.” There was no tone in her voice to imply that she had any idea that I had watched her touch herself last night.

“Sure, sweetheart,” I said. “We can do that after breakfast.”

“Thanks daddy!” she said and jumped up and hugged me. She wrapped her legs around me and her arms around my shoulders and kissed me on the cheek. I hugged her tiny waist and my mind went straight to her naked body last night. I silently prayed my dick wouldn’t start to get hard. She jumped down right before it started to and sat down to eat. I sat so that she wouldn’t see my dick hard and, as she talked to me about her plans for the summer, I cooled down a bit.

“I’m so excited to start swimming again. I’m going to go put on a new bikini that I bought because my old ones fit me too small, and then I’ll come down to help you with the pool.” she said.

I was glad that at least I wouldn’t be tortured at the sight in a tiny bikini. When she came down, however, I choked on my food. She was wearing a tiny pink bikini that barely covered her nipples. She gave a little twirl and almost her whole, perfectly round ass was showing. I can’t even imagine how little her other bikinis must have been if this was the one that didn’t fit her small. She caught me staring.

“Is there something wrong, daddy?”

I couldn’t speak, “Uh, uh, no baby. It’s just not what I was expecting.”

“Should I go change, daddy?” she asked in an innocent little voice.

“No sweetheart,” I responded a little too quickly. “Let’s go get the pool ready. You go ahead and I’ll catch up.” There was no way I could go right now. My dick was even harder than last night. I waited a couple minutes and then I went out to the pool.

She was bending over, trying to pull the cover off the pool. Her ass looked perfect in that bikini, and I wanted to pull it off and fuck her right there and then. It was so wrong for me to want her this much and it was with a lot of effort that I pushed the thought out of my mind so that I could at least help Morgan with the pool. We talked about her plans for after high school, and I was surprised to learn that she was thinking about staying home the first year and attending the local community college. She didn’t really give me a reason why, but I wasn’t paying much attention anyway. I was paying more attention to the way her tits bounced with her every move.

Once the pool was ready she walked over to me with a little smile on her face. I thought she was going to thank me, but instead she jumped on me and made us both fall into the pool. We resurfaced and she wrapped her legs around me again and kissed me on the cheek, “Thanks again daddy.” She let go and fell back. Her nipples were hard and I could see them through her bikini top. As she swam away I could see her perfect ass again.

She was swimming toward me again and I could see a little smirk on her face as if she knew how turned on I was. Could she really know? Was she doing this on purpose? All I knew was I needed to go jack off ASAP before she saw my boner. As I started swimming toward the stairs out of the pool, she reached out to me and asked me to stay.

“I need to ask you something, daddy.”

“Anything you need, sweetheart.”

“Can you teach me sex?”

I was speechless for a second. “Didn’t they teach you about sex at school?”

“Yeah, but that’s not what I asked daddy. I know about sex, but I want you to teach it to me.”

“I still don’t understand. If you already know about sex, what am I supposed to teach you?”

“How to do it,” she stated simply, with a little nervous smile.

“Morgan, I’m not sure what you mean, but I’m sure your mother would be a more adequate person to talk to you about sex.”

“Mom’s never home, and besides, I want to learn from you because you’re a guy.”

“Well bayan sarisin escort bursa I’m still not exactly sure what I can tell you that your mother can’t.”

“No daddy, you don’t understand. I don’t want to talk about it. I want to do it.”

I was extremely taken aback. “Morgan, what you’re suggesting is not appropriate. I’m your father.” Even though I wanted her so bad, I never actually thought that she would suggest what she was suggesting.

“You’re my stepfather and I’m eighteen. Please daddy. I want to learn from you. You’re the only guy I trust.”

My head was swimming with thoughts. I didn’t know what to do. I knew she was only my stepdaughter. And I knew she was 18 and there was nothing illegal about it. I was just not sure what to do. I didn’t say anything. I got out of the pool and I went back inside. I couldn’t think straight. That afternoon we didn’t talk. I made dinner and we ate quietly. I could tell she was upset with me for leaving in the middle of our conversation. We both went to bed and I thought about what she was asking of me. I made a decision. I put on some shorts and went to her room.

I knocked on her door.

“Come in.”

She had just gotten out of the shower and was wearing her bath robe. She looked a little upset, but she looked so damn sexy that it was hard for me to remember why I had come in here in the first place.

“Baby, I just want you to understand that I’m not upset with you. I just can’t do what you’re asking of me.”

“Is it because I’m not attractive?” she asked in a tiny innocent voice.

“Sweetie, it has nothing to do with that. You’ve become such a beautiful young lady.” At this, she brightened a little.

“Please daddy. I just want to learn from you. If I can’t learn from you I’m going to have to ask some other man. Is that what you want?”

I could tell that she was going to get her way one way or another. I caved. I knew what was coming, and I wanted it so bad, but at the same time I was incredibly nervous. “What is it that you want to know?”

She smiled the biggest of smiles.

“I already know mostly about girl stuff, but what is a cunt?”

“A cunt is a sort of slang word for clitoris.”

“Can you show me what that looks like?”

“Sure, I’ll get my computer.”

“She took off her bath robe. No daddy, show me on my body.”

Her body was even sexier up close with the lights on. Her nipples were a soft pink color, perfectly round and right on the center of each tit. I almost moaned just looking at her.

“Daddy? You were going to show me where my cunt is.”

I looked up at her. I could tell she was enjoying this. “Sorry baby. I got…distracted. Lie down on the bed and open your legs.” My dick was so hard that I could barely keep myself together. I looked at her sweet pussy. It was nice and pink, with small beautiful lips. I touched her little cunt, which was nice and swollen with arousal, and she jumped a bit. “That’s your clitoris. This is what makes you orgasm when you play with yourself.”

