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Deep and Lovely Dark – Chapter 8

Lisa awoke early in the morning. Smiling to herself as she remembered the events of the previous evening. She looked at herself in the mirror and giggled, seeing dry cum on her face. She went the the bathroom to wash then went downstairs. When she walked towards the kitchen she froze. Hiding around the corner, she saw Vlad leaning against the kitchen side. Rachel was on her knees, her hands on her lap with Vlad’s dick in her mouth. Lisa stood there and watched. She felt herself becoming very horny and slipped her hand into her panties stroking slowly.

Rachel bobbed her head on Vlad’s cock gagging. Vlad was moaning and grunting as he grabbed the back of Rachel’s head. Pulling her head into him, Vlad felt his climax quickly coming. “AAAAH YES SUCK MY COCK SLAVE”. Rachel was happy to obey and sucked with everything she had. She felt his cock hit the back of her throat and had to avoid choking. Vlad grabbed her head with both hands and began fucking Rachel’s throat. “Ooh shit I’m cumming AAAAAHHH!”. Rachel felt a sea of Vlad’s cum flood her mouth. Still on her knees Rachel looked up at Vlad with a mouthful of cum and smiled before gulping it down. “You may stand now slave!” Said Vlad. “Thankyou master!”. Rachel stood and sat at the table. Vlad sat opposite her and began reading the morning paper.

“Looks like I missed all the fun!” Said Lisa entering the kitchen. “Sorry Lisa he’s all mine this morning” said Rachel winking. Lisa knew she was just teasing but felt herself getting jealous. She shrugged it off and sat at the table kissing Vlad on the lips so that Rachel could see. Unfortunately Rachel was paying more attention to her phone which made Lisa angry. Vlad stood up and grabbed his coat. “I’ll be back later!”. Said Vlad. “Where are you going?” Asked Rachel. “To work!”. “you have a job?”. “Course I have a job I didn’t just acquire all my possessions. I own a business”. “oh well ok then bye”.
Vlad had been gone 20 minutes, Lisa and Rachel sat in the kitchen making small talk. Talking about how Vlad and Rachel met, about Eckhart and everything. Lisa tried to remember what had happened that night but it was kind of a blur. Rachel explained everything about Vlad. Lisa never interrupted. She listened closely and never blinked. As soon as Rachel retold what had happened to Lisa, the fog started to clear. Lisa began to remember the intruder. The way he fucked her, and the way he almost killed her.

When she started to remember the events of the previous evening. Thinking of submitting to Vlad and Rachel. Her pussy became wet and Lisa’s hand crept into her panties. Sex hikayeleri Stroking slowly Lisa closed her eyes and tried to think of Vlad. “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!!!” Rachel nearly screamed. Lisa jumped out of her daydream and pulled her hand back. “Mistress I was thinking of Vlad” Lisa said quietly. “Well slut, Vlad isn’t here I am. You don’t touch your pussy unless I tell you to. Got it?” “Yes mistress sorry. Please can I touch my pussy?” “You horny little bitch” said Rachel. “Master left me in charge of you, you’ll do whatever I say! Now get under the table and eat my cunt!”. “yes mistress!”. Lisa slid under the table and pulled Rachel’s pants down to her feet. As soon as Rachel’s pussy was accessible, Lisa dove in with her tounge licking up all the juices she could get. Rachel sat there finishing her coffee as I nothing was happening. Lisa began to finger Rachel’s pussy while licking her clit. Rachel started to tremble and her breathing became rapid. Anyone not aware of what was happening would think she was having and asthma attack. Lisa ran her tounge up and down Rachel’s pussy. Rachel began to shake as she closed her legs around Lisa’s head. Her hands took hold of Lisa’s hair, holding her. “hhhmmmm yeah! Oooooooh yeah don’t stop suck my clit slave!”. Lisa was happy to oblige as she locked her mouth over Rachel’s clit and began sucking. Rachel nearly fell out of her chair as her orgasm overpowered her. Rachel kicked Lisa away and sat spasming in her chair.
After Rachel had regained herself, she saw Lisa kneeling on the floor beside her with her hands on her lap. “Stand!” Rachel demanded. “Yes mistress” Said Lisa standing with her hands behind her back. Rachel walked up to Lisa and ripped her shirt open. Buttons flew across the kitchen as Lisa’s tits hung free. Rachel groped Lisa’s tit and began sucking on it. Lisa closed her eyes and licked her lips while she moaned. Rachel slipped her hand into Lisa’s panties and started stroking. “Don’t you dare cum slave!” Said Rachel sternly. “I won’t mistress!” Said Lisa. Rachel continued to run Lisa’s pussy in a circular motion. Lisa felt her orgasm building within her. She fought the need to cum but being a good slave for her mistress was making her too horny to hold back. Rachel felt Lisa getting wetter. Her moaning was getting heavier. The stimulation that Lisa was getting from her tits being sucked and her pussy being stroked, made her a ticking bomb.
Lisa couldn’t hold it much longer, she had to cum. She pleaded “Mistress please can I cum please Aaaaah aaahh Aaaaah! PLEASE LET ME CUM!!!” Rachel showed no mercy as she looked up at Lisa with cruel eyes Sikiş hikayeleri and said “Not yet!”. Lisa’s frustration broke her focus and her body took advantage as she exploded in her biggest orgasm ever. She squirted all over Rachel’s hand. Rachel had secretly hoping that lisa would disobey her. She wanted a reason to punish Lisa like the slut she was. Now she had one.

