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Danni had just come out of an almost loveless marriage and needed to have some fun; she decided to jet off to the sunnier climate of Ibiza with her friend Lorna for some sun, sea, sand and whatever else took her fancy; she hadn’t seen Lorna for months well ever since she began divorce proceedings against her womanising brute of a husband; Danni booked and paid for the suite and flights, but asked Lorna her oldest school friend to book the flights as she was able to get a better deal through a family friend…

They arrived at the airport and decided to upgrade in order to gain access to the V.I.P. lounge; once inside the friends ordered a bottle of the most expensive champagne…

“Danni are you sure you can afford it?” Lorna asked.

“Oh yes, I can afford it, I took that bastard to the cleaners!” Danni said laughing.

They drank their champers; and then boarded the plane; it was the first time in years that Danni had been away and she was so looking forward to it; she even vowed to Lorna to have sex every night. Arriving at Ibiza airport Danni knew it would be a holiday to remember; especially as they were approached by two good looking guys asking if they wanted some fun; they declined of course, but this Danni saw as a sign of exciting things to come…

In the taxi on the way to the hotel, they chatted about what they were going to do for the four days they were there…

“I’d love to clubbing,” Danni said smiling; being thirty five and on the larger side, she felt she was too old, but then thought ‘fuck it, I am going’. “Other than that I’d like to do whatever or whoever takes my fancy?” she laughed.

“Wow Danni you are getting brave, but that’s a great idea, I like your thinking,” Lorna teased.

Reaching the hotel suite, they both flopped down on the double bed; Danni apologised to Lorna for it being a double as it was her who booked the accommodation, Lorna didn’t seem to mind that much, in fact she quite liked the idea…

They decided to get showered and changed and head down to the pool;

“Danni have you lost weight? That swimsuit looks stunning.”

“No I’m still a size eighteen, 38DD tits and a nice chunky ass, but thanks for the compliment.” Danni replied rolling on the bed laughing.

“I can see we are going to have lots of fun, whilst we’re here,” Lorna said looking at her friend lustfully.

Lorna had always found Danni attractive with her flowing auburn hair, her voluptuous figure, her beautiful lightly tanned skin and her sexy green eyes; she hated her being married, but now she isn’t and for the next four days they will be sharing a double bed; and Danni did vow to have sex every night!!

“Lorna are you listening to me, I asked if you were ready?” she smiled at her friend.

“Yeah sorry I was daydreaming,” Lorna replied laughing.

Heading down to the pool dressed in their loveliest of swimsuits and floppy sunhats; it wasn’t too difficult to find a sun-lounger; most of the guests were still having breakfast; the sun was beating down even though it was only ten o’clock in the morning…

“This is amazing, thank you so much Danni!”

“Don’t thank me now, thank me later!”Danni said winking her eye.

They had an amazing time by the pool; swimming, sunbathing and taking in the sights of the people passing by: “Lovely isn’t it?” Danni said raising her eyebrows.

“Oh yes, beauty is all around me today!” Lorna replied whimsically.

“Can you rub some oil on my back for me please?” Danni asked.

“Yeah sure, give me a minute,” Lorna said enthusiastically, trying to contain herself…

Danni passed her friend the suntan oil; she slowly rubbed the oil into Danni’s back with slow sensual movements; imagining how she could gladly rub it all over her friends voluptuous body; Lorna’s pussy was getting wet and she could feel herself getting more and more aroused; she wondered whether her fantasy would ever be realised…

“Thanks Lorna, would you like me to do your back?”

“Oh yes please,” Lorna said excitedly.

Danni started to rub the oil into her friends body, gently smoothing the oil into her skin; Lorna began to mumble and groan, she suddenly jumped up…

“Are you okay Lorna?” Danni asked in a concerned tone.

“Yeah I’m fine, I just have to go back to the room,” she shouted as she quickly made her way back.

Danni thought to herself ‘but I’ve got the key’; after a few minutes Danni put on her sarong and followed Lorna back to the apartment, her friend was already in the room; the following minutes were the most erotic that Danni had ever witnessed; Lorna was lying on the bed with her eyes shut, thrusting a dildo in and out of her pussy with one hand and with the other she was rubbing at her clit; her breathing was heavy, her groaning was loud and she was panting; she let out one last elated groan and she opened her eyes…

“How long have you been standing there?” Lorna asked her friend, looking embarrassed.

“Erm long enough, that was so sexy,” Danni said smiling lustfully. “How did you get in anyway?

