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Chapter 13 – Aunt Jackie’s friend

My weekend with Shannon had been amazing. We engaged in all sorts of exciting sexual exploits, but after she was called in to a late night meeting Sunday, I decided to head home. I wasn’t expected back until after work Monday, I had told my sister and my daughter that I would be spending the Sunday away from home. However it slipped my mind to call them and let them know of my early return.

I got stuck in traffic for a couple hours, as there was apparently a 3 car collision on the route I was taking. As it was I didn’t get home until just after midnight. Julia, my daughter, would be in bed already, it being a school night. And knowing Jackie, my sister, she was probably drunk and passed out on the couch, where she was temporarily sleeping while she stayed with us after a sudden divorce.

It had been an exhausting weekend, mostly from all the sex and the lack of sleep, and after the extended commute I shuffled into the house, head down, and eyes sore and heavy. I flicked the light in the kitchen on and heard a sudden “Shit!” from the connected living room and sudden chaotic motion of feet…

I was too tired to guess what was happening, if I were sharper I might have freaked and assumed it was a robber or something, so I made my way to the doorway.

My sister was standing up next to the couch, her hair a total bird’s nest, straightening her shirt, red-faced. There was an unknown gentleman sitting on the couch looking a little disheveled and hiding his boner with a couch pillow. His eyes darted between me and Jackie. My sister tried to play it cool, but it was too obvious what was going on for me to be fooled.

“Oh hey Tony. Wasn’t expecting you home until tomorrow evening. Is everything OK?” She was turning the conversation to me instead of them and what they had been up to.

“Are you going to introduce me to your guest?” I responded firmly, politely ignoring her question.

The man’s eyes darted back to me and I could see he was considering getting up or not.

“O-oh-oh, t-this is Derek.” Jackie stammered, clearly my forwardness threw her off. But what did she expect, I basically walked in on her fucking some random stranger in my living room with my daughter up stairs that she was responsible for…

I noticed Jackie was standing on top of a pair of black panties, looked like a G-string. I think she was trying to hide them by standing on them, but about a quarter of them were sticking out from the side of her left foot.

“Nice to meet you Derek.” I said turning to him. “No need to get up. I’m exhausted and will be turning in for the night very soon.” I looked at my sister and flashed her a sly smile, “Have a fun night.”

I left and went up stairs, straight to the bathroom. While in there I got thinking more about that guy downstairs, giving it to my sister, and I just got madder and madder. I wanted to go down there and toss him out.

I let out a frustrated sigh, and then really asked myself why I felt this way. Was it possible that I was jealous? After what had happened in the kitchen between us that day recently, was it possible that I was feeling territorial?

After finishing my business and washing my hands I stepped out into the hallway, feeling a bit embarrassed at how I had acted downstairs. There was Jackie, waiting in the hall for me, with an angry look on her face. Shit.

Her hands were on her hips and she was giving me a death glare.

“I’m sorry.” I immediately folded. “I don’t know what got into me. It’s late and I’m exhausted, but that doesn’t excuse my behavior.” I said it all in a whisper.

“You’re damn right it doesn’t!” She said boisterously, twitching her head.

“Please, please forgive me. I couldn’t live with myself if you were mad at me. Please? I’m so sorry.” I paused and she just looked at me skeptically. “I think I was feeling… ya know…”

Her right eyebrow raised, “What? I don’t know.” Her tone was softer and her voice quieter.

I stepped toward her, slowly. She didn’t react. I reached out and grabbed her hand. “I guess I just had a knee jerk reaction. I didn’t think.”

She was still and unmoving.

“I guess you could say that…” I began to rub her hand with my thumb. “… maybe I was feeling a slight sting of…” I cleared my throat.

Jackie just stared into my eyes. “… of um… jealousy.” I tried to land it as softly as possible. I don’t know why but I was trembling. I was afraid of how she’d react, despite the fact that she called me daddy while I fucked her not that long ago in this very house.

Her lips pouted and her eyes teared up. She brought her arms around me, squeezing me in a close embrace.

She smelled of sex, and it immediately turned me on. Gone were my feelings of shame. I wanted her again. Right there in the hall, with her man down stairs. I brought my hands up and rubbed her back.

Jackie pulled back and looked me in the eye and whispered back, “I’m sorry. I didn’t know you would be home, and we hadn’t spoken to each other about that.. um.. incident since. I still don’t exactly know how I feel, other than I really enjoyed myself. But, there’s a lot of other things that need to be considered, and we should talk, just not tonight. Tonight I have company…”

She began gebze escort to spin around to leave, but I grabbed her wrist.Then I pulled her toward me, back nearly into my arms. “Punkin…” I started, calling her by one of the many pet names our father used for her.

