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The amber liquid went down smooth as silk. Christie poured the bottom of the single malt scotch bottle.

“So much for this Christmas present!” She tossed the empty bottle into the trash next to her desk. “Plenty more where that came from,” she said closing the bar cabinet. She knew she was drinking too much but the pressure of owning her own business was catching up with her.

She sat at her desk, kicked off her red Jimmy Choo heels and spun to look out the office window. The view of the marina and Sarasota Bay usually relaxed her, but today even the sparkle of the water and the dolphins arcing out of the water didn’t help.

Christie thought of her well trained assistants that she had groomed. She had implicit trust in them and they could very well handle the day to day business of running a public relations firm. If she could take a break, and stay local, she thought she could do it. No, she had to do it.

She sat across the mahogany desk in a home office that was better appointed than many in the executive suites. She drug her gaze off the world famous blinding white beach that was Siesta Key, to David, the handsome man across the desk.

“Christie, your resume is quite impressive,” he studied me for a moment. “I have to ask, why would you take a job as a nanny?”

“I understood you were looking for someone familiar with the youth sailing squadron and I am. You were also looking for someone familiar with youth rowing and I am. I participated and did quite well in both.” I smiled as though that covered is question, end of discussion.

His dimples faded in and out as he nibbled his lip. I squirmed. “But you are really over qualified to be a nanny to my daughter, but all those qualifications would be wonderful in a nanny for my daughter.” I nodded and chose not to reply.

He leaned back in his stressless executive chair and looked out the window. “You know, as many times as I look at this beach, I never tire of the jewel like sparkle of that white sand.”

“Yes, it really is so beautiful. Almost blinding sometimes.”

Suddenly he said, “Alright you are hired. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather my daughter spend time with than you. You have exceptional education, you have traveled the world, you grew up in wealth and a prestigious business family.” I smiled and nodded. “I am grooming my daughter to eventually take my place.”

“I understand and feel that I would be good for your daughter. I was raised in the same atmosphere at home and groomed to take over the family business.”

His icy blue eyes were unnerving, but talking to men like this was second nature to me. “Yet you didn’t take the reins when your Father retired.” I did omit on my resume that I owned my own public relations company.

“No, you are right, I chose another path.” I left it at that.

“I’d like to take you on a tour of the house while I tell you what the job entails. Maybe when you find out, you’ll go running!” He laughed, the first time I heard him laugh, but it was genuine.

“I believe the job offer stated it would be live-in?” I nodded. “I’ll show you your room first, one of the best in the house, in order to sway you to accept the job.” Big grin and dimples were enough to make me accept the job, but I remained businesslike.

He was right, my room was breathtaking. The third floor view was even more spectacular than his office. Wall to wall panorama of the beach and the Gulf of Mexico through the glass wall. The third floor balcony promised total privacy. The pool was directly below.

“So, do you think you could live here?”

I hesitated before answering. “I guess I could make the best of it.” A peek at the look on his face and I couldn’t hold my laughter in anymore.

“Humor too. You Ms Christie are the complete package,” he grinned.

Each room and view was just as incredible as the next. The master bedroom as well as his daughter’s room was on the second level. The lowest level had no living space due to hurricane regulations, but served as a garage that housed several exotic sports cars.

“Lindsey will be home from school soon. Would you join me in a cup of coffee?”

I slid onto the stool at the kitchen island and watched him work efficiently in the kitchen. No surprise that it had double everything appliances and was the latest in kitchen design. Frankly my kitchen was very similar, but a smaller scale in my condo.

“Lindsey! How was school, honey?” A young lady that looked like a feminine version of her Dad appeared.

She smiled and held out her hand, “Hi, I’m Lindsey, and you must be my nanny?” She was more than her twelve years and right to the point like her Dad.

“Nice to meet you Lindsey, my name is Christie and,” I glanced at David. “I believe I am your nanny.”

“Great! I’m so glad to hear that, Christie,” David said, honestly pleased.

Lindsey excused herself and went to her room. “There’s more that I haven’t mentioned. Lindsey’s mom and I share her. We work out a plan between ourselves as to who she will be with according to her extra curricular activities. We are all escort gaziantep evi olan bayan very civil.”

“That’s so nice for Lindsey!” Having divorced parents that get along is rare. Obviously they both want the best for her.

“Knock knock, may I come in?” Lindsey peered around the door as I was organizing my new living quarters.

