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Well, the deed was done. My lovely little wife had fucked her father and used her newly acquired sucking skills on him. It’s still unbelievable to me, how she can take a dick, the size of my forearm, into her throat like that.

Keith headed off to the shower, followed by Judy. No doubt, they showered together. Jeanne remained where she was. Her pussy was still gaping open with a little bit of blood at the bottom. No trace of cum could be seen because it was deposited deep into her womb.

I was startled by Deb running her hands down my chest and kissing my ear. “That was really somethin, wasn’t it?” She kissed my cheek and didn’t wait for me to respond. “I liked watching them almost as much as you two. My God! You were fuckin the hell outta Judy’ mouth and damn near had your whole hand in her pussy.”

I was so engrossed in watching Jeanne and her father that I didn’t realize what I was doing. I mean, I thought it was just, Judy taking care of me. Not me doing anything.

Deb pulled my head around and kissed me hungrily. “Can’t wait for our date.” Then she was gone.

‘Date? What date?’ I gathered my senses and went over to Jeanne, to find she had dozed off. I gave her a light kiss, covered her up and left her alone. Before Keith and Deb left, Deb said the video was Jeanne’ to do with as she pleased. But, what I was doing to Judy was on there too, and we should watch it.

“He was really doin you sis.”

“Yeah he was. And I loved it.”

Judy and I were having tea in the kitchen when Jeanne came in, wrapped in the blanket.

Holding her throat, in a low raspy voice, she said, “I over did it for my first time. Gonna have to be more careful, suckin that thing. And my pussy feels like a ball bat was shoved in it.”

We both chuckled, due to the sound of her voice and the look on her face. As she gingerly sat down, I got her some tea with honey.

After a few sips of tea, her voice cleared up. “Well, now I know, I can’t do that very often.”

“You really looked good, doing it. And you’re going to have to tell me all about how it felt.”

“Tell you?”

“Why, yes. I want to know how you felt. To see if you’re becoming a slut, like your sisters.”

“Don’t.” Jeanne swallowed and grimaced. Her throat, obviously hurting. “Don’t, call us that! Sluts don’t care about anyone, including themselves. We’re a family, just wanting to enjoy physical pleasures.” She grimaced again and held her throat. Talking was hurting.

“Yeah, you’re right Jeanne. And, once we break mother and get her away from what she was doing. We can all enjoy it.” Judy got up and went to kiss her sister. “You better go to bed now and get some rest. You’ve over done it.”

Jeanne smiled. “After my tea. … Honey, I want you, to come with me.”

Jeanne and I lay down and she draped herself across me. In less than a minute, she was asleep. Just as I was drifting off, Judy came in and told me she was headed home. Ronny and his friends had finished with Jewel.

Turns out, Jewel had been particularly mean to Ronny’ friends and he had to talk them into getting back at her through sex. When her punishment came up of having to serve him, he brought them in as part of it.

They were hesitant since they were married and didn’t want their wives finding out. But, when Jewel came in naked and knelt to suck them off, the games began. They really liked making her do what Ronny called, ‘Around The World.’ That’s one in the pussy, one in the ass and one in the mouth. Changing places, every couple of minutes. Mouth to pussy, pussy to ass and ass to mouth. Until they all cum.

During the finish of my month, it was just football games. In what was Ronny’ month, it became every sports event he could get them to come over and watch. During these events, Judy always came over and stayed with us.

Jeanne and Judy went and got new jewelry for Judy’ pussy. Jeanne said the girl at the shop was amazed at how many things they bought. I had the pleasure of cutting the hog rings and removing them from Judy’ pussy.

Fucking her without those rings as Jeanne sat on her face was great. No more painful bursa eskort metal objects as I slammed it home. It also seemed like Judy’ pussy was more responsive. But then, maybe, that was just a wishful figment of my imagination.

I was given the task of putting Judy’ new jewelry in place. By her order, I had to lick and suck her pussy, one minute, for each piece of jewelry. Since I had to move a couple of them around to balance things out. It meant, I ate her pussy for almost an hour. And all the while, Jeanne sat and caressed my head and neck.

Then, Judy produced a surprise. Somewhere, she had gotten the smallest damn locks, I have ever seen. She handed me the keys.

“Before I put these on. I want you to fuck me, until you can’t fuck anymore. If it takes the rest of the day, that’s fine.”

Jeanne and I looked at her in total surprise.

“OK, Sis! What’s up? What’s going on?”

“I told Ronny, if he didn’t back it down with mother, I was cutting him off. He didn’t. Instead, he stepped it up with his buddies. So, I’m locking this pussy and giving you the keys. And I want fucked good, first.”

Jeanne and I looked at each other, open mouthed.

“Go ahead, Honey. She’s askin for it.”

My dick twitched as I looked at Judy’ jeweled pussy. And, remembered the pain of trying to slam it home, against metal. I was more than willing to fuck her, but it was going to have to be slow and steady.

Jeanne kissed my ear, then, sexily whispered, “Go ahead. Fuck her til you can’t cum anymore.”

With one hand, Jeanne stroked my hardon. With the other, she pushed my ass toward her spread-eagled sister. It was an easy manipulation, cause my brains were in my dick, at that moment.

