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Danni is feeling a bit down this morning. Her best friend Ashley hasn’t wished her a happy birthday yet. They have been friends since they met in Pre-School on the first day of school. Ashley and Danni are now in College and still joined at the hip. Both work night shift at a local club as bartenders and share an apartment close to the College.

Lately Danni has been feeling butterflies in her stomach whenever she looks at Ashley. She is too afraid to tell Ashley how she feels about her. Now on their usual morning jog through the park, Danni is noticing every single one of Ashley’s curves. Ashley is running next to Danni. Her hair is swinging from side to side. Her c-cup breasts are bouncing to her movements making Danni drool.

Ashley is 5’9 in height, slim built, has slightly tanned skin and has long curly brown hair. Danni is 6’2 in height, slim built with slightly more toned muscles, has short blond hair and an equally tanned skin tone. Danni stops to take a breather. All the thoughts going through her head is making her very hot. She can’t seem to concentrate.

Ashley is thinking about what to do for Danni for her birthday. Ashley hasn’t forgotten she just doesn’t have any idea how she is going to give Danni her gift. Ashley’s birthday gift for Danni is herself. Ashley bought a special little outfit a week ago. Ashley has been planning this for a week and knows that Danni has feelings for her. She has known for a long time now. The truth is that Ashley has developed feelings for Danni as well.

Ashley stops and turns to Danni. Danni looks up at Ashley with her hands resting on her hips. The early morning sun shine is making Ashley’s eyes glitter like rare blue diamonds. A smile tugs on Ashley’s lips making Danni’s knees go weak.

“Danni, are you alright?” Ashley asks while walking closer to Danni.

The site of Ashley is leaving Danni speechless, so Danni just nods an answer pretending to be out of breath. Ashley suddenly trips and falls into Danni’s arms with her hands resting on Danni’s small breasts. She looks up into Danni’s green eyes. Danni’s nipples harden under the palms of Ashley’s hands.

Ashley finds herself thinking about what it would be like to kiss Danni’s luscious full lips. Surprised at what she is thinking Ashley steps back from Danni blushing crimson.

“Are you okay Ash?” Danni smiles a knowing smile.

“Yes … I’m fine Danni.” Ashley turns away from Danni. “I guess we should get going before we miss our first classes.”

“Yeah, I guess so.” Ashley and Danni continue their jog back to the apartment to get ready for class.

Ashley and Danni haven’t said a word to each other since they left the apartment this morning. They just smile at each other and continue. Danni is noticing that Ashley keeps checking her out. They are both in the same accounting classes. They sit next to each other in every class. They have been doing everything together since the day they met.

The only difference is that Danni is a lesbian and only had two girlfriends since high school. Ashley on the other hand has had at least five boyfriends since high school. They just couldn’t find their happiness.

Back at the apartment both Ashley and Danni are in their rooms finishing paper work for class the next day. They have at least two hours before they have to go to work. Danni finishes her work quicker than Ashley does, so she decides to go take a shower.

Ashley closes her books with a heavy sigh and thinks that it would be very helpful if they didn’t have to work tonight. She needs more time to prepare Danni’s birthday gift. Ashley heads to the bathroom then hears Danni in the shower. Ashley wants to tease Danni a little.

Standing in the shower Danni hears the water at the basin run. Danni rinses off her hair and gets out of the shower. To her surprise Ashley has her left leg stretched out over the basin shaving her leg. Danni is stunned, frozen by the sight of Ashley in a matching black lace bra and panty set. Ashley’s long curly hair is hanging loose covering the left side of her face.

Danni starts imagining Ashley’s toned legs wrapped around her waist in a heated love making session. Unknown to Danni, Ashley is watching her in the mirror hanging over the basin. Danni is standing in front of the shower entrance stark naked. Her eyes traveling slowly up Ashley’s body taking in every inch of her. Ashley stood there admiring Danni’s muscle toned body wishing her hands could lovingly roam that body. Danni told Ashley of her being a lesbian in high school.

Ashley couldn’t push her best friend away just because of her sexual orientation. Danni has had a crush on Ashley since high school, which is the reason why she told Ashley about her being gay. Danni could never gather the courage to tell Ashley how she felt about her. She is afraid Ashley would break up their friendship. Danni can handle not being able to have Ashley as a lover but not having her as a friend will send Danni off the deep end.

Ashley lowers bursa escort bayan her left leg down from the basin and raises her right leg then looks up at Danni.

“Is everything alright Danni? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” Ashley asks knowing full well what Danni is doing.

