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Disclaimer: This is a true story of events from my travels. I wanted to write it down to capture my own memories while still relatively fresh. Some of the finer-grained details regarding sex acts are fabricated in an attempt to make a more compelling story. However, encounters, characters, the overall arc of sex, and especially compelling moments are directly from my memories.

I knew there was something special about Andrea from the first time I saw her picture on Facebook. I was preparing for a solo trip to Medellin Colombia, the city of eternal spring. It was a city I’d visited once, right before the start of the pandemic in February 2020 but was itching to come back to. Andrea was one of several beautiful Paisa women I’d friended or been friended by on Facebook. She had dark straight hair in a bob cut that perfectly framed her dark brown, sparkling eyes and sharp but not unattractive jawline. While she had a beautiful face, her cinnamon-skinned body was really her number one attribute. Her c-cup-enhanced breasts anchored a lithe, fit body that had those hourglass hips I can’t get enough of on women and a nice, tight ass. In short, Andrea was a smoking-hot Paisa beauty.

Of course, I had to send her a message and hope she’d reply and be interested in meeting me. I’m a 5’11 36-year-old who always had good luck with Latinas due to my blue-green eyes and flawless Spanish. These two attributes had been enough for me to pick up Mexican, Costa Rican, and Honduran women while traveling even when I was overweight. But I’d recently been hitting the gym to add muscle mass and dieting down to a 17% fat percentage, so I liked my odds even better now. Even then Andrea’s beauty made my heart flutter a bit. Maybe she wouldn’t respond to my message or maybe she was a prepago or prostitute. I’d probably want to meet her even then, but that would not be nearly as sweet as if she was a normal girl. But I pushed the thought out of my head. “What do I have to lose?” I thought. There are plenty of other cute chicas I’ll message and I’m sure I’ll have a load of fun on my trip regardless of if she wants to meet me or not.

To my surprise, Andrea responded to my message almost immediately. I kept things short asking for her number and telling her when I’d be in Medellin. A few days later I was at a New Year’s Eve party and felt my heart flutter when she’d messaged me on Whatsapp wishing me a happy new year. “wow, she’s thinking of me” I thought. That can only be a good sign. But she was still a prospect, I wasn’t sure what, if anything, would develop once I was in Medellin a few days later. By that time I’d chatted with a number of girls and had what a considered a good list of decent prospects to meet once I had arrived in Medellin. I’d also kept in touch with another friend from my first trip two years ago and had plans to see her as well. On the day of my trip, I posted photos of myself in the airport and next to the departure announcement and was inundated further by messages from girls in Medellin eager to meet me. But Andrea was definitely always prominent in my thoughts. Best I thought to propose a date with her a day or two after I’d arrived.

Thus, I met another girl, Valentina, who deserves her own story, the night I arrived in Medellin. I also messaged Andrea, though, and offered to cook her dinner the next day. She readily agreed and over the next day, we went about setting up the logistics of our date. I was getting more excited, though I was still guarded, as it seemed more and more like she was a normal girl based on our conversations. My go-to date is to cook a girl dinner since cooking has always been a passion of mine. I scoped out the nearby Excito supermarket and decided on a white wine and sausage-based pasta bursa eskort bayan as our main course as well as buying a half bottle of 12-year-old Colombian rum. At seven sharp Andrea messaged me that she was in the taxi and on her way. This surprised me as Colombians are notorious for arriving late.

About 15 minutes later her taxi rolled up and I got my first look at my stunning date in person. She was dressed in a woman’s shortcut leather jacket with matching black leggings and white tennis shoes. She had a tank top on under her jacket that featured her spectacular, enhanced cleavage. Like a gentleman, I opened her door and paid the cabbie before giving her a kiss on the cheek. I then suggested we walk to the nearby Exito to pick up our dinner supplies.

The conversation came naturally and quickly became flirty on the walk over. I asked her about the food she liked, her work, and her family and she asked me about my interests and hobbies. It was at that point that I found out that she was a webcam model a fact that both excited me incredibly and worried me a little bit at the same time. However, my worries were soon eased. She was laughing at all jokes and told me how happy she was that I spoke so fluently and was brushing up against me and finding ways to come into contact with my body as we walked through the aisles of the supermarket picking out ingredients. It was clear we had some insane chemistry and mutual attraction.