A shocked look swept across her face and I noticed her lips tremble.

“…are you daddy’s little girl?” I said while rubbing my crotch into her.

All stiffness, all resistance, just melted away. Her lips continued to tremble but she looked at me with lust in her eyes.

Her lips parted as if to speak, but only breath came out, so she nodded her head.

I brought my mouth close to hers and she puckered and reached forward to kiss me, but I held her body back and moved my head away, teasing her. She just looked at me with a begging look.

“Did you already fuck him?” I asked.

Her eyes shot down to the floor… I knew her answer, she didn’t have to speak it.

“That was very naughty of you. You need to talk to daddy before you do something like that. You’re not old enough to make those kinds of decisions, sex is for grown ups.”

“Yes daddy. I’m sorry.” She immediately responded. Wow. I had no idea how much power I had over her until this moment.

I kissed her forehead. “What’s my punishment?” She asked.

My ears perked up. Holy shit.I was so fuckign horny. Dare I take advantage with her guy downstairs? I could hear the tv on, and if I know Jackie she was pissed and told him to wait there until she chewed me out. I HAD to do something.

“Daddy wants his punkin to go down on him, right here, right now.” I commanded.

“Now?– “she began to protest, but I interrupted.

“Now.” I said firmly.

Jackie immediately went to her knees and undid my pants. She slipped down my underwear and my cock sprung out and hit her in the face. I grabbed her head and she slipped me into her mouth.

Her lips tightened around my shaft and she pumped me into her wet mouth. I just relaxed and enjoyed a killer blowjob from my sister.

I kept one ear out for any footsteps, or for the tv being shut off, and I made sure to keep quiet.

Jackie sucked and licked, she even deep throated me, being cautious not to gag loudly. It was so exhilarating, to be doing something to risky, and so naughty.

As I got closer I really grabbed ahold of her and fucked her mouth. Thats when she just started at me, our eyes locked as she sucked her brothers dick, with a man waiting for her down stairs, probably hoping for the same.

I grabbed her hair tight and forced myself further into her mouth, and said, “Make daddy proud now, take his cum.”

That’s when our lustful encounter was suddenly interrupted.

“Hey- uh- Jackie?” a deep voice called up the stairs.

Her eyes widened, but I smiled. Tell him you’ll be down in a minute I whispered as softly as possible.

I slipped my manhood out of her mouth and she took a second to clear her throat. “Just one minute Derek. I’ll be right down. Tony is just about to go to bed for the night, so he won’t be bothering us. Make yourself comfortable.” If anything would fend a man off it was the promise of sex.

I shot her a look though.

“Ok, sorry.” Then he walked off.

“Look, I’m going to go down there and fuck him, you can’t stop me from doing that, daddy or not. But first I’m going to empty your balls.”

Then she opened her mouth to continue sucking on me, but I grabbed her jaw with my right hand and shook my head. I was on the edge of cumming, and I had been ready to put my seed in her mouth, but after that attitude, I needed to regain control. I slipped my hands under her armpits and lifted her up and spun her around.

She was so afraid of making noise that her protests were just some flailing. In one motion I pulled her jeans and panties down, exposing her bare ass. I pushed her against the wall and she just looked back at me, terrified.

I put a finger on her lips, and said, “Now punkin, you can’t talk to me like that. Sure I’ll let you go fuck your boy-toy, but remember who the boss is. As your punishment I am going to cum in your ass.

She didn’t move, or speak, she just nodded her head in acceptance.

I spit on my hand and rubbed it on my swollen head and then spread her cheeks. I put the tip right to her puckered hole, and slowly pushed in. She was tight, and warm, oh so warm.

I slid back and forth real slow, I was on edge and could come at any second and wanted to enjoy this. I leaned in and just breathed heavily in her ear.

I probably could have gone like that for another 5 minutes, slow and close, but I think she was feeling self-conscious about how much time we were taking, so she whispered to me, “Please daddy, please fill my bum with your hot sticky fluid.”

It was all I could take, my muscles clenched and I shot streams of cum into my sisters ass.

I held onto her love handles, digging in tight with my fingers and pulling her into me, so that I was as deep in her as I could be.

After I had finished, I just stayed inside her for a moment. Her left hand had reached back and was holding my shoulder and our faces were touching cheek to cheek. “I love you daddy.” Was all she said, and darıca escort then she slid me out f her and pulled up her pants and slowly strolled downstairs to go fuck someone else.


