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Kitzbühel, Austria. I don’t remember a winter as cold as this one since I went to kindergarten. Anyway, Matt and I saved up a bit of money (actually quite a bit) and went to winter holiday here in Austria. Should I introduce myself? Well, if you haven’t read about my last adventures, let me update you.

I’m Darien, just turned 22 last month, 6’5”, 205 lbs, muscular, fat-free, short brown hair, brown eyes, simply Croatia’s finest. About my bitch-boy Matt, well, a month an a half older than I am, 6’2”, 180 lbs, short blonde hair, blue eyes, still got quite a tan left from last summer, simply put, Matt is the hottest hunk I’ve ever seen, and he’s mine.

Last summer I had quite a bit of romp with a friend of mine, later he went back to college and we didn’t get to see each other often, and he seemed somewhat distant. I think he found someone else, but I’m not certain. Well, then I got hooked up with Matt. It took me some time to get in his pants, but it was definitively worth it.

Since our show in the showers we were humping each other like hares on Viagra. Whenever we had the opportunity we fucked and we just couldn’t get enough of each other. Lately, our parents were at home, it was freezing outside, so park was out, and we were getting hornier every day, so we decided to go for a holiday.

And where did we go? Kitzbühel, Austria’s most popular ski track. Not only did we not own any skies, we didn’t even know how to sky, and truth be told we weren’t really interested in skiing. We had ‘other’ things on our mind… With what we had planned it will be a wonder if we get out of our room at all.

We just arrived and I checked us in. Matt doesn’t speak any German so I do all the talking. I speak German very well because I lived with my relatives in Bavaria during the war in ’91/’92. Anyway, we checked in, went straight up to our room and left the cases on the floor. We were pretty tired from the trip, but not too tired for some loving…

Just as I closed the door I went into action-mode. As I was standing behind him, I pulled him close to me, and rubbed my chin along his neck. I could see shivers going through his spine. He let out a moan and protested. ‘Hey, if you’re gonna do that shave before, ok? That stings!’ Now he had me going. I let out a little laugh and said ‘Sorry about the stinging, I planned to get to the stinging part later.’ I moved my hands slowly along his back, all the way down to his ass. I grabbed his ass and started squeezing it.

‘Actually, I had quite a plan to sting you somewhere down here, but I’m not quite sure where’. He let out a moan and said ‘Well, if you play your cards right bro, I might show you where I need it.’ I squeezed him close to me and started kissing his neck. He let out a light moan of approval, and I made my way ahead. Slowly I unbuckled his belt and pulled it out. I unzipped his pants and let gaziantep escort them fall down to his knees.

My next move was getting my hands under his sweater and pulling it roughly off of him. He grunted a bit and I grabbed his crotch and pulled him firmly towards me. His cock was already making his way out of his briefs all by itself. And the bulge in my pants was rubbing itself nicely around his ass. While holding his crotch with my left hand, my right hand pulled off his shirt and started massaging his abs and chest. He rewarded my efforts with a sigh of approval.

Now was the time to finish off his pants. I grabbed him firmly by the ass and waist and pulled him up in the air. He protested with a groan, and I quickly pulled off his pants with my leg. Slowly I put him back on the ground and started massaging his abs as I began pulling his briefs off. Just as I pulled below his ass, I decided to spice things up.

I grabbed the band on his briefs from both sides and ripped them off in one forceful move. He turned his head towards me and said ‘I hope you don’t plan to do that more often or I won’t have any left to wear.’ I grinned and replied ‘I don’t mind.’ Time to chat was over. I grabbed him and lifted him up. His hot body felt so good in my hands. I carried him to the bed and threw him onto it. ‘Watch it!’ he said. He was lying on his stomach. I grabbed him and turned him on his back.

While firmly holding his thighs, I pulled him towards me so that his ass was on the edge of the bed. I pulled off his socks and my tongue made its’ way along his thighs towards his crotch. My hands moved to his waist and were feeling him all over. Matt let a few moans out. He was as hard as rock. A perfect-cut seven-inch cock accompanied with a set of large shaved balls. Slowly I started kissing his balls and then my mouth engulfed them. I could see he was loving it and he made sure I know he was. He put his hands on the back of my head and pressed me towards him.

‘Suck…’ he moaned, ‘Suck me harder’. His wish was my command. My lips squeezed his balls tighter, my tongue pressed harder and wilder, pleasing and tormenting him at the same time. ‘Take my cock, take it in your mouth.’ I moved up and looked him in the eyes. ‘Do you want a classic blow-job or are we gonna play a game?’ I asked. ‘Do you have something new in mind?’ he replied.

‘Teamwork is what we need. My hands will work on your body, my tongue and mouth will take care of your cock, but they can’t do all the work all alone. I need your hands to guide me. Grab the back of my head and use it to pump my mouth as deep as you want to go.’ I explained. He smiled and said ‘Then teamwork is definitively needed, count me in.’ He put his hands on the back of my head and held me firmly.

