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This is a fictional attempt at erotica and will run into multiple episodes. Readers will be required to bear patience but with a promise, that they will get to see promiscuity at its best.

Hema was her name, a very sexy name. Demure, coy and traditional, this south Indian Iyengar Brahmin girl was married but a vivacious flirt. Being an early bird at marriage she really was thirsty for both, men and their ways to woo her total charms. Whether it was her boss’ reports at work who would offer her red roses and other seductively suggestive gifts or her brother in law who fucked her in broad daylight and made her eat her own cum from his hands, male companionship was always welcome.

But of course hide she may, but desire she could not curb was the want of a bisexual fling once in a while.

Ananth her brother in law and Meekri the servant girl were too much for her.

There are enough stories around them and it will be a decade of writing and reading but it all started some 2 years after her marriage on a lovely Monday morning at Chennai where they used to live with her in laws. Ananth used to be at Coimbatore and was working there. He as it is normal in all Indian families would visit his parents’ once every month. And in one of those visits he got a solid jolt in his loins one Sunday evening when he was witness to his sis in law practice lewd cock sucking. The fortunate recipient was the 25 years old servant Selvam and this was going on in the cool confines of the restroom.

It was a different story that Selvam had made her suck his cock even on his wedding night with his wife waiting in the nuptial bed. In fact the bizarre relationship was such that Meekri the soft-spoken wife of Selvam was Hema’s first conquest at lesbianism and experimentation with bisexuality. But on this night when Ananth was rushing in to the restroom to relieve the bladder pressure, little did he expect to see what he did and he caught both in the act red handed. The pay out to keep him silent were of course the ever willing pussy of his outrageous sis in law and the ass of Selvam’s wife much against the latter’s wishes.

The Torrid affair begins and life was never the same for Ananth hereafter:

Ananth slammed the door on both of them and returned to his room wetting his pants thoroughly for obvious reasons. After changing into something better he decided to confide to his mother and got up to walk up to her room. Before he could cross the door of his room, a wave of aroma hit his nose and standing in front of him was Hema with a tumbler of South mamak escort Indian coffee and dressed in a very traditional Tamil customized sareee. Covered from all sides was this bundle of calisthenics in bed. She looked in to his eyes and stretched the coffee towards him, which he was about to refuse and in no time found the same spilling over his shirt down to the crotch. She lost no time and before he could scream covered his mouth and put the other hand on his crotch, squeezed the object, got some juice of coffee out and in front of his eyes licked at the fingers lewdly and slowly removed her other hand from his mouth only to shove these naughty fingers and whispering into his ears “ Wait to see the real thing till tomorrow and for now masturbate memorising these moments “.

Ananth was to leave in another hour to reach Chennai station and was to leave for Coimbatore. His internal self and conscience were still pitching a battle with all the satanic cloak his character was about to wear but in vain. The pleasure he derived from the ‘touch’ and later’ taste’ were just too much and like most of the sex starved males in this part of the world, decided to embark on a different journey, feigned a splitting headache and told Venkaji (his brother and Hema’s husband) to call his office and inform them of his inability to join work the next day. What an irony. Venkaji! Poor soul. He always was made to believe that Hema was a goddess and could never look at a male ant with an intent and here he was collaborating in an entirely unknown manner to a torrid affair about the begin. He was never to know anyway.

Hema knew how to keep things away from him.

She was a seasoned slut and in all ways, mean and hungry. She got what she wanted without wanting anything else but pleasure between her legs.

Leaving the brothers busy, Hema went down fast to the mezzanine and told Selvam to keep Meekri out of bounds for the next couple of days, she planned to enjoy the virgin Ananth at the servant house in the mornings after Danny and Venkaji would have left for the Montessori and work respectively.

The poor mother in law would be told she has gone to practice music at West Mambalam in a friend’s place, little knowing that the demure Hema was playing the flute and the violin just a floor below with a band whose instruments were boneless and only 6-7 inches in length, when full blown. Meekri came out of the kitchen in the servant house hearing the madam blabbering and could smell trouble on hand. She was ofise gelen escort in her usual dress, which covered a lot but left the boobs erecting out in the blouse, uncovered by the saree. It is natural for a male to get diverted to such objects but Hema was no natural bisexual, she was an extraordinary sexual animal.