Once I’d checked her into my apartment building and gotten back to my 15th-floor apartment, it was time to cook. Now, I loved the building I was staying in. It was located off La 70, one of the main drags in the Laureles neighborhood, which was full of bars and restaurants of all types. The apartment building was known for its conscientious security and well-apportioned rooms. However, the cooking setup was less than optimal as there was a built-in countertop hotplate instead of a gas range and the place came stocked with cheap Teflon pots and pans and dull, stamped-blade knives. Maybe I was a bit nervous due to the stunning creature in my presence or maybe it was difficult to multitask and flirt but what should have taken me 15 minutes to make ended up taking over half an hour. We figured out that I’d turned on the wrong burner to boil water for the pasta and the hotplates took a long time to heat up. But, we had a good time laughing at my mistakes together and pouring each other glasses of 12-year-old Colombian rum. Even though the cooking process took longer than planned, my flavors were on point. Andrea let out a sigh of pleasure as she took her first bite and shortly thereafter told me that everything was “delicioso”.

After thoroughly enjoying the meal and cleaning the dishes we both made our way over to the couch with a glass of rum and Andrea scooted up right next to me. We talked a little more and I continued to flirt and tease her, but the sexual tension was rapidly building to a boiling point. It was then that I asked her if I could kiss her and after seeing her nod angled my head to go in for a passionate kiss. I felt like I’d been struck by lightning after that first kiss. Her kiss was so dumbfounding that I don’t think I’d have been able to tell you my home address or even name at the time. I contentedly sucked and nibbled on her lower lip occasionally flicking my tongue over hers. As I pulled back from the kiss she hungrily followed me greedily wanting more. I explored my new-found lover with my hands tracing them from her jaw down her neck and to her inviting hourglass hips before coming back up to trace the outlines of her C-cup breasts. Her hands explored me as well tracing my pecks and scratching my sides playfully. I further evoked sighs of bursa merkez escort pleasure from her as I nibbled on her ears, neck, and collarbone. So far this was probably the best first date I’d ever had in my life and things were only beginning to get interesting.

After a while, I suggested we move from the couch to the bed and she readily agreed. We both hurriedly got undressed and I was greeted by the sight of her naked body for the first time. It was even more perfect than I could have imagined. She had medium-sized, dark areolas near the center of her pert, C-cup breasts and while they were enhanced I struggled to find signs of scarring from the operation. Her cute, little shaved pussy seemed to wink at me and beg me to be eaten. However, I took my time continuing to kiss and caress her. She’d posted a meme about how sexy being teased as foreplay was and I decided to do just that.

I began slowly kissing lower tracing the outlines of her areolas but not sucking them yet, caressing her hips and supple ass, then tracing my way back to her neck and lips. I did this a couple of times until she was begging me to suck her nipples. On taking her dark-brown nipples into my mouth I was rewarded with an unexpected sweet and slightly salty surprise. She was lactating. She later told me her youngest was three but that she’d never stopped lactating completely. She writhed and moaned as I sucked her nipples eventually pushing my head further down. Again, I decided to tease tracing a path of kisses down her stomach and spent a few minutes kissing and caressing her thighs occasionally caressing her pussy lips with my hot breath. Her writhing and moaning were spurred to new heights by this and I hadn’t even started eating her out.

Eventually, I couldn’t hold back anymore and started devouring her sweet, musky cunt flicking my tongue over her clit and licking up and down her pussy lips. Between sucking and licking her clit I’d occasionally also fuck her pussy hole with my tongue. She responded quickly to my ministrations grinding and mashing her crotch into my mouth and pushing my head into her pussy with both hands. Her stomach trembled and she pushed me in close as her first orgasm hit her. “No para” (Don’t stop), she screamed inviting me to bring her to another.

