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It is a nice day out, not too hot with a cool breeze, so we decide to go out for some dessert at a little place near the beach. Because of the nice weather you decide to wear a nice little sun dress that leaves little to the imagination especially since you never wear a bra. It is still early and as we are seated we notice that the place is almost completely empty. The waiter comes by and brings us our menus and we order our desserts. I notice you looking at him and arch my brow. You look at me and tell me that you think he is kind of cute.

As we are eating our dessert you start to tease me by slowly licking your spoon and sucking it into your mouth. I slide my hand under the table and start to rub your thigh a little. I know you like to tease me, but I decide that it is my turn to get you to moan. I take your hand and run your finger through some of the whipped cream on my plate. I slowly bring your hand to my mouth and I stick my tongue out to lick between your fingers, and then I then suck your cream covered finger into my mouth and run my tongue around it. I can see you are getting turned on, your nipples are getting so hard they are poking through the dress.

I tell you get up as I slide my chair back and I have you sit on my lap. You can feel my hard dick pressing against your ass. I scope up some more cream and run my finger around your mouth and have you suck and lick my finger clean. As you do this I start to kiss your ataşehir escort neck and I can hear a moan escape your mouth. I keep kissing your neck slowly going up to your ear and nibble on it a little making you squirm.

Then I run my hand down from your lips to your breast to play with your nipples. You try to contain your moans as I slowly roll them between my fingers and pull on them. You close your eyes and lean your head back against my shoulder. I begin to kiss your cheek and you turn your head so I can kiss you on the lips tasting the cream from my dessert. I kiss you long and hard, letting my mouth part and my tongue slide between your lips, running it over your teeth and then against your own tongue. As we kiss you start to grind your self down against my hard dick and I can feel the heat between your legs. I run both hands over your breast and then down your stomach until the reach your hips. I slide my hands up to your knees and pull your legs apart. Then I slowly slide my hangs up your thighs to your crotch lifting your dress to your hips as I go. You are really hot now, and I can already start to smell it. As I touch your thong cover pussy your whole body quivers. You are so wet your thong is soaked. I slowly rub the wet material against your pussy, teasing your clit making you moan.

Just as I am pulling the thong aside you hear a male voice, coughing politely. I whisper to you that it seems we got carried ataşehir escort away and you smile. The waiter is back with our bill. I tell you to sign for our meal. The waiter can’t take his eyes off your wet pussy. With you on my lap and your legs spread he can see everything. As you sign, you feel me sliding two fingers into your pussy and you moan. You look up and see that the waiter is flushed and you can see how hard his dick is through his pants. Then you look around to see if anyone else is watching, but the place is still pretty empty and no one can see us aside from the waiter.

When you are done signing, you lean back against me and pull down the straps of your dress and show him your breast. You start to play with them showing off for us.

I have you get up and I take my rock hard dick out of my pants. Then you slowly sit back down on it moaning. The waiter can’t take his eyes of your pussy as it is being filled with my cock. You begin to rock back and forth on my cock as I rub your clit in slow circles. You are so excited I can feel your tight pussy trembling around my cock. You tell the waiter to unzip his pants and show you his cock. He slowly takes it out not sure what to do. Then you tell him to rub it so we can see.

You are really turned on and your pussy is so wet it is dripping down my balls. You tell the waiter to come closer and jerk himself of for us; you tell him you want him to anadolu yakası escort cum on your breast. He is turned on too his dick is leaking constantly. I start to really fuck your pussy, sliding my dick and out of your pussy as you grind down on my lap. I can feel that you are going to cum. You start to moan and whine louder, your pussy squeezing my cock. Just then you hear the waiter groan and you feel his hot sticky cum hitting you on the chest and dripping down between your breasts. As you feel the hot cum slide down your body you can’t hold out anymore and your whole body shakes. You are cumming really hard. Your pussy is squeezing around my cock, and your juices are flowing all over my dick. I bite down on your neck and you feel my cock jerk in your pussy as I too cum and fill up your pussy.

The waiter is just standing there with his now limp dick in his hand. I tell you to get up and bend over the table and I ask the waiter if he wants some dessert to as I spread your legs. He just nods and kneels between your legs and starts to eat out your cum filled pussy. I move to your head and rub my cum covered dick on your lips. You kiss it and stick out your tongue to slowly lick and suck it clean. I feel you moan around my cock as you cum again from having your pussy cleaned out by the waiter’s tongue.

When you are done cumming we get up and fix out clothes and thank the waiter for dessert. As we walk out the door you look back and the waiter is still there on his knees with his now hard dick sticking out and a mix of our cum on his face. You wink at him and smile. You turn back to me and we walk out with my arm around your waist enjoying the cool night breeze and the sound of the surf on the beach.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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