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The first time I met Paula I coerced her into having sex with me, introducing her to rough sex. I never intended to see her again. I have to admit at 43 Paula is very attractive and has a hot slim body. I’m surprised when she called inviting me over to her apartment. The blonde’s brow furrows in the midst of her thinking, reaching inside of the cooling machine to curl slender fingers around a plastic container. Lifting it up to her face to take a closer look, she closed the door narrowing her eyes on the object as if it is the cause for the plethora of problems weighing her down. She dumps the food into a ceramic plate, shoving it into the microwave to heat so that she wouldn’t have to sink her teeth into something cold and hard. A shudder wracks her petite frame at the mere thought of it, tongue trailing over the the upper row of teeth concealed behind perfect bows of pink.
A sigh left Paula’s lips, leaning heavily against the marble of her kitchen counter, nails digging into the immaculate, rounded edge of it. Hues of a brilliant blue color turned towards the locked door for a brief moment, as if she is expecting me to burst through the door any moment. She can imagine it, my craggy face, defined jaw, arrogant nose, and gray hair. The most alluring green of my eyes and my smile. The beep of the microwave snaps her out of her daze. Straightening herself as if she were caught in the very act of fingering herself to the thought of me, she wandered over to the microwave to drag the plate of food out, and begins to eat. She is starving. Her elbows resting on the unrelenting hardness of marble, scooping spoonfuls of pasta into her mouth. A moan left her lips at the taste of it, warmth spreading over her body in response to the food.

” Aren’t you enjoying that?” She screamed dropping the spoon in her bowl, she quickly turns, settling her surprised gaze on me, the person she has just been thinking about. ” John? What are you doing here?” Paula asked, relaxing against the counter once she confirmed that it is me. I venture closer to her until I’m there, she can smell me. It is familiar, the smell of expensive cologne and shaving cream, along with a hint of something a little musky. Her arms draped around my neck, having to angle her head backwards to meet my gaze. ” I came as soon as I could after your call. To see my beautiful minx, who I never expected to see again.” I murmured, dipping my head down to brush my lips along her forehead. She isn’t able to suppress a smile, her fingers idly caressing my short cut hair. ” I needed to see you again. I was thinking about our first time together.” she responded. Leaning into me, she releases a sigh of content, reveling in the warmth and comfort I possessed. When I wasn’t being stoic, I’m like this. Caring, sweet, and reliable. I’m the new person in her life. For a moment, we simply held each other, whispering sweet words and fleeting kisses.

I pull away, holding her at arms-length while I narrowed my hawkish gaze on her. ” Paula,” I said softly, the very sound of her name on my lips sending a shiver traversing down the length of her spine, ” I want to try something.” My gaze is calculating, heated, and she notices the darkening of my eyes. With desire. Her eyes widened slightly, limbs stiffening in anticipation. ” I… John,” there is a pause, ” what do you mean?” Hesitantly, she removes her hands from me, her teeyh sinking into the soft flesh of her lower lip. I intimidate her with my dominating stature and gaze that would’ve made any girl drop their panties for me in a second. She feels heat already collecting between her shapely legs at the thought of what I have in mind for her. My lips curling into a coy smirk, taking a step closer. She took a step back. Then I did it again, until she feels her back hit the kitchen counter once more. Her hands gripped it tightly as if it were her lifeline, mouth clamped shut as she looks up at me.
” I want you,” I said in a clear tone, ” to give yourself up to me. Not for the rest of our lives, but for today. Just today.” My arms shot out, hands slamming down on the bench she is desperately pressed against. Trapping her. I’m like a lion stalking my prey, and she feels like she is going to be my dinner tonight. Her brow furrowed at my sudden change of mood, searching my face for something that would give her a clue. Nothing. She feels the heat radiating from my body, knew that my presence is something she is unable to ignore. She is stunned into silence for awhile, shifting uncomfortably beneath my piercing focus of my eyes on her delicate features, currently Sex hikayeleri contorted into something that mainly portrayed confusion, whiffs of fear and excitement. Paula’s mouth opens and closes while her head frantically searches for an answer. ” I-I… I’m not sure what you mean, John,” she stutters. Heat crept onto her cheeks at my proximity, giving her creamy complexion the scarlet tinge she knew I loved.