After a good twenty minutes of eating pussy and a couple of orgasms it was now time for her to take care of me. Andrea kissed her way down my chest pausing briefly to suck each nipple. Then she moved down to my cock stroking it a couple of times before popping it into her mouth. I’m above average in terms of size and uncircumcised. My length is only slightly above average at 6.5 inches but together with my 6-inch girth I’m quite large. Andrea deepthroated me in one go without any problem. I’m guessing she had previous experience sucking all kinds of toys as a webcam model. She held me in her throat for a while before starting up a good rhythm taking half of my cock. After a few minutes of this, I motioned to get up so I could see how her soaking wet pussy felt around my cock.

I paused for a second opening the bedside table’s cabinet to retrieve my extra-large Myone condoms so we could move on to the main event. However, Andrea stopped me saying she had a latex allergy and would prefer raw sex. I’d already had a similar argument the day before with Valentina, and was quickly noticing a trend that these Colombian girls wanted raw sex, at least when they liked you. I’m all for protected sex and have never asked for raw in my life outside of committed relationships but Andrea had me completely under her spell. So, I put the condom back before giving Andrea a long, slow kiss and getting on top of her in missionary bursa sınırsız escort bayan position. Her pussy was warm, tight, and wet as I slid in. She had no issues with my size and cooed appreciatively as I started thrusting. Andrea bucked up against me as I stroked in and out of her egging me on moaning “follame mas duro” (fuck me harder). I went on like this for a few minutes but thought “I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up”.

So after a while, sweaty and out of breath I flipped over onto my back and motioned for Andrea to climb on top of me. She eagerly complied getting up on her feet and bouncing up and down on my cock her C cups gloriously bouncing in time to our fucking. “Quiero que me ahorcas” (I want you to choke me) she moaned “me gusta mucho” (I like it a lot). I’d never choked a woman before and was a little taken aback but thought “hey what the hell”. So I wrapped my hands around her throat and squeezed as she started to grind her pubic bone against mine, which elicited a moan of approval on her part. I was careful with the choking, counting to 10 and stopping. After all, I didn’t want to end up with an asphyxiated 23-year-old Colombian webcam model in my apartment.

As she tired she suggested we switch up to a prone position with her on her stomach. I gave her ass a couple of smacks and pulled back on her hair as I stroked in and out of her pussy from behind. She seemed to love this position as she continued to exhort me with “follame mas duro” (fuck me harder). After about five more minutes in this position, I was beginning to get tired out and wanted to come. I’ve always had issues coming through sex and tend to finish myself off, though I have come a few times via oral sex, vaginal and anal. I fervently wished I could have come inside of Andrea at the moment since she was so stunning and I was having such a good time, but that just didn’t seem to be in the cards. So, I told her I was going to finish with my hand and that I wanted to come in her mouth. She eagerly lowered herself down beside me and began to lick the tip of my cock as I finished myself off. I signaled to her when I was about to come and she happily sucked me into her mouth slurping up my hot load. Afterward, she spit my load into the sink and washed up.

In the afterglow of that first round, we curled up together, cuddled, and talked some more. She asked if I wanted her to stay the night and I eagerly replied that I did. Needless to say, we had a couple more rounds of mind-blowing sex throughout the night getting up around three in the morning for a snack and drinks as well. I told her that I’d wanted to go to Cartagena this trip because I’d never been and she said she loved it there and knew it well. So on the spur of the moment, I invited her to go with me that weekend and bought tickets and a hotel for us both. I’d never done something like that before in my life. But I’d probably never had as hot sex as the sex I’d had with Andrea either, or had such an amazing first date. I think I’d never had such strong chemistry with a woman before, our banter was great and I felt comfortable with her instantly. So inviting her to travel with me to Cartagena just felt right.

Finally around seven in the morning, Andrea told me she had to leave to check on her kids and her sister. I sent her on her way back home in a taxi, a million thoughts racing through my mind. We texted the next day confirming plans for our trip to Cartagena. She told me “Se que estas viendo otras mujeres. Solo quiero ser la mejor de ellas” (I know that you are dating other women. I just want to be the best among them). It’s a line that stays with me to this day as I reflect on my time with her months later. Our trip to Cartagena as well as our future relationship is a story for another time. However, I still think that my night with Andrea back in January of 2022 ranks as the best first date I’ve ever had, though I’ve had a few other mind-blowing experiences with other amigas during later trips to Colombia as well. Those remain other stories to be told.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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