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This story is intended for those over 18. If you have any thoughts that it may be someone you know the names have been changed to protect the guilty. This story is about two individuals who became much closer than probably either of them intended. They met when he she was in high school. Marie has since been married twice and has a couple of kids and Dean is still married although he and his wife do not have a relationship any longer. She does her thing and he does his. They just occupy the same residence and that is the end of that. On with the story:

Dean and Marie currently work together at the same job and they see each other every day. It has been an everyday thing where he goes down to where she is working and talks to her for about 15 minutes before the day starts. Everything that occurred between them started out innocently enough. I walked through her area one day and she told me to move and I didn’t quite move fast enough so she swatted me on the ass and told me to move. I told her to remember that because it would be her turn next. A few days later we were talking in the morning again as usual and she asked me if I wanted to go drink a few beers. I was more than delighted at that prospect and she told me she would pick me up around 7:30 and she showed up at 8. We went to the lake and stood around and visited for a time and enjoyed just being together. We talked about all the things at work and eventually the topic got around to sex. Marie told me that she was more like a guy when it came to sex. She wanted it as often as a guy did. At the time I wished I would have just said something but I did not because I did not want to ruin a good working relationship, however, since I was married to someone who I had not slept with in 5 years the prospects of course went through my mind very quickly. Unfortunately it got late enough that she had to take me home and when we got to my house we had a nice hug and a peck on the cheek as we parted.

When I got to work on Wednesday, Marie was standing right in the way where you pass through so I swatted her on the ass just like she had me. She turned around and I only replied that I told her it would be her turn. Time went on and we again went on another ride and this time we had a few more beers than the last time. We enjoyed our time together and when it was time for me to get out of the car we again shared a hug and brief kiss.

Marie was having some medical issues during this time and I was concerned for her as he would be for anyone but I was closer to Marie than I was to other individuals I worked with. Marie went in to have surgery and I took flowers over to her house and left them on the table. I did not leave a card but she had guessed correctly that they were from me. Everything went on the same way until a couple weeks after she had returned to work. I texted Marie and told her that if she needed anything while she was off to let me know or I would spank her cute little ass. She responded that I was funny, very funny. A week later she was to let me know when she left work and what time another co-worker had left the building. An hour after they should have left I texted her asking if they indeed had left the building. Marie texted back that she was very sorry that she had forgotten to let me know and that I could spank her the next time. Of course I took that as a note of encouragement, after all I am male.

Marie again invited Dean on another beer run and she showed up a half hour late but they had a great time just visiting and enjoying each other. When it was getting close to time to head back Dean decided it was time to see if he was reading Marie correctly or if he just got his signals crossed. Dean looked at Marie and said, “Before we have to head back I think there is one little issue that still remains to be resolved.”

Marie looked at Dean with a puzzled look and asked what they had forgotten. Dean of course replied “you forgot that you told me to spank you for not calling the other day and I thought that we ought to get that out of the way before we headed home.”

“I was kidding you brat and you know that, “came her quick reply.

Dean of course not to be left out of what he wanted said “I wasn’t kidding so get over here and lay over the hood of the car and let’s get this little matter taken care of.”

“You have got to be kidding me right” was Marie’s initial response to arcane izle what Dean had said.

“Do I look like I am kidding? Get your cute little ass over here and let’s get started.” Dean knew that Marie was into spanking at least marginally since she had made a comment on their first beer night that a spanking could always be good for you and might be fun as well. Marie started to walk towards the front of the car and then started looking around. “What if someone sees us out here,” was Marie’s biggest concern.

“You aren’t going to use that as an excuse since we are down a road that is a dead end and there is not a soul around, besides we could see anyone coming this way for over a mile so get over here and bend over the car,” Dean remarked smartly.

Marie causally started moving towards the front of the car and stopped at the passenger side fender. Once she reached it she leaned over and looked back at Dean and said, “Well if you’re going to spank me get it over with.”

Dean looked at Marie and told her “I would be more than happy to start spanking you but you’re not ready yet.”

“I am over the hood of the stupid car so what the hell else could you possibly want,” Marie replied with a bit of sarcasm.

“The smart mouth comments will only serve to get you either a longer or harder spanking or possibly both if you keep it up, I don’t intend to spank your pants so they are going to have to come off,” Dean replied.

Marie turned back around and said “I agreed to a spanking but I did not agree that my pants would come off for it you know, quit being an ass.”

Dean of course took this as a challenge and told Marie “since you are bound and determined to get a longer spanking you just lost your chance at keeping your panties on.”