My hands slowly sliding up her back through the silk of her blouse, attaining a firm hold on the neatly curled locks of blonde. I tugged. A rush of air left clenched teeth as her head is wrenched backwards, only to be cut off with a soft moan of her own as my teeth grazed along the sensitive skin of her neck. A shudder wracks her petite frame, arching backwards against the kitchen counter while her gaze met the ceiling. I tortured her skin with my sinful lips, covering the slender column with multiple kisses, teasing little flicks of my tongue and the primal bite of my teeth into her tender flesh. Not enough to leave any marks on her yet. ” I mean…” She lifted my head, tilting my hips forward abruptly so that the bulge concealed in my pants settled between her legs, eliciting another involuntary moan from her, ” that I want to try something with you. Do you trust me?” My voice softened now, releasing my grip on her hair to tug her upright once more.

This is something darker, she has never seen, she knew. But it thrills her to no end. She is already so damp between her legs, the very evidence of her arousal seeping through the flimsy material of her panties at my rough actions. The blonde knew she has never – and will never be – the dominant one in bed, but this is something more… Rough. Carnal. Hot. Dangerous. It is the rapid beating of her heart, her flushed cheeks, the building arousal and the flaming desire that coursed through her veins that screamed she wanted it. But there is doubt. Doubt she can keep up with me. She still didn’t know what I wanted. ” John, look, I don’t kno-” Her words are cut off with a sharp inhale as I brought my knee up, parting her legs forcefully until my fingers dove for the very place that craved my attention. I slipped beneath the waistband of her pants, fingers moving against her cleft through the wet material of her panties. Paula’s head fell back, her lips parting to release a moan she isn’t able to hold back. My sights are upon her, on the beautiful arch of her lithe body, her breasts straining against the material of her blouse and her features- contorted into something that conveyed her ecstasy.

I continue to rub, sliding two fingers back and forth against her until she yearns for more, bucking her hips wantonly against my hand to create more of the satisfying friction. ” Let me pleasure you like this, Paula,” I growled, bending over her body to once again help myself to her neck. My fingers left her for a moment, only to feel her shorts and panties being pulled from her body. The garments hit the floor, and she kicked them carelessly to the side, spreading her legs wider for me, giving me better access. My fingers sliding over her slick folds, her arousal so intoxicating, sweet, and arousing. I push a finger into her, watching her reaction carefully as her warm, wet folds enveloped me. God, I needed to fuck her. A loud noise of pleasure left her throat then, hands flying to my arms to grip me tightly, her nails digging into me for a moment. She trembled the slightest bit, before she begins to undulate her hips against my hand, bringing herself onto the finger lodged deep within her eager womanhood. I slammed another finger into her. A cry left her mouth, almost coming undone right there and then. She hears the soft rumble of my approval, before she is left empty and wanting. Wanting lots. ” No,” she groans in protest, her eyes opening to watch me as her hips bucked against me. ” Why did you stop?”

” Give yourself to me, Paula. All of you,” I said into her ear, voice husky and laden with desire to have her all to myself. For my use. For me to taste, to pleasure. Only me. I can hardly wait for her reply, the beast within me demanding to be let out so that it can ravish the beautiful woman pressed against me, dripping wet and waiting.
She nodded. That is all I needed. My lips slamming down on hers, engaging her in a brutal, possessing kiss, claiming my ultimate dominance over her and her body with just one kiss. So demanding, so confident and so dangerously tempting. My tongue pushing past her lips, indulging in the sweet, sweet taste of her mouth as I rolled my hips into Sikiş hikayeleri her own. I feel myself, hard, hot, throbbing against the confines of my jeans. It hurt. A low groan left me as I rubbed myself against her heated core, searching for some sort of pleasure to satisfy the overwhelming need to take her then and there. Paula wanted me, it is so obvious. She is moaning, clutching at me, urging me forward. The little mewls that left her parted lips did things to me that no other girl did.