After going back in the bathroom and washing my member off and splashing some cool water on my face I headed to my bedroom, trying not to think of what would be going on downstairs.

Once in my room I slipped into some comfy mesh shorts, no underwear, and sat down at my computer. I normally would have just passed out, but the unexpected blowjob and fuck had me re-energized and I felt like staying up a little longer.

I turned my computer monitor on, and then reached for the tower, but it was already on. Once the screen turned on I saw that not only was it on, but I was logged in. Odd.

Thats when I noticed the software that I use to monitor the nanny cam was running in the background…

I scratched my head for a second, and then it dawned on me. That little shit. That horny little shit.

I went through the shared bathroom and into my daughter’s room, not bothering to knock. The sudden intrusion caught her by surprise and she looked up at me from under her sheets.

“Hi daddy.” She said innocently.

“My dear Julia, how are you?”

“Good. Tired. I should get to sleep I have school in the morning. Why are you back early?”

“I decided to come back and sleep in my own bed.”

“Can you kiss me good night?”She asked in her sweetest baby-voice.

“Of course babygirl.”

I walked over to the bed and sat on the edge and leaned down to kiss her cheek. After planting a wet one on her cheek I went to sit up straight, but she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me in, bringing her lips to mine.

We kissed, closed mouth first, but soon we were Frenching, and she was scuking on my tongue, biting my lips, and her hand began to explore my body.

Damn my girl was horny. She was probably watching her aunt fool around and hadn’t cum when I walked in and interrupted. And who knows, maybe she had even heard me and Jackie in the hall right outside her door. Maybe she had been leaning against her door eavesdropping and fingering herself.

I stopped and pulled back. She was eager and she just brought her mouth to my neck and starting biting. Soft at first but then hard.

“Julia.” I said trying to get her attention.

She just started biting harder, I wasn’t sure how much harder I could take.

“Julia, look at me dear.”

She stopped and looked at me, reluctantly.

“Were you in my room?”

Her eyes widened. She knew she was caught.

“Yes dad, I was.”

“Were you on my computer?”

“Yes daddy, I was.”

“Were you watching your Auntie Jackie and that man down stairs have sex with my nanny cam software?

“Yes daddy, I was.”

“While you were watching you Auntie Jackie get fucked, were you masturbating in my bedroom?”

“Yes daddy I was.”

“I see. Is that why you are so horny right now?”

“Yes daddy. I am.”

“I see.”

She just puppy dog-eyed me and I knew what I had to do.

“Did I interrupt your masturabting because I came home unexpecedly?”

“Yes daddy. You did.”

“I see. Well, I think there’s only one reasonable thing to do given what you have told me.” I said in a stern voice.

There was a sudden crash of disappointment on her face as I said those words. I think she thought she was in trouble.

“Young lady, you march right back into my room and you finish what you started. Your Aunt will be fucking him soon for sure.”

Her jaw dropped and she jumped for joy, grabbing me in a hug and then passionately kissing me.

Then she stopped, “But daddy, I thought maybe you…”

“Now baby girl, what did I tell you to do?”

“Ok daddy.”

Julia got up from underneath the covers. She was only wearing a pair of baby blue cotton panties that fit snug, squeezing her lithe petite young frame. I couldn’t help but stare for a second at my daughter’s hard nipples. Julia noticed the attention her exposed breasts were getting and smiled at me, “Are you sure daddy that you don’t want to-”

“Julia.” I snapped.

She scuttled out the room, her round little ass swaying back and forth, tempting me…

I took a few deep breaths and slowly made my way back into my bedroom. Julia was sitting at the computer and on the screen was a view of my living room. My sister and her date were on the couch making out, but it seemed as if that was as far as things had gotten.Julia’s hand was on her crotch, very slowly pressing up and down, her eyes transfixed on the screen, she didn’t even turn to look at me when I entered.

I got undressed and got on top of my bed, resting my back against the headboard, watching the entire scene unfold before me.

Jackie’s date, Derek, must have been spooked by my sudden intrusion, or at least nervous about me being upstairs awake and able to hear them, because he wasn’t initiating anything. Jackie was trying to coax him, by kissing his neck and even rubbing his crotch, but he wasn’t responding in kind.

“Ugh, what’s up with this guy. He was all grabby grabby before you came home, and now he’s like an awkward virgin or something!” izmit yürüyüş yolu escort Julia groaned, impatient that the scene hadn’t gotten interesting yet.

I chuckled to myself at my daughter’s sexual frustration, and I found myself still wondering if she had heard her aunt and I fucking outside her room.

