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On Friday night, Lenny Post walked into The Rodeo, a gay pickup bar where he was well-known. He had an itch his dildo couldn’t cure so he was looking to find the most well-hung stud he could. He enjoyed sucking cocks but there were some times when what he needed more than anything was for his ass to get a good cramming and this night was one of those times.

“Hi, Lenny. What’ll it be?” asked Pete the bartender.

“White wine, Pete. Any action going on tonight?”

The friendly bartender leaned forward in a conspiratorial manner and pointed to a young man a little way down the bar. “See that tall blond-haired dude in the green jacket? I hear he’s really hung and he’s here by himself tonight.” Pete was more than a bartender; he was also the unofficial matchmaker in the bar – some might have called him a pimp – but there was hardly ever money involved and he was good at it and earned the large tips he usually received.

“Thanks, Pete. What’s he drinking? Send him one on me.”

As Lenny watched, the affable bartender poured a drink and walked down the bar and set it down in front of the blond man. Seconds later, he turned and pointed at the man who was paying for it. Blondie raised his glass in a toast and Lenny responded in kind. After taking a sip of his drink, the tall man went over to join the man who had indicated a desire for his company.

“Hi,” he said as he offered his hand. “Thanks for the drink. My name’s Tom.”

Lenny shook the proffered hand and introduced himself, also just using his first name. “You’re welcome. I don’t remember seeing you here before. Do you come here often?”

“Only when I want to get laid.”

“Oh? What’s your pleasure?”

“I’m strictly a top, Lenny. I like nothing more than to get on top of a cute gay guy. Like you. And ream his ass until we both come. I’ve got the equipment to do it too.”

“Is that right? I think we can come to a mutually beneficial understanding.” Lenny ordered two more small glasses of wine.

“Thanks but I better make this the last one. A couple of drinks gets rid of any inhibitions I might have had but with too many, I can’t get it up.”

“Me too.”

Both men finished their drinks and faced each other, with either of them liking what he saw. Besides his height and long blond hair, Tom had blue eyes and a fair complexion. He was wearing tight blue jeans and, under his green jacket, was a blue flannel shirt, unbuttoned at the top with a wisp of curly blond hair peeking out. Lenny was shorter, with dark curly hair and clear skin and was also wearing jeans but he had on a gold silk shirt.

His new companion seemed to be exactly what he had come to The Rodeo to find and Lenny took the plunge. “Well, Tom, my place or yours?” he asked.

“My place is just a little hole in the wall so I’d rather go to yours.”

That place was a two room apartment but it was kept perfectly clean and there was a double bed. “Okay. My pad is just down the street.

He paid for the drinks and left a tip that was twice as much as the tab. If the evening turned out the way he was hoping, it would be easily worth it. The two men left the bar and walked the short distance to his apartment house. Lenny opened the front door and they rode the elevator to his floor where he led Tom down the hall, opened the door and invited his Ankara escort new friend in to join him.

Both men were there for the same reason and neither was coy about it. Lenny escorted his visitor into the bedroom where they stopped beside the bed and turned down the top sheet and blanket so only the bottom sheet would be used. On that warm night, no cover was needed and they both preferred the cool, smooth feel of a cotton sheet against their bare skin. With the bed ready, they began preparing each other, unbuttoning shirts and stripping off them and Tom’s jacket and hanging the clothing on the back of a chair.

“Sit down here,” Lenny instructed the tall man, who sat on the edge of the bed.

Kneeling between the legs of Tom, Lenny untied his shoes and removed them and his socks. It was time for the great unveiling, as he had started thinking of it, and he unbuckled his new friend’s belt, unfastened the button at his waist and pulled down the zipper of his fly. Hooking fingers inside the waistline of the tight jeans, he started to tug on them. Tom helped by rising from the bed so they could be pulled around his ass and down to his knees.

Lenny gazed raptly at the huge cock that appeared to him. The massive tool was still covered by jockey shorts but it was almost fully erect and was bulging the fabric so much it was threatening to tear a hole in it. Still mesmerized at the thought and the sight of what he was going to get stuffed into his ass, he finished pulling off the pants of the owner of the huge cock and tossed them aside. He was careful about working the elastic waistband of Tom’s underwear around his erection and, when they had been tossed aside to join his jeans, the magnificent specimen was free to jut into the air. Lenny tried to hold it in his right hand but could only get his fingers half-way around its girth.

As he likes to do, Lenny licked up the shaft and under the ridge that encircled the head. When he tried to get the huge cock inside his mouth, he could only take the first few inches of it, making deep-throating an impossibility. He didn’t mind that; he hadn’t brought Tom home to suck him off anyhow, and he let his partner of the night know what he wanted.

“I’d really love to get this big dude in my ass.”

“Well, so would I.”

Lenny sat on the floor and removed his shoes and socks, then stood up to unfasten his pants and push them and his underwear to the floor so he could step out of the garments and kick them away. His cock was hard too but his erection was nothing compared to what would soon be plowing in and out of his ass. Naked, he stepped over to the dresser and removed a super king sized condom and a plastic squeeze bottle of lubricant which he handed to Tom. With those details taken care of, he lay down on the bed with a pillow under his waist and reached back to spread the cheeks of his ass.

Tom had fucked enough men in their asses to know what to do next. First, he rolled the condom onto his erect organ because he knew about the ravages of AIDS and STD’s and didn’t want to take any chances. With his cock prepared, he got Lenny ready, prying open his ass and holding the tip of the bottle of oil against the tight hole he was momentarily going to be fucking. He squeezed in a big dollop of the lube, capped the bottle and set it aside in case he would need more Ankara escort bayan of it later.