“Of course!” I cleared a place on the bed. “I was going to come see you soon, so this is perfect.”

“I’ll be leaving soon for sailing lessons and I’d have missed you.”

“Do you like sailing? I was in the squadron when I was about your age.”

“Really?” Her eyes lit up. “I love it! How old are you?”

“I’m thirty-five.”

“That’s around my Dad’s age.”

“It is?” She nodded.

“Are you single?”

“Yes I am.” Getting uncomfortable with where this was going. “Besides sailing, what else are you doing?”

“I take tennis and horseback riding lessons when I’m with my Mom. Here I’m in rowing and of course sailing.”

“You are a busy girl!”

“I am. What did you do?” I went on to tell her the various things I’d done when I was her age and a little older.

She left for sailing and I finished putting everything away and got settled in. Thinking about her hints about my single status. As much as I think her Dad is drop dead gorgeous. I’d never let anything happen between us. That is unprofessional in every sense of the word and absolutely out of the question. That I wasn’t totally honest about my business chalked another mark.

I went to the kitchen for something to drink and David was there.

“Just in time! I was just making iced tea.”

“Perfect, thanks.”

He handed me the glass. “I was going to sit on the balcony for awhile, if you’re not busy join me.”

It was Saturday and vibrant umbrellas dotted the white sand beach. The cloudless sky turned the Gulf of Mexico a gorgeous azure blue.

“I never tire of the waves washing ashore.”

“Very relaxing. My form of meditation.” He turned to look at me. “I’ve been meaning to tell you the private beach and pool are yours to use at any time. I consider you more of a mentor to my daughter. She is and will be going through much of the same things that you did.”

“Yes, we talked earlier and I can see that. Your daughter is lovely. I really think we’re going to be good friends.”

“We occasionally have to either have social events here, or go to them. I want Christie to start attending some of them and would like you along as well. You’ll have an account to purchase any clothing and accessories you’d need.”

I as a little embarrassed, but didn’t want to give away my financial situation. “Thank you, I appreciate that.”

With all of Lindsey’s activities plus school, I rarely saw her. When she was home and done with homework, we spent time together. We genuinely enjoyed each other’s company. Her maturity level was a positive thing for her and will help as she goes along.

“Hey Christie do you want to go to the beach? I haven’t been for ages!”

“Absolutely! Let me dig out a swimsuit.”

“Let me pick one out for you!” She was excitedly sorted through all my colorful suits. “These are awesome!” I did enjoy seeing her being a normal twelve year old.

“Oh honey, this one might not be a good choice.” She held up one of my tinier bikinis that I reserved for the privacy of a pool and not a public beach.

“Pleaseeeeeeeee,” she begged. “It’s so pretty!” The tiny femininely sweet flowers were a subterfuge for the brevity of the suit. Which consisted of small triangles.

“Okay okay, you win.” She jumped up and down and ran off to change.

Luckily my cover up got me to the beach and down on the blanket before I had to remove it. Lindsey had run to the shore to build sand castles. I had a good tan and got the coconut suntan oil out of my bag. Finally I was all oiled up and stretched out on the beach blanket to catch some rays.

“GRANDPA!” Lindsey shrieked, running by and kicking up sand.

Suddenly a shadow loomed over me. “Lindsey honey, how is my favorite granddaughter?!” he boomed.

She giggled. “Grandpa I’m your only granddaughter!”

“Ohhhhh right!”

I carefully sat up, trying to keep everything in place. “Who is this lovely lady, Lindsey?”

“It’s Christie, my nanny!!”

“Your nanny eh.” He smiled the same dimpled smile as his son with the same handsome face. Darker tanned a little more silver on top. “Nice to meet you Christie nanny ma’am. I’m Adam.” he said, extending his hand.

“Nice to meet you, Adam. You’re obviously David’s Dad,” I smiled. “The resemblance is remarkable.”

He sat down on the blanket, stretching his tanned muscular legs in front of him. “Oh that’s okay, you can say it, I’m the more handsome one,” he laughed a booming laugh. The kind that made you want to laugh right along with him.

Damn if he wasn’t even more handsome than David. “But of course! Whatever you say!” I grinned.

He quickly glanced down and I remembered my provocative bikini escort gaziantep fetiş bayan and hoped it hadn’t made any sudden movements to give him an eyeful. While he was busy pulling his shirt over his head, I found everything in it’s place and was relieved. Way to impress your bosses family, Christie, I chuckled to myself.