“Oh … yes … I’m okay … I … I just … felt a cramp in my leg.” Danni stutters while searching for a suitable answer.

Danni grabs a towel off the rack and rushes out the bathroom wrapping the towel around her wet body as she walks. In the comfort of her own room she closes the door and stands with her back against it. Danni’s breathing is erratic; she can feel her juices drip down her inner thigh. Her pussy is tingling and she is feeling dizzy. Danni needs urgent release.

Ashley just smiles and gets in the shower to wash off. She knows exactly how Danni feels about her. Ashley first noticed it the first time she brought a boyfriend home to the apartment. Danni was eyeing the poor guy the whole time. She wasn’t even attempting to hide her jealousy or annoyance for the guy.

The power goes off just as Ashley is rinsing the soap out of her hair and off her body. She turns off the water and grabs a towel.

Danni is just about dressed when the power went off. She hears her phone buzz on her bedside table. Danni picks it up and reads the message.

It is a message from the club owner:

‘Due to the power outage the club will be closed for the night. Apparently a terminal at the power station blew up. See you guys tomorrow night.’

Danni shakes her head dropping the phone on her bed and returns to the bathroom.

“Ashley?” Danni calls walking down the hall into Ashley at the bathroom door.

Startled by Danni, Ashley drops her towel and almost falls backwards. Thinking quick Danni grabs Ashley by the waist.

Their bodies press together. Goose bumps spread over Ashley’s skin from Danni’s touch. Danni’s hands are strong but so soft and gentle. Ashley’s skin feels so soft under Danni’s hands; she can feel the tiny goose bumps spread over her skin.

“You called me, Danni?” Ashley says looking into Danni’s eyes.

“Yeah … the boss sent a message saying that we don’t have to work tonight. A terminal at the power station blew.” Danni can’t help herself; she let her eyes flow down Ashley’s wet shoulders down to her breasts.

Ashley follows Danni’s gaze then clears her throat breaking Danni’s eye contact with her breasts.

Blushing furiously, Danni steps back and releases her grip on Ashley’s waist. Ashley bends over to grab the towel then wraps it around her body.

“Oh … okay then … thank you Danni.” Ashley says feeling her body heat up with excitement and a slight tingle in her groin.

“I’ll be … in the … kitchen … while you get … dressed.” Danni says turning around.

Ashley walks to her room closing the door behind her. ‘This is great timing. Now I can really have fun with Danni tonight. I am in love with you Danni and I think it’s time I claim you as mine.’ She thinks to herself.

Ashley puts the white lacy nighties on that she bought for Danni’s birthday. Feeling all giddy and girlish she puts the G-string on that comes with the nighty. Ashley towel dries her hair then walks to the kitchen and stands still outside the door watching Danni. Danni is standing in the kitchen fixing a drink. She hears Ashley behind her and turns around with her jaw gaping. Danni can barely think straight. Ashley walks into the kitchen with this tiny little white lacy number on.

Ashley sees the look on Danni’s face and smiles. “Can I ask you a question Danni?” Ashley asks walking around the kitchen table sliding her fingers on the table top.

Ashley raises herself up on top of the table planting her cheeks on the cool table top while spreading her legs revealing her G-string to Danni then places her hands on her lap. Danni swallows hard before she answers Ashley.

“Sure ask away.” Danni says licking her lips without knowing.

Danni can feel a lump growing in her throat. She just can’t get over the fact that Ashley looks so sexy.

“How long have you been in love with me?” Ashley places her hands on the table next to her thighs spreading her legs a little more.

“I’ve been in love with you since high school.” Danni answers without even thinking or blinking.

When it dawns on Danni what she just answered she drops her head and looks away from Ashley. Ashley stands up from the table and walks over to Danni.

“What are you going to …” Ashley places her finger on Danni’s lips silencing her.

Danni looks into Ashley’s diamond blue eyes. Ashley lowers her finger gently from Danni’s lips down to her chin. Cupping Danni’s chin in her fingers Ashley stands on her toes and leans in toward Danni. Ashley looks at Danni’s eyes then at her lips while biting her own lower lip. Danni feels confused at first then leans forward kissing Ashley softly on her lips. görükle escort

Danni wraps her arms around Ashley’s waist resting her hands on Ashley’s butt cheeks. Ashley drapes her arms around Danni’s neck pulling her even deeper into the kiss. Danni breaks the kiss looking deeply into Ashley’s eyes.

“How long have you known?” Danni asks Ashley; her cheeks gleaming red.

