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—- I’m branching out. I have a much longer format story in mind. I am also playing with a whole “As I Lay Dying,” thing that I’m worried might be confusing. We will see how it progresses.




Something was wrong with him. I only knew something was wrong because it had struck me how long it had been since he had asked me what was wrong. He tended to quiz me daily about what was upsetting me. Edward was always worried about how everyone was feeling. His sexual issues aside it was really the only thing he did that annoyed me. He had this idea that we all needed to be happy with each other all the time and that if we weren’t, there should be some sort of discussion about it.

It was only 8:00 and he had already gone to bed. The boy’s weren’t even home yet. I turned off the television and joined him. He wasn’t reading and he wasn’t watching TV. I slipped out of my T-shirt and shorts and climbed in beside him.

I expected to feel his hand on my shoulder. I think it was fairly obvious, what could be a clearer signal that I was open to sex than to come to bed naked. He stirred but he didn’t approach me. I have always been blessed when it came to going to sleep. Even after a cup of coffee I can lie down, close my eyes, and sleep. I was irritated when I found myself lying beside him wondering what was wrong. He wasn’t going into the office lately. He was barely getting dressed. I would come home and he would be in nothing but a T-Shirt and a pair of shorts he would wear to do chores on weekends.

I was cranky the next morning. I had wanted to get laid and didn’t. I wanted to sleep and didn’t. I showered, dressed, and fought my hair until it was presentable. He just pulled the quilt up over his head. I made the boys lunch and kicked them out the door. I fed the dog. I fed the fish. I heard him talking a piss when it was time to leave. I didn’t feel like dealing with him. I left.

Somehow Ed made ten times what I did. It was the same at the bank. The loan officers did nothing all day. They would go to lunch and not come back for hours. They were “making calls.” It was no different than high school when the boys on the football team would fuck around all day and skip class and no one cared. It was no different than it was back when we both worked in a branch together. He could strut around doing what he wanted while I actually got the work done.

I found him irresistible back then. I guess I liked the arrogance. Now it was getting old.

There was one of those little Toyotas in front of me all the way down 5th Street. If the driver had nothing to do, why were they out driving around while normal people needed to be at work.

I passed Mack’s Supermarket. Briefly I thought of stopping. I could get a coffee and see if he was around. It brought back images of being bent over the bathroom counter, my shorts on the floor, his cock, thick as a fucking tree trunk splitting me open from behind. I shook the thought loose with a blast of my horn. The fucking Toyota actually slowed down.

It was one of those mornings. The elderly were in line from the time the doors opened. Why they still had to get paper checks I didn’t know. They killed my ATT. That is my average transaction time. I had made the argument, ever since taking the operations manager position, that it wasn’t fair to measure me against the third of the month. The elderly were an aberration. The regional manager suggested I think out of the box. I should find a way to make it up the rest of the month. I had pointed out how that would be against the process manual; there was a minimum transaction time as well. She didn’t care. I just don’t think she wanted to give me a full quarterly bonus. It’s not like the bonuses were huge. I mean each one was half of what Ed brought home on the last day of every month. They were nothing compared to what the loan officers made.

Travis is a loan officer. He was being annoying. He wanted to get lunch.

I had made the mistake of taking up with Travis shortly after I started. He was hot, I’ll give you that. He was younger. When he said he wanted to get lunch what he meant was hit the gym, workout for twenty minutes or so, and then slip into the sauna. No one used the sauna. He was quick about it and he was reasonably good at it. I liked his legs. Travis didn’t skip “legs days.”

The archdioceses across the street brought in three deposit bags. I had forgotten about the festival. Father Thomas waited in line with the other old biddies. He stepped to the window at 11:22 with three bags of ones and fives. He was still at the window at 11:44. Fuck it.

Travis watched me walk out the door with my gym bag. He followed close behind me.

The gym is right across the atrium from the branch. It was a short walk. I changed into my cheer shorts and a sports bra. I had a T-shirt to wear but I skipped it. It wasn’t the kind of workout.

I don’t normally use free weights. My workout is typically a class. They have some Pilates type escort bayan bursa classes I prefer. I don’t like having to come up with my own routine. Travis is a good trainer though. He pushes me. We were only in the weight room for thirty minutes and my arms were aching. I maxed out on shoulder lifts. I just couldn’t get my arms over my head anymore.