Upon seeing Meekri in that position, she lost all her mental balance, reacted quickly to close the main door from inside. Hema was possessed, caught hold of Meekri to french kiss her and fondle her boobs there and then, Selvam watched the scene passive to the whole incident and was left to do nothing but hold his crotch.

Meekri resisted the frontal attack for sometime, gave in and reacted by catching the back of Hema tightly with her dough soaked hands resulting in further aggression from Hema.

She lifted Meekri’s face only to bite at her cheeks and nose, lick her lips with her own and salivated the whole face of the poor servant girl in no time. Meekri was no stranger to all this and was willing to go along with it since it allowed them access to quite a few luxuries including a joy ride for the family in Hema’s car once in a while.

Somehow the duo got into the makeshift servant bedroom where Hema quickly in a very shameless manner undressed to her bare self tossing all her clothes at Selvam who was very happy to receive the same. He quietly slipped the undergarments under the Wardrobe to be made use of at a later date. He was privy to needs of the rich and the nefarious of Chennai’s needs and would make use of this proximity to Hema at a time prudent enough for the big leap to become richer by a mile instead of a ‘cm’ every now and then. For now He watched the two perspiring bodies fused together. Meekri was on the floor and lying on her back with her saree bundled and thrown around her waist, cunt exposed to every body in the room. Hema was squatting on her face with Meekri drilling her nose into Hema’s ass and licking the woman’s cuntal outer lips slowly. Hema could not continue squatting and collapsed on Meekri with her face between Meekri legs. She grunted for a while at the unclean pussy but the urge to get orgasmic plunged her tongue into the servant girls’ pussy. She physically separated the lips and lined the hair full of pungent dried up urine on both the sides before snaking her tongue into the crevice. Meekri enjoyed it, this was one moment she could never forget in their frequent bouts. At this point of time she felt a victor because Hema otele gelen escort a born Iyengar rich and famous was licking the pussy of a down caste woman and that too ‘ a dirty unhygienic and a smelly pussy’. By this time Selvam started undressing and in no time started patting Hema’s face with his cock. Hema caught hold of the same and gave it a lick on the tip clearing away the pubescent drop of cum emerging out of the cock, slowly started massaging the balls and let loose a tirade of saliva laden smooches on the two jewels.

Selvam was thoroughly excited, even though this being the 2nd round with the lady.

In the bathroom of her bedroom, a few hours back Hema and he were enjoying a nice copulation, helping him to ejaculate a wad of cum onto her boobs, a moment of for Ananth.

Ananth at this point of time was busy shagging and jacking his cock in the bedroom common to him and his mother’s room. Ananth was worried, did not really know how to take it the next morning. But the sweet pleasure of the unknown made him look forward to the same.

Hema sucked on Selvam’s cock and kept grinding her pussy into Meekri’s mouth.

Meekri was out of breath in no time, could not take it any more. Her mouth was over flushed with Hema’s cum and she started breathing heavily. At this point, Hema did the unpredictable. She further ground her pussy into Meekri’s nose and simultaneously shoved Selvam well lubricated with Hema’s saliva and a raging cock into Meekri’s pussy, which was equally wet.

Selvam was always a fan of his wife’s pussy, they were just 6 months into marriage and this was a real thing for them. But surprises in a sexual bout make the nostalgia of the same later throb your cock more vigorously. This is what happened to both husband and wife. Suddenly Hema withdrew Selvam’s dong and gave it a full-length lick, which was too much for both Selvam and Meekri. The cock was glistening with Meekri’s juices and had an aroma not unknown to Hema, not experienced by the couple till date.

Selvam could not hold him self any more and started cumming. Hema true to her sluttish background took the stuff in her mouth and licked him to the finish. Totally exhausted and satiated, Selvam stood up and took a few steps backwards and suddenly his eyes bulged open. Hema poured the entire load from her mouth on to Meekri’s pussy and started licking the gash again and filled her mouth with the same, quickly turned around removing Meekri’s mouth from her pussy and dropped the whole load into Meekri’s mouth. Meekri was stunned and had no chance to spit it out since Hema had locked her mouth with her own lips. Meekri drank the whole load and for a minute or two fainted out of total abandonment to lust and depravity. This was debauchery and not seen ever. Truth was stranger than fiction.

End of Part 1. Please wait for my next installment; yes seduction of Ananth and exploits of the third kind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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