“I’ve known since I brought my last boyfriend home. I could see the jealousy on your face.” Ashley smiles at Danni.

“How long have you been interested in me?” Danni asks cocking her head to the side with a frown.

“Oh, it’s been for about a year now; after my last boyfriend left me.”

Danni leans in kissing Ashley again. This kiss is more intense, more passionate. Danni’s tongue slips from her mouth pressing against Ashley’s lips. Ashley’s lips parts giving Danni’s tongue permission to enter her mouth. Their tongues massage each other and roam every nook and cranny of each other’s mouths.

Without breaking the kiss, Danni picks Ashley up gripping her ass tightly in her hands. Ashley moans in Danni’s mouth while wrapping her legs around Danni’s waist. Danni walks toward the kitchen table placing Ashley carefully on it. She dreams about having Ashley’s strong legs around her waist. Ashley has no idea how hot she is making Danni by doing this.

Ashley let her hands roam all over Danni’s body. She can feel every toned muscle under her palms and fingertips. Danni’s shirt is restricting Ashley from feeling skin on skin. Ashley lifts Danni’s shirt gently scraping her fingernails up Danni’s ribs making her giggle. Danni raises her arms making it easier for Ashley to take the shirt off.

Ashley gently lifts the shirt off over Danni’s torso and arms revealing her well-toned upper body. Ashley slides her hands down Danni’s arms after letting the shirt drop to the floor. Ashley let her hands settle over Danni’s chest cupping Danni’s small b-cup sized breasts.

Danni lets out a soft moan at Ashley’s touch while letting her hands settle on Ashley’s hips. Danni allows Ashley to fondle and admire her breasts. It feels so good having Ashley’s hands on her. Every touch Ashley places on Danni’s body is like having waves of small electrical jolts sent to her core.

Ashley gently starts massaging and squeezing the small soft globes in her hands. They feel perfect in her hands. Danni raises her hands from Ashley’s hips gently lifting the white lacy garment up over Ashley’s head making Ashley release her breasts with a sigh while Danni marvels at the sight of Ashley’s soft, toned and succulent body. Ashley’s only wearing the G-string, which is only just about covering her slit.

“You are so damn beautiful.” Danni says taking Ashley into her arms lifting her off of the table.

“Thank you, so are you. Where are you taking me?” Ashley says wrapping her arms around Danni’s neck.

“I’m taking you somewhere more comfortable.” Danni answers carrying Ashley to the lounge and places her gently on the couch.

Danni settles her body on top of Ashley’s body making their boobs press together, causing their hard nipples to rub against each other. Danni supports herself placing one hand next to Ashley’s head and the other next to Ashley’s hip. She then lowers her head and places her lips to Ashley’s.

Ashley never felt so turned on by anyone before. Ashley slips her tongue into Danni’s mouth probing every single part of her mouth. Danni massages Ashley’s tongue with her own then kisses along Ashley’s jaw, down her neck and then across her shoulder. Ashley feels the heat of Danni’s kisses settle deep in her core.

Danni licks and kisses around Ashley’s boobs working her way to the centre; Ashley’s soft pink coloured aureoles.

Danni then suckles the hard right nipple into her mouth eliciting a moan from Ashley.

Ashley digs her nails into Danni’s shoulders eliciting a moan from her. Danni places her left hand on the neglected boob rolling, pinching and pulling on the nipple with her fingers. Danni bites down on the nipple in her mouth with her lips as a cushion. She then flicks the nipple with her tongue.

Ashley is moaning non-stop. Danni is making her so hot, her core is on fire and her pussy is burning for release. Ashley can feel Danni taking the other nipple into her mouth while slipping the wet nipple into Danni’s right hand.

Danni is getting off just listening to Ashley moan. Ashley pushes Danni up to her knees making her stand on her knees with one leg in between Ashley’s legs and the other on the outside of Ashley’s left leg. Ashley sits up then undoes Danni’s jean button and zipper. Danni helps Ashley take her jeans off then settles next to Ashley. To Ashley’s surprise Danni isn’t wearing any underwear under her jeans.

Slipping her thumbs underneath the sides of Ashley’s G-string, Danni pulls them off slowly. Ashley leans back and lifts her hips up from the couch. Each seemed to know exactly what the other is going bursa escort bayan to do without uttering a word.

Both women just take in the site of each other’s bodies with their hungry lustful eyes. Danni settles herself gently on top of Ashley.

