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Big Clit

Dahlia, startled by the rumbling thunder interrupting her otherwise peaceful sleep, nearly lept out of bed, tossing her blanket off. Heart racing and eyes wide, with a hand dramatically at her heart, she giggled at herself. She reached a hand over to the window and pulled the black lace curtain back to reveal ominous clouds and rain falling in sheets on her third-floor apartment window. She pulled the curtain shut and lay back in bed, taking a quick glance at the clock on her nightstand. 9:30 a.m. Ten hours before her shift at a small, hole-in-the-wall strip club.

She’d started as a waitress, but after a year, she started dancing instead. Truthfully, she surprised everyone -including herself- when she asked the manager for the new position. She had always been timid and reserved. Seemed too innocent. Long, dark hair always covering her face and chest, and she seemed to almost retreat into it when anyone looked her way. But something about dancing brought a new person in her. Her alter-ego was wild, mysterious. Jaws dropped when she stepped on the stage her first night in her little bikini and stilettos. Her body was amazing, why had she always hidden it with oversize sweaters?

Dahlia turned her head and caught a glimpse of herself in the large wall mirror on the wall opposite her bed. Pale skin and full lips, her long curls scattered across the pillow, surrounding her perfect face. The contrast between her sky-blue eyes and pale skin and dark hair, paired with her full, pink lips brought a smile to her face. Strip clubs have always had a bad reputation, but it made isveçbahis Dahlia love herself. She’d never fully appreciated her face, and especially not her body, before becoming a stripper. Since then, every chance she got, she admired herself in the mirror. Especially now. Her long, lean legs. Her perfectly rounded ass and narrow waist. Her boobs, though small (barely a B cup on her best day), were magnificently shaped, with pink, perky nipples.

She smiled at herself in the mirror, and unzipped her bra and slid off her lacy panties. She lightly pinched both nipples, closing her eyes and moaning softly at the sensation. Her cold hands made them hard instantly. Honestly, she’d dreamt naughty dreams all night, and was excited to play. And she had ALL day to do it.

Rather excitedly, she opened her nightstand drawer and grabbed her favorite vibrator and her ropes. Unwrapping the vibrator from the cloth she kept it in, Dahlia took it to the bathroom to wash it. Afterward, she tied herself into a simple body harness with the rope. The feeling of it on her soft skin made her buzz with excitement.

She lay back on the bed, both hands caressing every inch of her. Grabbing her ass lightly, massing her supple breasts. She could already feel the heat starting inside her, heart pounding harder. She wriggled, the ropes making her tits look and feel so full, her nipples so hard. The tightening of the ropes around her thighs as she rubbed her knees together.

She put two fingers in her mouth, sucking on them, teasing her fingers as she would a lover, then pinched one nipple isveçbahis giriş harder than before with her wet fingertips. She did the same to the other, massaging each lightly before moving on. One hand traveled down, down, until it found a wet little slit and a now throbbing clit, the other still playing with her nipples.

Her hips bucked instinctively, lightly against her hand. Letting out a soft, shuddering breath, she licked her fingers again and started playing with her clit. Slowly, at first, just feeling all of it, relishing in every sensation – heightened by the ropes. Speeding up, and applying more pressure, her finger went in circles on it. She felt herself nearing release, letting out jagged breaths and needy moans, and forced herself to slow down. She wanted this to last forever. She wanted to cum.

Closing her eyes, she took all attention away from her clit, spreading her little pussy open. Pushing one finger inside, she was surprised at how wet she was. She put another in, and raised her hips to meet them. Her free hand trailed back up her body, pausing a second at each nipple to rub and pinch them. Her hand trailed upward, to her throat. She grabbed it, putting just a little pressure on it. Smiling her devilish smile, she bit her lip, remembering when her dom had choked her during a rough drunken night that she’d practically begged for. How she’d screamed his name. How he’d thrown her down on the bed on her stomach, one hand using her hip and the other in her hair to pull her back to him and he slid in and out. How he FILLED her little pussy that night. isveçbahis yeni giriş That had been the first time she’d cum. She needed to cum now.

Pinching and massaging her – now red -nipples again, harder and harder, she pushed her fingers deeper inside, getting wetter and wetter with every bit. She pulled her fingers out quickly and, grabbing her vibrator, turned it on. She got on her hands and knees, ropes now even tighter around her breasts and thighs, and shoved it in her wet, throbbing pussy. She rocked back and forth, sensitive nipples rubbing against the velvet blanket, ropes rubbing harder and harder against her skin. She let out a moan. A whimper. As her eyes started to tear, she bit her lip and sat up on her knees. Bucking faster and harder with her vibrator, she started rubbing her engorged clit. Groaning, she felt her legs spread open wider to let the vibrator in deeper.

“Oh.. God..Oh.. Ooohhh.. Ughh,” she whimpered and moaned, bucking harder and faster. “Yes, oh, fuck! Ohhh yes!”

She felt the muscles in her dripping wet pussy tighten and tighten, the vibrator making her whole body tremble. She felt her pussy tighten more, and felt wetness pulse out of her. Her juices dripping off the end of the vibrator and into her hand.

She sighed a sigh of relief and pleasure. It was nowhere near as good as the last session with her dom, but she’d made herself squirt. He’d have been proud of her. He’d definitely love to hear about her little playtime later that day when they talked.

Dahlia turned the vibrator off and took it out, setting it on the cloth she’d kept it in, took off her harness, and made a mental note to clean her vibrator and give it a new towel before storing it back in the nightstand. She lay on her side, still completely naked, and went back to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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