“So ulus sınırsız escort you liked it did you?” Lorna replied, wishing that Danni would let her do it to her; “The maid let me in.”

Lorna looked stunning with her blonde locks, blue eyes, enormous size 40DD tits and her size fourteen athletic body.

Sensing that her pussy getting wetter rather than moist Danni needed to remove her swimsuit, she went to the bathroom, showered and changed into her short bath robe; she wondered if Lorna would show her how to masturbate as she was still quite naive when it came to sex; returning from the bathroom her friend was still on the bed…

“You look pleased with yourself,” Danni said smiling.

“Yeah it’s been a while since I relaxed enough to have two orgasms in such quick succession,” she replied blissfully.

“Wow, I wish I was relaxed enough to have one never mind two,” Danni said glumly.

Patting the bed Lorna beckoned for her friend to lie next to her on the bed…

“Let me give you a massage!” she said yearningly.

Danni removed her robe and lay on the bed; Lorna removed the cap from her body lotion bottle, she gently squeezed some into her hands and rubbed them together; slowly and sensually Lorna started to massage the lotion into her friend’s shoulders, kneading and squeezing at her friends soft supple skin, gradually working her way down to her fantastic ass cheeks, she squirted more lotion onto Danni’s ass making sure some trickled down the crack, her friend giggled and Lorna dared to gently massage Danni’s ass hole with her thumb; Danni began groaning and her pussy was getting even wetter than before, she opened her legs giving Lorna access to her pussy if she wanted it. Lorna little by little worked her way over her friend’s ass and down to her thighs, which were now open for easier access to her twat if she dared to…

“Would you like your front done?” Lorna asked longingly.

“Yeah why not,” Danni answered wantonly.

Turning over onto her back, revealing her fabulous tits, Danni had a huge smile on her face…

“This feels fantastic,” she said to her friend.

“It certainly does,” Lorna said beaming.

Lorna dripped the lotion directly onto Danni’s body making her giggle from its coolness; she tenderly massaged the lotion into her friends huge mounds, her nipples hard, looking good enough to suck, gently working her way down her curvaceous body, her friends groans much more lustier, she arrived at her waxed fleshy pussy, once again Danni opened her legs; Lorna continued to massage her friend, Lorna’s fingers slowly probing into her friends chubby lips, flicking her rock hard clit and going deeper into Danni’s soaking wet love hole two fingers at first while her thumb was still working on her friends clit; Danni’s wanton groaning sounded heavenly…


Lorna stopped rubbing her friend’s clit and began to lick it instead, long strokes with her tongue changing to quick licks in succession with the tip of it, lapping up all the love juice coming from her pussy, as wave after wave of euphoria swept through her body…

“Fucking hell that was fantastic,” Danni said lustfully.

Lorna smiled and then kissed her friend, probing her tongue deep into Danni’s mouth; both of them rolling around naked on the big double bed; Danni began squeezing Lorna’s huge tits, pinching the nipples wantonly before flicking the ends with her tongue…

“Lorna you have a gorgeous body, your tits are fabulous,” Danni said before kissing her friend longingly.

Lorna smiled back at her friend whilst stroking her face softly; Danni began to kiss her way down Lorna’s body, once more kissing at her mammoth mounds; daring to go further down towards her friend’s Brazilian styled pussy; Lorna spread her legs wide to allow her friend to probe deep inside her soaking wet pussy; Danni was inexperienced at licking pussy but from the mewls and groans that Lorna was making she was doing a good job; she licked and chewed at her friends love button, her tongue followed the tight lips down to probe deep inside her wet box, drinking all of the love juices that were trickling out…

“DANNI…DANNI…AAAHHHH…YES…YES…DON’T STOP…PLEEZZ…DON’T STOP,” Lorna screamed with desire as her senses reeled from the ecstatic explosion within her.

The two friends lay on the bed, both totally satisfied from within; they lay there chatting and Danni wondered why she hadn’t done this years ago…

“Danni are we still going clubbing tonight?” Lorna asked her friend.

“Oh I thought we might just go for a walk around the town, to see what action we can find,” Danni replied cheekily smiling.

“Well in that case, I best show you some more moves,” Lorna replied with a big smile; adding “now come here and let’s see how you like this?” Holding her dildo in her hand; it was about eight inches in length and three inches in girth.

“I can’t take that! It’s far ulus otele gelen escort too big,” Danni laughed.

“Yeah ya can, it’ll be easy now you’ve got a soaking wet pussy,” her friend pleaded.