“Ready?” he asked. I panted and nodded.

The sauna has a door from each locker room. As usual, there was no one there when I slipped in wrapped in a towel. We had learned the corner was the best. I sat down spreading my towel across the bench. I leaned back, my arms spread across the second bench. I waited modestly with my legs crossed. When the door opened and the tall man with broad shoulders entered I spread my legs.

I wished for a moment I had prepared better this morning.

He leaned over me. His chest was immense. He kissed me once. It was firm and he pressed my head back against the cedar. I reached out to him and felt his cock. He was hard already. I pulled it towards my open cunt.

Yes. I use the C word. “You gonna fuck my tight little cunt right?” I asked him.

He growled.

Really, if he wasn’t talking about small business loans or the proper technique for doing a dead lift he expressed himself with grunt.

He didn’t split me open like Mack. Mack is singularly gifted when it comes to the size of his dick, but I watched his abs as he fucked me. It was beautiful.

I like to touch him. I like to feel the muscles bulge in my hands as he flexes, but he prefers I spread myself out. He said he likes the way I look. He likes the way I just take it.

He was grunting faster. I watched.

Just like going to sleep, I come when I decide to. I let him work for it.

It wasn’t too long. I felt his cock twitching. When he came, it was never with much volume. I liked that it wasn’t messy. He rolled his head back and I let it happen. It was quick and sharp. I moaned for him.

He puts on a big show right after I come. He hits it harder and faster. It’s a little redundant but like I said, I like to watch him do it.

When he pulls out he stands over me proudly.

I slapped his ass as he left. I had a few minutes. I sat letting the sweat pour out of me.

My afternoon was better than my morning. Old people don’t go out in the afternoon. The tellers all balanced when we closed out the day. By 5:15 it was just my senior teller and I and we locked the vault and locked the glass doors.

This is going to sound bad. I know that I am coming off as some heartless slut. I’m not really sure how to make you understand.

I was a good wife. I was the most caring and considerate wife you have ever known. I took care of my parents. I was the responsible eldest child. I took care of my husband. Edward was a good husband and a wonderful father. Stuff just happens. I am sure it will all come out eventually but for now, let’s just say we share the house, and we raise the kids. He does his thing and I do mine. I think we are just a bad match.

I had resisted this morning but as I passed by the Supermarket on the way home and I saw Mack’s oversized red pickup in the parking lot I gave in. I was in a good mood. I thought before I went home and my day went to shit, I would stop and see him.

I asked the woman at customer service if Thomas was around. Tommy Mack. Is there a better name than Tommy Mack for a six foot five hulk of a man with a red beard and deep hearty laugh? Its Thomas McMullen, but I like Tommy Mack.

Shit. I have to be careful.

Thomas was in the back. You know what I’ve learned about grocery stores? They really don’t care if you go back there. They are mostly union and mostly sitting on their asses. I went through the double doors like I owned the place. Mack was in his office.

“Hello Tommy.” I said, pushing the door open.

He was eating a ham sandwich and he shared it with me – ham and cheese on wheat bread. No mayo, no mustard, no lettuce or tomato. It was perfect. He asked about my day, I said it was fine. I asked about his.

There had been a dog in the crate of watermelons. Not a living dog. It was probably alive when it got in there but was probably squished when a metric ton of watermelons was dropped in the cardboard.

He told me how the stock boys had to hold a funeral.

It was gruesome and we laughed.

He asked about dinner on Saturday. I said we were going to try Naomi’s but that the back-up plan was his house.

He said he only used the downstairs bathroom now. It was his favorite room in the house.

I smiled and thanked him.

He wondered if maybe I might get mad at Eddie again this weekend.

I told him it was a sure thing. I was mad at him already. His face lit up when I said it.

He said he liked it when I was mad at Eddie.

I told him it was too bad his office had windows.

He said the walk-in didn’t.

The wire racks were cold. The box bursa sinirsiz eskort of whatever it was I was pressed up against was cold. When he had my pants off it was even colder. He squeezed my nipples. I told him no. He apologized. He said Nat made him. I told him I knew. We had stalled too long and I thought I was going to freeze up. He didn’t care.

