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Alexandra Daddario

Title. Dave’s education by sister Terri.

Synopsis. A brother is educated by his sister.

Dave had just turned 18, one of the last of his senior year to reach that age. High school was finally over, the holidays had just started. He’d graduated 4th overall and scored well over 1500 for his SATs. The world was his oyster.

Dave was 6’2″, a well-built guy in great physical condition with sandy brown hair, greyish eyes which sparkled. Dave was great at most sports and had been a first string player in a few of the high school sports teams. He was also a top-stream student. So, was neither, fully a jock, nor fully a nerd. He was also quite humble, very positive and kind, and a perceptive guy.

But at the moment. Dave was heartbroken. Maryjane had broken up with him as exams were about to start. He was also disappointed in himself. He could have done even better at his SAT exams.

He was beaten by Carol Smithers, Josh Ng, and Janie Myers. He knew he should have at least beaten Josh and Janie, had Maryjane not broken up with him and torn his heart apart.

A month prior to exams, Dave had been considering going to MIT or Caltech in a computer science program which he had already received good feedback of acceptance dependant on final SAT’s.

But he’d had an epitome of what his life could be like if he did that. He’d then chosen to go to the local college with his best friend Carl and stay at home with his mom. Then Maryjane went and broke his heart.

The good news was he and Carl had both already been accepted into the local college computer science master’s program, which meant, if they maintained grades during their undergraduate years, they’d automatically go into either the master’s or Ph.D. program.

He should have been celebrating and partying like most teenagers. But all he wanted to do was sloth around thinking about his loss. He’d loved Maryjane, who had exploded into his life a year and a half ago. She had opened him up to a world of fun and excitement.

Dave’s love had taken time to grow. He remembered MJ, as they all called her, laughing, which she did all the time. He enjoyed her love and celebration of life. She was fearless, daring, and fun. Her energy was intoxicating. But mostly, he appreciated her fun qualities.

He loved their little group that had formed, which he called the gang. It revolved around the sexy and attractive MJ but included the also super sexy and attractive Cynthia, the super quiet but also attractive Kim, and his best friend Carl.

He’d got to know the gang through Cynthia. He’d met her in the their sophomore year on a high school field trip. They dated once and he was thinking about asking her to be more involved with him and maybe his girlfriend.

But then Maryjane asked him out and almost immediately she became his girlfriend. She was so sexy and attractive, so confident and enthusiastic, who could say no. But now she was gone.

Maryjane had explained that she needed to be free to pursue her study when she went away to college. But really, he felt used. That she just didn’t need or want him anymore.

He was no longer a somebody, like a top-string sportsman. He was no longer a top stream student going to an ivy league university. He was now just Dave, going to the local college, and Maryjane wanted something more.

Dave was happy with his humble choice. His father was furious with it, but Dave no longer cared about his father’s opinion. His mom was secretly proud and pleased he’d still be living at home with her to keep her company.

The good news, his sister Terri was back from Princeton the following week. Dave loved both Terri and his mom, they were his two favorite people in the world, with whom he could truly share his hurt.

Dave’s Dad was on another contract solving the world’s energy problems and wouldn’t be home for another 6-12 months, not that it mattered to Dave. He’d never spent much time with his Dad anyway, so, Dave had no concept of what a relationship with him might be like.

The other good news was he’d also be going to college with Carl. They’d been best friends since elementary school. Dave had always protected Carl, and was rewarded with Carl’s fun and humour. That and they were both into the same things.

They also related on the fact that Carl’s Dad had also been missing in action on occasions. His Dad was a conman who while he had been quite successful, and that success had landed him in jail a few times as result, but he sure was fun to be around.

Carl was an average-looking guy with black hair and brown eyes. He was very built and very solid almost chubby, but he was quite short at 5’5″. Carl was also a top stream student, but not as highly ranked as Dave.

Where Dave had liked Cynthia, Carl liked Kim and had a crush on her for such a long time. Kim, Cynthia, and Maryjane, we’re also in the top stream student group as well, and similarly ranked to Carl.

Carl and Dave often couldn’t get two words out of Kim, she was so shy and quiet. She was genç gaziantep escort very good-looking but also so conservative in her style. Cynthia at least accepted her attractiveness and sexuality. She dressed modern and sexy, but she tended to always need to be hanging around either Kim or Maryjane and didn’t like being on her own.