“Mind if I use some of your oil?” I tossed the bottle to him. “Ah the coconut tropical stuff… The scent of summer vacation at the beach.”

“It does bring back memories doesn’t it?” I mused. A time of a lot of raging teenage hormones.

“You’re not that old!”

“I’ll be turning 36 in a couple of weeks,” I smiled.

His gaze lingered a bit on my body. Enough to harden my nipples so the poked through the bikini top. Talk about raging hormones, I rolled my eyes.

He lay on his side, his head propped on his hand. “I shaved about ten years off that.”

“Why thank you,” I said smiling. “So how about you?” I was sure I was way off his age. But probably not as much as I would have been without considering he was David’s Dad.

“I just turned sixty.” It was my turn to give his body a quick glance. No Dad bod on him. Certainly no Grandpa bod.

“You stay in shape,” I said simply.

“Nothing special really. I hit the gym every other day, and use David’s workout room when I’m here.” Noticing the confused look on my face. “I live in Miami and stay here when I visit.”

Here? In this house with me? Yikes, I thought to myself. I am going to have to learn to behave myself. Two hot men… And this silver fox was going to be T R O U B L E. I can see it coming.

We lay in the sun reminding each other to flip until Lindsey called us back to the house.

“I’m going to be leaving for Mom’s house soon and I wanted to see if you’ll be here when I get back, Grandpa?” I knew he wouldn’t say no to that eager face.

“Of course I will, punkin!” Just then the gates opened to a long black car that pulled to the bottom of the steps. The driver got out to retrieve Lindsey’s bags and held the door for her.

“See you when I get back!!” she hollered out the open window.

We waved until she was out of sight. Having a business meeting, David had said his goodbyes to her earlier.

“I think I’m going to get the showers to get the oil and sand off me,” Adam said plucking at the t shirt that was clinging to his oiled sweaty skin.

“I’m heading there myself.”

There was an elevator or stairs but I usually opted for the exercise. This time though Adam was following me. I was sure the short beach cover up didn’t hide much as I climbed the steps. Oh well, I was proud of my body, and if he enjoyed looking, I was just fine with that.

“Oh, you’re up here too?” I said when he followed me to the third floor.

“Right next to your room. We share the balcony actually.” He squinted his eyes and looked at me suspiciously, “Now I don’t want you sneaking into my room in the middle of the night and trying to take advantage of me.”

“You must be reading my mind.” I winked.

After he shower and sat down and started to spread after sun lotion up my legs. A mindless thing that my naughty fantasies filled in for.

What if Adam had joined me in the shower. His soap slick hands stroking my back, down over my ass. Gliding up my sides, his fingers caressing the sides of my breasts. The wall jet pulsing a spray of warm water between my legs, teasing my pussy.

Softly moaning from all the sensations, his hands covered my tits, palming circles on my hardening nipples. Flat hand worked down my tummy to my soft shaved pussy. He slipped his hands between my legs and slightly opened my pussy lips to the pulsing spray.

I moaned, leaning back for support. His cock nestled between my ass cheeks. Hot and throbbing. The rhythmic tempo on my clit shot me higher and into a groaning twisting orgasm that allowed his cock to sneak between my thighs and rub my cunt lips.

He moaned, placed a hand on my stomach and on my breast and held me against him while he stroked through. My cunt lips tightened on the hot stiffness. He pushed through faster and I murmured lewd words to inflame him.

His growls echoed off the glass walls as his cock pumped against my cunt and splashing it with is hot seed.

I lay back on the bed, chest heaving from the most intense masturbation orgasm I’d ever had. I wondered how much, if anything, he heard on the other side of the wall. I should have been mortified. Certainly embarrassed that he knew what I was doing. I was neither.

I did know that inviting any relationship with him would be as dangerous and stupid as indulging in a relationship with his son. This game must remain in my fantasies.

David informed me he was leaving on a business trip in the morning and wanted to take us out to dinner. He had made reservations to a restaurant in the village on Siesta Key.

It was last minute and I didn’t have much time to think of the implications of him being gone for the week at first. I could stay bayan escort gaziantep at my condo, David had mentioned during my interview he was fine with that when Lindsey was gone. But Adam promised he’d be here when she got home, so that would leave him by himself here. Not like he can’t take care of himself, I thought.

