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–= 8 =–

I browsed through my suitcase for something cute to wear before we went out to dinner that Danny promised. I settled on a simple tee and a jean mini-skirt. We went to Friday’s because I was craving their fried string beans appetizer. God, that stuff is good. The three of us sat there chatting when the topic of how my day went came up.

“My day? Oh nothing special. Just sat around watching T.V.” I said with a straight face.

“I feel so bad. I probably can take a half-day tomorrow. We can have like a girls day out,” suggested Jen.

“That’s really nice of you, but I could never take you away from work. And besides, I’m not used to doing something every day. It’s kinda like a break… from a… break? Y’know?”

“Too much for you, huh?” Danny teased.

“Yeah, I need a few days to get your stripper image out of my head.”

“Oh my God. Don’t remind me!” whined Jen. “Just the sight of the girls drooling over my Danny. No, just no!”

“Awwe, I’m sorry baby. You know you’re the only girl for me,” he said giving a loving smile.

As the two went on about that night, I looked out for my appetizer. (You have no idea how much I love that stuff.) But not as much as I love Kevin’s… Y’know. God, I just can not get him out of my head! I’d much rather dip him in some dippin’ sauce and lick him clean. Mmm.

When our appetizer made its way to our table, something flickered in the corner of my eye, catching my attention. It was a group of guys walking in from the entrance. It didn’t phase me until I took a double take and noticed Kevin, right there with them.

‘No way! This has to be a dream. No way can my thoughts come to reality this quick,’ I exclaimed to myself, getting super excited. Kevin saw me, smiled, and waved his pack over to our direction.

“Sweet, some male company,” joked Danny.

“Ooh, two to one, you’re really out-numbered.” I said, catching onto his sarcasm.

I watched as the group walked over. Kevin would not take his eyes off me, and it drove me crazy. The way his eyes locked onto me. They didn’t budge, even as he maneuvered his way around the tables and random people. With each step, the right corner of his lips curved up. I could feel my anticipation growing as he closed the space between us.

“Hey man, didn’t think I’d see you here,” Kevin said, clappin’ Danny’s hand, doin the whole macho man handshake. Then he took his place right next to me, placing a hand on my shoulder closest to him.

“Yeah, just takin’ the ladies out for some dinner,” Danny said.

“Always a charmer,” laughed Jen.

His hand felt heavy resting on my shoulder. He gave a little squeeze before he ran his hand across towards my other shoulder, lingering over the nape of my neck, tickling almost. I shuddered to his touch, but it probably looked like a twitch. I’m not sure if anyone noticed besides me. But when I peeked a look up at Kevin, I saw he had on a cheeky smile. ‘He’s no fool. He knows what he’s doing to me.’

“Hey, why not join us? We’re just startin’,” Dan suggested.

“Yeah sure, I mean, we don’t want to impose,” Kevin said, looking down at me, smiling with those beautiful chiseled lips.

“Not at all. Just pull that other table over, and that should fit everyone,” I replied, returning the smile.

“One problem sweetheart. There’s five of us, and the table seats four,” he said, leaning down a bit.

“I’ll move over one. Problem solved.” I was slowly getting accustomed to Kevin’s intensity, learning how to return it. I looked back at Kevin and cocked my head, biting down on my lower lip, then quickly pulled away to move over one seat. It was a tease really, giving him a little taste, then yanking it away.

Kevin took his seat next to me as everyone got adjusted. The waitress came over and began taking their orders. I glanced over her quickly, she was really pretty in my opinion. Short, blond, bubbly, all the necessary qualities in a good waitress. When she came to take Kevin’s order, I felt a sort of friction. I don’t know, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but I didn’t like how she looked at Kevin.

She smiled extra wide, was extra bubbly, and she even threw in some extra flirty-ness. Needless to say, I was not impressed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the jealous type. The kind that would stick a fork in her pretty blond head because she looked at him wrong. I wish I had the balls for that. (Kidding.)

“I’ll have the sirloin steak, with a side of fries, and fries, and… anything that has a potato in it really. As much as I can have,” Kevin said, looking at the menu.

“And.. How did you want that cooked…” Blondie said, seductively.

“Hmm? The potatoes?”

