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I was driving along a long stretch of desert highway, all alone, with nothing much to do. The heat of the day had long since drove me to remove my bra and panties. I pulled my wavy brown hair up into a ponytail because the air conditioner had gone up on my ’69 Nova. Sweat had begun to bead up in my cleavage. The next town was an hour away but you wouldn’t know it with the lack of cars on the road.

The station that was playing on the radio had begun to cut out and there was more static than music. I reached down to change the station and heard a loud pop and the car swerved to the right. I slowed down and pulled to the side of the road. The right front tire had popped and I didn’t know how to put on the spare.

A few minutes later the sound of a vehicle approaching caught my attention. Much to my surprise it was a blue and white tow truck. I jumped up and down trying to flag it down. The truck pulled to the side of the road in front of my car.

A Native American man jumped down out of the truck wearing mechanics coveralls and work boots. My eyes took in his six foot frame, long black hair and reddish brown skin and a tingle filled my body. His muscles were bulging under his dirty work clothes.

As he approached me he flashed a beautiful white smile and gave a slight nod, “Ma’am do you need some help?” I smiled like a school girl but my body never felt more like a woman. “I have a flat tire. I have a spare but I don’t know how to change it. Could you help me?” I said.

“It would be my pleasure. Do you mind if I pop your trunk?” He asked.

I beylikdüzü escort looked him up and down, undressing him with my eyes, “Why not at all, sir.”

“My name is Daniel,” he said offering his hand.

“I’m Rachael, nice to meet you.” His hands were strong and manly.

Daniel leaned into the car and pulled the lever for the trunk. He lifted the spare out and propped it up against the back bumper. I studied his every move and the way every muscle flexed and relaxed. He didn’t have any idea what he was doing to me or maybe he did. He finished the job but stayed squatting down beside the car.

I moved close enough to him that I could smell his scent. He looked up at me slowly taking in my shape with those soulful brown eyes and smiled. Looking back at him and batting my green eyes I said, “I wish there was some way I could repay you.” He stood up only inches from me and said, “I could probably think of a way, if it would make you feel better.”

“I am sure it would make me feel incredible.” I responded. At that moment he backed me up against the car and kissed me hard. A cool light rain began to fall. I unzipped his coveralls and pulled them off of his arms. He wasn’t wearing a shirt underneath because of the heat. It was just as well my hands wanted to feel the hardness of his chest.

Daniel slid his strong hands under my shirt and pulled it off over my head and ripped my bra from my body, bringing his lips to my neck and nibbling ever so softly. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around beyoğlu escort his waist. Daniel carried me to the hood of my car and sat me down. The rain felt good against my hot skin. His tongue found my erect pink nipples flicking them quickly.

The kisses continued between my breasts and down my stomach. Using his teeth, he unbuttoned my denim shorts and let them fall to my ankles. I stepped out of them and pushed myself back onto the car a little more, opening my legs for him. The warmth of his tongue and the coolness of the rain sent shivers down my spine. “Oh, lick every inch of me.” I moaned. His tongue licked me faster and from the top to the very bottom of my pretty pink cunt paying special attention to my pussy hole.

The sound of his tongue and fingers exploring my wet mound excited me even more. I massaged my perky breasts and pushed my hips into his face. Daniel stood up and dropped his pants exposing his large erection that had to be at least nine inches and thickness to match. My hands looked small wrapped around his shaft. I gently stroked his manhood as I took him into my mouth. “Oh, that feels so good. I like the way you suck me, baby.” He said holding my head to help guide the rock hard cock into my mouth. We held each others’ gaze while I tended to his needs.

I used my left hand to caress his balls and my right hand was on his thick muscular thigh digging in my nails slightly as I deep throated every inch. He firmly grabbed my hair and pulled up to him and our tongues swirled together like two writhing bizimkent escort snakes. “I want you to fuck me, now,” I ordered. “You want it inside you, don’t you?” He asked. The words caught in my throat and all I could do was nod.

He turned me around and bent me over the hood of the car, both of us wet from the rain. I felt his cock push inside me. My hips rocked against him, as he grasped my hair and pulled me to him, his hair falling down in a black cascade over my shoulder. “Your tight little pussy feels so good around my dick. Its so warm and wet. I want you to play with your clit while I fuck you.” he said is a breathless whisper.

My fingers found my swollen clit and I worked them in small circles. My pussy was as dripping wet as our bodies and he was still going strong. Daniel flipped me around and pushed me up on the car. “I want to see your face when I make you come. Keep playing with that clit, I like to watch.” he uttered. I hadn’t realized how much deeper he could go until he thrust his hips forward and filled me to the hilt.

My body was racked with ecstasy and all I could do was moan and call his name. A mischievous grin filled his face as he watched his dick push in and out of me. He pushed my hand away from my pussy and took over massaging my clit with his thumb, sending me over the edge. I screamed loudly and dug my nails into his arms, “Oh, Daniel I’m cumming hard. Oh, Oh, Oh.” “I’m gonna cum to baby, right now.” He threw his head back and let out a low growl. When he pulled out, his dick was covered in our juices and I just had to cop one last feel of his massive member. The touch of my hand made him shudder and this time I was the one with the mischievous grin.

The rain ended as soon as we had finished as if it were raining only for us. We cleaned and redressed one another. We shared a last kiss and went our separate ways.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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