I could feel the heat from Judy’ pussy as soon as Jeanne touched the end of my dick to it. Judy closed her eyes as Jeanne moved my dickhead up and down to part her sister’ pussylips. Jeanne pushed lightly and my dickhead disappeared into the heat of Judy’ pussy. Judy moaned and squirmed.

Jeanne moved my dick up and down as she turned to kiss me. Her kiss made me throb. Just as she pulled from our kiss, Jeanne pushed on my ass and let go of my dick. I sank completely into Judy’ hot pussy and she moaned out, “YES! Oh, God, Yes. Fuck Me.”

I began slowly moving my dick in and out of Judy’ warm wet pussy, watching the rings and dangles move around. Jeanne moved away. I thought to leave us alone. I was wrong, and jumped as her arms came around me from behind.

She had taken her clothes off and I could feel her warm flesh press against me. Her tits and hard nipples pressing into my back as her hands caressed my chest and stomach.

Jeanne kissed my neck, then whispered sexily, “Isn’t she beautiful laying there? Holding her legs open for you. Her firm tits jiggling as your cock fills her pussy. She has a hot wet pussy, doesn’t she?”

Jeanne’ whispers, were maddening and made me shiver.

“Fuck her, Honey. Fuck her, knowing that her husband can’t have her pussy for a while. Fuck her, knowing you’ll have the keys, and he won’t. She’s giving you her pussy and denying him. Fuck her good.”

I couldn’t believe those few whispered wanton words, made me cum and cum, hard. I thought I was going to pass-out and hadn’t been thrusting more than five minutes.

“Oh my. She really milked ya fast, Honey.”

“It wasn’t her. It was you.” I said softly.

“Me-e! It’s my sister, your fuckin, not me-e.”

“Yeah, you. Your arms wrapped around me. Pressing against me, from behind and moving with me. Whispering in that wanton voice. Damn Right, You.”

I wanted to stop and recuperate, but Jeanne was still wrapped around me. Keeping us both fucking.

“Uh, uh. Keep goin honey. Show me what ya can do.” She kissed my back as her hands trailed down to my thighs.

She moved a hand to my dick and hooked her thumb around it. I started getting hard again. She kissed the back of my neck.

“Ye-ah, I knew you could do it. Now, give her another load.”

Moving her hand out of the way, Jeanne pushed hard from behind. Driving me all the way into Judy’ sloppy bursa escort bayan clenching pussy. That was the first time, I really noticed the strength of Judy’ vaginal muscles. If her pussy had a hard edge, she could cut a mans dick off.

I love Jeanne’ pussy, the way it feels and reacts. But, I have to say, Judy’ pussy is the most amazing of all of them. Besides being able to squeeze very hard, her uterus moves up and down as it seems to vibrate. Her pussy heats up while her uterus seems to burn. A mans dick doesn’t have a chance in Judy’ pussy. It will pull the cum out of him, whether no.

I was a puppet. Jeanne was fucking her sister with my dick. The forceful thrusts, slightly slower withdrawal and the rhythm were all Jeanne. And, Judy just kept moaning, while rolling her head around, as that amazing pussy of hers pulled load after load of cum out of me.

In two hours I came more times than I thought possible. It was all over both of us and yet, I felt like the skin was peeled from my dick. I don’t know how they, Jeanne, did it. Between sticking her finger in my ass and playing with my balls. And, oh yeah, holding while talking so nasty. I was kept hard, for this torturous fuck.

I passed out and the two women went for a shower. I don’t know how long they were gone, but Judy woke me up to watch her put the locks on her pussy.

“There! Only you can make this pussy available again.” Judy bent and kissed me. “I might be back for a few days. It all depends on Ronny.” Then she looked at Jeanne. “He’ll get his thirty days. … But, if he doesn’t straighten up … he will leave.”

As my eyes closed, Judy left. I didn’t wake up for several hours. I woke up in pain. Jeanne was holding my dick and it hurt like hell.

She softly kissed my dick and said, “Now you know what my pussy felt like after Daddy.”

I was out again. I woke up again, in pain. But, this time Jeanne was putting something on my dick, that had a numbing effect as she put it on.

“C’mon, ya big baby. I fixed supper.” Jeanne said after she kissed me.

I couldn’t believe how much that session with Judy took out of me. I felt starved, dehydrated, and weak as hell. I couldn’t get enough water and drank four glasses as I ate the best tacos, Jeanne ever made.

Thankfully, Jeanne didn’t want sex that night. There was no way I could do it if she did. We lay in each others arms and slept. I really love doing that, holding onto her and sleeping.

The next day, I went to work in pain. I wasn’t raw or anything, I just hurt. Especially my balls. They were swollen but not bruised and the least little movement sent a jolt of pain through me. When I got home from work, Deb and Judy were at the house. Ronny had to be dealt with.

But, first, Judy knew what she had done to me. And, she wanted me to spend a day in pain to remember it. She took a small tin from her purse and opened it. Immediately, we all recoiled from the smell.

“It’s terrible, ain’t it? But, this’ll work in less than an hour.”