Maryjane was attractive, sexy, and exuded sexuality. Dave was surprised she’d asked him out. He thought the football team boys would have asked her first, she was that attractive and sexy, and fun. However, now that he knew her, he supposed that wouldn’t have worked out either, as MJ was sharp as a tack, very bright and the present batch of football boys weren’t.

Dave had 6 whole weeks of holiday before his first class at college. Carl had a whole week before he went to his beloved computer camp for 4 weeks. So, Carl would be over at Dave’s house tomorrow to see him, and they’d continue on their ongoing supercomputer project which they had designed.

When they got together, Carl always found a way to get them both talking about girls, which for Carl was always about Kim, and Dave previously was about Maryjane. Carl would always cleverly steer the conversation and suggest both of them going on a double date.

In the past, generally they’d do nothing about it as Maryjane wasn’t into that. Now he wasn’t with Maryjane, so Dave hoped that it wouldn’t come up at all. He wasn’t in the mood for that discussion this time, nonetheless, he always found it hard to say no to Carl.

Dave thought to himself. If the discussion did come up, and he did agree to do that with Carl. While he was pretty sure he could actually go and get a girl for date, it was a case of who would he ask?

Dave was more of a relationship kind of guy. While he’d go on dates, it was always with the intention of ending up in a solid, loving and caring, sexual relationship. One night stands did not appeal to him.

If Cynthia hadn’t already left for her out-of-state college with Maryjane, it would have been a no brainer, and he’d ask her. But she’d gone already, so, she wasn’t an option.

If Carl wasn’t so into Kim, he could ask her out. Kim was also staying local and going to the same college. Dave thought Kim was super attractive, she had a stunning face and figure. He admitted to himself, he really liked her as well; not quite as much as he’d liked Cynthia, but he still liked her.

He knew she was bright, even though she never said many words. He always wondered if she, underneath all that shyness, was an amazing attractive, and normal sexual girl?

She also dressed like a nun, well, not exactly a nun, but like a conservative mother from the 50s. Dave knew Kim’s parents were religious and conservative, so, he tried not to judge her on that criteria.

Although Dave admitted to himself, he liked girls who were confident with their bodies and sexuality. Able to present themselves as sexy, and be actively sexual, as well as being communicative and fun.

Then there was the issue with Carl. Carl had liked Kim since the beginning of high school and would take umbrage thinking Dave was stealing his girl. Not that Kim was Carl’s girl. So, Kim wasn’t an option either.

He could ask Carol Smithers. She’d asked him out years ago, before Maryjane. They’d actually dated, but Dave found she only talked about college and getting into Harvard Law, and what she hoped her career would look like.

On their date, Carol got a bit drunk and admitted to being really attracted to Dave. She made it clear he could have his way with her, if he wanted. And while he was tempted, and needed something. He felt it would be wrong to take advantage.

He admitted, she was the only one who probably could’ve beat him academically. She was genuinely clever like him.

These days Carol had an attractive face, was nice and tall at 5’9″, and a great size 8 figure, although, she had smallish A-cup breasts. It was her nerdy and conservative outfits, and the rimmed glasses that let her down the most regards looks.

If she was to dress a bit more modern, and sexy, she’d be well above average and look much better. Although, she’d need to relax and be less intense, and that was not an easy fix.

Dave had heard, she’d got into the Harvard pre-Law, so her career was off in the right direction. While she didn’t leave for another week like most.

Dave thought it’d be a waste of time asking her out as they’d be separated, and she’d be focused on her study after that. He wanted something more than casual dates and sex. He really was a relationship kind of guy.

But Dave thought if Carl and I can avoid talking about girls, we’d have loads more fun this week, as Carl has the craziest and fun business ideas.

Carl’s dad had introduced an idea to Dave and Carl when they were younger, which Dave agreed and had taken to heart. You were more likely to succeed working for yourself than working for others. Dave’s dad worked gaziantep genç escort for someone else and had been all over the world, but never home.

Carl arrived the next morning. They went to town to buy some supplies for their new supercomputer. Carl had come up with a brilliant design that enabled a processor to operate much faster than comparable units, not overheat, and maintain a very healthy operating capacity.