“Mmmm…I like playing with myself daddy.” She started rubbing her clit and grabbed my hand. She put my finger in her mouth and then put my finger on her clit and started rubbing with it. She let go and I was mesmerized at how beautiful her pussy looked when I played with it. Before I knew it, I started to slide my finger down her wet slit and stuck a finger in her tight pussy. She was moaning softly, but she stopped me. “Daddy, I want to learn some more things.”

It pained me to stop, but I did. “What else do you need to know, sweetheart?”

“What’s a boner?”

“A boner is a hard dick. This happens when a man gets aroused. The dick needs to be hard for intercourse.”

“Do you have a boner now, daddy?”

I was embarrassed. “Yes baby.”

“I want to see it.”

I took off my shorts and my 9″ long dick jumped out.

Morgan reached out and touched it. “This is supposed to fit in my pussy?” She was incredulous.

Then, she did something I didn’t expect. In a second she knelt down and wrapped her mouth around my dick. I let out an involuntary moan. “What are you doing, Morgan??”

“Did you really think that at 18 years of age I wouldn’t know anything about sex, daddy?” she asked with a little smirk.

I was surprised. “Well, no. But maybe since you already know we should stop.”

She laughed and pushed me onto the bed. “Just bursa eve gelen eskort be quiet and enjoy this, daddy. I want my first time to be perfect.”

I couldn’t believe I was about to have sex with my virgin stepdaughter.

I could tell she had no experience sucking dick, but she was learning quickly. She sucked up and down and stroked it with her hands, and even licked my balls. I was in heaven. I was about to cum in her mouth, but I stopped her. I wanted this night to last. I picked her up and threw her on the bed. She squealed with delight. I kissed her on the lips and grabbed both her tits at the same time. She gave a low little moan that made my dick harden even more. I kissed her neck and slowly moved down to her tits. I wrapped my mouth around one of her hard nipples and twisted the other one gently between my fingers.

“Mmmmm daddy…” She said between breaths, “That feels so good!”

Then I kissed her flat belly and moved my way down to her wet cunt. I started licking it softly and she moaned even louder. I had never tasted anything sweeter.

“MMMM yes daddy!!”

Her moans were like music to my ears. I licked her pussy softly and then harder and harder. I bit her clit gently and she let out a little scream of delight. I licked her clit faster and faster, and her moans got louder and louder, until she was about to cum. I stopped and she groaned a little.

“Don’t worry baby, you’ll get there soon,” I told her with a wink. I went up and kissed her softly on the lips, while my hands wandered through the rest of her body.

“Mmm…I taste good, daddy.”

I laughed and started sucking on her tits. I rubbed her pussy gently and asked, “Are you ready for me to fuck that pussy baby?”

She looked a little nervous, but she gave me a little nod. “Be gentle.”

I smiled and grabbed her hips. I pulled her up a bit and grabbed my dick. I rubbed her clit with the tip of my dick and made my way down to her opening. I slid my dick in centimeter by centimeter. Her pussy was incredibly tight. She was whimpering, and I could tell it hurt, but I didn’t care. Her pussy was so tight I wanted to fuck her harder than I had ever fucked anyone before. I went in slowly until my whole dick was in her pussy.

“You ok baby?”

She took a deep breath and said, “Go slowly daddy.”

I eased my dick out almost all the way and there was some blood on it. If it was even possible, I got harder and there was no stopping me now. I shoved my dick all the way in her pussy and she screamed. It was a scream of both pain and pleasure. I started going in and out of her faster. “MMMMM!! FASTER DADDY!!”

There was no need to tell me twice. I fucked her harder than I had ever fucked her mother. She was moaning so loudly, screaming “YES DADDY, YES!!” Her pussy was so damn tight it was making me want to come already, but I kept fucking her harder. I pulled out and bent her over. She squealed with pleasure. I shoved my dick back inside her and fucked her hard. I loved how her ass looked as it bounced every time I entered her. I reached down and started rubbing her pussy while I fucked her. She moaned even louder, “OH YES DADDY. THAT FEELS SO GOOD!!”

Her breathing got even faster and her moaning louder.

“I’m going to cum daddy!!” she yelled. I fucked her harder and a couple seconds later her body was shaking against me. Her hips were moving fast against my dick. “YES DADDY, YES!! I’M CUMMING DADDY!!” She gave a long loud moan as she came on my dick and as soon as she was done I pulled out and put her on her knees.

“Open your mouth baby!” I yelled. I sroked my dick and came all over her mouth and tits. I came harder than I had ever before, as if my whole life I was waiting for this moment.

I watched Morgan eat my cum as if it was the tastiest thing she had ever tasted. Then I lay down on the bed. Morgan lay down on top of me and I wrapped my arms around her body, caressing it gently. It was so soft and smooth.

“That was even better than I had imagined it would be, daddy,” she said between breaths.

“Trust me, this is the best sex I’ve had in my life baby, and I’ve had a lot of it.” She was happy to hear these words.

She kissed me gently on the mouth and said, “I’m glad my planned worked out. I’ve been wanting you to fuck me for the longest time, daddy. It’s the reason I decided to go to community college. So I could be around you.”

I was surprised to hear this, but in a good way. “That’s really sweet, baby. And I’m glad I’ll be able to fuck you whenever I want now.”

“There’s nothing I would want more than to fuck you every day for the rest of my life daddy!” She said.

I was glad to hear that. We both fell asleep on her bed that night, and I woke up more rested and feeling happier than I ever had.

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