“You can use it if you can catch me!” Danni said making a dash off the bed; she knew she had no chance of out running Lorna, but wanted to play the game anyway…

Dashing around the apartment was fun and exhilarating, both still totally naked and not caring if anyone else could see them as they darted out of one patio door and in through the other; Danni was soon out of breath she wanted to be caught so she slowed up, her friend quickly capturing her, pushed her onto the bed and jumped on top of her tickling her ribs; Danni had never used a dildo or had one used on her, but she was really looking forward to it.

“Right Ms. Cox, let’s get those sexy legs spread nice and wide please?” Lorna told her friend.

“Please Miss Burrows, be kind to me,” she said laughing as she spread her legs.

Danni lay on the bed with her legs spread wide; as her friend sat by her softly stroking her inner thigh; before probing once more at her chubby pussy lips with her fingers; gently rubbing Danni’s clit once more with her thumb, making her groan with desire; Lorna gradually pushed the rigid cock deep inside her friends sopping wet pussy softly at first and then began thrusting it harder and deeper; Danni’s groans were now ecstatic and she was close to the edge of another mind blowing orgasm; Lorna was now licking her friends clit and the thrusting was intense; Danni was now fucking the cock…


Danni was now riding the cock as if it were a horse, panting and groaning; beads of sweat rolling down her angelic face…

“FUCK ME I’M COMIN…YES…YES…YES!” Danni cried out with joyous euphoria; her pussy now gushing out her love juices all over her friends hand and onto the bed; her senses still reeling from yet another ecstatic orgasm.

“Lorna that was fucking amazing!” she told her friend.

“No you are fucking amazing, is there anything else you’d like to try?” Lorna replied.

“Like what, you tell me what you want me to do, I’ll give most things a whirl,” she said winking at her friend wantonly.

“Right in that case we will have to go shopping, come get showered and dressed, Sexy Ass!” Lorna said smacking her friend’s ass playfully.

“You can’t call me that, someone may hear you!”

“Okay we will see if I do or don’t, now get ready Sexy Ass,” Lorna said laughing.

Whilst Danni was choosing her outfit Lorna quickly went onto the internet and checked out where about the sex shops were located; she thought ‘if Sexy Ass wants fun, she’ll make sure and give it to her’; she’d wanted her friend for years and now she has her, but for how long…

“Oi Titty Galore, come and wash my back for me please?” Danni said smiling.

“Yeah give me a sec, and who are you calling Titty Galore.”

It had been years since Danni felt this happy and she’d do anything to keep it that way; she loved messing about with Lorna, but she might want more than that in the future…

The two friends finished getting ready; went out of the hotel and down into the shops; the shop that Lorna wanted to visit was quite a way from the hotel and she knew they would have to make a few stop offs at the various bars along the way; Danni wasn’t really wanting to shop she wanted to play…

“Miss Galore do we have to shop?” she moaned.

“Yes we do Sexy Ass, now stop complaining; do you want a drink to cool down?” Lorna said smiling.

“Yes please make it a big one? You know I like big ones!” Danni laughed to her friend.

Going into the next bar they went past, Danni ordered a bottle of Pinot Grigio and asked for two large glasses of ice; in such sexy outfits the waiter was very attentive to the two friends; both dressed in blue denim hotpants, red bikini tops and a white shrug type blouse tied underneath their amazing tits; they chatted and giggled their way through the bottle of wine and then decided to shop some more. Danni was now very relaxed and stopped suddenly in the street; Lorna walked on and then went back for her friend…

“Danni are you okay?”

“I am now,” she said smiling and giving her friend a passionate kiss.

“Erm I can see that you are, look the shop isn’t much further and I promise we will get a taxi back to the hotel,” Lorna said admiringly.

Walking a little further and down a few side streets and along the dockside where you can catch the ferry to Formentera, Lorna decided to let her friend rest once more, at an eatery on the dockside in Santa Eulària where they chose to dine Al Fresco…

“What would you like; my treat?” Lorna asked smiling.

“Well I would love something to eat, but nothing to heavy, oh and a drink,” Danni said laughing.

Ordering a bottle of wine and two fresh Tuna steak salads they were both happy…

“So where is it you’re taking me?” Danni asked whimsically.

“Well if I tell you, you’re not allowed to freak out!” Lorna said.

“Is it a sex shop? Did you find one? Oh my god, I knew we were going, where is it? Danni squealed like a teenager.

