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Hi there my name is Louise. Since I was 4 years old I begged my parents to let me go horse riding, within long I was able to walk, trot, canter and jump the plod of the stable yard. I soon learnt how to ride the more advanced horses and when I turned 16 my parents bought me my first ever horse!!!

It was the 17th February, the day was surprisingly mild after the terrible weather we had been having. Looking out my bedroom window I could see the rolling fields of green, speckled with sheep or cows. I loved living in the country, on snowy days it was magical to just look out the window and see nothing but white.

Walking downstairs and into the kitchen, the scent of eggs and bacon met me before I opened the door, as usual mum always made us a good hearty breakfast, eggs and bacon was always my favourite.

“Morning sweetheart, Happy Birthday” my mother greeted me as I came into the room

“Thank you mum” I replied kissing her on the cheek.

“Eat your breakfast and then your father and me want to show you your present” mum ordered

I gobbled my breakfast quickly, and followed mum outside, there in the small field was the most beautiful palomino stallion, he was slightly bigger than any other horse I had rode before, but his coat shone and he just looked beautiful.

Over the next few months we got to know each other, the good weather was setting in so we could go riding out on the trails and have fun. I had decided to call him Angus, his show name would be summers morning.

Come summer I moved him up into the higher field, where he would have over 7 acres of land to run over and graze. It became a regular event, me riding in the morning and putting him out for the day, and bringing him in at night.

It wasnt until one afternoon I put him into the field, I stood at the gate watching him run about, eventually he settled and started to graze. I then noticed something seemed to be hanging from his stomach area, however to my amazement i realised it was his cock. It was huge, and I could feel my pussy getting wet by the size of it.

Now i was still a virgin but I seen a cock before, you see my older brother William has some porn dvds, he tries to hide them but i find them when im trying to get my cds back again. I watched them and got very turned on by them, using my fingers to pleasure myself, or whatever I could find around the house!!!

I loved seeing men with huge cocks, take woman roughly, their cock pumping in and out roughly and quickly. The woman screaming in pleasure, begging for more. Sometimes taking more than one man, sometimes I would pretend that it was me with those men.

Come June it was ready for my exams, mum and dad were going away to promote the farm and it left just my brother and me at the house. I rarely saw him, he stayed at his girlfriends house as he knew that mum and dad would never altıparmak escort allowed him.

It left just Mac and Bailey in the house, my two german shepherds, i felt safe with them around.

The first night alone, i took them upstairs with me, so if an intruder came, they would have to get through them. It was only 8pm but I put one of the porn dvds on in my room and lay ontop of the bed in my pyjamas. I was really getting into it, watching a woman suck a guys cock while another guy licks her pussy. He would grab her breasts and tweak her nipples and she would moan with pleasure. Or he would flick his tongue over her pussy lips while sticking two fingers inside her moist hole. I found myself rubbing my pussy through the pyjama bottoms, it wasnt long before they were wet and I was looking for more pleasure.

I removed my bottoms and started to pleasure myself, opening my top so i could grab my breasts, pretend it was a man doing it to me. I changed hand and placed my juice covered hand on the edge of the bed to steady myself. Before long i felt one of the dogs lick my hand, it was Mac licking my juice covered fingers.

I called him onto the bed and spread my legs, tapping my pussy to let him know where I wanted him to go. His long tongue set to work on my pussy, the more he licked the more wetter i seemed to get, my body was starting to shake, my toes curled, my back arched and I knew I was having my first ever orgasm. I didnt want to stop, I got on my hands and knees and called on Mac, its like he knew what I wanted as I felt his weight come onto my back, his front leg wrap around my waist and his cock search for my pussy.

When he entered me, it was a sensation that I never experience before, he pounded me like a little whore. His body slamming against mine, going quicker than I had seen men do on those dvds. Bailey was licking my arm, pining, but my mind was elsewere. After another orgasm I started wondering, what am I doing have sex with my dog. I tried to push him away from me, but it was like his cock was stuck inside me, it felt like he had a ball on his cock and it was too big for him to remove himself. I started to panick, what was I to do now? How do I explain this? I felt a warm sensation and I knew he had just came inside me, his cock released and he lay down panting. I needed more, i was in sex overdrive.

I got onto the floor, onto all fours, my breasts touching the thick shagg carpet. Calling on bailey he started to sniff my ass and pussy, the smell of another dog brought out his cock, it was bigger than Macs, but then mac was still only a puppy. Felt Bailey bring one leg up and then another, and he tried to enter me, reaching round I guided his cock into my dripping pussy and he started pumping me the same way that Mac did, however I raised myself up and his cock slipped, entering my bursa rus escort bayan ass. He kept fucking me hard and fast, his cock pounding hard, swelling inside my tight ass. I never felt pain like it, I never touched my ass before like those girls in the dvds, I was too scared it would hurt. I knew that I couldnt get bailey to stop, he was locked on me now. His cock seemed to swell inside my ass, swell until I couldnt take no more and then the same warm sensation.