Lenny could never get tired of having his ass made ready for fucking as Tom was doing it and he squirmed in delight when he felt the cool, oily lubricant squirted deep into him. Even better was the middle finger inserted to spread the lube evenly. It was no more than a sample of what would be stuffed into him back there but it felt good just by itself. Once the finger had been removed, he knew Tom had completed the preparation of his ass and he was seconds away from getting the biggest cock he had ever seen plowing into his.

Once again, Tom pried open the tight hole, using his left hand while his right hand held his cock, which he had covered with lubricant. He moved the tip up and down against his target to spread the oil a little better and to make a slight penetration before thrusting forward to wedge the head into his partner’s ass, which was already squirming in impatience and anticipation.

“Ooooo!” Lenny exclaimed happily. “Ooooo, god, that’s good!”

It felt great to Tom too because the ass in front of him was tight but oily and snugly enclosed the head of his cock. To a man hung the way he was, all asses were tight. He thrust forward a second time and almost two inches of his thick shaft burrowed into Lenny, eliciting another blissful moan. His cock was in far enough that he no longer needed to guide it so he wiped his hands on the sheet and placed them on the other man’s hips. On the next thrust, he pulled back at the same time and three inches of his thick shaft forced its way into the pink hole that wanted it so badly.

Lenny’s ass was being stretched open as it had never been stretched before and bolts of extreme delight were rocketing through his body. Even better, Tom’s cock was starting to massage his prostate gland, sending another kind of joy surging into him. He moaned from the exquisite pleasure of the combination and asked for more.

“Give it to me! Give me that big cock.” His body was squirming and his feet were kicking the mattress as he urged Tom to fuck him harder and deeper.

The top was totally in favor of that idea because, the deeper he plunged his cock into some guy’s ass, the better it was for him. Lenny continued to hold his cheeks apart so Tom leaned over him, clutched his shoulders for even better leverage and continued ramming his cock forward until he could feel the inside of the other man’s buttocks with every thrust. Having made full penetration, he began a long, slow fucking of his partner.

As the huge cock plunged in and out of his ass, Lenny’s body writhed in bliss on his bed. Everything about it felt good, from the extreme stretching of his hole to the expansion of the attached channel and, especially, the way the long, thick shaft was constantly massaging his prostate gland. It may very well have been the best fucking he had ever gotten and he wanted more.

As good as it already was, Lenny knew how to make it even better. “Let me get up on my knees,” he suggested.”

After Tom drove his cock into him so far pubic hair was tickling the insides of his ass cheeks, Lenny placed his hands on the mattress and pushed himself up. Tom had moved his hands back to the soft, white hips of his partner and he pulled at the same time. When they reached the Escort Ankara position desired, the bottom man was on his knees with his hands supporting his upper body and the top was kneeling directly behind with his hands on Lenny’s hips and his cock buried in the ass that had been giving him so much pleasure. They stayed like that for a few seconds before Tom slowly drew his cock most of the way out.

After a brief pause, he drove it all the bay back in. Lenny moaned and pushed back from the bed, meeting Tom halfway and taking every inch of the big shaft deeply into his ass. When he stopped driving forward, the blond man’s legs were pressed against the ass he was fucking. The next stroke and the many more following that were just as great for both men.

From the sexual delights he was receiving, Lenny’s cock was almost as hard as the one plowing in and out of his ass. He had been supporting himself on both hands but he bowed his back and leaned forward so only his left forearm was bearing the weight of his upper body. This also gave Tom a better target for driving his cock into the ass in front of him. Lenny’s right hand was wrapped around his own cock and he started stroking in rhythm with the bigger organ that was cramming his ass so well.

Excruciating pleasure inundated his body from the stretching of his ass and the massaging of his prostate and the thrills from what his own hand was doing. Lenny knew he was no more than minutes from his climax so he spoke to his partner.

“I’m ready to come, Tom. Really fuck me hard now.

The taller man was more than happy to do what was wanted because his own climax was bubbling up inside him and was on the verge of exploding. He shifted his knees slightly, took a tighter grip on Lenny’s hips and started plowing his cock into his ass harder and faster and just as deeply. The man in front of him moaned and sobbed in bliss and kept stroking his own cock at the same pace.

“Oh! Ah!” Lenny exclaimed as his climax exploded and he squirted a big gob of semen onto the bed. He didn’t stop and his hand kept pumping until he had ejaculated twice more and started to fall forward.

Tom still clutched the other man’s hips and followed him down until he was lying on top. Once there, he pounded his cock into Lenny’s ass and his own climax, which had been mounting like a geyser preparing to erupt, let loose and filled his condom with his juices.

After the two men had finished climaxing, they lay in a happy pile with Lenny on the bottom, stretched out in his puddle of cum. Tom stayed on top, with his weight supported mainly on his knees and hands until his cock became soft enough to be carefully pulled free of the bottom man’s ass. Getting to his feet and taking a Kleenex from a box on the dresser, he wrapped his cock in it so he would be able to keep his hands clean while he peeled off the befouled condom. With that done, he went to the bathroom and flushed it away.

When Tom returned, Lenny was sitting on the bed and he looked with lust at the big cock that had just given his ass such a fabulous time. “That was great,” he said. “But I hope we’re not through for the night.”

Tom sat beside him. “I hope not too. You know, my cock will be hard again in a half hour or so but, if you want to make it a bit sooner, you know what to do.”

He did, indeed, know what to do. Avidly, he got to his knees in front of Tom, who spread his legs for what he knew was about to be happening. Lenny took the big, semi-hard cock in his hand and his tongue and lips started to prepare it for some more great fucking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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