Everybody looked as the two friends laughed uncontrollably as the waiter brought their wine and food…

“Disfrute de sus comidas damas,” the waiter said smiling.

“Gracias, estoy seguro de que lo haremos.” Lorna replied confidently.

“When did you learn to speak Spanish Miss Galore?” Danni teased.

“Oh a few years ago Sexy Ass, why are you jealous?”

“No not really, but what did he say,”

“He told us to enjoy our meals and I said thank you I’m sure we will,”

“Oh that’s okay then, I thought I had a rival for a minute,” Danni said smiling lustfully at Lorna.

Chatting and laughing their way through their meal and the wine; Danni finished her meal before Lorna so she took the opportunity to play with her friend, she began running her hand slowly and sensually down the outside of Lorna’s thigh, making her friend groan and shut her eyes smiling…

“Will you cut it out Sexy?”

Before Lorna could finish her sentence, Danni shocked herself and Lorna by giving her friend a long loving kiss; even the feeling that they were being watched didn’t bother them; when they had both finished the meals the waiter came out with the bill…

“Espero que la comida era Buena, damas.”

“Sí, fue muy agradable. Gracias.” Lorna replied fluently.

Smiling as he left the table, the waiter gave Lorna a wink…

“Did he just wink at you then?” Danni asked Lorna in a stunned tone.

“Yes, he was only being friendly,” Lorna said adding, “You’re not jealous are you?”

“Well a little bit, if you must know,” her friend replied honestly.

“You’ve got nothing to be jealous about; you’re more than enough for me, now let’s get to that shop before it closes.” Lorna said holding her friends hand as they walked on…

“Was he only asking about the food again?” Danni asked as they walked.

“Yes he was and I told him it was very nice, now enough about him; Come here I want you.” Lorna said pulling Danni into a deserted side alley.

Once down there Lorna kissed Danni with animalistic passion, squeezing her ass cheeks and pawing at her tits…

“Bloody hell Danni, you are one hot chick,” Lorna said wantonly.

“Erm I could say the same, now let’s get to the shop then we can get a taxi back to bed!” Danni replied with a beaming smile.

The friends came out of the alleyway and walked just a few yards more and there it was; at last they had got there; after entering the door Danni looked around in awe at all the different sexual aids and devices on display…

“Hola,” Lorna said smiling at the assistant, adding “Hablas Inglés?”

“Sí, cómo puedo ayudar?” she replied.

“Thank you, I don’t think I could ask for the things I need in Spanish.” Lorna smiled.

“I studied English before getting a job, I thought it might give me a better chance, the assistant replied with a smile.

Lorna noticed whilst her and the very pretty assistant were talking she couldn’t keep her eyes off Danni’s ass; she began to wonder if she could dare ask her friend to have a three-way, that’s if she could arrange it not for tonight but they are here for a good few days yet!!

The two friends chose the items that they wanted from this visit anyway; it was a strap on triple which included an anal probe, dildo and clit vibrator with a free strawberry body paste; happy with what they had purchased the assistant now wrapped them and was now staring at Danni’s amazing tits; almost licking her lips as if she was imagining sucking on her pert nipples; Lorna asked her friend to wait outside the shop whilst she bought her a surprise…

“Sorry I didn’t get your name, but I’ve noticed you lustfully looking at my girlfriend,” Lorna said confidently to the assistant.

“Yes, she has an amazing body,” the girl replied smiling, adding “my name is Lucia.”

“I will bet you €50 that you can’t get her into bed, all three of us together!” Lorna said with a smile.

“Where are you staying? Lucia asked.

After telling her the name of the hotel, Lorna told Lucia not to come that night and to come at eleven the next day; Danni had already hailed a taxi and was eager to try out the new toys; once back at the hotel the two friends made their way back to the room; ordering another bottle of wine from room service once they arrived after almost falling through the door…

“Put some soft music on,” Danni said peeling off Lorna’s top to expose her fabulous tits.

“Well let me go and I will,” her friend said laughing.

“Your surprise will be here tomorrow at eleven! Lorna added whilst walking into the bathroom.

“Hang on let me join you!” Danni answered intrigued…

Danni joined her friend in the shower; lathering each other with shower gel each softly caressing, affectionately, touching the others body, kissing almost uncontrollably, probing each other’s pussy; the moaning and groaning quite frenzied as they both reached an ecstatic orgasm; smiling afterwards to one another they put on their bath robes and went to the bedroom; Lorna fell onto the bed her robe open…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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