“I told you not to cum!” Said Rachel in a fake angry voice. “I’m sorry mistress, I couldn’t help it!” Lisa pleaded. “I don’t care you need to be punished!” Rachel sat in her chair and pulled Lisa over her lap. Rachel yanked Lisa’s panties down and squeezed her ass. Then in one quick move spanked her. Lisa jumped and squealed. Rachel smiled and spanked her again, prompting another squeal from Lisa. She spanked Lisa again and again. Lisa was not enjoying this. The pain was too much. Her ass cheeks were burning. A tear ran down her face. But her pussy was practically glistening wet. Rachel stroked each ass cheek before smacking it. “What are you slut?” Asked Rachel. “I’m a bad girl mistress!” Lisa squealed as another smack landed on her ass. “What are you?” Rachel asked again. “A bad girl!” Lisa said louder. “Why?” Asked Rachel. “Because I came without permission!” Rachel continued spanking while she interrogated Lisa. “Are you enjoying this?” “Yes Mistress I love being spanked!” Said Lisa assuming that’s what she was supposed to say. “Well that’s no good, this is supposed to be a punishment!” Rachel pushed Lisa off her and stood. She pushed Lisa down, bending her over the table. “Don’t you move!” Through fear of being spanked again, Lisa obeyed as Rachel left the kitchen. She returned a minute later with the black dildo from the previous evening.

“What if I stick this right in your tiny asshole?” Asked Rachel with a devious smile. “MISTRESS PLEASE NO! I CAN’T TAKE ALL OF THAT IN MY ASS!” Lisa begged. “Tough!” Said Rachel. She walked over to Lisa and pushed the dildo against Lisa asshole. Lisa’s eyes were watering and she started to scream at the intrusion. After a few seconds, Rachel had the whole thing in Lisa’s ass. Giving her no time to adjust, Rachel began fucking Lisa’s ass with the dildo. The two naked women stood in the kitchen fucking each other in turn. Rachel’s big tits hung free, jiggling as she rammed Lisa’s ass with the dildo. Lisa was beginning to adjust to the size and started to enjoy it. Her screams turned to moans. “Mmmhhhh oh! Oooooh! Oooooh fuck! Shit it’s in my ass!” Lisa moaned loudly. Rachel smiled and began to fuck her ass faster. Once again Lisa felt herself cumming. “Mistress please can I cum!” Rachel stopped Erotik hikaye for a moment and said “Yes! Now you can cum!” Lisa wasted no time as she rocked back and forth on the dildo. Her legs became weak and they started to shake. Seconds later she erupted, squirting all over Rachel. Her panting and shaking told Rachel that she was done for the day. But she wasn’t gonna let her off that easy. Rachel grabbed Lisa’s hair and pulled her off the table.

Lisa nearly fell to the floor as she still had no strength in her legs. Rachel stood leaning again the kitchen counter. “Eat my cunt! You better make this a mind blowing orgasm!” Lisa crawled over to Rachel and raised herself to Her pussy. She gently licked Rachel’s pussy a few times to tease her. “Get on with it slave!” Rachel demanded. Lisa locked her mouth around Rachel’s clit and sucked on it while she licked it with her tounge. The sensation hit Rachel like an electric shock as she threw her head back and nearly screamed. “AAAHH Oooooh shit! Your a good cunt muncher!” Lisa didn’t respond as she continued sucking Rachel’s clit. Rachel began twisting her nipples While using the other hand to support herself. “Ooooooooh Fuck! That’s good!” Rachel couldn’t believe how good this felt, it reminded her of her college days with her room mate. That memory mixed with the sensation pushed her over the edge as she filled Lisa’s mouth with cum. Rachel slid down to the floor next to Lisa and they spent the next few minutes kissing.

Rachel was the first to her feet. She pulled Lisa to her feet and guided her to the bedroom where they slept together. They held with each other, enjoying each others warmth.

Vlad sat at his desk, going through paperwork. He didn’t involve himself with his employees if he could help it. Whenever he went to work he spent the whole time in his office. He never spoke to anyone except his secretary over the phone. Vlad pulled his desk draw open and fished out a small vial of blood. He gulped it down and sighed at how little it affected him. Suddenly his phone rang. He looked at it and saw it was an unknown number. He answered it saying “Hello!” “Dracula!” Vlad’s eyes went wide as he recognised his enemies voice. His lack of response mad Eckhart chuckle. “How’s the slut!” Asked Eckhart. “Dead!” Vlad lied. “Shame! She was a good slut! But hey! She tasted good!” Said Eckhart laughing. “I’m coming for you!” Said Vlad seriously. “I’ll put some coffee on!” Said Eckhart laughing as he hung up. Vlad’s anger grew as he crushed the phone in his hands. He then broke his desk as he slammed his fist into it. Eckhart was brilliant as he was devious. If he knew where to find Vlad then he knew where to find Rachel. “RACHEL!” he said aloud as he transformed into a swarm of bats and smashed out of the window flying away.

Chapter 9 Coming soon…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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