“Oh, shit! I don’t want to smell like that.”

“Once it soaks in, the odor goes away.”

“Yeah, right! That shit’ll remove paint.”

“Don’t be a baby and get your pants off. You can put it on yourself or one of us can do it.”

“Me. Me. Me.” Deb chirped, smiling real big.

I striped from the waist down. I knew my balls were swollen, but I didn’t expect what I saw. My balls were huge. The skin was pulled tight and shined. They were slightly red but not bruised.

“Oh My! Maybe you better go to the Dr., Honey.”

“He could do that. But, he’d be better off doing it this way.”

“Look at ’em Judy! God, they’re getting huge!”

“Here’s what’ll happen if he goes to a Dr.. He’ll be sent to the hospital. They’ll stick a hypodermic needle in each testicle to draw off the fluid. He’ll probably pass-out from the pain, cause they can’t give him anything. He’ll be kept a few days, because they’ll have to do it again. And, he’ll run the risk of losing them from a staff infection in his sack.”

We were all looking at Judy with the same, görükle escort ‘That’s a fucking horror story,’ expression.

“Look, believe me! This way, he’ll be relieved in an hour and it’ll all be over by bedtime.”

I closed my eyes and lay back. “OK! One of ya, put that shit on.”

“Oh, one more thing. Once it’s on and warms up, you have to ejaculate.”

“What! Oh, it just gets better and better, huh Judy.”

“It’s better than going to a Dr..”

In a soft, soothing and sexy voice, Deb said, “I can do it. I can put the stuff on and get him off without hurting him.”

“How?” Jeanne asked.

“With a soft touch and my mouth.” Deb said, in the same soft, soothing, sexy voice.

“When he gets off, he’s gonna cum a lot, Deb. You sure about that?” Judy asked, seriously.

“Gimme that shit and quit talkin.” Deb said, irritated.

I closed my eyes, tight, and prepared for the pain. I barely felt her touch. As she coated my sack with that stinky salve, she grasped my dick with her free hand. Deb manipulated my dick and brought me to an erection, pain free.

As Deb played with the head of my dick, Judy asked if it was getting warm yet. It wasn’t.

“You have to ejaculate while it’s warm. As soon as you feel anything, let Deb know, so she can get you off. … And Deb. I’m serious. He is really going to shoot a lot. Judging by the size of ’em, more than half a cup.”

“Gettin him off is what counts, right? Not the amount.”

“Yeah, little sister, that’s right. But, I just want you to know, that, you’re gonna get more sperm in your mouth than you ever thought possible.”

“My nuts are getting warm.” I moaned.

Deb replaced her hand with her mouth and began slowly bobbing her head.

“Suck him deep, Deb. You gotta get him off quick.”

It wasn’t quick. I think Judy was just trying to spur her sister on. Deb sucked my dick beautifully. Careful not to bounce or touch my balls. My balls got hotter as she sucked, until the explosion of the most intense pleasure I’ve ever felt. All the pain and pressure were gone the instant of release.

I came so hard and so much, that it shot out of Deb’ mouth and sprayed my stomach. Deb tried gulping it down as fast as she could. Oh, it felt good. My stiff legs went together. Big mistake, I mashed my balls and passed-out. Thankfully, it didn’t affect Judy’ treatment.

When I opened my eyes a few seconds later. Deb was cleaning me up. Jeanne was washing my face with a cold cloth. And Judy was examining my balls and I could barely feel her touching them.

“He’s Ok, now. They released. He really should wear a diaper, cause he’s gonna drain a lot for a couple of hours. While his testicles slow down. The last guy, I know, this happened to. His wife saved it all. So she could make him drink it later.”

Man, did I ever feel better!

“We won’t be doing that again.” Jeanne said, looking at Judy. “Even if he did fuck mother when he wasn’t supposed to.”

“What the hell are you talking about!?”

“It was all on purpose.” Judy said smiling.

Then Jeanne added, “Make Ronny change and punish you for taking advantage of mother before you were allowed to.”


“You fucked her in the basement, that first day. And, we’re not putting up with that sort of thing, anymore. Everybody has to understand. It’s by the rules, or you get punished. No matter who you are.”

Then Deb spoke up. “And you may not know you are being punished, until you feel the pain.”

Jeanne kissed me. “Remember that, Honey. When we hurt you. It means, you have fucked up.”

It flashed through my mind. ‘In other words, these three sisters are in control.’

“When we meetin Daddy?” Deb asked.

“Oh, Shit! We need to leave.” Jeanne said looking at the clock.

“What’re you doin, now?”

“Ronny told me to ‘shut-up’ or I’d be next. So, we’re confronting him. To reign him in.” Judy said with a sad tone in her voice.

“Or?” Jeanne said, cocking her head.

Judy looked at each of us then looked down and mumbled. “He has to go.”

“That’s right! It’s going to be done, our way now!” Deb said forcefully.

Jeanne kissed me. “Relax and take it easy. Fix a pizza. We’ll be back later.”

I watched them leave. “I guess that’s it. The sisters are taking control and using their father as their muscle. Their even controlling him and I guess, me too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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