With haste, I pull my shirt over my head, revealing an expanse of chest hair. And then my jeans, and then my briefs. My thick shaft came free, thrusting myself between her thighs to hold myself against her slick warmth.
Paula wrapped her arms around my neck, her chest rising and falling as I finally freed myself from the pesky clothing. Her fingers tangled in my hair, never taking her eyes off me as I begin to rock my hips back and forth so that we are grinding against each other. ” Please, John,” she moans, ” please.” Her hips bucking towards me, panting heavily as she waits to feel me inside of her. My cock is big and powerful like the rest of me, it is hard and hot and she feels it penetrating her waiting snatch. ” Oh fuck!” she said as it fills her up. My thick rod, filling her, stretching her. I did just that. Hoisting her upwards so she is sitting on the kitchen bench, I spread her legs with my hands thrusting myself into her in stroke. A cry left her lips, a low groan leaving me as we immersed ourselves in the feel of each other. Pain shooting through her, ” Aw shit!” Paula yells as I slam harder and faster into her.

” Owww!” Paula yells. I’m being hard on her, and it hurt, then her pussy recovers after a minute or so and begins responding to it. It is like electrical shock waves coming out of her ass, jolts of sexual energy begin pouring out all over her body, they are hot flashes. Her head is leaning on my shoulder close to my neck, she opens her mouth ” Whewwww!” only to be overcome with blissful ecstasy. ” So very tight,” I growled, taking her shapely hips into the firm grip of my rough hands to tug her pelvis against me . Another moan. Paula is completely lost herself in the heat of the moment, her back arching off the counter while her head tilted back against the hard surface of the counter. This isn’t love. It is simply pure desperate need for each other. Raw, carnal fucking and nothing more. I draw myself back, only to slam back into her, tearing another loud cry from her with the intense pleasure that jolts her body. She feels me, all of me, every throb, the large size of me within her tight walls and the swollen tip of my shaft kissing her cervix every stroke.

I hold her in place by her hips, thrusting hard and deep. I pull my hips back and then slam forward again, sinking my shaft into the velvet heat of her over and over again. I’m moving quickly, determined to send her over the edge, but I feel the climb towards a climax myself. She is squeezing every inch of me as I pull out, and then resisting against my entry when I push forward. It elicited the most pleasurable feeling. With every thrust came a moan, the lewd sounds of our bodies colliding filling the kitchen, along with the noises that left her mouth and the occasional grunt, growl or groan that came from me. It joined to create a sexual symphony, everything that came from me proving to throw her closer to the edge of her orgasm. We are building higher, and higher, her hips rising to meet my thrusts. I’m spearing her again and again, her body jolted upwards with every rough thrust I made.
” That’s it, Paula. Cum for me.” An intimate demand. My hand snaking between her legs, finding the bundle of nerves at the apex of her thighs.

She cries out, her back lifting from the kitchen counter as I found her clit, walls closing around me further in response. I moved my thumb over the sensitive nub quickly, watching her face with darkened hues, as she nears her climax. ” Cum for me!” I demanded again. One more rubbing of her clit, and she shatters into a million pieces around me. The blonde screams, writhes, grasping at my arms as she came. Her walls convulsing around me, coaxing me towards an orgasm I didn’t want to let go of yet. But I can’t deny the irresistible sight of her, reduced into a moaning, wanton minx by my primal lust. I roar, and release myself into her tight depths. The bucking of my hips became irregular, my grip on her hips tightening like a vise as I gritted my teeth and came in her, hot jets of my seed. Paula barely finds herself in the Erotik hikaye orgasmic bliss, panting, moaning, bucking, waves of bliss crashing over her and taking her. My name is a constant cry from her, paired with her name that I’m groaning as I spill myself in her.