At this point he was lying naked on the edge of the bed and I was on my knees right next to the bed, and he was guiding his cock in my mouth. Slowly I started working my tongue around the head of his cock, and then I focused on the bottom of the head, my efforts rewarded with loud moans. Slowly he started pumping, pulling my head towards his crotch, making me take it. I was bursting. My hands were feeling him all over, my every touch arousing him more and more.

While he was still pumping my mouth I unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it down, leaving it hanging from my pants. I grabbed his legs and placed them over my shoulders. He started pulling me faster and deeper towards him. I was barely coping with his burning meat filling my mouth. I shifted my position so that I was now bent over the edge of the bed and his legs were pulling me down towards his cock. He understood what I was doing and bent towards me.

My throat was now straightened and his cock was entering my mouth at the same angle. ‘Time to take it all in.’ he said. He grabbed my head firmly, pressed me hard towards him and thrusted his cock all the way down my throat. I was ready, we tried this a couple of times already. I was breathing heavily on my nose and sucking him as hard as I could.

He was fucking my throat with long slow thrusts, and then he started speeding them up. He was moaning loudly, and then he began pumping as hard and as fast as he could. I was barely able to take it, I almost couldn’t breathe, and the only thing holding me close to him were his hands around my head. He was moaning loud and then I heard him say he was cumming, everything was blurry, but I gave him all I had.

He was fucking my throat and my throat was fucking him back. I couldn’t see, but I knew I had to suck, I needed to suck, and I wanted to suck him. Then a jet of hot cum splashed down my throat, and it was followed by loud moans and I could feel his body convulsing. My throat continued pumping relentlessly, squeezing every drop out of him. I was trying to swallow all of his cum, I almost choked, but I managed to gulp down every drop.

Slowly I pulled up, his shaft leaving my throat, and began licking the head of his cock, trying to squeeze the last drops of cum oozing out of it. I pulled up and gasped for air, breathed in with full lungs. My vision was clear again. I looked at Matt. He was beat, and still trying to recuperate from his orgasm. He looked at me and said ‘That was the best head you ever gave me. Keeping the good stuff for special occasions?’

‘You said I had to play my cards right so I used the strongest one I had.’ I replied. ‘Well, I have this one place where I like a good hard sting now and then…’ he said. ‘Where exactly is it?’ I asked and grinned. He turned to his stomach and placed himself on all four. ‘There’s this one hole between my ass cheeks that needs stinging’ he said.

Swiftly I took off all of my clothes and positioned myself behind him. I didn’t waste time I moved my head towards his ass, my tongue ready to try his crack, when he interrupted me. ‘Don’t lube me in any way bro, you haven’t fucked me for three weeks and I need it to hurt. I want you to tie my hands up and wreck my ass. Please!’ I grabbed his ass and asked ‘Are you sure? I don’t want to hurt you baby.’ He looked at me and said ‘I need it. I need you. Fuck me as hard as you can.’

I got out of bed and grabbed Matts’ belt that was lying on the floor. After I got back to bed I grabbed his hands and pulled them behind his back. I used the belt to tie him up. His weight was now balanced on his knees and his chest. I firmly grabbed his ass, placed my swollen cock on his wanting crack and pushed as hard as I could.

As my cock burst into his ass forcing its’ way until it was all in, Matt let out an animal cry and cried ‘Rape the living shit out of me you fucking cunt!’ I started pumping hard, Matt tried not to scream, but he couldn’t control himself so he bit the pillow trying to muffle his cries. His ass was tight and dry and it was hard to fuck him, but I forced my way through every thrust. Soon his ass began to loosen up and I began pumping faster and harder. By now he freed his hands from the belt I tied him with.

His burning ass felt great around my cock, Matt adjusted a bit and was now moaning loudly. I was humping him as hard as I could, I could feel cum building up inside me. I was giving him all I had, and I could feel I was gonna cum soon. ‘I’m cumming baby.’ I said. He was moaning and then said ‘I want you to cum over my cock, I still have something in store for you.’ Just before I was to spill my juices, I pulled out, he turned, grabbed my cock, and jerked it violently as I bursted all over his crotch.

I was compulsing and groaning as I had cum over him. Matt didn’t wait for me to catch my breath. I could se he was again hard as rock. He used the cum I sprayed over him to lube his cock. Then he firmly grabbed me by the shoulders and pushed me down on my stomach. I was now lying on the bed head down, and Matt instantly positioned himself above me. Slowly he pushed his cock inside me.

I groaned as he entered and he slowly started humping my ass. The initial pain was replaced by shear pleasure. Now I was begging him to fuck me harder and faster, and my prayers were heard and granted. He was fucking me as hard as he could. I was moaning and begging, and he was moaning and giving, more and more. Finally he came deep within me, a stream of his hot cum filling my needing ass. He slowly pulled up, but I stopped him. Matt was lying on top of me and asked ‘Wanna do it all over again?’

I looked at him and said ‘Shut up!’ We fell asleep completely worn out and happy. The whole week was more or less like that. We barely got to see any snow. Kitzbühel will remain as one of my favourite memories, and I’m sure we’ll go skiing next year as well.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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