Finally Jackie took charge and took off her shirt, exposing her good sized breasts, and pulled Derek to her chest. He responded by sucking on her nipples and squeezing them with both hands.

Julia’s fingers began to slip under her panties and part her eager lips.

I was now rock hard watching my daughter jill off to her aunt having her tits sucked, so I grabbed my warm cock and began to pull on it slowly.

Jackie pushed Derek back, so he was laying on the couch, and proceeded to unzip his pants.

Julia muttered a happy “Yeah” and continued to finger herself.

Derek just laid back as my sister took his entire shaft into her mouth and deepthroated him so far she began to gag, but didn’t stop, she just powered through it. The scene was so hot, had she known her brother and niece were watching she probably would have been too self conscious to really go wild.

Julia’s panties were fully to one side and she was fucking herself with two fingers now. She had me really excited and I was now pumping my cock with a passion.

Jackie finished gagging on Derek’s cock and removed the rest of her clothes. Derek likewise stripped down and grabbed a condom out of his pocket. Jackie took the condom out of the wrapper and put it between her lips and then proceeded to put it on him using nothing but her mouth.

This was too much for Julia. She leaned back in the chair and slipped her panties off, so that now everyone in my house was naked and engaged in some kind of sex act, and was either watching or being watched, or in the case of Julia, both.

Jackie got on all fours on the couch and motioned with two fingers. Derek got behind her on his knees and penetrated my sister in my living room. He held her hips tight and fucked her real hard. So hard in fact we could actually hear them in my room! Julia broke her concentration and looked over at me. I wasn’t exactly sure what the look meant, but I just blew her a kiss and made a show of pumping my cock. My daughter’s response was to spin the chair toward me and spread her legs, putting her feet up on my bed. She gave me a view of everything and continued to finger herself for me.

Behind my daughter’s pink lips dripping with wetness and her erect nipples was a scene of my sister getting rammed hardcore on the couch. Derek was pulling her hair with one hand and my sister was now screaming “Oh, oh, oh, oh, unnnn, oh!”

“Babygirl, what did I tell you?” I suddenly asked.

Julia was caught off guard by the tone of voice and I could tell by her befuddled expression that she hadn’t a clue what I meant.

“I commanded you to watch your Auntie jackie get fucked, and instead you are looking at your daddy play with his cock.

I got up off the bed and said, “Stand up.”

My daughter looked at me like I was Mr. Buzzkill, but I didn’t care. She stood up and I picker her up easily, and sat down placing her on my lap. Then I spun the chair back around so that we were watching my sister get fucked together.

I adjusted Julia so that my dick was between her lips, but parallel, so that I wouldn’t slide into her young hole. “Now, continue getting yourself off young lady.” I ordered.

Julia rubbed her clit with one hand and fingered herself with her other, while I held her by the hips and proceeded to fuck her lips.

Derek had obviously lost all feelings of awkwardness or self consciousness and was pounding Jackie hard and fast and they both seemed to be ready to explode. That wet slapping sound of skin on skin and Jackie’s vocalizations carried up to my room perfectly.

Julia’s breath was getting short and choppy and I was feeling like I could cum at any second.

Thats when Derek suddenly tensed up and Jackie continued to thrust her butt back and forth and then unexpectedly yelled “YESSSS DADDYYYYY!!!”

She pushed the both of us over the edge. My daughter’s legs shot out straight and she threw one hand behind her to hold on to me and she shook violently, all while I leaned as far back in the chair as I could and spurted streams of cum onto my teenage daughter’s soaking wet pussy lips.

After some heavy panting and time to cool down Julia squirmed her little firm ass around on my crotch, I was still hard, and she spoke up, “Daddy? Will you fuck me now? Please?”

I threw both arms around her and squeezed her tight. “Listen, I know you want to, and I can’t say that I haven’t had the urge, and the sound of one more orgasm tonight sounds great, but I’m exhausted and we both have to be up early babygirl.”

Julia twisted around and jumped off my lap. “So. You’ll fuck your sister but not your daughter!”

Whoa. She was pissed.

“Calm down. Listen. I’ll be getting my bonus this week and I can take some time off, I know you haven’t seen much of me lately and I know you really miss me, and I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you.”

She just looked down her nose at me, face wrinkled and brow furrowed.

“How about we go back to the vacation house by the lake? You always loved that.”

She let out a sigh of annoyance. “Just the two of us?”

“Yes of course.”


Then she grabbed her panties off of my floor and left, closing the door loudly behind her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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