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Big Cock

“Oooo myyyyy gooddd” moaned Ariella.
“You like when I stick my tounge in your ass don’t you Ari?” Chris asked in his husky voice.

All Ariella could do was moan a long sigh of pleasure. She was a 25 year old black and Hispanic bombshell. So needless to say getting dick wasn’t any issue of hers. However, good big dick was so she every intention on keeping Chris and all of his hard long 9 1/2 inches around.

Ariella pulled her 2011 Audi into the detail shop a half hour past her appointment time. She walked up to the reception desk gave her name. She looked exceptional in her pin striped pencil skirt and matching blazer she had bought from 5th Saks earlier in the week. So She wasn’t suprised when the receptionist screwed up her face and gave much attitude when she said ” Your appointment was 35 minutes ago you are gonna have to come back some other time” . Ariella was a kill them with kindness kind of girl. She put the biggest smile she could muster on her face and replied “I apologize I was running a little late, surely you can squeeze me in”. “I’m afraid” she started her sentence but was cut off by a husky voice.”Rebecca I will handle this one” boomed the husky tone. They both looked up, and Ariella was pleased to say the least. Before her light brown, almond shaped eyes stood a 6’2 frame of chocolate goodness.
“Hand your keys to Rebecca and she will be sure to take care of you”. He stated matter of factly.
Ari turned to drop the keys on the desk and matched the girls evil glare.
“Can I get you anything while you wait?” Asked the man who she know knew as Chris or as she now liked Sex hikayeleri to call him ‘bold'(big ol’ dick).
“No I’m fine thank you” she said smiling.
“Well then come into my office and take a load off” he said this with a hint of lust in his voice.

She had no idea she would literally be taking a load off or should she say getting a load off. After a few minutes of small talk and sexual glances exchanged between the two ‘BOLD’ walked over and stood in front of Ariella. She couldn’t help her self she wanted more like needed to.know what he was working with. She boldly reached out and squeezed his buldge. She was pleasantly surprised and a stream of warm liquid drenched her panties. She knew at that very moment she would be sucking and fucking this big ol’ dick! He read the look on her face and unbuckled his belt. She did the rest and freed the monster in his boxer briefs. She grabbed it with her hand and squeezed. This wasn’t her first big dick but the ones she had before were two pump chumps so she closed her eyes and hoped this wasn’t the case. She opened her eyes and leaned in and kissed the big mushroom head. Gathering saliva in her mouth she leaned back and spit on his dick. Chris moaned “fuck” and she went to work. Slowly starting at the head she pushed as much of the nine inches as she could down her throat. When she felt no more would fit she sucked in air and suctioned her cheeks. He let off a series of moans as she moved her head in circular motion. She only did this for no longer the two minutes before he pulled her up out the chair and bent her over his desk. He stood back and admired her plump ass while he stroked his saliva Sikiş hikayeleri soaked dick. He reached out and rubbed on her ass then smacked one cheek. This caused Ari to let out a small scream. He lifted her pinstripe pencil skirt and kneeled down. Ariella wasn’t a fan of head, she rather have a nice hard dick. Never the less she stayed quiet and poked her ass up in the air. She never expected to feel a wet stiff tounge slide down the crack of her ass. Chris left a wet trail down to the entrance of her ass and went to work.
“Oooo myyyyy gooddd” moaned Ariella.
“You like when I stick my tounge in your ass don’t you Ari?” Chris asked in his husky voice. All she could do was moan a long sigh of pleasure. He stood up and aligned his dick with her know dripping wet pussy. Wasting no time he thrust forward roughly and forced all 9 1/2 inches in at once and held it there. She let out a shriek. He waited for her pussy to adjust to his thick size and then slowly wound his hips never removing an inch. She mumbled curse words she normally didn’t say it felt so good.

Just as he started putting in work there was a knock on the door. “Not now” he shouted still stroking. “But the Audi is ready sir” Ari heard Rebecca say. “Tell the boys to give it a courtesy car wash” he replied out of breath. Ari threw her ass back on his dick as hard as she could. Chris grabbed her hips and met her thrust. No words were spoken as they both slammed into each other. He pulled out and as if on cue Ari dropped back down on her knees and put him in her mouth. She opened as wide as she could and slammed the head of his Erotik hikaye dick on the back of her throat. Chris grabbed the back of her head and held her head in place and let out a long sigh.”Sssssshh” He began to face fuck her while she fingered her pussy and moaned on his dick. He couldn’t take much more so he picked her up and slammed her against the wall. Her pussy was so wet his dick slid in effortlessly. He pressed her against the wall and kissed her passionately. She wrapped her arms around his neck and moved her hips in circles. ” aghhh ur dick feels so good inside me.” She cooed in his ear. He responded by thrusting harder. He let one of her legs down on the floor and held the other 4 inch slingback heel in his other hand. His dick was throbing but he didn’t want it to end. He pumped his dick slowly and said ” you are so pretty Ariella please baby let me nut on your face?”. Ariella would never let another man do that but she was in the zone. ” o yeaaaa baby give me that hot cum, I want it all over my face, I want to taste you” she said in a sexy tone. Chris lost it.” Come here come get it ohh hurry aghhhh” she dropped down on her knees and grabbed his big ol’ dick and ran her tiny hands up and down the shaft. ” ohhhhhhh shhhhhiiiittttt” he moaned as the first stream of his thick nut hit her chin. The second landed on her big lips, and the last two streams fell on her black blazer. Ariella licked her lips and moaned. She never tasted cum and she admitted to herself it wasn’t bad. Chris fell back on the chair out of breath ” dam girl” . She just smiled with the nut still on her chin. ” Come here baby you forgot some. Ariella crawled over sexily to him in his chair. He took his index finger and guided the rest of the cum to her plump lips. She sucked every last drop off his finger…

Let me know what you guys think…should I keep goin?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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