Ashley can feel Danni’s wet hot pussy on her upper leg. Danni is amazed at how hot and wet Ashley’s pussy feels against her leg. Ashley slightly lifts herself up wrapping her arms underneath Danni’s arms placing her hands on Danni’s back pulling her in closer to her own body for a heated kiss.

Ashley and Danni then start to straddle each other’s legs, their fiery hot pussies seeking attention. Ashley let a muffled moan escape into Danni’s mouth. Danni kisses her way down to Ashley’s breasts eager to finish what she started. Ashley’s blue eyes follows Danni’s every move, watching as she suckles and nibbles on one nipple while rolling, pulling and pinching the other between her fingers.

The view of Danni’s short blond hair and green eyes is making her so hot that she starts grinding her pussy against Danni’s pelvis. Danni looks up at Ashley only to see the red hot euphoria on her sweet face.

“Would you like me to attend to your aching hot pussy?” Danni asks grinning wide.

Ashley just smiles and nods at Danni unable to speak.

Danni licks and kisses her way slowly down Ashley’s abdomen. Ashley bites on her lower lip watching Danni move ever closer to her pussy. Danni kisses Ashley on her mound watching Ashley’s face.

Ashley never had anyone go down on her like Danni is doing. The sight of Danni’s face buried between her thighs is too hot for her to handle. Ashley closes her eyes, tilts her head back and massages her boobs.

Danni notices that Ashley is clean shaven, which she prefers. She gives Ashley one long lick along her slit. Using her fingers she separates Ashley’s pussy lips revealing the sweet treasure she is seeking then places a gentle kiss on Ashley’s clit. Ashley feels Danni’s hot breath and wet lips on her clit and shivers with excitement.

Ashley now more hot than ever starts pinching, pulling and rolling her nipples in between her fingertips. Danni watches as Ashley’s little love button pops out of its hood. Wasting no time she licks and flicks the little nub with her hot and wet tongue. Danni uses a finger to rub around and over Ashley’s love hole.

Danni starts sucking on Ashley’s clit while softly sticking her finger inside Ashley searching for her G-spot. Ashley moans and bucks her hips, rubbing her pussy in Danni’s face. Danni places her mouth over Ashley’s entrance. Danni uses the finger she had inside Ashley to rub Ashley’s clit then suckles and stabs the entrance with her tongue. Danni changes places again suckling on the clit then stabbing two fingers in and out of Ashley’s entrance.

Ashley feels like she could burst at any moment. Danni’s movements are confusing her body. Ashley groans and moans as her orgasm is nearing the surface from deep inside her core. Ashley’s vaginal wall clenches down on Danni’s fingers. Instead of letting up, Danni keeps rubbing Ashley’s G-spot with her fingertips while at the same time suckling, flicking and licking her clit.

Ashley arches her back and tilts her head allowing a loud moan to escape from her throat then drops flat onto her back. Danni slows down gently licking her lover’s pussy clean of all her sweet nectar. Ashley gathers what strength she has left cupping Danni’s face in her hands pulling her to taste herself on her lover’s lips. Danni crawls up Ashley’s body slowly and teasingly. Moving onto her side Ashley makes a little space next to her for Danni to lie down. Danni settles next to Ashley placing her left hand on her lover’s hip while using the other to hold her head up.

Draping her right arm and leg over Danni, Ashley presses her lips against Danni’s wet and sticky lips tasting her own juices for the first time. Ashley is spent and exhausted. She never felt this satisfied before. Ashley and Danni spent a few minutes just holding each other.

“Thank you Danni. I’ve never had an orgasm so epic before. You are an amazing woman.”

“I just wanted to show you how much I really do love you Ash.”

Ashley lifts her head up supporting it with her left hand; a surprised look on her face at Danni’s answer.

“You mean that Danni?”

“That I love you?” Ashley nods a reply loosing herself in Danni’s green eyes.

“Yes I do mean it. I love you with all my heart Ash. I have loved you for a long time and I will love you for years to come.” Danni leaned in and pressed her lips against Ashley’s lips.

Ashley gets up to her knees while pressing Danni flat onto her back then raises her right leg over Danni. Ashley starts to straddle Danni’s hips rubbing their mounds together. Danni places her hands on Ashley’s hips matching her movements.

“You don’t have to do anything to me if you’re not ready to Ash.” Danni says between gasps.

Ashley leans forward, bringing her lips close to Danni’s left ear.

“I want to do this. I have been wondering what it would be like to make love to you. I love you too Danni.” Ashley’s whisper in her ear causes Danni’s body to shudder. Having Ashley’s lips and hot breath so close to her ear and neck is making her want to lose all control.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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