She gasps, opening her eyes once I’m stilled within her, planting my hands on either side of her head to steady myself. Sweat covering both of our bodies, glistening slightly under the dim lighting of the kitchen despite the fact that it is still day. For a long moment, we both collected ourselves, simply looking into each others eyes as if to say a single thought: I love you. Her lips tugged into a small smile, hands reaching upwards for my face, an index finger proceeding to trace my defined jaw. Although what they had just done is nothing near romance, Paula knew I was not in love with her, and in the end, it proved right. She sees my appreciation shining in my eyes, the smile that I returned and heard the soft sigh of content as she touched me. Slender arms snaked around my neck to tug me downwards, placing a soft, lingering kiss on my lips before she released me and straightened herself. Our combined fluids slowly leaked out of her, and she flushed at the sight of it, her juices leaving a faint trail along the smooth skin of her inner thighs.

I walked toward the bathroom, but turned toward the kitchen. Paula stood at the sink, I crept up behind her, sliding his hands underneath her arms, and cupping her breasts from behind again, squeezing them as I press my crotch against her ass. She gasps ” Stop John, not again.” She said as she tried pushing me off, but only ended up forcing her ass harder against my crotch. I whisper into her ear, ” Oh, Paula, I am enjoying myself too much!” I begin to grab at her nipples, pulling and pinching them. Paula is rinsing her dish, ” I’m not going to be your slut.” I’m massaging her soft breasts. ” Oh, not going to be my slut, huh? It’s too late for that, darling!” I said as I grind my crotch against her butt. Paula begins to get annoyed as she growls gently and elbows me in the side, ” Get off!” I grunted, ” Err, you fucking bitch” I grabbed her roughly from behind and then bent her over right on the sink as I grab her hair with my hand. Paula lets out a soft gasp as she struggles to get free. ” More to add to the excitement!” As I reach over rubbing her pussy, getting all the juices she had previously squirted out and start to rub her cum on my cock, as I begin rubbing my cock against her asshole.

That caused her to whimper as she shook her head back and forth, ” Not there!” ” Shut up! I’ll fuck you wherever I like!” I push my cock into her slowly. Paula whimpers and brought her hand up, biting into it to keep from crying out. She put her head down in shame, not wanting to see the reflection in the window. I grabbed her hair pulling on it to keep her head up to let her see herself getting fucked in the ass. Once my cock slides all the way into her ass I begin to pick up speed as I thrust back and forth into her asshole, her cum around my cock allowed my cock to slide in and out faster. ” God you’ve got a nice ass and it’s so tight. I love it! I’m a lucky man, to have you call me!” I said with a laugh. Paula shook her head some back and forth as she continues to bite into her hand to keep from yelling in pain. Tears filling her eyes, but the slut inside of her begins to get more excited, her pussy getting wetter. Paula is enjoying getting her ass fucked while she watched herself in the reflection getting pounded like a dog. I cup her ass cheek squeezing as I begin to thrust faster and faster, right over the sink. Paula blushed and moaned in pleasure as she feels her body getting thrust forward and back with each of my strokes, She breaths a bit heavy from trying to keep her moaning down.

I slap her ass. She jumps when she is spanked, almost losing balance so she grabs on to the sides of the sink to keep from falling. Paula is moaning now with each thrust as my nine-inch cock is giving her immense pleasure. I pick up pace slamming against her ass, pushing her forward harder, making her stomach slam against the sink’s edge. She tenses up, then she whimpers. She shudders when she is slammed like that, Paula tightens her ass cheeks around my cock, I slap her ass one more time as I’m about to cum. I slam into her ass one more time as I’m about to explode. I groan as I shoot my hot load deep into her ass. Paula shook her head, ” You’re such an ass.” I then grab her kissing her. ” Like it or not, you’re my fuck-toy now.” I walked away with those words. She blinks as she watches me go, shaking her head, with a little smile on her face. She is finally sexually satisfied. She dressed and then went to the bathroom to freshen up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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