Carl could build it, but he’d need Dave’s really clever code or operating system to make it functional. Dave was outstanding at coding. As per normal Dave would have to pay for all the parts and supplies, as Dave was the only one with any money.

Dave received a very significant weekly allowance from his father, but it was not what you think. Dave did not want a hand out from his father, he initially refused the allowance and went and got a job.

His father paid many contractors to do work around the house. But Dave often ended up fixing their work. Then Dave’s father had a brilliant idea.

If Dave did that work his father would pay him as he paid the others and he wouldn’t need another job. He’d pay much better than the other job.

Dave accepted the arrangement as he found himself having to do his job and fix everything up as well, and he earned twice as much. Dave earned every cent as he did not want to owe his father anything.

Other than cooking he had to do everything, rubbish, gardening, lawns, pool, spa, vacuuming, washing, car maintenance, house maintenance, and general tidying the house.

His mother never let him have a turn cooking, even though he often offered, she always thought that was her role, and felt that Dave did too much anyway.

Dave had his own car which he’d bought and done up with no assistance. It was now fairly decent, and worth more than he paid. The allowance allowed him petrol money and quite a bit of pocket money, which he saved for projects.

Carl had very little, other than a good mother and a very fun Dad. Carl had crazy ideas for starting a business, which was a lot like Carl’s Dad. Dave and Carl always had fun with Carl’s Dad who loved to recite stories of things he’d done.

Dave loved his stories. Carl’s Dad was a master hypnotist and had covertly hypnotize his targets and extort them for large quantities of money. He was quite successful at it, until he got caught that once, and in result he had done some serious jail time.

They still had not located all the money he’d taken. Carl’s Dad had enough money hidden, to make his life comfortable, not rich, so that he didn’t have to work. Carl’s mother loved Carl’s dad but didn’t want her Carl going down the same illegal path.

But Dave noted, when Carl’s dad spoke gently in her ear, she’d comply in an ever so slight automated way that was very difficult to detect. Dave perceived that she was hypnotized and obeyed Carl’s Dad. While Dave didn’t agree with it, he was careful not to judge as it seemed to benefit Carl and anything good for Carl was okay by him.

Carl also had his skills, many years ago, Dave gave Carl his old laptop, which Carl promptly took apart and enhanced it, better than a modern unit. Dave then got Carl to do the same to his new laptop.

Dave skills were primarily coding, hacking, and network and systems. He could design and fix hardware but nowhere as good as Carl. While Carl skills were primarily around hardware, he could manage networks and systems as well. Carl was proud of the team he and Dave made.

A year or so in the past, Carl had wanted Dave to hack into the local bank to see if he could. Dave always resisted, although, privately, away from Carl, he did it once. Dave did it just to prove he could. He took no money, and was careful not to leave a trace.

While he was in the bank system, he managed to very carefully open a credit card account. Thus, avoiding all the red tape and parental requirements for having one while being underage. This meant for the last couple of years he could buy products online himself rather than use his father’s credit card.

Which, when he always spent money using his fathers card. His father always used to call and ask what he had bought, even though Dave would pay him back immediately. Dave still had that personal credit card and still used it, even though he was now of age.

They spent the day changing their computer design, adjusting and improving it. It was slowly turning out to be exactly what Carl and Dave envisioned, as each actual and potential problem was overcome.

Carl wanted to be the next big computer company, but Dave was sensible enough to know that if it worked, they’d probably sell it to one of already big companies like Intel, HP, Apple, or Dell rather than fight the system. They’d still get a lot of money for it though.

Carl was back the next day and he talked about girls, as Dave have predicted. Carl wanted Dave to go around with him and help him pick up chicks, as Carl described gaziantep genç escort bayan it.

Most of Carl’s conversation was around ways of trying to talk Dave into getting Carl and Kim together. His best idea was through a double-date scenario.

Dave resisted, as he was over girls. He talked about missing Maryjane, which Carl lamented with him, but always tried to change the subject back to Kim.

Carl knew that Kim was also attending the local college, so he’d planned that they could all stick together next year. He knew Dave liked small groups and wouldn’t mind.