His cock is a steel shaft. When he decided it was going in, it went in. It hurt and I grimaced.

I’m kind of small down there. My cunt is tight as shit. When Eddie tries to get in and it hurts he always backs away. He tries to lick it or finger it or something to get me in the mood but by that time he has some sort of guilt about hurting me and he is only half hard and that’s pretty much that.

Mack pushed his way in. It took a moment and I caught up. He hadn’t given a shit that I needed a second and I bit my lip until I moistened to the point that the fucking felt good.

I wrapped my ankles around his wide hips and again, he split me open with that timber he carries around in his pants. I tried to be quiet but fuck, that’s not an option when he is going at you. He pushed his giant hand in my mouth and I bit down and I let my orgasm happen and then he fucking exploded in side of me like a fucking fire hose.

He kissed me firmly when I left. I thanked him for the sandwich.

It was only another five minutes home. I had to change quickly. Mack’s cum had drained down my leg and my black slacks were a mess.

I had a mission now.

I had never slept with two men in the same day. I mean, I wasn’t the chaste little co-ed my family all thought I was back when I had gone to State but I had never managed to take two cocks in the same day.

Eddie was going to put out. I wanted three. See, there you go thinking I am a slut again.

The house was a wreck. The kitchen was full of children, covered in flour, and I didn’t want to go anywhere near it. No one looked at me – they were busy. I got a “Hi Mom!” and was informed they were making pizza.

I escaped to my room and got my clothes into the hamper. I had to dry myself again. It had only been minutes since I was spread wide on a box in a walk in refrigerator.

I was going to wait till the kids were in bed but I had a new idea. In my robe I went and got him. I firmly commanded the children not to open the oven.

“I need to talk to Daddy real quick.” I told them. I took him by the hand.

“What’s up?” He asked in the bedroom. I dropped my robe.

“Oh.” He said. There was shyness in his voice. For all his dirty perversion he was still shy when a woman hit on him.

I tugged open his shorts. He smelled good. I took him in my mouth. He swelled between my lips.

I have to be careful. He can come too fast when he is getting a BJ. Then he has to recover. I didn’t want to wait.

“Oh.” He said again. He was ready enough. I pushed him to the bed.

“Do me.” I told him. I climbed on top of him.

“Wow. You are worked up.” I knew what he was talking about. My cunt was wet with the juices of my other lover. The sick fuck had no clue. His cock slipped in and out of me. He mouthed my tits like a giddy schoolboy. I rocked my hips.

He groaned. I wanted his cum. I wanted his dirty little perverted cuckold cum.

“I got so wet thinking about you today its like you are getting sloppy seconds.”

He positively purred with the thought. I knew he would like it. Fuck. I could tell him and he would just get off on it. His head collapsed away from my chest and I knew he was close. He helped me, pushing his hips up off the bed.

“Give it to me baby.” I told him. “Fuck yeah.”

He groaned and I felt his cock throbbing inside of me. I heard the squish as he slapped his hips up and his cock inside me.

“Fuck my little cunt.” I whispered.

He was in heaven.

I let my orgasm happen. It was a good one. I felt it in my sore legs and back. I rocked it out letting his cock finish up.

It was time for the dirtiest of my dirty little plans. I know where the idea came from. It had been in one of our dirty movies. Porn was actually one of his kinks I could go along with. So was the time he licked me clean after fucking.

I was going to sit on his perverted little face and let my filthy cunt drain into his mouth. I thought about it but couldn’t go through with it. Once I rocked off of him I used my finger though to get a little taste of it for him. He would do it too. I could stick my finger in his mouth and he would lick it clean. He would lick my cunt juices and three men’s come off my finger.

“Daddy! It beeped!” came the call from the kitchen.

“Crap.” He said. “I was gonna go for another one too.” He told me, leering at my nakedness as he scurried for the kitchen.

“No you weren’t,” I said under my breath. I wiped my finger on the sheets and put on my boxers and an old T-shirt. I was going to go eat pizza. It sounded good escort bayan and Ed was actually a pretty good cook but fuck, I was tired. I was just going to close my eyes for a minute but it was the next morning before I got out of bed.