“Haha no silly. I mean your yenibosna escort steak. Did you want it well, medium… or rare…” she said brushing her hand down his arm. I felt her glance at me, but I pretended to read the street sign hanging on the wall.

I think Kevin was vibing from both of us. He looked up from his menu, closed it and handed it to Blondie. He placed a hand on my knee, making me jump a little. His hand slowly creeping up my inner thigh.

“What do you think pretty lady? How do you like your meat prepared?”

I laughed at first, awkwardly, my mind totally in the gutter. “Well, I always get my steak medium-rare. It’s cooked but red, juicy and tender.” I made sure to purr on the word “tender.”

“Medium-rare please. And don’t forget the fries,” he told Blondie, giving her a flat grin.

Blondie scoffed to herself walking away, suddenly losing the bubbly step she walked in with. I watched her hobble away, realizing she was totally blown off. I smiled to myself to that thought, then realized Kevin’s hand never left my thigh. In fact, it was halfway up my leg, I was sure he could feel the heat from my pussy.

This was going to be a long, and enjoyable dinner.

–= 9 =–

I took a quick look over at Danny, praying he hasn’t paid any attention. And if he has, I hope he hasn’t caught on, tying the incident in the bathroom to us. But, from what I could see, the friction between me and Kevin hasn’t even phased him. He was busy plowing food and beer down his throat. Typical.

We all sat enjoying the bigger party’s company, chatting away. Meanwhile, Kevin’s hand kept caressing my leg. Not once did it leave my leg. Not even when Blondie returned with his food. Instead his hand kept me warm and loved as he stroked up and down the length of my thighs. Each up-stroke was an inch closer than the last to my yearning cunt.

I tried so hard to stay out of their conversations, politely nodding and smiling every so often. I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep my cool, and I would direct the attention to what’s going on between my legs. But alas, not all could go right.

“So, how ya enjoyin’ yourself here Soph?” asked one of Kevin’s friends.

“Here in Maine?” I asked, Kevin’s fingers found its way under my skirt by now. “Pretty good. I mean… Mmm… It’s not like I haven’t been here before. I used to live here y-y’know.” That wasn’t easy to get out. Kevin’s middle finger was sliding up and down my slit through my panties.

“Yeah, when you were four,” laughed Danny.

My eyes darted towards him, I blushed a smile and replied, “Well, I’ve also come up just about – Mmmgh – just about every summer. My o-other grandparents live here…” Kevin was relentless. He just loved seeing me trip over myself under his touch. I have to admit, I liked it too. It excited me knowing that just under the table, Kevin’s frisky fingers were violating me, and no one’s the wiser.

“And yet, you never bothered to pay me a visit.” Kevin saw my face fall. I knew Danny was kidding, but there was still a ping of hurt there.

“To be fair, wasn’t it just last year you even found each other?” piped up Kevin. His hand smoothed over my leg for comfort. A smile flashed across my face. Something about a guy sticking up for you is a turn on. (Just a tip for all the fellas out there.)

“Yeah, if I knew you were only 30 minutes from the town I visited every summer, maybe I would have paid you that visit.”

“Fair enough.” And the topic was dropped.

What a sigh of relief. Now I can focus on Kevin’s touch, which he quickly returned to. One hand was feeding his mouth with fries, while the other had my panties pulled to a side, slicking his fingers up and down my juiced slit. I had to pretend to really, and I mean really, enjoy my food. The “Mmm”ing and “Nom-Nom”ing were mere attempts to muffle the “Oooh”ing and “Don’t stop” I wanted to say. But there was only so much infatuation a burger can take before people start looking at you weird.

I needed a quick breather. “Ahem, excuse me. I just gotta go to the ladies room. Be right back.” I grabbed my purse, and darted towards the bathroom. Though I would have loved to have Kevin give me a screaming orgasm right here and right now, (which he was getting very close to), I don’t think it’s very appropriate at a family restaurant. I just needed to regroup before I went back to his teasing torture.

As I popped my squat, I sat there thinking of Kevin’s fingers. They were so soft and nurturing. Yet behind the loving mask, there was a heated desire, lust and want, and deep down, there was a devilish demon straining to make it’s presence known. I took a deep breath, and walked zeytinburnu escort over to the sink. I freshened up before the mirror, and walked out the door.