Carl talked about girls that Dave could date, so they could go on a double date tomorrow. Dave preferred an ongoing relationship over casual dates and sex. But he knew, you had to date to get a relationship.

Carl suggested, “What about Carol Smithers, Dave, you know she likes you?”

Dave replied, “She’s off to Harvard next week and she’s way too serious about a career, so, there’s no point.”

“Also, she dresses and behaves a bit too conservatively for me, I like girls that are sexy and comfortable to express it.”

Carl made a further suggestion, “What about Carmen Jacob’s?”

“She’s even said to you, she’ll do you, if you ever wanted?”

Dave replied again, “Yeah, she did.” Said smiling as he remembered.

“I have to admit that she’s super attractive and sexy as well.”

“But she’s not my type. I would have gone out with her at the time.”

“She’s not a great conversationalist. Unless you want to talk about how sexy she looks, her clothes, hair, even her lipstick, and nails if I remember correctly.”

“Carl, you know I’m more of a real relationship kind of guy, rather than just casual sex. I’d need someone, with the prospect of…”

Carl interrupted and made his last suggestion, before going home for the night, “Okay then, what about Janie Myers?”

“She’s clever, she beat you this year didn’t she. She’s on the debating team, so she’s got something you relate with.”

“I heard she’s heading to an in-State college, over in the next town. That, she’ll be living at home next year.”

“She’s attractive, a bit short at 5′, but that shouldn’t be a problem to you.”

“You also have to admit she dresses sexy, business-like, but still sexy, so what do you think?”

“You and her, me and Kim?”

Dave thought for a moment and then answered, “You know Carl, that could work.”

“She is a bit shorter, but I can’t see that as being a major problem.”

“But I’ve just broken up with MJ and I’m not the best company for girls at the moment.”

Carl replied in his normal enthusiastic and persuasive tone, “Come on Dave, the best way to get over a breakup, is to go out with someone else.”

Dave finally relented, “Okay Carl, you call Kim, and I’ll call Janie, we’ll hang out tomorrow, maybe go to the hole, and go on a date together, I’ll organize the details.”

Carl replied, “Yes!” doing a fist pump at the same time.

He then asked, “Dave, could you call Kim for me, you know her better?”

Dave answered, “Nope. That part you have to do all on your own.”

Carl replied, “Come of Dave, she’ll answer your call, she’ll come if you ask, you know that.”

Dave said, “This is all your idea, Carl, you can do that, just call her.”

With that, Dave took Carl home. On the way home, Carl did call Kim and asked if she’d like to come out with him and Dave tomorrow. Kim jumped at the chance. Carl’s words and tone implied it was more with Dave than him, which, Dave looked at Carl with a disapproving look, when the call ended.

Dave said, “Carl, not a good idea, Kim doesn’t like being misled. You should call her back and let her know what’s really going on.”

Carl answered, “Dave you do things your way, and I’ll do things mine.”

“The ends will justify the means when Kim finally falls in love with me, and we have wonderful sex together.”

Dave replied to that, “Oh well, on your head if it goes bad.”

Dave stopped at Carl’s house. Before Carl got out Dave called Janie. “Janie, hi, it’s Dave here. Hey, just wondered if you want to hang out tomorrow and then go on a date with me in the evening?”

“Full disclosure, Carl will be there with Kim.”

Janie replied over the phone, “Love to Dave what time do you want to pick me up?”

Then she asked, “What should I wear, what will we be doing, and where are we eating?”

Dave replied, “Woah, Slow down Janie. That’s a lot of questions.”

“To be honest, I haven’t thought that far ahead as yet.”

“I thought we’d figure it out during the day, although, I’d like to go for a swim at the hole.”

Janie, replied, “Don’t you worry, I’ll pack for all situations, and I have a new bikini that I’m dying to show off.”

Dave finished saying, “I’ll pick you at 12 pm tomorrow,” knowing she was a stickler for details and super organized.

Janie had done so well at school because she was so organized. They used to say behind her back that she scheduled her toilet breaks and farts. She had worked harder than anyone Dave had known.

She only beat him, because Dave had been so distracted at the final exams, he’d missed a whole question on an exam. Still, it was all done now, no point focusing on the past.

He politely hung up and said to Carl, “I’ll pick you up at 11 am, don’t be late, and don’t play your video games all night.”

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