Ned and Nancy Gustafson had three daughters. Nicole, Natalie, and Naomi were as perfect as three little women could be. I am the oldest. I was the pretty one and the sober one. I was serious and went to college on scholarship and after taking a job with the bank I married an ambitious young man who had a future. Natalie was a bit chunky. I guess you could say she grew into it in high school. She was the tallest of us, she didn’t have my abundant chest or Naomi’s cuteness but she was attractive enough. She liked to tell us her tits were better because they were sensitive – I’m not buying it. She studied art and quit college to take pictures. She met a boy, he was a good-looking hard-working boy who liked trucks, hunting, and sex in the back seat. She married him when she got pregnant. I still don’t know what to say about Naomi. Last year we had to bail her out of county when she was picked up at the renaissance festival with a joint. She had a boyfriend. He had quit his band to sell credit card payment devices. I have been in banking a long time; I still don’t know how that works — a small time crook selling credit card machines.

When Dad was with us, Saturday dinner was mandatory. We could get out of it for a school event but that was about it. Mom kept the tradition alive until she had to go into the home. It was my turn to keep it going. It was easy with Mack and Nat because it was their chance to go out without paying for a sitter. Naomi, on the other hand, was not cooperating and we were meeting for lunch. The purpose was simple. I had described it to Natalie as an intervention. She laughed at me.

Naomi was late. We sat at the restaurant waiting. I was sure I was going to have to leave before she got there and get back to work. Fridays are always bad. I was only able to grab lunch because we are open late. I had some time but I couldn’t come and go as I pleased the way they could. Natalie said she was free the rest of the afternoon. She was going to go shopping.

Natalie was very excited about hitting the lingerie store next door. I just shook my head. She said it was like one of those catalogs that sold the slutty stuff. I think she was trying to get a rise out of me. She said she wanted something that would drive Mack insane. She said she had a new gown that she was wearing to bed at night and it was making him so horny they were having sex every night.

I had to smile to myself. I knew what was really making him horny every night.

I was on my third glass of iced tea and was going to go ahead and order.

“You always complain Eddie buys you tons of lingerie. You should just give it to me.” she said. She was picking a fight and I wasn’t in the mood. I ignored her. She ordered a glass of wine. Naomi sauntered in.

“Jesus. Am I the only woman that wears a bra in this family!” I said too loudly, the two banker types to our right looked at me wide eyed.

“What?” Naomi asked, spreading her arms and flashing her tits. She had on a loose crocheted top and torn jeans. Her tits are as big as mine and I was surprised the restaurant even let her in. “Hey, look at you G-nat. Nice nips.” Naomi said to our middle sister. Natalie was wearing a simple black top but it was still obvious. Natalie rolled her shoulders back. Fucking sluts.

“I’m ordering.” I said, waving down the waiter. The young man was there in a hurry. He must have liked the idea of working in a topless club.

I ordered a salad, dressing on the side. Natalie had a bacon cheeseburger; Naomi ordered a Jack and coke. She wasn’t hungry. I know I rolled my eyes because my sisters did their head-rolling thing they did to mock me. They roll their heads in big circles like some sort of neck stretching exercise while googling their eyes around. They have been doing it since we were all in school.

“You two are out of control.”

“Someone has to keep things real,” Naomi said.

“You be you.” Natalie wasn’t helping.

“Just stop.”

We fought and ate. Naomi had two more cocktails, I think Natalie kept up.

I finally brought up dinner. I told Naomi it was a responsibility. She needed to be there.

“Maybe.” She said.

I told her maybe was not acceptable. It was her turn to host.

“That’s not happening?”

I told her it was a done deal.

“Fuck no. I don’t have kids. They all get bored and bratty and then you guys get in a fight and everyone storms off. You host, I’ll bring Brendan. We will bring desert.

Natalie was being no help. She was just sitting there smiling. I called her on it. For once, Naomi took my side. At least I think she did. She said “Yeah, G-nat. Speak up! I think you should host. We can all get naked and get in the hot tub. You can jack off Uncle Eddie under the bubbles.

“Naomi!” we said in unison.

“What, Jesus. It’s not just her. You guys should just swap. It’s no big deal.” She said.

There was no time to waste – hesitation was an admission. “That’s gross.” I said.

“You’re one to talk!” she accused me. I had to cut this off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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