Then Adam walked in and I had my answer. He gave me that brilliant smile. One of those that make you feel as though you just made someone’s day. “You look great, Christie!” he said, looking at my sundress. I had purposely kept it more demure but I think it backfired on me.

“Thanks! You look very handsome.” He had the white shirt sleeves rolled up to his forearm. The deep V showed off a sparkle of chest hair and dark tan. Dress shorts and sandals were Florida style dinner attire.

“Hey did you two confer about your dress this evening?” David said, laughing. I was trying to ignore that my dress and Adam’s shorts were two different shades of the same light yellow.

“We’re trying out to be in the same wedding!” Adam said and we all laughed.

The restaurant was crowded, but the reservations and the fact he was a regular got us seated immediately. I actually was a regular there as well, but I hoped no one was here to recognize me and blow my cover of a working girl. Well I was, only I worked for myself.

Our rum runners appeared immediately. I hadn’t eaten since breakfast so I didn’t want to overindulge before eating. But listening to Adam and David, both very humorous, talk about David’s childhood, I picked up my glass right along with them.

Another round appeared and I giggled. I caught the amused glance between the guys. And I giggled again. Oh my god, I thought, I’m getting sloshed.

“Maybe you better eat before you drink that,” Adam said, still amused. I nodded.

The food came and I dove in like I hadn’t eaten in forever. Fortunately the food on my stomach did help temper the alcohol and I could finish my drink without looking like a lush.

“Are we going up to Lido?” Adam asked his son.

“I have to get home to pack. I scheduled the jet early. But you guys go!”

I’d never been to the bar that Adam was referring to, so I figured it’d be a safe bet I’d not see friends there. We went back to the house and jumped in Adam’s Maserati. I was used to money, but even this was a perk to me.

We zoomed up through Sarasota and luckily found a parking spot. Season was just about over but there were still a lot still hanging around.

A little table opened up out on the sand with a perfect view of the sun that would be setting very soon. I opted for a little less power and ordered a rum and Coke, which brought a big laugh to Adam.

“You’re a lightweight you know,” he said, referring to my drink. “What if I was wanting to get you drunk,” he waggled his eyebrows and I laughed.

A small band was setting up off the side and began playing just as the sun set. It was all very romantic, and I didn’t think anything of it when Adam held my hand. I watched couples kick off their shoes and get up to dance in the sand.

Adam just tipped his head towards them and I nodded. We kicked our sandals of and got up to dance.

As soon as I was in his arms I realized what a fatal mistake that was. I wanted to not get involved, to keep this man in my fantasies. He didn’t hold me too tight, just right. And that was the problem. If only he’d have taken advantage and held me intimately, too friendly. But no, he was a gentleman and I fell down the rabbit hole.

We danced a few dances and sat down for a bit, then danced again.

“I’m really enjoying this, Christie,” he murmured against my hair and pulled me a little closer.

“I am too.” I wrapped my arms around his neck and relaxed in his arms.

“I’m glad.”

The next morning was our first morning alone. I came down to the smell of bacon and a lot of noise from the kitchen.

“There you are! I hope you want breakfast? I made plenty!”

“Yes yes, I love breakfast!”

“So do I!”

I piled my plate high which seemed to please Adam. We at in the breakfast room which was a three sided glass room that jutted out from the side of the house. It afforded a view of the waterway behind as well as the Gulf of Mexico.

“I feel like I’m on display in this room.” I laughed.

“Hmmm, it is sort of made for the voyeur.” He put his hands over his eyes to simulate binoculars.

“Oh my gosh I’ll remember not to wander out here before I get dressed!” His eyes darkened at the thought, but it was too late to take it back.

“I’ll help you remember. That wouldn’t be for just anyone’s eyes, ” he murmured.

I needed to run to the mall, which was across town, and had planned to stop at my condo but Adam offered to join me. He had some things to do at the mall himself. I’d just need to find another way to get away.

Just naturally he took my hand as we window shopped through the mall. He had excellent taste in clothing and stopped to shop at one of the high end men’s stores. I hadn’t planned on going in with him, but he claimed to want my opinion. Which I was sure he didn’t need.

I did help him choose some shirts and we ended up in underwear where he spotted a sale. I tried to edge away but he pointed to a mannequin, indicating that was what he wore and those were the ones on sale. He riffled through the colors and sizes while I tried to no imagine him in the knit, longer legged shorts with the pouch on the front.

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