Turning back to Dean again Marie said “I don’t plan on having to take off my panties either not that it’s any of your business, I am not wearing any.” “Now if you plan to spank me you just as well get started and my pants are your problem, not mine.”

Dean was salivating at the thought of Marie not wearing any panties so he moved behind her and put his left hand on the small of her back and slowly pushed her down over the hood of the car. Once she was where he wanted her his right hand came back and quickly down with a loud “smack” on her ass. Marie gave slight moan and Dean continued to deliver several more well placed slaps to Marie’s ass.

When Dean felt that she had been warmed up enough he again walked behind her and reached around her and placed his hands to the front of her jeans. “What do you think you are doing?” came a quick reply from Marie.

Dean of course laughed at her and told her, “You said that the pants were my problem so I am taking them off.”

Marie quickly stated “You know I don’t have anything on under these.”

“Of course I know you don’t and that is precisely why I am taking them off. Next time, don’t be so quick with your flippant little remarks.” “You might have gotten to keep your panties but I highly doubt it since I have wanted to see that cute little ass of yours for months now.”

Marie just lay back across the hood of the car and said “Well you might as well get started then but if you heat me up too much I am going to have to ask that you put out the fire.”

Dean moved back around Marie and opened the button to her jeans and then slowly pulled the zipper down. Once he had the zipper down he slowly pulled the jeans off of Marie revealing the cutest ass he had seen in his lifetime. “I must say that I am impressed with what is lying before me and I will take great pleasure in warming it up. I hope that I stoke one hell of a fire back here because I look forward to putting it out after I have finished with the spanking.”

Dean began again with the slow buildup on Marie’s ass only this time the spanks had a much better flesh on flesh sound to it. He continued to spank Marie and she started to move her ass around a bit and finally she was pushing her ass back towards his hand as he continued to spank her. Marie was beginning to enjoy what was happening to her and she urged Dean to continue her spanking only that she wanted him to use harder strokes.

“If you’re going to spank me at least hit me hard enough so that I know your back there”, came her curt reply.

Dean just smiled and started to really give her what she had asked for and aşk kumardır izle she began to move a great deal more and she kept thrusting back at his hand in response. Dean spanked her until her ass had gone from just a light pink to a nice crimson color. Marie was to a point where Dean knew that she had to be ready to climax from all the attention she was getting so he stopped the spanking for a bit and told Marie to spread her legs apart as far as she could get them.

Marie responded very quickly to Dean’s order and Dean slipped his hand from her ass down until he made contact with her very wet pussy. Marie moaned and urged him to continue what he was doing. “Is this how you want me to begin to put the fire out” Dean remarked suggestively.

He only received a quiet “yes sir” in response.

Dean quickly learned that Marie’s pussy was completely devoid of hair and it almost made him come at the thought. Dean’s cock was rock hard and it needed attention but Dean also knew that the best way to continue this little tryst was to show Marie that he was planning on pleasing her and he would do anything she asked of him.

“What you are doing is a great start but you have a long way to go to put out the fire that you started in me,” moaned Marie.

Dean replied “turn around and let’s set you up on the car”. Marie stood up and turned around and Dean helped her to sit on the edge of the car. Marie laid back a bit and was sitting up using her arms and elbows so that she could watch Dean. Dean then slowly started to kiss Marie on her inner thighs very lightly. He wanted to prolong this as long as possible since he truly wanted to please Marie. As Dean continued his light kisses to her thighs Dean slowly ran his hands up along the sides of her breasts. He eventually moved slowly under her shirt and caressed her breasts.

Marie was just lost in a haze at the way Dean was pleasuring her. Dean reached behind her and unsnapped her bra and lifted it over the tops of her breasts and slowly played with her nipples. Marie suddenly pushed at Dean’s head forcing him back a bit as she sat up. In a flash her shirt was over her head and her bra went through the air onto the windshield. “Okay buster get right back to where you were a minute ago, you have a job to finish” Marie offered breathlessly.

Dean again lowered his mouth to her waiting pussy and began a slow manipulation of her clit as his hands began to caress her breasts. Feeling that Marie needed some added stimulation Dean lowered his right hand down to her pussy and slowly inserted his index finger into her as she let out a slow “hmmm”. Dean moved his mouth up and took Marie’s right nipple into his mouth as his left hand continued to caress her left breast. Dean continued his manipulations of her breasts switching from left to right as he slowly added another finger to Maries already soaked pussy.

Marie continued to enjoy Dean’s manipulations and then suddenly felt him plunge his tongue into her open gash as far as he could go. Dean also started to hum so that the effects could be felt through her pussy and onto her clit. This started to drive Marie crazy and she told him “I will give you about a week to stop that,” as she lay back onto the car. Since this made it more difficult for Dean to reach her breasts Dean reached under Maries legs and spread her apart even farther allowing himself further access to her quivering pussy, and he placed her legs up over his shoulders. Dean continued to please Marie and then lowered his tongue down across her taint and over the top of her asshole causing a gasp from Marie in the process.