I must have fallen asleep as I woke to the sound of the telephone ringing, it was mum and dad just checking up on us, told them all was well and that William was in the shower. Hanging up I looked at the clock, it was only 9.30pm so I decided to get dressed and go see Angus and then go for a shower.

Walking down the yard, the sun only beginning to set over the hill, it was a beautiful sight, i sometimes rode up the hill and watched the sunset.

Tonight I went to check that Angus had plenty of hay and water for the night, peering over the stable door I noticed that his cock was out, the same way it was in the field. To me it looked ugly, but I thought that a little touch wouldnt hurt. So walking over i bent over and touched it, oh it felt warm. So I lifted the tip of the cock, and i started to wonder what it would be like to taste it. So I gave it a quick lick, wasnt too bad. So i decided to try and reinact what those girls did on the dvd, and I started to suck greedily on Angus cock, he stood very well for me as I tried to fit it into my mouth, it was so huge. I started to get turned out again, as I sucked his cock I caressed my breasts, my nipples hardening against my top, could feel my panties started to moisten. Images of me fucking Angus filled my head, well it wouldnt hurt to try, would it?

Bringing a small bench into the stable, I striped down, lay on the bench and put my legs up on Angus. Reaching for his cock I guided it towards my glistening pussy, it felt huge against my small slit, but I managed to make it enter me. The cock seemed to fill my whole hole, pushing against the sides, he was far to big for me, but the pleasure outweighed the pain.

After what seemed like 5-10 minutes I started to suck his cock again, running my hand up and down his long shaft, making him cum on my face. I was dripping with this white salty cum, but so satisfied.

Leaving the stable, i returned the bench and headed for the house, i felt so dirty for what I had done, but knew that the dogs or angus wouldnt be able to tell a sole, that I had got away with it.

Stepping into the shower i let the warm water run over my exhausted body, after washing my hair and body I reached out to grab a towel, only to have a hand tug me. I came face to face with Allan, he was a worker on the farm, he was about 10 years older than me, hadnt long bursa üniversiteli escort bayan started work for my dad.

“I saw what you did, you dirty bitch. Did you enjoy that horse?” He snarled at me

“I didnt do anything” I mumbled back, I knew it was all in vain

“What would you parents say if I told them you had sex with a horse, take angus away I suppose, your nothing but a spoilt bitch anyway” he said, his face inches from mine.

“Now come with me” he added.

I tried to protest, standing naked in the middle of the bathroom. Instead he grabbed my hair and started to pull me out of the bathroom, making our way into the kitchen.

What was he going to do, throw me outside and close the door, or worse, take pictures of me naked to blackmail me with.

Instead he threw me on the kitchen table, making me lie on my back.

“You want to see a real cock, then I will show you a real cock” he barked.

Quickly he undid his jeans and pulled down his boxers, he was larger than the guys on the dvds, he wasnt fully erect but already he must have been 8 inches long.

“Touch it” he ordered

I didnt move, this was different, this was a real man.

“Touch it, or I will go ring your parents now” he spat

Gingerly i reached out, touch his cock, could feel the pulse that throbbed through it, as his cock started to grow more and more.

Leaning forward he placed his cock between my still wet breasts.

“Now push them together” he demanded.

I did as I was told, and he started pushing his cock up and down my breasts, could feel him getting harder and harder.

Pushing me onto my back, bringing my bum to the edge of the table. He started to push my legs part as far as possible.

“Please dont, please, im still a virgin” I pleaded

“Your going to feel whats its like to have a 12 inch cock inside you” he replied

Placing the tip of his cock to my moist vagina i screamed. This was illegal, he couldnt do this.

“If you scream one more time, or dare move, im going to call the welfare and tell them you fucked your horse” he snarled.

He placed his cock at my vagina again, my felt the bile rise in my throat, i was too scared even to breath. Then suddenly he rammed his cock inside me, could feel my body struggling to accommodate this monster, the pain was surreal. My vision turning blurry for a few seconds as my body got over the shock.

“Now thats what a man feels like” he whispered.

He started pumping his cock slowly in and out, as my body started to accept him.

“Youve a sexy tight pussy, and your a fucking sexy bitch” he said while stroking my breasts.

I started to get into the way of his movement, pushing my body against his to feel every inch of his cock. His balls slapping my ass with every movement.

Its wasnt long before he came, his deep moan followed by the warm sensation of cum filling me up.

So when mum and dad comes home, they will still think im their innocent daughter who doesnt believe in sex before marriage. However Angus, Bailey, Mac and Allan released another side of me, and other men better beware…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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