A dark figure was lingering in the corner of my eye, but I paid no attention to it. That’s until it grabbed me from behind, dragging me towards the mens bathroom.

–= 10 =–

Panic shot through my body. I protested against his restraints, trying to pull myself away. His hands and arms clamped around my small frame, making it next to impossible to break free. His grip around my mouth loosened, but before I could let out a scream for help, he whisked me around and planted a deep kiss on my lips. It was when I felt those lips curl up to a devilish grin, that I felt myself let go, and let him take control.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I kind of stalked you here,” he whispered, luring me towards the biggest stall.

“Well, I said I was going to the bathroom, not much detective work there,” I moaned back as he bit down on my shoulder.

“Nuh-uh. I mean here at the restaurant. I saw Dan’s Facebook status, and I had to come.” He had my skirt up past my belly, exposing my cute white laced undies. Soon he’ll find out it’s part of a matching set.

“Lucky for us he’s a Facebook nut, huh?” He planted kisses down my belly, and hooked his finger in the crotch of my panties, yanking them down past my knees.

“Lucky for me, I get to do this,” he said, diving his tongue into my snatch. My head rolled back, resting on the wall off the stall. He licked his tongue up and down my inner flesh, flicking at my clit, before he plunged deep into my pussy. I didn’t want this to stop, but I know that going to the bathroom only bought you so much time.

I pulled Kevin up, and kissed him, rolling my tongue around his. I could taste my juices covering his tongue, so I lapped it all up. My hands were working feverishly over his belt, trying so desperately to set him free. Finally his manhood sprang out, standing at full attention. He ran his hand from my ass to my thigh, trailing down until he met my knee, forcing my leg to hook around his body. He took my other leg, and thrusted me up onto his body. I was sandwiched between him and the wall, and my pussy was only inches away from his thick cock.

He played with my inner lips with the head of his cock, sliding it back and forth over the slit. I couldn’t take it anymore. The fucker was a good tease, but I wanted more. I wanted it all. I bucked my hips down, forcing his cock to delve deep into my pussy. He let out a deep sigh as my cunt gripped around his hard-on. He bounced me up, making sure I was in a good position and stable pressed against the wall. Then he grabbed my hips, and bucked his hips into mine.

The only thing I had to brace myself was the top of the wall above and behind me, which I grabbed for dear life. His thrusts were deep and punishing, but not without pleasure. With each dive-in stroke, my clit hit his pubic bone. It gave me chills up and down my body before the next thrust could do the same. I grabbed the back of his head, pulling it closer to me, using his forehead to muffle my grunts by kissing it.

He nudged my head up with his, sucking in my neck with force. He bit down hard as his pounding became more ferocious. Luckily that spot would be covered by my tee-shirt. Just then we heard footsteps outside of the door.

Kevin pulled me from the wall and sat on the toilet beside him. To the unknowing person next to us, it looked like Kevin was just taking a dump. Little did he know I was there, circling my hips into Kevin’s crotch. He moaned in satisfaction, not caring who heard what. He pulled my shirt over my head, showing my perky breasts in my matching white laced bra. He unclasped it from behind, setting my breasts free. He crumpled the two together and set them on top of the toilet paper dispenser.

“My God baby,” he whispered into my ear, “I can’t get you out of my system. I have to have you with me. I don’t even know how I managed today after our afternoon together…” His words brushed over my ear like a feather. They were so quiet, I could barely hear him.

My eyes were closed as I felt him knead my breasts with his palms, rolling his thumbs over each perky bud. He pushed my body back a little, meeting his face with my left breast. He sucked in my nipple, pressing his lips together over it as he flicked his tongue side to side. His hand smoothed over my belly, then rubbed up my side, then back down across my back. His light massage felt good coupled with his mouth clamped over my breast. I kept a steady rhythm with my hips, rocking back and forth over his crotch. My clit brushed over his pubic mecidiyeköy escort bone, tickled my the hairs surrounding it.