Dean was hoping he was onto something when he heard the gasp and he left his tongue on her asshole for a bit longer swirling his tongue around her anal opening. Dean finally shoved his tongue slowly into her as far as he felt he dared and then slowly removed it working his way back up across her taint and along the edges of her pussy. He continued to slide up and down over her pussy using his tongue in broad, flat, slow strokes.

Marie was getting very close to reaching her orgasm as Dean sucked her clit into his mouth and aggressively twirled his tongue around her nub until her hips started to shake and rise up from the car. Dean continued until Marie finally said “That was amazing but I need you to stop for a minute so I can catch my breath.”

Dean aslında özgürsün izle stood up slowly and looked down on her as she lay there with her chest pumping up and down. Marie was pinching her nipples and pulling on them as she realized what had just happened. “You have not even tried to fuck me, so I expect that you are waiting for me to recover so you can have your way with me I see” Marie remarked in jest.

Dean only shook his head back and forth and grinned at her as he said “you missed it that time little brat I was not waiting to fuck you, I was waiting until it was what you wanted and not what I wanted.”

“It’s kind of obvious that it’s what you wanted from the looks of the front of your pants, and I am not a brat.” Replied Marie

Dean looked lovingly into her eyes and then slowly dropped his pants and shorts to the ground. Marie grabbed ahold of his dick and slowly started to slide up and down using his precum to lubricate his shaft. Marie continued for a few minutes and then got down off the car and turned around and offered herself to Dean by placing the tip of him into her pussy while looking over her shoulder she told him to get busy with a grin. Dean thrust into Marie as she gave a huge sigh and they continued with a strong steady pace until Dean told her he was close.

“Please come in me” Marie said breathlessly and Dean erupted with several spurts of come into her awaiting pussy. Dean reached over Marie and hugged her for a bit while he continued to play with her nipples. Marie finally said, “haven’t you had enough already” as she started to laugh.

Dean replied “Oh I have several things I would love to explore with you and some of them may be a bit kinkier but this was a great way to start.” “I only have one or two more things left to finish before we are through.”

Marie looked back at him quizzically and he turned her around and dropped to his knees. Dean’s mouth went to her wet pussy and he began to lap at her with a smile on his face. Dean pulled away just long enough to smile and say “the job isn’t finished until I have you cleaned up.”

Marie did not know what to say, she just enjoyed what Dean was doing to her. After a bit she looked at Dean and said “you told me you had one or two more things to do before we finish so what was the second thing?”

Dean stood up and turned Marie around and bent her over the hood of the car again causing Marie to wonder what he was doing. Dean asked her to turn around and look at him when he said “you remember you told me that you would be here at 7:30 this evening to pick me up.”

Marie just nodded her head up and down as Dean’s hand went back and came down hard on her ass. “What the hell was that for, that hurt you ass”.

“Well I was going to give you one smack for each of the five minutes you were late but since you decided to call me an ass I am going to double it” Replied Dean.

Dean continued to give Marie the other eleven strokes from his hand in rapid succession as he again watched her cute little ass turn back to a much more pleasing red color, at least to him. “I hope that the next time we go out for a little road trip you will be on time, unless of course you want to be late and then I will of course have to punish you in some way or another,” as his eyebrows rose and a smirk went across his lips.

Marie rose from the hood of the car and they both began to get dressed since they knew it was time to go back. They got into the car and Marie drove him back to his house. As Dean was getting out of the car he gave her a very warm and heartfelt kiss across her lips and told her he hoped that on one of these excursions they could escape and go camping or something to just get away together.

Marie looked at him and said “Oh I think you can count on that buster and just so you know I plan to be late, what are you going to do about it.”

Dean looked at her and said “that my little brat you will have to look forward too. I have a bag full of tricks I’m just dying to try.”

Marie replied “Oh you’re not the only one with a bag full of tricks sweetheart.”

Dean just smiled and gave her another quick kiss and told her that he would see her at work on Monday.

“Oh you will see me at work on Monday alright, and I will pick you up after work at 7:30 and bring your bag of tricks cause I am going to be late you know.”

Stay tuned to further episodes of Dean and Marie in: Dean and Marie pt. 2- His Bag Full of Tricks

This is my first competed story and I hope you have enjoyed it. Please leave me feedback either good or bad since I am not afraid of constructive criticism. Thanks, Dean

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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