Finally the man left the bathroom. Kevin picked me up and set me back down, standing in front of him. He turned me around, placing both of my hands onto the wall. I felt him come up behind me, pushing his hands down my arms, entwining his fingers into mine. I felt the tip of his cock hover over my sopping entrance. He bobbed it in and out, taunting the both of us. He took in a deep breath, then blew it across my neck.

I turned my head slightly, to see his burning grey eyes glazed over with lust. I looked back with begging eyes, and that’s all it took before he plunged his thick rod deep into me. I arched my back, and threw my head back letting it rest on his shoulder. He pressed his lips just below my ear, letting me hear his uneven breathing. He continued fucking my pussy as he licked and nibbled that one spot.

All I could feel was his body slapping my ass and his dick being gripped by my pussy. His hands tightened around mine, anchoring him. His grunts vibrated against my neck, letting me know he was getting close. I wanted to reach down and finger my clit, but they were twisted with his hands. The only thing I could manage was fucking my hips back into Kevin’s.

My breathing quickened, and I could feel my body shaking under his. His cock was growing inside me with each stroke, I knew he was getting even closer. I pulled my hand away from Kevin’s, running it towards my throbbing clit. He beat me to it, circling my love bud round and round with his finger. That only made me rock harder onto his prick. My mind was going into a frenzy, lost in the moment. I didn’t even realize how hard Kevin was biting down on my neck. The pain from it immediately turned to pleasure as he spun his finger over my clit.

“Oh baby, I’m so close. Keep fucking me with your tight pussy.” So I did. I slammed onto his dick with an extra bounce, feeling him grind his cock deep into me. He let both hands fall onto my hips, which he grabbed and forced his dick deeper into me. I let one hand slide towards my pussy, feeling around my clit. I made a V-shape with two fingers, and slid them down my pumped pussy. I had a finger on each side of Kevin’s dick, feeling it thicken and fuck my pussy. Each thrust caused the palm of my hand to brush against my clit, sending me over the edge.

My pussy clamped around Kevin’s dick, violently gripping and letting go as my orgasm swelled throughout my body. Kevin didn’t stop fucking until I felt his hot sperm spew out, filling what space I had left from my own cum. Both his breath and his pumping slowed down as he calmed down from his climax. His hand ran up my stomach, then cupped my breast giving a light squeeze. He had his face nuzzled into my neck, giving me kisses.

He pulled out and our hot mess poured out all over my legs. He gave a chuckle, pressing his fingers into my pussy, feeling the slippery goodness drip out. We did a quick clean up, and sorted ourselves properly. We came up with our stories, and decided it would be best if we didn’t return to our tables together. He left first, going out the front entrance of the place, and I walked slowly back to my table.

I could feel myself glow on my way back. I hope I wasn’t too obvious, and I hope I would be as convincing as when I practiced in front of Kevin. I was in view of my table, and all eyes were on me. I gave a confused look, and looked behind me, pretending to not know what they were all staring at.

“Fall in the toilet or what?” questioned Danny.


“Uhm no. I was taking care of business. Notice how I grabbed my bag,” I replied.

“What’s your bag got to do with going to the bathroom?” So stupid.

“Well, let’s just say you would need a vagina to understand.” Technically, I wasn’t lying. I did need a vagina to fill with a thick and meaty cock. My bag was just a good cover. Go bag!

“TMI. Kay, thanks. Now I gotta eat.”

“Well you asked,” I said smiling.

In came Kevin with a worried look. “Is everything ok?” one of his friends asked.

“Yeah, it was just my mom. She isn’t feeling well. I gotta go over and see her tomorrow.” Damn. He almost had me convinced.

We all carried on with our dinner, the topic of me and Kevin being away at the same time, totally slipped from their minds. Or so I thought.

We get home, (Danny, Jen and I) and settle in for the night. Danny kept looking over at me suspiciously, and when I turned to look back, he quickly looked away. Jen was pooped for the night, and turned in early. I was sitting on the couch in my jammies, flipping through the channels. Danny grabbed a drink, and sat next to me. I kept my eyes on the T.V. too afraid to look at Danny. But I could feel him looking over at me, a lot.

“Alright, you gunna tell me what’s up or no?” I asked finally.

“Nothing,” he replied, looking straight at me, “I just never took you for someone that would fuck in a bathroom stall is all.”

My heart dropped.

… To be Continued.

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